Las Rocas Resort and Spa - Review of A Relaxation Getaway

Las Rocas: Resort and Spa' Review of A Relaxation Getaway

Las Rocas' pool area looks like a small tropical paradise.

Las Rocas: Resort and Spa sits on an oceanfront cliff, beautifully overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is the perfect place for a relaxation getaway;  Las Rocas has a calm, peaceful atmosphere where the staff are at their best and the guests are at ease' I know I felt at ease knowing that I was in the perfect place where I could have privacy and relieve stress.

Approximately six miles from the strip of Rosarito lies Las Rocas along the rocky cliffs of Baja Mexico. I knew I didn't want to be in the middle of all partygoers of Rosarito so being about ten minutes away from all the commotion was pretty nice. However, when I was in need of a little fun, I could drive down the road and in minutes I could have a great time. I knew I was close to all the restaurants, the boutiques, horseback riding, bars, clubs, and the beach so staying active during the day wasn't going to be a problem. Being able to relax and have a blast at the same time was a huge plus.

Even though I arrived to the hotel pretty late, the staff was welcoming and greeted me with full energy. They accommodated me with a bellboy who took care of my luggage and escorted me to my room. I found that very helpful in the sense that most hotels give you the keys to your room and off you go. I was very pleased with the assistance I recieved. When I entered my room I was in complete awe. The room was beautiful with Mexican assets. The walls were textured, which gave it a look as if it were sponge painted, with a light orange and  light green on another. The floor was beautifully tiled rather than the usual carpeted floors. My room included a T.V. and a rest full lounging space with a couch and coffee table, which made me feel at home.

My room I stayed in was beautiful.

Te best part of my room was the balcony  was probably the best part. Once the curtains  opened I was completely in love with Las Rocas' the view was amazing and indescribable! The view of the ocean was mesmerizing; I was able to see what looked like a small tropical paradise with one of their incredible pools, which look like it ran into the ocean, and two of their Jacuzzis which when I saw them, I wanted to be in there as soon as possible. I felt in complete happiness in my room and I'm sure the rest of the guess staying there felt the same way.

One of the most beautiful views one will ever see.

The next day I was pampered at the spa, which was very popular with the hotel guests. I was provided with a robe, sandals, and a locker to keep my belongings. While I was waiting, there was peaceful music, which made the atmosphere relaxed and from that I new I was in for a real treat. When I was ready for my massage, my masseuse was very nice, and I felt at ease with her. She did an incredible job and when she finished I had forgotten about everything. When it was time for my bath, I had a variety of different choices for what type a bath I could take. I chose the Rosemary Bath because its purpose was to relieve muscle pain, tension, and stress' I have problems with back pains so I was excited that they could provide me with a bath that would make me feel better. Entering my private bathroom, I had a view of the entire ocean that put me in serenity while lying in my rosemary bath. I couldn't have asked for anything more to put me in peace.

Overall, my stay at Las Rocas was a perfect getaway for my need of a weekend of relaxation. From their great hotel staff, who was helpful throughout my whole stay, to their incredible spa treatment where all stress was relieved, staying there made me want to come back for the next times I need to get away. Any person of any age would have a great time there, but especially young adults to older adults would truly appreciate everything Las Rocas has to offer. I cannot wait for my next visit for fun, rest and relaxation.

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