10 Tips not to spend, but invest in time during long journeys

When you travel for long hours, there are a lot of points to ponder before you start from your place. From the stress related to packing and deciding on what all to take and on what priority to finding ways to have a good pastime during long hours, everything calls for an effective planning. The lengthy journey can show to be highly dreary generally when it distance multiple cities, and states. You can even feel like the hours are dragging by. So, here are ten tips that you can use to survive the long haul journeys.

1. Catch up on movies- Get your phone/laptop ready with all of it
You have a extended list of movies that we want to watch. And then long trips are the perfect moments to catch up on film dropping below your ‘must-see’ category. Whether we are watching our favorite movie 100th time or watching, you can easily pass a couple of hours with the movie. Tip: Always prefer to get your own headsets than to ask for them in the flight.

2. Exploring a language is a great idea!
When you travel in cities, states and countries, it definitely implies that wherever you are heading to, is a place that has various language and communication ways. Your journey is a chance to see and realise a few phrases that you would be greeted with. On the other hand, if you can pack your iPod, MP3, or CD player, then you can also take your audio phrasebook.

3. Sleep like a dog
As we all know that we all lead the machine-life these days, there is always a huge amount of sleep required. However for the same reason, we are not able to catch up on enough sleep. And guess what!! The best way to pass time on long journeys is to take that much needed sleep from too long. If you do not get sleep, taking a sleep aid or pill can help loosen up your body. You have a pick to carry a pillow (or can ask for them when in the flight), sleeping mask, and earplugs if you need them while you sleep.

4. Watch out of the window for scenic treat to the eyes
At regular intervals of time, you must get up from your place and take a stroll in the compartment so as to keep the body moving and blood flowing perfectly. This will keep you off from all problems arising of immobility. When in flight, the rear area of the airplane also has a spot for stretching as well. After boarding you can get T2 transfer from your destination.

5. Strike up a conversation (a prudent one of course)

This wholly depends on- whom are you sitting next to. You can commence by discussing about such a pretty journey that you both are in and then proceed talking on what you plan to do at the destination. What are your region of interest on travel and how do you find traveling by several modes of transport. And if the other person is some big shot and a corporate traveler, you might also end up getting a new job with a hike.

6. Bring a few magazines, books or newspapers along or read the Skymall catalog if you're on a plane.

If you are an avid reader, then you do not need anything to pass your time. A book and a long journey is what all you need. Plus, there are so many first-rate travel books narrating travel stories from writers such as Pico Iyer, Ted Conover, and Bill Bryson. You can read their interesting works not only to pass away the time but also to build up the skills on travel industry and various destinations. Travel stories are the most intrinsic way to keep the spirits high.

7. Get a pen and some paper. Try writing the experience you are living at the moment. You might post it like a blog later.
Long journeys offer you a great opportunity to write down your feelings and experience on the mode and later share it with the world. You can end up in completing your long unfinished sketches, your journal entries and begin the draft of your article.

8. Bring along an MP3 player or iPod and listen to best-loved songs

On jammed and lengthy journeys, the best way to avoid the background noise and go to sleep or read a book is- music. Listen to music and rock!!

9. Bring a portable gaming system or cell phone to play games. Some crosswords or puzzles would also do. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are the most sought after distractions from a long journey. Based on your packing plans, you could also bring along hand held electronic gaming devices such as portable Sony Play stations or Nintendo.

10. Tracking your flight/train/bus progress is an interesting pastime

Once the “Are we there yet?” feeling hits, be smart enough to use your smart phone and track the place and time. This is again one of the major ways of how to pass time on a long journey.

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