Organization & Storage Gift Guide 2014 - Organization & Storage Gifts Roundup

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Seagate Backup Plus Fast

Right side view

Description: Backup Plus Fast is the world’s first portable 4TB storage device, providing twice the capacity and speed of existing external portable drives. Its speed, portable form factor and high capacity make it perfect for anyone that must quickly move large files to backup. Backup Plus FAST also includes Seagate’s Dashboard software and mobile backup app to protect content on smart phones and tablets. The free Seagate Mobile Backup app backs up pictures and videos to a drive or a cloud service and files can be sent via a WiFi connection, Dropbox, Google Drive™ or other cloud services while on the road.

Price: $269.00 to $270.00 Visit the Website

BDI Bink Table

The Tangerine Bink

Description: The Bink Mobile Media Table by BDI is a sleek, stylish and sturdy side table and computer desk that brings updated style to the work and living space. With a base capable of sliding under most sofas and chairs, this light-weight aluminum stand is ideal for individuals with lifestyles as multi-functional as their technology. Bink complements nearly any decor. Its adaptability makes it ideal for those who tend to bring the office home, or who need mobile table-top surfaces for a multitude of functions and uses – even if just for late night snacking while watching your favorite movie.

Price: $249.00 Visit the Website

White Owl Bookends

District17 - White Owl Bookends

Description: Add modern, high-style flair to your kids bookcase with the White Owl Bookends by Jonathan Adler. Featuring subtle geometric detailing, this 2-bookend set is a statement piece that will coordinate well with an owl-themed bedroom or nursery, or fit seamlessly in your living room or study. Made from unglazed porcelain and perched on an alabaster base. Jonathan Adler is known for mixing modern prints and bold colors. Jonathan Adler's mission is to bring style, craft, joy and "grooviness" to your space.

Price: $195.00 Visit the Website

Staples Space-Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Staples Space-Saver Shredder

Description: With the new Space-Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder from Staples, the bulk and bore of the office shredder has been eliminated. By reducing the size of the shredder, it is now possible to store right under your desk. The Space-Saver 10 Sheet Shredder can be integrated into any office space with five fashionable colors to choose from. • With a vertical paper feed and an easy-empty waste bin, Staples Space- Saver 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder makes work easier for the on-the-go business person • The slim design and sleek profile makes it easy to place under a desk or in a small area of a business or home office • Choose from a wide array of color options including black, metallic blue, metallic red, metallic plum, or metallic orange to match your office space (see photo to see how it can fit into any office space, designed by Real Simple Editor in conjunction with Staples).

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

Mimish Designs: Products For Kids - Solutions For Parents

Solve any clutter issue with Mimish Designs bean bags! Available in 13 colors!

Description: Creating stylish solutions for clutter, Mimish Designs delivers beanbags that solve storage issues and provide comfy seating. Andrea Soto founded Mimish Designs with the goal of making the most of any space. The Storage Beanbag has 5,650 cubic inches of storage making it perfect for organizing the children’s playroom or any room that needs a little tidying up. With 14 different colors, including machine-washable micro suede, spot-cleanable cotton, and organic cotton, the Storage Beanbag has the right style for any room. All the Storage Beanbags are proudly made in the U.S with post-consumer recycled “beans”. Stylish and fun, Mimish Designs bring the best quality and plush seating.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

Bitcasa, The Company That Makes Your Digital Belongings Infinitely Useful

iOS 7

Description: Bitcasa provides a home for your digital belongings. Bitcasa believes that your digital belongings are your own, and that only you should control who can access and use them. With access across all devices; Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX and the Web, Bitcasa enables you to take your digital belongings with you everywhere. Bitcasa designed its software to ensure complete privacy with client-side encryption, so your belongings are always your own.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Eureka Airspeed® ALL FLOORS

New Eureka AirSpeed® ALL FLOORS is more powerful than the Dyson DC41.

Description: The new Eureka AirSpeed® ALL FLOORS is powerful enough to handle real-life messes, and proven to clean carpets better than the Dyson DC41 – at a much lower price point. It also safely suctions dirt and debris from bare floors. Using Smooth-Glide® technology, it allows for easy pushing on carpets for an effortless clean due to the pivoting base. Other features include on-board crevice tool, dusting brush and chair and upholstery brush, and a 27-foot cord and 12-foot deluxe stretch hose and extension wand.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Homejoy Is An Online Platform Connecting Professional Home Cleaners To Clients Online At $20 P/hr.

Everyone deserves a happy home!

Description: Homejoy is the leading home services platform that connects professional service providers - starting with house cleaners - to clients online. Currently we are available in over 30 markets across North America. Go to for additional information. All cleanings are $20 per hour, with a $5 cleaning supplies fee for appointments up to 4.5 hours, $10 for appointments 5 hours and greater. The minimum time to book an appointment with Homejoy is 2.5 hours.

Price: $55.00 Visit the Website

Eye-Fi Mobi

Transfer photos with our largest Eye-Fi Mobi card!

Description: Taking tons of pics on your camera or phone– but dreading the race home to upload and THEN share? EyeFi makes it is easy to share on the spot by adding a WiFi signal to your favorite cameras. Now you can transfer photos and videos like magic to your smartphone, tablet, or even desktop with a range of cards from 8 GB - 32 GB. Great for: proud parents, holiday gifts, travelers, gadget lovers.

Price: $50.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

ICube® Storage Concept


Description: iCube is an innovative new storage solution that has both style and durability. Many people associate “storage solutions” with boring, drab, “office-y” looking units, but with iCube you can get as creative as you want! The modular interconnecting storage units were designed to accommodate any size space and can be stacked in a variety of shapes and sizes. And with an array of colorful accessories such as crates, drawers and shelves, iCube provides true personalization for one’s organizational and home decorating needs. iCube also stacks flat when not in use and, with a clever snap-lock feature, instantly unfolds into a sturdy cube. (No tools required!)

Price: $49.99 to $79.99 Visit the Website

Membership In The DocSafe, An Online Safe Deposit Box

Organize and Simplify your Life

Description: Organize and simplify your life. Sounds good, doesn't it? Imagine being able to locate your critical financial and personal information and files in one centralized location that is available to you anywhere in the world. The DocSafe turns that into a reality for you. Anywhere you have internet access, The DocSafe acts as your virtual safe deposit box, allowing quick and easy retrieval of your documents. Are you concerned that your family will not have immediate access to your estate plan in the event of an incapacity or at death? Are you afraid that a tornado or flood might destroy everything including your most critical documents? Do you travel regularly for business or in service to our country as a member of the armed forces and worry that you will not have ready access to your important information? The DocSafe's unique and easy-to-follow structure can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, these concerns. All that is needed is a little time to answer a few questions and to upload your documents. You can even give some of your loved ones and professional advisors secondary user access to your information to that they, too, can view your information at anytime and anywhere.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

MagBuds - Earbuds With A Tangle-Free Magnetic Cable


Description: MagBuds feature a tangle-free magnetic cable that sticks to itself. Stylishly wear MagBuds around your wrist and you will never lose track of your earbuds again. Stick them to a locker or refrigerator for easy and convenient storage. Coil them up and throw them in a bag so they are ready to go when you get to work or the gym. Don't spend any more time looking for or untangling your earbuds, MagBuds will always be ready to go!

Price: $49.00 Visit the Website

LillyBit Around Town Cosmetic Case

LillyBit Around Town Cosmetic Case Green

Description: Luxurious details, ultimate functionality and girly tassels makes this bag a must have! The patented LillyBit Around Town cosmetic case is beautifully designed for busy women to stay organized at home or when on-the-go. The cosmetic case features several zippered compartments, making staying organized a breeze, and a multi-functional strap that can be worn over the shoulder or as a wristlet. It also features a full zipper pocket on the back along with a tri-fold interior design where all of the necessities can be easily and neatly stored. Up to 10 multi-sized brushes can be secured and protected, clear zippered pocket holds any small items and a zip open interior pouch with two TSA approved bags are perfect for loose items and liquids.

Price: $42.00 to $44.00 Visit the Website

Brother PT-D200 Label Maker

Brother PT-D200 Label Maker

Description: The PT-D200 desktop label maker from Brother, a leader in providing organizational products for the home and office, is a great gift option for anyone who loves to be organized. This unique option not only offers the gift of organization in the home, office, or studio but its creative Deco Modes and label tape colors can assist with DIY projects such as scrapbook captions and holiday table cards.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Mommy Genius Drying Rack

Mommy Genius Drying Rack

Description: The Mommy Genius Drying Rack is the perfect place to dry just about anything. This kitchen countertop accessory is ideal for drying sports water bottles, baby bibs, food-storage bags, Sodastream bottles, baby bottles, dish towels, washcloths, cake decorator icing bags, rubber gloves, mittens, children's boots and many other items. Nothing else on the market does all of this! It is extremely sturdy and stable and won't tip. The drying rack was invented by a mom and is manufactured in the USA. It is available on amazon.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

The MotoPOCKET - Ingenious Storage For Your Motorcycle!

The motoPOCKET range includes 6 designs for any motorcycle

Description: The motoPOCKET is an ingenious range of storage solutions that take advantage of the precious space on your motorcycle, enabling you to access your essential items at a moments’ notice such as your cell phone, wallet, gas card, garage door opener – you name it. All of our quality products are reassuringly made in the USA, and are simple to install with their easy on/off built-in design feature.

Price: $35.95 to $45.95 Visit the Website

Innovative Knife Storage System

Innovative Knife Storage Solution

Description: Tired of looking at that wooden block of knives on your kitchen counter? Here is an ingenious knife storage system that allows you to neatly tuck away your cutlery from the counter top to the kitchen drawer. While other knife blocks utilize presized slots, this universal storage solution sits inside the drawer and can accommodate almost any knife size. The patent-pending SlabStab technology features layers of flexible cork-like dividers that adjust to accommodate almost any blade and can increase the life of your cutlery. KNIFEdock is sized to fit inside standard kitchen drawers. Knives rest vertically in the tray allowing for easy visual identification. Made from sustainable and recycled materials. Available at, Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store, Crate and Barrel, and Williams Sonoma.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website


Removable bins allow for easy access.

Description: The ALL NEW TeaStand™ is the only cabinet organizer for tea! It stores 100+ tea bags in the dark, dry cabinet to protect flavors while clearing box clutter and freeing up cabinet space. The compact unit is just under 5 inches wide & stands on any flat surface. Its removable bins make it perfect for easy entertaining. Made from durable plastic, this kitchen gadget is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Wallet TrackR By PhoneHalo Always Forgetting Something? Halo Can Help!

Introducing TrackR, locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android.

Description: That moment filled with panic when you can't find your keys, cellphone, or wallet! Wallet TrackR from Phone Halo can help. Wallet TrackR provides tracking software and devices so you’ll never waste time searching for lost items again. Phone Halo started as a project at the University of California, Santa Barbara's Technology Management Program (TMP) and engineering school in 2008. The idea came to the founders when a friend had lost his phone repeatedly and the founders had a constant problem of losing everything from keys to backpacks to forgetting where they parked their cars in the crowded streets of Isla Vista. They launched the first generation TrackR at the prestigious DEMO 2010 conference and received the elite DEMOgod award. Since then, the product has evolved into Wallet TrackR, an ultra thin device that can slip inside your wallet or be attached to any commonly misplaced item. The device wirelessly connects to the user’s iPhone or Android via the TrackR app, which monitors the location of the wallet or the user’s items. The device can withstand being sat on continuously, with a battery life of up to two years. Phone Halo has released multiple products to market that help people keep track of their valuables, also helping people locate thousands of items. The next big tech accessory has arrived!

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Organization: It's In The Bag With The HOBOROLL

The HOBOROLL keeps items internally separated while on the go.

Description: The Hoboroll is a compartmentalized stuff sack that enables travelers and adventurers to pack more efficiently and access items more quickly. Unlike traditional stuff sacks, the Hoboroll keeps items internally separated while on the go. It's perfect as a luggage organizer, trail bag or even as gear for hikers. The secret to the Hoboroll's ability to organize gear is in the design. The pack features separate compartments that can be used to store gear in a more organized manner. The five compartments inside the bag are comparable to that of a tackle box, designed for gear to be compartmentalized for ease of access and organization. Durable straps along the body of the Hoboroll allow the bag to be condensed through radial compression, saving space while keeping things firmly in place. Radial compression also allows for fewer straps around the bag, giving the user easy access to the bag's contents.

Price: $27.99 to $33.99 Visit the Website

Striker Ultrasonic Garage Parking Sensor

The Ultrasonic Parking Sensor acts as a stop light, giving your a green signal to proceed into the garage, yellow to slow, and red to stop!

Description: The Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor is designed to take the guess work out of parking your car in tight garage spaces. It features adjustable, ultrasonic range-finding technology to accurately locate a vehicle within your desired parking constraints. The Parking Sensor is conveniently equipped with a range selector switch, making it easy for the user to pick different parking distances from the garage wall. Simply mount the base unit on the wall in front of the car at bumper level. Then mount the signal light in a position easily viewed from the driver's seat. As the driver approaches The Parking Sensor, they will see a green light, indicating that it is safe to proceed. As the car nears the sensor, a yellow light will illuminate as a warning to slow down. Finally, when the car is in the desired parking distance from the sensor, a red light will illuminate, signaling the driver to stop the car. It makes parking as easy as 1, 2, 3! The Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor eliminates the dents and dings from garage "fender benders" and allows you to safely close the garage door every time. It is easy to install and use!

Price: $23.99 to $26.99 Visit the Website

World’s First Airtight Container For Plates Eliminates The Waste And Inconvenience Of Plastic Wrap And Aluminum Foil

Plate Topper and Plate Topper Mini

Description: PlateTopper is the world’s first airtight container for plates. The product eliminates the need for a dirty dish and keeps food fresh with an ingenious airtight silicone seal placed over the plate on which it is served. It is a universal food lid and storage device all in one. Instant food storage and preservation are as simple as pressing PlateTopper over a plate to lock the device in place. Check out this effective, super affordable solution for preserving leftovers and ensuring the freshness of snacks, meals, leftovers or baked goods. PlateTopper eliminates the irritating search for lids and is much faster to use than cumbersome plastic wrap or aluminum foil, is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, BPA free, and a splatter, spill and bug safeguard. What’s more, it can be unsealed and resealed over and over again making it an essential kitchen product for any household! PlateTopper is available in a variety of colors. An exclusive “As Seen on TV” offer includes 2 PlateToppers and 1 PlateTopper Mini.

Price: $23.97 Visit the Website

Flanabags Accessories Keepers

Travel bag Trio

Description: These fashionable and durable TSA-compliant quart-size bags are perfect for travel and everyday use. Trimmed in trendy fabrics and equipped with wrist straps make these a perfect, year round gift. Features: TSA Compliant! This quart-sized vinyl bag is exactly what the TSA requires at the security check point. Easy to use. The wide bag opening make it easy to pack and the integrated wrist strap makes it easy grab your gear. Gusseted. AirQuart stands up on its gusset for packing and folds flat between trips. Stylish. Trimmed in trendy fabrics with a slim silhouette that fits inside your carry-on, purse or back pack. Secure. Sturdy interlocking zipper secures small items.

Price: $19.99 to $44.95 Visit the Website

Car Caché™ Makes Purse Storage In The Car A Cinch!

Inconspicuous and Hugely Effective for Purse Storage in the Car

Description: The Car Caché is a Patent Pending invention that keeps your purse close & secure with easy access to its contents without taking your eyes off the road...greatly reducing distracted driving situations! It also eliminates car passenger inconvenience & frustration due to having to watch where they place their feet so as not to step on your purse... keeping 'shoe born' bacteria & dirt from car floor mats away from your handbag's outer surface. The Car Caché can easily accommodate both large & small purses (and bags, gloves, umbrellas, etc!) by simply adjusting the straps to make the small 'cup' at the base of the Caché fit your purse bottom as appropriate.

Price: $19.95 to $34.95 Visit the Website

Poketti Plushies With A Pocket

Poketti Plushies with a Pocket: Cute & Functional!

Description: Poketti Plushies with Pocket are super soft animal pillows with a useful pocket on the back to hold your phone, notebook, eyeglasses, love notes, or tooth fairy offerings. Designed by 14-year old young entrepreneur, Sydney Loew, Poketti are made with the highest quality plush and 100% cotton contrasting details. Series1 includes a penguin, bunny, kitty and puppy — each with a 4x5" plush-lined pocket on the back. You'll never search for your phone or glasses in the morning again! Poketti accessories for the pocket are also available including a Poketti notebook featuring the Series 1 characters, and greeting cards.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

Sportsman Bumper: Secure Your Hunting/Fishing Gear

Orange Sportsman Bumper

Description: The Sportsman Bumper is a series of clips that sticks to the side of your car MAGNETICALLY. It's a safe place you can secure your hunting and fishing gear when you're getting ready for the field or stream. The magnets are embedded in the rubber so your paint stays scratch-free. It holds up to 5 fishing rods or 2 guns and the clips flex to accommodate various gauges of guns, including double-barrels and over-unders.

Price: $17.95 to $18.95 Visit the Website

A Notebook For Visual Thinkers

Grids & Guides

Description: Grids & Guides (Princeton Architectural Press) Map out graphs, schematics, sketches, and dreams with this sleek and durable workbook. Inspired by vintage laboratory notebooks, Grids & Guides features 144 pages of graph paper (eight designs repeating throughout) interspersed with a multitude of scientific charts, tables, and infographics featuring everything from the periodic table to alternative alphabets to Newton's Laws of Motion. This journal is the perfect tool for right-brainers and left-brainers alike.

Price: $16.95 Visit the Website

The Cinch To Hang

The Amazing Cinch to Hang

Description: I introduce to you the Cinch to Hang outdoor hanging system. Surviving a weekend picnic, backyard party, camping trip with family or a hunting trip with your buddies the survivalist (AKA Mom/Dad) needs an easy and covenant way to store all the gear and equipment off the ground and in a safe location. That is where the Cinch to Hang comes in. Where do you hang your backpack, equipment, tool, wet shoes/cloths anything that you want to keep up off the ground and dry? A nail?, No, a broken tree branch unlikely. The Cinch to Hang is extremely light weight only 11oz for a 4 pack system and will hold over 200 lbs. Very easy to use (no batteries or digital screens). The Cinch to Hang has been used domestically and overseas with rescue and relief operation such as Operation USA, American Red Cross, and other local emergency response organizations to hang their equipment and keep a chaotic environment organized . The Cinch to Hang is manufactured and packaged in the USA and can ship anywhere in 24 hours from ordering. It is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Please see our website for more information on the amazing Cinch to Hang.

Price: $15.95 to $19.95 Visit the Website

Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet

Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet

Description: Our Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet combines your love of stickies, list-making, and tidy packages—all in one slick little folio. Armed with a sticky pad for every WTF, OMG, or FYI occasion, you’ll find it easy to keep it real (organized). A great witty office gift. If 1 sticky pad is great, 6 sticky pads are 8.5 times as good. 8.25 x 5.5 inches; 6 sticky pads; 40 sheets each.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Hanger Pockets

Ideal for all ages!

Description: Helpful Features of Hanger Pockets by Closet Mates! Accessorize and organize your wardrobe. Holds all the jewelry, scarves, belts, nail polish, makeup even lingerie to match your favorite outfits. Accessorize & Organize! match your accessories to your outfit and keep them all together! > Zippered mesh pouch. Convenient carry handle. 2 sided saddle design to fit over any hanger! Dual clear zippered pouch. Perfect for men and women! Great gift idea~

Price: $9.99 to $19.99 Visit the Website

Zumer Sport - Products Made From Actual Sports Ball Materials

Zumer Sport baseball drawsting bag

Description: Zumer Sport makes products out of actual sport ball materials in 7 different, basketball, football, softball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. Zumer Sport has drawstring bags, duffels, backpacks, messenger bags, ipad and ipad mini covers, keychains, wallets, desk caddies, toiletry bags, sunglass pouches, portfolios, luggage tags and more! Zumer has products for boys and girls, young adults, and women and men. If you play sports, watch sports, or just love sports - Zumer Sport has a product for you to represent your favorite sport!

Price: $6.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Mobile Clean & Go

MiniMicro Triplepak wipes

Description: DF Consumer Products, Inc. announces the launch of a new product line Mobile Clean & Go. Mobile Clean & Go safely and effectively cleans screens on devices such as smart phones, tablets, marine electronics, laptops and mp3 players leaving screens free of germs, fingerprints, and dirt and grime. Featuring a compact, flat bottle and a microfiber cleaning cloth, the Mobile Clean & Go kit is smaller than a smart phone and slips easily into any briefcase, purse, pocket or bag. “Mobile Clean & Go was created for tech-savvy individuals who are always on-the-go,” Lad Ferian, Chief Operating Officer of DF Consumer Products, Inc. said. “With Mobile Clean & Go you never have to worry about embarrassing filth, smudges, facial oils or makeup clouding your screen on-the-go.” The Mobile Clean & Go kit contains a safe and effective cleaning solution designed by Ph.D. chemists that is TSA approved for air travel and will clean your mobile electronics without damaging them.

Price: $4.99 to $8.99 Visit the Website

CoverMate Food Covers

CoverMate Food Covers Brought to you by Touch

Description: CoverMate Food Covers are the anti-plastic wrap and foil solution that effortlessly covers, uncovers and covers again in seconds. Forget endless searches for matching Tupperware tops that never seem to be where you left them. Not only does CoverMate effortlessly fit to any shape or sized serving dish thanks to its FlexBand technology, but this food-grade plastic cover is BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. This innovative vented plastic is perfect for the transition from fridge to microwave to dishwasher. Great for home or outdoor entertaining needs- CoverMate keeps your food fresh and shielded from the elements.

Price: $1.79 to $3.99 Visit the Website


Kleenhanz towelettes

Description: Kleenhanz® is the antimicrobial wellness towelette that cleans, sanitizes and removes germs on hands. Developed with more than 10 years of research, Kleenhanz® represents a revolution in consumer germ prevention by killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs, making Kleenhanz® the next best thing to soap and water. Kleenhanz® is alcohol free and uses quaternary compounds, Benzethonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride, to kill and remove germs with long-lasting protection. Kleenhanz® does what alcohol-based sanitizers cannot by effectively cleaning, sanitizing AND removing germs from hands. Kleenhanz® towelettes are used in many schools in South Texas as well as hospitals, clinics, restaurants, fitness centers and many other areas. Kleenhanz® is distributed through Texas’ largest grocery retailer, H.E.B. as well as Valero Corner Stores. For more information on Kleenhanz®, visit

Price: $1.45 to $15.95 Visit the Website

LITTLE TREES® Air Fresheners

LITTLE TREES® air fresheners

Description: Looking for the perfect gift idea? CAR-FRESHNER® Corporation has added three fresh new fragrances to its iconic LITTLE TREES® air freshener line. Pure Steel has a cool distinctive diamond plate design and offers a bright, masculine freshness with a touch of modern sophistication. Margarita combines a hint of fresh lime with a salty zing and Sunberry Cooler brings a cool, refreshing splash of sweet berries. Hang LITTLE TREES® air fresheners anywhere for long-lasting fragrance!

Price: $1.29 to $1.79 Visit the Website


Matte Whiteyboard

Description: WhiteyBoard, founded by college students in 2010, are best known for their adhesive, repositionable whiteboards that can be stuck to any flat surface and used multiple times. These come in black with neon markers, shiny or matte white, and clear, and range from post-it notes to index card sized boards that unfold, to massive sizes that can cover entire walls. WhiteyBoard also developed paint so you can enhance any smooth surface by converting it into a dry erase canvas! Make your walls into a contemporary collage of awesome - encourage creativity, facilitate organization, promote planning - the possibilities are limitless!

Price: $1.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Rediscover The Joy Of Prepping For Travel Adventure

The Quartermaster (the complete carry-on)

Description: Beautifully-crafted on the outside, meticulously-appointed on the inside, Ebby Rane brings style back to travel, and is as poised and self-assured as you are. The Quartermaster is a complete carry-on with a patented interior packing system designed to create an effortless packing experience. Available in 3 show-stopping colors to complement every signature style, The Quartermaster offers 12-in-1...each one complete with coordinated travel accessories that anticipate your every need and the signature 1887 leather Clutch. Join the women who have rediscovered the joy of prepping for adventure. A road less travelled but decidedly more elegant with the Ebby Rane collection.

Price: $1.00 Visit the Website

Semblance Modular System

Semblance by BDI

Description: No one knows the needs of your work-space better than you do. Create the perfect office with the SEMBLANCE MODULAR SYSTEM. Choose from one of our predesigned packages or select your own components to create a system for virtually any application. Starting with vertical wood panels, combine components such as the Inline Desk, Peninsula Desk, Cabinets and Drawer Modules to design the office that is right for you. Endlessly configurable, SEMBLANCE is ideal for offices of any size.

Price: $1.00 to $5.00 Visit the Website

Save Time And Money On All Your Gifts!

Scout the items you are shopping for online with Scoutfit.

Description: Scoutfit is a shopping service that saves shoppers time and money by letting you “scout” items online and find out when they drop in price. The service further helps people by notifying them of valuable discount codes and online promotions that reduce the price of the desired item when it is time to buy. Items can be scouted across hundreds of top shopping sites, from favorite online destinations including Amazon and Nordstrom, niche retailers such as Nasty Gal and Topshop, to specialty retailers such as West Elm and Sephora. At, shoppers can also organize, create, and manage entire wish and gift lists.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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