Borgio Verezzi

A jewel on the Italian Riviera, half on the sea, half in the hills lies the double village of Borgio Verezzi.The first half of these villages is Borgio, which is built on a small hill close to the sea. To reach Verezzi the other half of these ancient villages it is necessary to climb a narrow steep panoramic road full of hairpin turns 200 meters directly above the town of Borgio. Verezzi has four borgos or districts Poggio, Piazza, Roccaro and Corsa, which are more than 900 years old.


It is easy to imagine that you are traveling back in time. As you pass the many scattered, terraced and cultivated fields where they are growing old and mature vines of grapes, olive and carob trees in much the same style as they have for centuries.




Most houses in this area are centuries old, made of stone, and still inhabited. Among these inhabitants and like most of Italy, which I have visited these borgos have a vast population of stray cats, lazily lounging in the sun and hunting for food.




It was an idyllic, romantic and sensual setting I found myself in as I wandered down the cobbled alleys, past stone seats and through the arches, of this ancient village.





They say that all roads led to Rome and here n Verezzi it seemed that they all lead to the lovely Saint Augustine Chapel, which is still serving the four borgos. During our visit they had just hosted a local wedding and the outside square was covered in flowers and rice.




Saint Augustine Chapel and the center square; the Piazza di Verezzi is the backdrop each year to the International Festival of Theatre. A beautiful setting for theatre at night in the open air and under the stars. It also plays host to the National acting award the "Veretium".




The square has a breathtaking view of the treacherous road leading up to the village, the lower town of Borgio, the sea and even down the coast. A quick reminder of the strategic planning of its first inhabitants centuries ago and how they fortified themselves against invaders in such a hard to reach remote location. This little corner of the Riviera is filled with the timeless charm and beauty that is Italy.





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