London Postcards - Day 1

London's Calling.  I know, I know, but I couldn't help myself. Every time I'd pick up the phone to call London I'd hear it in my head, 'London's Calling'.  So I answered by hopping on a plane and jumping the pond.

I flew out on an unnamed airline in the coach department and was miserable. I think a sardine may have it better than I did. I was practically in the lap of the woman next to me, fortunately for each of us, we'd both showered that day. The man in front of me was tall and was a plane sleeper. He immediately put his seat back and made himself comfortable. (Well I can only guess that he was comfortable, I hope one of us was and it wasn't me.) Anyway when he put his seat back it literally hit my knees, I'm 5'5' and you can only imagine the lack of  leg space I'm talking about here. I spent what felt like a week but was more like 4-5 hours, envying sardines. The lavatory had more space in it than my seat and I seriously contemplated staying in there the entire flight. I arrived in Atlanta where I had a transfer.

I found a homeopathic spray from Sprayology called Travel Ease which I started taking the day before I left and continued taking on the plane. It is supposed to help with jet lag. I'll let you know how it works.

The transfer mercifully was short and I had time to make a last goodbye call from my cell, before I boarded my next plane to London Gatwick. As bad as my flight was to Atlanta is how good it was out of Atlanta. I got bumped up to business class and had a bulkhead window seat with no one next to me. Oh sweet surrender, I sank into the spacey cushioned seat sipped on champagne and buckled up. Course after course of dinner was served accompanied by glass after glass of wine. (I couldn't make up my mind what I liked so I kept trying all their choices of premium wines.) No, I didn't get drunk but I was relaxed. I watched a little Harry Potter, which I decided was a fitting choice, after all I was going to England. Got bored with the film, turned it off, tried but couldn't sleep, so I just played around with my seat adjustments and finally drifted off.  I woke just in time to make the five minute call before they stopped in flight food service. I had a coffee and a short time later we landed, in a wet, grey and raining London.

iChauffeur's Mercedes

I was met at the airport by a driver from iChauffeur. His name was, and still is Andy. Andy is an unassuming man who whisked me away to a shiny black Mercedes. As he drove me into London we chatted and he pointed out areas of interest. You would think he has a P.H.D. in history with all the knowledge of the local areas he shared with me. Once we got into London, which by the way is 700 miles long, he took me on a short tour of the city.  It was still raining as we drove around and there were Russian marchers protesting something or other so traffic was slow and in a bit of a snafu.  Andy was very patient and navigated his way around other drivers as he pointed out areas of interest, sprinkling in a history lesson at the same time.

Churches in Bayswater

iChauffeur is a full service company and offer many other amenities besides chauffeuring. Because of some scheduling problems I left the states without a hotel for my first night. When Andy learned of this he called the office they immediately began to look for a hotel on my behalf. In the meantime Andy drove me past a hotel which we stopped at and I ran in to see if they had any openings. They did and I checked in, Andy carried my luggage into the hotel and we parted company.

Budget Hotal

The hotel was very budget but my room was clean and fresh. I was feeling the jet lag and little sleep for a couple of days so I crawled under the covers and passed out. I slept very well and late into the night was serenaded by drunken singers outside my window.  It was strangely musical and felt like a foreign soothing lullaby.

London Bayswater

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