4 Essentials You Need to Address Before Weekend Company Arrives

You have loved ones who are coming to town and will be spending the weekend at your apartment. While the place is in decent shape, there are a few things you would like to do in advance. Now is the time to start getting everything ready for their arrival. Put these four tips to good use and everyone can relax, enjoy the visit, and in general have a great time.


Clean Linens for the Bed


Since you live in a one bedroom apartment it only makes sense to prepare the room for your guests. You’ll be just find on the fold-out sofa in the living room. To make sure your guests are comfortable, have all the bed linens cleaned. Wash and dry the sheets, pillow cases, and shams. It wouldn’t hurt to have the comforter cleaned by a professional. The bedding should be crisp and perfectly clean when your guests settle in for the first night.


Get the Carpeting and Floors Cleaned


While you can take care of the dusting and cleaning the bathroom, leave the floors to a professional. Have a service come in and steam clean the carpeting or the rugs. The tile and hardwood also needs the attention of a pro. Combined with your efforts, the entire apartment will be clean and smell so fresh that it will seem as if you just moved in.


Stock the Refrigerator


What sort of snacks, beverages, and foods do your loved ones enjoy? Make a list several days in advance and plan a trip to the supermarket. The goal is to ensure the refrigerator and the pantry are full of things that they nibble on in between meals. You also want to have everything you need to put together some simple meals during their stay. While there will be some eating out during the visit, there should always be enough at home to enjoy if everyone wants to stay in.


Make a List of Things to Do


There is no need to make an agenda that must be followed without question, but it is helpful to create a list of possible things to do while your company is in town. Start by considering different venues for amusement and entertainment that happen to be close to your apartments rental in Beaverton, then move on to possible sites of interest that are further away. Include things like local historic sites, clubs, concert halls, local theaters, and venues for sporting events. Once your guests are in town and settled, there will be plenty of time to talk about what’s happening around town and decide which events they would like to attend.


Use the week before your loved ones arrive to take care of all the preparations. By the time they walk in the door, you should have everything in place and be ready to enjoy spending time with your company. Plan efficiently and the weekend will be one that everyone remembers fondly.


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