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If you are planning on traveling overseas and want to be able to stay in contact with home, but are afraid of the high roaming charges there is a solution; Cellular Abroad.


Cellular Abroad sells and rents cell phones for use all over the world. Cellular Abroad offers plans for individual countries as well as for multi-country travel. In addition to their low rates, all of their plans are prepaid; you are in complete control of how much you spend.

You can buy one of their international travel phones with unlimited free incoming calls anywhere in Europe and Israel. They offer no minimums, no contracts, easy to add talk time, an unlocked, GSM tri-band phone, an international SIM card and 30 minutes of outgoing calls. Or, if you are planning on being overseas for only one or two weeks and seldom travel, consider renting the Talk Abroad international cell phone.


Benefits of renting or purchasing a phone form Cellular Abroad are convenience; the phone is preset and ready to go, you know your cell phone number before you leave. The calls are prepaid so you will experience no surprising charges, and you can avoid costly hotel phone bills. With the free incoming calls if someone from home wants to talk to you they pay for the call and not you. You are able to take advantage of the local cell phone rates in the country or countries you'll be traveling. Unlike conventional cell phone options such as renting an international cell phone at the airport or paying expensive roaming rates through your current cell phone provider, the outgoing call rates are just fractions of a dollar per minute ' even for international calls back to the US. Plus in nearly every country you get unlimited, free incoming calls, regardless of their origin.


It's easy to add more prepaid time (airtime). Some SIM cards will allow you to order airtime over the phone and even online. Or you can go to an authorized dealer in the country you are traveling in, pay for more airtime, then follow the directions on the Top-Up card, and your airtime minutes will be updated. You will see signs in the windows of authorized dealers - newsagents, phone stores, supermarkets.


So if you are planning on traveling abroad and like the idea of being in contact with home, but don't like the idea of spending your entire travel budget of expensive calls consider contacting Cellular Abroad. Your wallet just may thank you.

(310) 862-7100 or 1-800-287-5072  E-mail [email protected]

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