4 Stunning Waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar

The rain lashed at us, and the feeble umbrella I was carrying ditched me. Once again, I cursed myself for not carrying a raincoat before stepping out from my hotel in Mahabaleshwar. There were small shops on both the sides of a road, but mostly were closed. Though, the few that were opened offered us scanty protection from the natural shower at least I could concentrate on not slithering on the steps by walking under their awnings. This was around four months back, at the height of the monsoon, when we visited Mahabaleshwar. We had a beautiful hotel room in Mahabaleshwar with a balcony where we sat and enjoyed the rain.



Soaring peaks, cool air and mesmerising waterfall, spectacular view of the city makes Mahabaleshwar, one of the favorite tourist destinations in Maharashtra. We all know Mahabaleshwar as the queen of all the hill stations but do you know, the place is endowed with some of the stunning waterfalls as well?

Yes, there are so many amazing waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar which can be the perfect escape from the scorching heart of North India.

Read further to know about them:


  1. Dhobi Waterfall

The beautiful Dhobi Waterfall is merely 3 km away from the main Mahabaleshwar town. The water descends into the Koyna valley and finally merges with the river. Set amidst luscious green valley, the fall is a fantastic picnic spot to spend some beautiful moments with loved ones. While visiting Mahabaleshwar, don’t forget to add this to your travel itinerary.


  1. Lingmala Waterfall

Only 6 km away from Mahabaleshwar, Lingmala Waterfall is located at the top of the Venna valley in Satara district of Maharashtra. One of the famous tourist spots of Mahabaleshwar, Lingmala waterfall is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. Mainly there are two waterfalls, one which is a mini waterfall and the other is the main waterfall which plunges from a height of 500 feet. While the mini waterfall is suitable for swimming, one has to walk nearly 30 minutes to reach the main waterfall from the mini falls. Though, you can’t get to the main falls, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the waterfall from the view point.    


A visit to this waterfall can be combined with other tourist attractions of the city like Mapro Garden, Wilson Point, Venna Lake, etc.


  1. Chinaman Falls

A tour to Mahabaleshwar is incomplete if you do not visit this astonishing Chinaman’s Falls. As the stunning gardens in the vicinity of the waterfall were earlier managed by the Chinese, it got its name Chinaman’s Fall. Positioned at the top of the Venna Valley, it is thrilling to watch the fall of water from an enormous height. Besides being the delight of nature lovers, it is a perfect place to click some amazing shots. Here you will have ample chances to capture those incredible moments in your camera. Don’t forget to click the gushing water at dawn and dusk when the bright rays of sunlight augment the overall appeal of the place. There are online travel websites which offer exciting travel packages for Chinaman Falls.


  1. Bhilar Waterfall

Though, it is relatively less explored waterfall as compared to the other tourist spots in the region, it still has a charm and beauty which makes it a ‘must visit’ destination. Believed to be the source of the Kundali River, the waterfall cascades down from an altitude of 4,500 feet approximately. Surrounded by stunning flora, this waterfall is the right site for both nature lovers and photo obsessives. Here you can find marvelous natural vistas to be captured through a camera. You will be astonished to see the photographers clicking the stunning pics as the waterfall makes a lovely backdrop.


The beauty of the place is in its tranquil natural surroundings. With magnificent waterfalls, Mahabaleshwar is the perfect getaway to ditch the scorching sunrays and spend some amazing time close to nature. To make your journey more memorable, make sure to book your hotel in Mahabaleshwar much in advance. It will not only save your time but will also help you in finding a hotel in Mahabaleshwar at affordable rates. Believe me, it is not easy to choose the right accommodation when there are plentiful of options available. So, let online travel experts like Yatra serve you well with options of hotels in Mahabaleshwar near market to make your stay a memorable and comfortable one.


So, pack your bags and move to Mahabaleshwar where you can enjoy the sight of water cascading down the sound and making a gentle sound to entertain your soul.

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