5 Must-Visit Cities in America

With 50 states and many more vibrant cities, America has no shortage of potential tourist destinations. Even for residents of this great nation, there are numerous places to which they haven’t been. You can spend hours scouring the web, trying to reduce the many options for a vacation in the US; there’s the brilliance of California and the West Coast, Middle America, the vastness of Texas and more. If you’re looking for a different kind of scenery, then you can move along the map to the East Coast and book with Go New York Tours to catch the full flavor of the Big Apple and the Atlantic Seaboard.

1. Welcome to New York City - the General Area

No matter how far you go, you probably won’t find anyone who hasn’t heard of New York. It’s one of the handful of so-called “world cities”; given its impressive mix of cultures, museums, tourist attractions and iconic landscapes.

One thing is for sure: you will never run out of things to do in New York City. Sign up for a guided tour of the Empire State Building, where you can see up to 80 miles away from the top floors of the iconic skyscraper. There’s much more to do here, such as Taking a ferry ride, checking out the Chrysler Building and spending an afternoon in Central Park.

2. The Rolling Hills of Sonoma, California

Sonoma is a quaint little ceremonial place, where rolling hills and lush vineyards dominate the landscape. The wine tasting fairs bring droves of tourists every year who spend the afternoons in the many high-quality boutiques, and the evenings downing generous servings of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir - both aged and fresh as possible, right from the ground. Spring is the perfect time to plan a visit to Sonoma, when the hundreds of wineries are open to giving free tastings.

For a bit less of a relaxed atmosphere; but no less fun - the Sonoma racetrack is home to NASCAR and motorcycle races. You’ll see some of the fastest cars ever built languishing on the hilltops in the off-season, and if you happen to make it around the time of the races, you’ll experience the heart-pounding excitement familiar to millions of fans. Except you’ll be up close and personal.

3. Manhattan, New York

Yes. New York state shows up twice here because of the wonders of the most densely-populated part of the state. Harboring some of the world’s most expensive real estate, Manhattan is often considered the very heart of the Big Apple because of the top-rated financial districts, commercial and cultural centers on the 23 square-mile island.

In fact, this borough hosts undying Times Square, which seems alive at all hours of the day and night, and Columbia University as well as the Juilliard School. It’s worth it to take a tour, because unless you’re a millionaire - you won’t be living there anytime soon - not even a small apartment is considered affordable by the vast majority of people.

4. Hawaii - Honolulu, in Particular

White sandy beaches with the beautiful blue of the Pacific all around - Oahu has matchless scenery that even the most jaded tourist will consider a breath of fresh air. Take the time to visit Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial; you’ll definitely want to soak in the sun on Waikiki Beach and the aptly-named Sunset Beach while there.

The cultural spots are of Polynesian and Hawaiian origin, where you’ll find the people to be generally laid-back and amazingly friendly. If you intend to make Hawaii just one of your stops while in that region of the West coast, consider taking a cruise ship that promises you enough of a stay on the island.

5. The City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia

Philly, of course, had to make this list - and it’s not because of their famous cheesesteak sandwich. It is a UNESCO-delineated World Heritage City, where the cultural history rivals New York’s in terms of richness. The Liberty Bell has its home here, and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence from England were signed in Independence Hall. The nightlife is one heck of a tourist attraction, as are the museums and varied cuisine.

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