Aquilla Health and Fitness Club Review - A Spot Of Relaxation In Knightsbridge London

Aquilla Health and Fitness Club is located in Knightsbridge and has been established for over twenty years. The Club offers a wide range of services for both adults and children.

They offer traditional fitness classes, a gym and a pool. In addition they also offer a wide variety of alternative therapies.

I arrived at Aquilla after checking into the Rembrandt Hotel which is located next door and is owned and operated by the same mother company. I was hot and tired from a leisurely stroll through London with two of my suitcases  and very ready for a hefty dose of pampering.

Their spa menu had a lot of choices, from beauty treatments and I perused it greedily. A few of the luxuries they offer are facials designed specifically for a man’s skin, a woman’s skin or custom to your exact skin type. All over body scrubs to exfoliate every inch or you. There are Jet Lag Treatments, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. They even offer Homeopathic Doctors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Acupuncture and other alternative therapies. I opted for a double whammy of a combo an all over body scrub and full body massage.

Aquilla Reception

My therapist met me at reception and showed me into the women’s changing room. I was delighted to find a fluffy robe, flip flops, samples of Thalgo skin care products and lovely silk orchid blossoms decorating the inside of the locker. I undressed slipped on the robe, then the flip flops and went into the hall to meet my therapist. She escorted me into the treatment room dimly lit and also decorated with orchid blossoms on the therapy table.

I relaxed into my lovely surroundings and was scrubbed and polished until I felt like my skin must be glowing. My therapist left the room after instructing me to wash off the body scrub, using the private shower in my treatment room. I exited the shower feeling refreshed and smelling delicious. I snuggled back onto the therapy table and my therapist came back into the room and proceeded to knead out all the layers of tension and knots I had been collecting in my muscles. She worked hard and fast and left me feeling a little bit like a wet noodle.

Orchid Blossoms On MY Treatment Table

After my treatments I was told I could use the relaxation area above the pool, lounge around and enjoy a cup of herb tea. Beginning to let go of my tensions I wasn’t ready to get dressed and leave Aquilla so I headed over to the relaxation area. The pool was in use by one of the many classes that are offered at Aquilla. This one was a mommy and me class and the pool was full of infants and their mums learning to swim. The area was filled with the sound of giggles of delight the instructor singing songs about toes twinkling and splashes as the tots were dipped under the water.

Aquilla Pool

Aquilla offers a lot of choices from the health and fitness arena to beauty treatments and aternative therapies. They have a Gym that is separated into two areas providing a range of equipment from treadmills, cross-trainers, free weights and stretch mats.  And all the cardio machines are equipped with a 15” Audio Visual screen. 

Deep Tissue Massage

The pool is primarily used for leisure although lane swimming is possible. Aquacise classes and swimming lessons take place at various times throughout the week.

There is a fitness studio that hosts a variety of weekly classes ranging from Yoga and Pilates, to Aerobics, Belly Dancing, Salsa and Spinning.

Custom Facials

A Steam & Sauna are available in each of the men’s and women’s changing rooms.

Aqua Babes

My trip to Aquilla was lovely. I found the most charming thing about my visit was slipping into the relaxation area after my treatments and enjoying the smell of chlorine, the taste of fruity tea, the sound of happy splashing babies and finally relaxing completely as I sank into a lounging chair and watched laughing tots and their mums.

Aquilla Health and Fitness Club

11 Thurloe Place, London , SW7 2RS
+44 (0)20 7225 02225

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