Home & Garden Gifts - Home & Garden Gift Guide Roundup for 2012

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Hybrid Fire Grills

Kalamazoo's K750 HB

Description: We’ve always been told when we grill we have to make a choice: Charcoal or Gas. That’s it. One or the other. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet’s Hybrid Fire Grills give you another choice: cook with both, even throw some wood into the fire. A seriously powerful gas grill that can cook at more than 700 degrees, its Hybrid Grilling Drawers let you add wood or charcoal to the gas flame. Simply open a drawer, dump in your fuel of choice, and light it with the burner for a fire of well over 1000 degrees. Giving you the freedom to pursue any outdoor cooking technique. . Handmade in Kalamazoo, Michigan out of stainless steel, these grills are made to live outdoors and are backed by a lifetime warranty. These grills will change the way you look at grilling for the rest of your life.

Price: $9,995.00 to $26,195.00 Visit the Website

Aireloom King Proves It's Hip To Be Square:

Kluft's Aireloom King

Description: It's soon to be the new standard when it comes to 'king size!' E.S. Kluft & Co's Aireloom King measures 7x7 feet -- that's 20% larger than a standard king, proving it's hip to be square! This new square design is distinctive enough to serve as a showcase piece in a master suite, but more than stylish, the unique shape means your mattress will last longer because you can rotate it in quarter turns. The first release – The “Aireloom King Debut” starts at $7,000. The Aireloom King is available with all the accessories including a custom crystal embedded headboard and custom fitted luxe sheets -- you can even get the Aireloom King as a adjustable bed for those who want to create a flexible workspace or refuge.

Price: $7,000.00 Visit the Website

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Brings Artisan Pizza To Your Backyard

Kalamazoo's Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Description: The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven redefines “pizza night” for dads everywhere. Hand-made to order, just like the pizzas you will cook in it this oven heats to 800 degrees and can cook a Neapolitan-style pie in less than 3 minutes. Simply place on an outdoor counter, plug it into a gas supply, and you’re ready to start cooking. Tailor the heat with 2 independently controlled burners and you can cook anything from NY and Chicago style pizzas to artisan breads and roasted fish. Start a new tradition in your home, saying “#1 Dad” better than you can with any mug or t-shirt.

Price: $6,495.00 Visit the Website

Endow A Tree In Central Park!

Adopt a Tree and help CPC

Description: Sometimes the best part about giving a gift is giving back! After hundreds of trees were uprooted from Hurricane Sandy in Central Park, you can select your favorite spot in the Park, endow a tree and dedicate it to your loved one this holiday season. A beautiful granite paving stone with your inscription will be placed on Literary Walk, mid-park at 66th street. This meaningful and charitable gift is the perfect present for the do-gooder in your life.

Price: $5,000.00 Visit the Website

New BERNINA 7 Series


Description: The BERNINA 7 Series features the world’s first, patent-pending B 9 Hook, which uniquely combines the advantages of the two best hook technologies, the rotary and CB hook. This hook system enables higher sewing and embroidery speeds, up to 9 mm stitch width and 80 percent more bobbin capacity than our standard bobbins. The 7 Series includes the B 780 E, B 710 and B 750 QE (Quilter’s Edition).

Price: $4,599.00 to $10,999.00 Visit the Website

Killerspin Revolution Table

The Killerspin Revolution Table

Description: The Killerspin Revolution Table is the ultimate in luxury home décor and makes a great gift for yourself and the family during the holidays. The table has been used exclusively in the Killerspin Extreme and Spinvitational Tournaments. With a futuristic and modern design concept, Killerspin’s Revolution Table is a premium state-of-the-art furniture piece, specifically developed with the best and most luxurious clientele in mind.

Price: $3,500.00 Visit the Website

Maax Roman 7044 F Freestanding Bath Tub - 101402 70" X 44" X 25" - Optional Aerofeel

Maax Roman 7044 F Freestanding Bath Tub - 101402 70" X 44" X 25" - Optional Aerofeel

Description: ROMAN 7044 F - 101402 - Freestanding Bath Tub Seamless bathtub reminiscent of 19th century enameled fireclay style Ingeniously integrated armrests for added stability Ample deck space for faucet Waste and overflow included 12-inch grab bar optional Center drain Freestanding installation Dimensions: 70 " x 44 " x 25 " Water Capacity: Max: 93 G , Min: 54 G A timeless piece that is both simple and majestic, the Roman bathtub demonstrates traditional craftsmanship coupled with the latest advances in massage technology to create a bath of distinction. Classic beauty and traditional elegance, Roman bathtub exudes pure sophistication. Reminiscent of the end of the 19th-century fireclay tub. Optional Feature: AEROFEEL The MAAX Collections premiere perimeter air injection system. Up to five dozen intelligently positioned air jets provide a hushed ripple of well-being by cradling your body from head to toe. Advanced check valves ensure immaculate purity making Aerofeel® the most hygienic, as well as the most delightful, system on the market.

Price: $3,346.00 to $4,538.00 Visit the Website

Royal-Pedic's Natural Organic Cotton Mattress

Royal-Pedic Offers Organics

Description: Make an investment in a restful and green night's sleep with Royal-Pedic's Natural Organic Cotton Mattress. This beautiful bed features multiple layers of pristine, organic cotton padding supported by either a Swiss designed innerspring system or a latex core -- which are combined for firm, reliable back support. This bed is hand-tufted by skilled artisans, which is just one of the ways Royal-Pedic distinguishes itself. Royal-Pedic has handcrafted organic cotton mattresses since the mid 1980's, before "going green" became trendy. Their mission is to produce the finest quality organic mattresses in the world to help people with allergies, chemical sensitivities, or who just want to sleep on a healthy mattress. Unlike traditional mattresses -- Royal-Pedic's organic mattresses don't contain any synthetic chemicals, glues, dyes, resins, polyurethane foams, or cotton grown with pesticides and feteilizer. We spend one-third of our lives in our bedroom and this is one way to make it a healthier, allergen-free envioronment. The mattress maker for A-list celebrities, you too can experience the "Royal" treatment! You can find Royal-Pedic products online at www.royal-pedic.com or at independent retailers nationwide. Pricing starts at $3,300 in queen.

Price: $3,300.00 Visit the Website

Torchmate 2X2: Give The Gift Of Mechanized Machining For Dad!

Torchmate 2x2™ CNC Prototyping System - Dads Dream!

Description: Torchmate’s 2X2 CNC Prototyping System, offered at $3,000, is a Father’s Day gift that is versatile enough to fabricate off-road vehicle components, cut race numbers, engrave metal or use in wood-working. It is small enough to be portable, durable enough to be a Father’s Day gift that lasts forever, and technologically advanced enough to wow even the most jaded dad. For hobbyists, welders, engineers and off-road vehicle owners, the 2X2 opens up an endless world of possibilities in the confines of a small garage shop.

Price: $3,000.00 Visit the Website

American Leather Comfort Recliner

Comfort Recliner by American Leather

Description: Furniture manufacturer American Leather (www.americanleather.com) has just launched the latest in reclining luxury. The Comfort Recliner™ is a must-have relaxation items for the home, and ideal for those with discerning, high-end taste. What sets the Comfort Recliner apart is its infinite-position seating system that redefines relaxation. It is designed with a contoured shape that is beautifully styled to hide the fact that it is a recliner. But it is also so much more: it has a proprietary infinite-position seating system that lets you adjust how much you want to recline, and what areas of the body to support. The Comfort Recliner was designed in three sizes to accommodate the differences in height, weight and personal preferences, and comes in seven different styles, plus it’s available in hundreds of leather or fabric options, so it is perfect for any home décor. It’s comfortable and cool so guys love it, and it’s beautifully designed, so women love it too (how many recliners can you say that about?) And with all product manufactured in Dallas, Texas, you’ll have the comfort knowing it’s “made in America” as well. Visit http://www.americanleather.com/Comfort-Recliner/Features-and-Benefits.aspx for more information.

Price: $2,700.00 to $3,500.00 Visit the Website

PolArt Dome Chair 4658-C

PolArt Dome Chair 4658-C in Fuchsia

Description: The biggest difference between PolArt’s furniture and the traditional antiques they’re designed after is that all of PolArt’s furniture is made of plastic polymers, particularly polyurethane. This single change results in a few key differences. Like traditional furniture, their pieces are highly detailed, but instead of requiring extensive hand carving and finishing, the eco-friendly liquid plastic is injected into a mold, so you get a piece with the same level of finished detailing, but without the labor intensity or the use of exotic hardwoods. The plastics are also hard and long-lasting, and can be easily dyed into a rainbow of colors.

Price: $1,555.00 to $1,770.00 Visit the Website

Sequel Home Office Collection By BDI

Sequel Home Office

Description: The Sequel office collection was developed to meet the needs of the 21st century office. This collection offers a myriad of innovations to create a fully equipped and organized place to work. Most notably, the Sequel features a proprietary cable management system that includes wire management and magnetically attached panels to conceal messy cords. In addition, an extra-deep Desk drawer combines a full-featured keyboard tray to accommodate and power the latest rechargeable electronics, such as cell phones and digital cameras. Other unique features of the Sequel include: · A power strip (not included) can attach to the frame of the Desk or Return to provide easy, yet hidden, access for power distribution · Micro-etched, black tempered glass surfaces are non-glare and fingerprint-resistant, perfect for an optic mouse · Two mobile file pedestals include hanger rails to accommodate legal and letter-sized files · A mobile CPU cabinet equipped with flow-through ventilation and cable management · Superior construction consists of satin finished, nickel-plated heavy gauge steel and richly finished wood panels

Price: $895.00 to $4,700.00 Visit the Website

2012’s Hottest Gift Goes Above The Tree, Haiku® Ceiling Fan From Big Ass Fans®

Haiku® ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans®

Description: For a holiday gift that is both environmentally responsible and stylish, opt for the sleek, silent, sustainable Haiku® ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans®. Haiku is not only the winner of numerous international design awards, it’s also the world’s most energy-efficient ceiling fan, exceeding ENERGY STAR® testing requirements by 450 to 750%. Controlled by a thin remote, Haiku offers much more than the three basic speeds standard on most ceiling fans. Haiku features 10 settings, including the exclusive Whoosh™ mode to simulate the variations in natural airflow for increased comfort. In addition, Haiku’s silent motor and aerodynamic airfoils produce less than 34 dBA; quieter than a deserted library at midnight. Use Haiku all summer long, then slow it down in the winter to gently move warm air off the ceiling without creating a draft. With its seamless design, the 60-inch Haiku is as beautiful as it is sustainable. Haiku’s quality materials include ultra-renewable bamboo ($995 retail) in caramel or cocoa, or a sleek, durable matrix composite ($825) that’s suitable for outdoor use in black or white. Call 1-855-MY-HAIKU (855-694-2458), or visit haikufan.com. From December 10 to 21, free next-day air shipping is offered.

Price: $825.00 to $995.00 Visit the Website

Washlet B100

TOTO Washlet B100

Description: The ergonomically contoured, Washlet B100 is activated by a simple touch of its convenient easy-to-read control panel on the right-hand side of the unit. From this panel, you may control the temperature and pressure of the soothing warm aerated water, self-cleaning dual-action spary, and streamlined wand. This sleek new unit is available in Cotton and Sedona Beige - and its new compact elongated style will fit both elongated and round front bowl styles. Like the other products in TOTO's world-famous Washlet line, the new Washlet B100 has a lot of amazing techology cleverly disguised in a toilet seat. It uses pure, clean, warm aerated water to cleanse you after any bathroom break. With the Washlet B100, the pursuit of cleanliness is better in every way.

Price: $649.00 to $747.00 Visit the Website

Hunter Douglas, The Leading Name In Custom Window Fashions

Hunter Douglas sheer Silhouette® window shadings with the LiteRise® lifting system

Description: New to the window fashions leader’s safety offering is soft, sheer Silhouette® window shadings with an enhanced version of the LiteRise lifting system. Along with raising and lowering the shading, the vanes can now also be manually controlled. Silhouette with LiteRise eliminates the need for cords of any kind, making it the ultimate choice for enhanced child safety. This treatment is so innovative, it was named product of the Year by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, the benchmark of industry excellence.

Price: $551.00 to $1,990.00 Visit the Website

Sagehill Designs 24", 30", 36" Or 48" Bathroom Vanity From The Cottage Retreat Collection

Cottage Retreat Collection by Sagehill Designs. Shown in 36" with an optional mirror and a linen cabinet.

Description: Sand castles, collecting sea shells and long walks on empty beaches… these are the images brought to mind with the Cottage Retreat Collection of vanities and accent pieces. Touching lightly on Victorian design elements, the Cottage Retreat cabinets celebrate the history and appeal of the furnishings of our childhood and will complement the interiors of homes today. Light distressing and a variety of finish effects allow these cabinets to seamlessly accent your home and remind you -if ever so briefly- of pleasant conversations, warm breezes, and lingering sunsets. Cottage Retreat Vanities are available in 24", 30", 36" or 48", and an optional natural stone countertop.

Price: $508.00 to $1,751.00 Visit the Website

Extra Large Elevated Dog Feeders For Giant Dog Breeds

double bowl extra large elevated dog feeder - blue

Description: Whiner and Diner stylish elevated dog feeders are hand-crafted out of beautiful authentic reclaimed wooden wine crates from the most prestigious European, Californian, Australian and Chilean vineyards. They are outfitted with (2) 2-quart stainless steel dog bowls (included) and come in 6 custom colors (natural, white, green, blue, red and burgundy). They come in 21" high to 27" high to accommodate all tall dogs. Add a complimentary hand-painted dog's name for a truly personalized raised dog feeder. They are the perfect height for big dog breeds such as Great Dane, Newfoundland, Wolfhound, St Bernard, Mastiff, Leonberger, and Bernese Mountain Dog...

Price: $450.00 Visit the Website

Barbour Beadnell Jacket

Barbour Beadnell Jacket

Description: The iconic Barbour Beadnell jacket is the perfect gift for Mom’s with a green thumb this spring. This traditional jacket is made of Barbour’s Thornproof wax cotton, making it versatile and suitable for all climates. This jacket’s water-resistant properties and detachable hood options make it perfect for gardening, rain or shine! Barbour’s Beadnell jacket is available in black, navy, rustic, or sage in sizes 8-20.

Price: $369.00 Visit the Website

Extra Large Elevated Dog Feeders For Large Dog Breeds

extra large elevated dog feeder - red

Description: Whiner and Diner stylish elevated dog feeders are hand-crafted out of beautiful authentic reclaimed wooden wine crates from the most prestigious European, Californian, Australian and Chilean vineyards. They are outfitted with (2) 2-quart stainless steel dog bowls and come in 6 custom colors. They come in 15" high to 20" high to accommodate all tall dogs. Add a complimentary hand-painted dog's name for truly personalized raised dog feeder.

Price: $350.00 Visit the Website

The RoboReel

The RoboReel

Description: RoboReel is the world’s first extension cord reel worthy of being called a power tool. Designed as an easy way to help keep an extension cord neat, safe and out of the way when not in use, this portable, motor driven power cord system delivers 50 feet of 12 gauge cord with a ‘smart’ three outlet receptacle ball on the end. The revolutionary RoboReel features a rugged circular casing that can be placed virtually anywhere (including being mounted on the wall, ceiling, or on the back of your truck), rotates 360o for easy access to anything within a 100’diameter and with the touch of a button, turns on, off and retracts. For added safety, RoboReel features redundant thermostats to prevent overheating and fire hazard, and features a 15-amp circuit breaker to protect those valuable tools! RoboReel has safe, durable and convenient features. Available for purchase now on www.RoboReel.com

Price: $329.00 Visit the Website

Personalized Hand-painted Elevated Dog Feeders

Hand-painted elevated dog feeders - ivy - blue

Description: Whiner and Diner stylish elevated dog feeders are hand-crafted out of beautiful authentic reclaimed wooden wine crates from the most prestigious European, Californian, Australian and Chilean vineyards. They are outfitted with (2) 2-quart stainless steel dog bowls and come in 6 custom-colors. They come in 8" high to 14" high to accommodate small and tall dogs. Choose from six eclusive designs(grape, pears, ivy, fleur-de-lis, arabesques or roses) to make your new dog feeder a little piece of art, and add a hand-painted dog's name for tryly personalized dog feeder.

Price: $325.00 Visit the Website

Gladiator® 66.5" Bamboo Modular Workbench

Gladiator Bamboo Modular Workbench

Description: Experience nature's strongest and most renewable material in your garage. The Gladiator® 66.5" Bamboo Modular Workbench is the perfect solution for those looking for a sturdy, natural work surface. Create a complete work station by docking up to two Ready-To-Assemble modules, with optional casters installed, underneath the 66.5" Bamboo Modular Workbench. The heavy-duty tubular steel legs with angle brackets ensure stability while the leveler legs compensate for uneven floors.

Price: $305.29 Visit the Website

Personalized Monogrammed Hand-painted Serving Trays

Hand-painted decorative serving trays - natural - grape

Description: Whiner and Diner eco-friendly wooden wine crate serving trays are handcrafted out of authentic wine crates from prestigious European, Australian, Chilean and Californian vineyards. They come in 6 custom colors (natural, white, red, green, blue and burgundy), and are be embellished with an exclusive hand-painted design of your choice (grape, ivy, pears, roses, arabesques or fleur-de-lis), for a unique wine lover gift. And to personalize your serving tray you can add a hand-painted monogram. These unique wine accessories will certainly be a conversation piece among wine connoisseurs!

Price: $300.00 to $325.00 Visit the Website

Personalized Dog Beds & Cat Beds

unique small pet beds - green - roses

Description: All small pet beds are handcrafted from authentic, reclaimed wooden wine crates from prestigious European, Californian, Chilean and Australian vineyards. They are perfect cute beds for small dog breeds such as Yorkie, Papillon, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese, Toy Poodle, Toy American Eskimo and cats. Choose among six custom colors (natural, green, white, red, blue or burgundy) to complement your home décor, add a complimentary hand-painted pet's name, and choose among our hand-painted designs (grape, ivy, pears, roses, arabesques and fleur-de-lis) to make your pet bed truly unique. A double wall construction makes our wine crate pet beds heavy enough (approximately 12 lbs), so your pet will not be able to move its new bed around. They also have skid-proof rubber feet. The complimentary pet pillow comes in three different fabrics: Choose from faux-fur leopard print, toile or hemp.

Price: $300.00 Visit the Website

Clear Your Space...Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Space...Clear Your Mind

Description: Are you daunted with task of organization? Get some help from the professionals. Clear Your Space, Inc. can help you transform your home or office, prepare your home for market, downsize you, move you, and turn any project from a beast into a beauty! Located in the Chicagoland area. Receive $30 off a 4 hour session - offer good through March 1st, 2013. 847-293-2992/[email protected]

Price: $300.00 Visit the Website

Gladiator Storage Bench

Gladiator Storage Bench

Description: Gladiator Garageworks offers a great gift for any mom this May! Our brand new storage bench is the perfect present for any mom who’s got a few too many knick-knacks lying around the house. The storage bench provides the perfect place to put her surplus of shoes, candles, or whatever else might be causing a little too much messiness around the house. It also makes a fantastic TV stand or a wonderful storytelling seat. Remember, a gift from Gladiator is always worth two: the gift itself, and peace of mind (from clutter).

Price: $279.00 Visit the Website

Uttermost Rosina Candlesticks, S/3 20312. A Set Of 3 Candleholders

Uttermost Rosina Candlesticks, S/3 20312. A Set of 3 Candleholders

Description: These designer candlesticks by Billy Moon at Uttermost feature an intricate carving design finished in distressed, walnut brown with a light tan glaze. Antiqued candles included. Sizes: Sm-5x16x5, Med-6x19x6, Lg-6x22x6; Material: Resin. Uttermost offers one of the widest varieties of products for your home including: table lamps, buffet lamps, wall mirrors, framed art, chandeliers, candle holders, end tables and much more.

Price: $239.80 Visit the Website

Gladiator® Golf Caddy

Gladiator Golf Caddy

Description: The Gladiator® Golf Caddy organizes your golf equipment so you're ready to hit the links at a moment's notice. There's room for two oversized golf bags, plus extra storage for golf balls. The lower shelf lets you keep your golf shoes with the rest of your stuff so you can have easy access to all of your gear whenever your ready to head over to the green!

Price: $229.00 Visit the Website

Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier

Fellowes AP-300PH

Description: The Fellowes AP-300PH is the ultimate tool ideal for the home or office. Combining top-line technologies and innovation to fight invisible indoor air pollutants, the AP-300PH includes: • True HEPA Filter safely removing 99.97% of the bad stuff—pet dander, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, allergens, cigarette smoke and odors. • Air Purity Sensor monitoring the air quality and automatically adjusting the fan speed to keep air purified. • PlasmaTRUE removing airborne pollutants cleaning the air at the molecular level. • Ultra quiet operation to keep noise at a minimun • User-friendly display panel which effectively communicates machine performance

Price: $199.99 Visit the Website

Todd English GreenPan Elite Copperfused 6-piece Supreme Spring Entertaining Set

GreenPan Copperfused Pan

Description: Celebrity chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur, Todd English, offers a great eco-friendly cookware set from his HSN GreenPan collection-- a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, etc.! Living up to its name, the GreenPan collection with Thermolon non-stick technology is the first completely PTFE-free non-stick cookware utilizing revolutionary Thermolon technology, which is PFOA-free in manufacturing, and FDA compliant. Unlike most other non-stick cookware, these pots and pans can tolerate a high temperature (pans to 850 degrees, lids to 420 degrees) so they can easily go from stove to oven! The GreenPan Elite Copperfused 6-piece Supreme Spring Entertaining Set is: - Tarnish-resistant copperfused exteriors offer the beauty of copper without the high-maintenance hassle. - Fast-heating aluminum bodies offer even cooking and tolerate high temperatures well on the stovetop and in the oven - Made of non-stick Thermolon technology perfect for easy cleanup What You Get o 12’’ chicken fryer with lid o 9-3/4 frypan with lid o 3qt saucepan with lid o 10 Todd English recipe cards o Use and care manual o Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty

Price: $199.95 Visit the Website

Nespresso U And The Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Nespresso U

Description: Nespresso's newest machine, U, is the ultimate machine in modularity, simplicity and purity. Users can change the shape of U to fit contemporary living spaces and interiors, while the Nespresso system delivers the perfect cup of coffee. Designed to adapt to your unique space & lifestyle, U is equipped with several revolutionary features such as a water tank that rotates 180° around the machine. Pair the U with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother to make cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your home.

Price: $199.00 to $249.00 Visit the Website

Char-Broil® Patio Bistro® Infrared Electric Grill

Ideal for small spaces such as apartment or condo balconies and patios.

Description: Now you can enjoy that delicious "grilled out" flavor without gas or charcoal. Powerful little Patio Bistro® gets hot enough to sear and cook your food to perfection, but with fewer flare-ups because it cooks with a 1750-watt infrared electric burner instead of exposed flames--making it ideal for apartments, condos, patios, and balconies where use of gas or charcoal grills may not be permitted. Provides a full 320 square inches of porcelain-coated cooking surface designed for even grilling with no hot spots. Big-grill features in a compact, easy-to-store design. Patio Bistro® includes a precision dial and a temperature gauge for total cooking control. Its cool touch handle allows safe, easy access to your food, while a handy storage grate keeps your grilling tools and essentials close at hand. Strong, durable wheels offer quick and easy maneuverability and storage. The attractive red porcelain-coated grill body is easy to clean. And Patio Bistro® assembles in minutes with simple tools so you'll be ready to grill in no time. The Char-Broil® Patio Bistro® Infrared Electric Grill lets you get your grill on even in small spaces! Order yours from Brookstone today.

Price: $179.99 Visit the Website

Repositionable Wallpaper From Murals Your Way

Putting on an Accent: Repositionable Wallpaper is a Hot Trend for Spring/Summer

Description: Introducing REPOSITIONABLE wallpaper from Murals Your Way, the leading designer of printed murals and wall art for the way we decorate our homes today. The wallpaper line is categorized into modern, vintage, dots, damask, flower prints, geometrics, kids and animal prints. In addition, with the new "Color Match" option, you can mail in a paint chip or upload a Pantone color and have the wallpaper design custom color matched to existing color schemes in the home resulting in a one-of-a kind look. THINGS TO KNOW: - Repositionable wallpaper requires little skill, no paste and dramatically reduces the mess associated with traditional wallpaper - Can be repositioned up to 100 times thanks to easy peel and stick properties - The collection includes previously unseen work from artists across the country - Choose from a gallery of designs or upload your own wallpaper design for an even more personalized approach - The "Room Setting Tool" allows you to recreate your own room by swapping out different wallpaper backgrounds and furniture options - Sizing: Custom printed for your exact wall dimensions - Pricing: Wallpaper ranges in price from $6.45 to $12.95 per sq ft.

Price: $150.00 to $250.00 Visit the Website

Melitta Gourmet Espresso Maker

Melitta Gourmet Espresso Maker

Description: Dad deserves the ultimate in sophistication, style and taste this Father’s Day! For the perfect cup of espresso, the new Melitta Espresso Maker delivers. With its powerful 15 bar Italian Pump, brewing a delicious cup of espresso is a breeze. This machine is specially designed for use with Easy Serve Espresso pods (E.S.E.) or your favorite ground espresso. Special features include: Slide and lock filter holder for fast, easy use, removable water reservoir for easy fill up and hot water on demand.

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

Fellowes’ Saturn2 95 Laminator

Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator

Description: Fellowes’ Saturn2 95 Laminator is the ultimate holiday gift for moms and crafters as it helps to preserve important documents and keep information safe from spills and messes. Perfect for the home or home office, it combines several sought-after features including: o HeatGuard™ Technology: Double-walled insulation keeps heat inside so laminator is comfortable to touch, making it safe for homes with children o Advanced Temperature Control: Hot and cold laminating capabilities ensure consistent, smooth results every time o Jam Release Lever – Permits easy removal or re-centering of stalled pouches

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

Haier Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Haier Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Description: This portable countertop ice maker provides quick and easy access to ice wherever, whenever. The unit produces up to 25 pounds of ice every 24 hours, and 9 cubes every 20-30 minutes. It holds up to 1.5 pounds of ice at time, and its easy to use LED panel indicates the amount of ice and water left in unit. It's perfect for entertaining, backyard barbeque's, just a large family.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

SimpliciKey Remote Control Deadbolt

SimpliciKey Remote Control Deadbolt

Description: If you are looking for a great gift for a DIY guru who loves home improvement, SimpliciKey offers the SimpliciKey Electronic Deadbolt (www.SimpliciKey.com) This remote control deadbolt allows you to unlock your home from up to 50 feet away with one touch – great for families who like a protected and convenient home. Want to ease your family’s mind when you need to give housesitters/gardeners/family members access to the house? SimpliciKey also features a wireless keypad that can accommodate up to 16 user codes that can be changed at any time, providing ease and security. The deadbolt also allows you to continue to use a traditional key. The SimpliciKey electronic lock is simple to install, replacing your existing standard deadbolt without any additional holes or drilling. Only requiring AA batteries, SimpliciKey is a great addition to any home. Avaliable at Costco stores nationwide and HomeDepot.com.

Price: $149.00 to $249.00 Visit the Website

Pickawall Removable Custom Wallpaper Murals

Ideal for all ages!

Description: Pickawall, removable custom wallpaper murals are easy to install with no messy glues or harmful fumes. Choose from over 60 million images or upload a favorite photo of your own! Create a focal wall in minutes. Prices start at $149.00 and up. Pickawall today! Perfect for remodeling with no mess. Install in minutes and create and a beautiful scene in your home or office.

Price: $149.00 to $10,000.00 Visit the Website

Veto Pro Pac Model LC

Veto Pro Pac Model LC

Description: Veto Pro Pac tool bags are professional grade, industrial strength tool bags that are designed to keep tools where they belong, within easy reach, and protected from work site hazards. They also make great gifts for the family tradesman/DIYer. The Veto Pro Pac Model LC includes vertically tiered pockets, attached to a patented center panel design, allowing for immediate visual inventory and access to all hand tools. The bag contains 57 pockets capable of handling 75 hand tools. The Model LC also comes in larger sizes (XL and XXL) and an open-top series is available as well.

Price: $139.95 to $199.95 Visit the Website

Pottery Barn Ultimate Jewelry Box

Pottery Barn Ultimate Jewelry Box

Description: Designed with the same expert craftsmanship and attention to detail Pottery Barn's furniture is known for, this beautiful jewelry box is generously sized to neatly stow your entire collection. It features multiple drawers and compartments for jewelry and accessories. Stylish and compact when closed, its top opens to reveal an interior mirror, and a compartment with three smaller compartments and a front ring compartment; a door on either side opens to provide hooks for hanging necklaces. This keepsake is a great, stylish gift for the holidays.

Price: $129.00 Visit the Website

SodaStream Source

SodaStream Source in White

Description: SodaStream announced it has partnered with Yves Behar to re-examine every element of the SodaStream soda maker, including the user interface, the design and material selection, the bottle, and the overall consumer experience. “Source,” an elegantly-designed soda maker that combines beauty, functionality and efficiency. The sleek carbonating bottle locks into place using the new, patent-pending “snap-n-lock” mechanism for easy bottle insertion and removal. The entire top surface of the soda maker is responsive to touch, and the strength of carbonation is visible through the LED display, providing instant visual feedback.

Price: $129.00 to $149.00 Visit the Website

Comphy At Home Luxury Sheets

Comphy at Home Luxury Linens

Description: Consider for a moment the purpose of bed linen; simply put, it exists solely to facilitate rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation, it should be an aid in the dream-like transportation from “here” to “there”. While many bed linen companies boast thread count as a measure of quality, Comphy is focused on the Raison d'être; the touch, the feel, and the experience of serenity that you will come to treasure night after peaceful night. To this end, Comphy has married the extremely high standards of the luxury spa industry with the traditional specifications of domestic bed sizes, thus producing the spa experience at home. These sheets are constructed from our industry-proven, engineered, incredibly fine microfiber. The Comphy at home line of sheets is truly unique, remarkably soft and with its enveloping fabric and supple hand you’ll know what it is to be cuddled; be at one with your surroundings; and, unable to distinguish the physical from the ethereal. Each set of our luxurious linens comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases. Our linens are made with an extra deep 18” pocket to accommodate pillow top beds. Contact us for retailers near you.

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My Whole Heart Burlap Pillow

My Whole Heart Burlap Pillow

Description: This unique decorative pillow by Sugarboo designs features the phrase "My Whole Heart For My Whole Life" and is sure to bring a smile to the woman in your life’s face on this special day. Get cozy with one of Sugarboo Designs' Accent Pillows in your nursery, kid's room or living room.The Sugarboo Designs collection is inspired by retro photographs, the great outdoors and of course family!

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Barbour Town & Country Wellington

Barbour Town & Country Wellington

Description: The Barbour Town & Country Wellington is the perfect gift for the garden-loving mother this Mother’s Day. The boots are extremely durable and flexible, so mothers can dig into their garden this spring while their Barbour willies protect them from dirt and rain. Barbour’s Town & Country Wellington boots are available in black, blue, green, olive, pink, purple, red, rustic, or yellow.

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Royal-Pedic Pillow Is The Ultimate In Comfort

Royal-Pedic's Sleepland Pillow

Description: Don't just fantasize about a great night's sleep -- get one by bringing an extraordinarily comfortable pillow to bed! Royal-Pedic's Sleepland Latex Contour Pillow is designed to cradle your head, offering the correct orthopedic support and alignment of your neck, shoulders and spine. Better alignment means a better night's sleep. The design even offers two pillow height options, so you can flip the pillow to choose which is most comfortable. An added bonus -- the materials are all natural and hypoallergenic, which means its a good option for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin.

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Andis EasyClip Combo Kit For Complete Pet Grooming At Home

Andis EasyClip Combo 12-Piece Grooming Kit

Description: Andis Company has introduced EasyClip Combo Kit, a 12-piece clipper kit perfect for complete pet grooming at home. The powerful clipper cuts through dry, damp or wet fur, but is extremely quiet, so pets stay calm. The cordless trimmer is essential for touchups and for trimming around the eyes, nose, ears, and paws. Add attachment combs, a blade guard, blade oil, and a DVD with pet trimming tips for all the essentials to groom your pet at home. With its detachable blade, changing and cleaning blades on the EasyClip clipper is simple. Designed to last for years, the clipper is maintenance free and requires no oil or greasing of internal parts. The clipper is ergonomically engineered to feel smaller and lighter in the hand. The motor runs so cool that there’s no need for fans and air vents, which can become clogged with fur. Also included in the kit are six attachment combs, which are numbered and provide a range of choices when selecting fur length: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1”. A blade guard protects the blade while it’s stored, and lubricating blade oil is provided to clean the blade between uses. Everything tucks away for storage in a soft zippered case. The tools come with a one year warranty.

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Craftsman 19.2-Volt Impact Driver Kit

Perfect for Dad: Craftsman 19.2-Volt Impact Driver Kit

Description: The powerful 19.2-Volt variable speed motor allows for 0-2500 rpm, no load speeds and provides the power to do most drilling and driving applications. The impacting mechanism produces 1500 In.-lbs of torque and 0-3500 impacts per minute to easily drive long screws or lag bolts. Metal hex coupler allows user to easily and quickly change bits. With forward/reverse switch user can effortlessly change bit direction. Bright LED light illuminates as the trigger is pulled. The LED provides ample light when working in dimly lit conditions. Feature Benefits Powerful 19.2-Volt variable speed motor produces 0-2500 rpm no load Impacting mechanism produces 1500 in-lbs torque and 0-3500 impacts per minute 1/4 In. metal hex coupler Built-in LED light

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Robin Wilson Home Down Alternative Luxury Comforter, 100% Cotton Cover, 300 Thread Count

Robin Wilson Home Down Alternative Luxury Comforter, 100% Cotton Cover, 300 Thread Count

Description: Robin Wilson Home brings you products with quality design for healthy living. This luxury comforter features a chemical-free cotton barrier fabric that protects the comforter against dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and other microscopic allergens that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. The supersized, down alternative comforter has a silky soft, down-like, hypoallergenic microfiber polyester fill that provides year round warmth. The end to end sewn through box quilting prevents fiber from shifting. 100% cotton cover with a 300 thread count. Fill is 100% microfiber polyester. Twin comforter measures 72" W x 90" L, Full/Queen measures 90" W x 90" L and King is 102" W x 90" L. Machine wash. Imported. 2-year warranty

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24K Gold-Dipped Set Of 3 Pendants Plus Chain


Description: With Mother’s Day approaching, approximately 31% of buyers will purchase jewelry as a gift, according to the National Retail Federation. Make the gift just right for mom by bringing in her love of the garden with these unique pieces of jewelry inspired by nature. Stauer (www.stauer.com) travels the globe to hand select rare, beautiful, and innovative treasures. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with gift giving stories

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Serif's WebPlus X6

Serif's WebPlus X6

Description: Business owners looking for an affordable way to create a company website can now benefit from WebPlus X6. The latest version from Serif is the most powerful visual website designing software on the market today. Start from scratch or use a customizable template to kick-start your bespoke website. Drag-and-drop designing makes it easy to add text, images, and videos so you can create an entire website in minutes – you don’t even need to know any HTML. And with powerful features for adding ecommerce, designing mobile sites, and optimizing pages for search engines, WebPlus X6 has everything you need for a business-class website. WebPlus X6 is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP is available directly from Serif at www.serif.com

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MAXguard Spike Strips


Description: MAXguard spike strips provide affordable perimeter protection for residential and business security. MAXguard spike strips are easy to install onto fences, walls, or other yard perimeters that consist of brick, block, stone, iron, chain-link, wood, and PVC. MAXguard spike strips are UV and impact resistant and can be painted to match any exterior fence. MAXguard spike strips are made up of 1-1/2 blunt tip metal spikes which enable security without compromising aesthetics. MAXguard Spike Strips are available online at www.homedepot.com and PriceSmart retailers in Central and South America.

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The Beer Machine

Create delicious high-quality, craft-brewed beer at home in as few as 7 days.

Description: With the Beer Machine, you're the brewmaster! Voted best-in-class by beer experts around the world, the Beer Machine lets you craft a wide variety of full-flavored, naturally brewed beers in your own personal microbrewery with beer mixes (sold separately) professionally prepared and ready to brew--all at a fraction of the cost of store-bought beer. Enjoy your own naturally brewed beer in as little as one week. The Beer Machine's one-step process brews 2.6 gallons (or 28 12-oz. servings) of hand-crafted beer in just 7 to 10 days. The secret? The Beer Machine is a self-contained fermentation-conditioning-carbonation apparatus and dispenser in one that fits right in your fridge in the same space as a regular six-pack. You just add water and let the pre-mixed ingredients ferment. Built for years of service, the Beer Machine includes: A custom pressure gauge to indicate brew quality, carbonation level, and dispensing pressure A carbonation unit and pressure relief system for maintaining optimal brewing conditions One Brewers Select premium beer mix Yeast, CO2 bulbs, de-foamer disk Brewing Guide

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Wall Mounted Key Holder Racks

key holder - natural

Description: Unique and decorative wall mounted key holders handcrafted out of authentic reclaimed wooden wine crates from prestigious European, Californian and Chilean vineyards. Simply choose from six custom colors to complement your home decor and you will have a place to hang your keys so they never get lost again. Each key holder is outfitted with four rubbed-bronze finish metal hooks.

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Hampton Forge Visually Stunning Red Pearlized Handled Essenstahl Argentum Professional Knives

The brilliance, performance and durability of the German, Molybdenum Vanadium steel, makes the new Essenstahl Argentum highly desirable

Description: Hampton Forge, a leader in innovative flatware, cutlery, barware and kitchen solutions, introduces Essenstahl Argentum professional knives. The exotic red pearlized handled set is crafted from the highest quality high carbon, molybdenum vanadium German steel, allowing users to achieve optimum blade hardness that leads to a sharper edge. The ergonomic design of each handle is engineered in the German tradition, contoured to allow for a comfortable grip, which will produce precision with every cut. The Essenstahl Argentum 14-piece block set will be available this spring in mass retail chains. • High carbon, molybdenum vanadium German steel • Contour hollow handle with tapered edges • Finger guard and bolster • Ergonomically designed handle • 30-year limited warranty

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Therapedic Air Mattress

Therapedic Air Mattress

Description: Therapedic’s Air Mattress offers the feel of a real mattress without the need for the space a permanent one requires. The air mattress comes with a built-in air pump, allowing guests to easily inflate and deflate the bed with a simple flip of a switch. A simple turn of a dial allows guests to customize the firmness level. The coil beam construction provides reliable comfort and support. With a storage bag and worry-free deflation, hosts can easily stow away the bed after guests leave. Sold locally at Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide, the mattress retails for $79.99 and includes a three year limited warranty.

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Teleflora's Thomas Kinkade’s Winter Wonder

Thomas Kinkade’s Winter Wonder by Teleflora

Description: The only winter wonderland you need this year comes to you from best-selling painter Thomas Kinkade. The latest from Teleflora’s exclusive collection with the painter of light brings you a special holiday bouquet that will keep you feeling warmer inside than a cup of hot cocoa while nestled by a fire. This hand-painted, hand-crafted light up cottage celebrates the spirit of Christmas with nothing short of red roses, million star gypsophila, snowy white pinecones and a lovely touch of mistletoe. This holiday must-have will delight collectors of all ages for many to come.

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Electric BBQ Grill

Portable Electric BBQ Grill

Description: Great for an apartment dweller or when you need to be in the garage while grilling...this handy electric BBQ grill is a clean and easy alternative to gas and charcoal grills. Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum for easy portability, the BBQ grill boasts a built-in 1600-watt heating element that cooks up everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to steaks and sausage to sizzling perfection. Features 2 chrome-plated grills—one for cooking and one that’s tiered for keeping foods warm—a removable thermostat with 4 heat settings that adjusts up to 425°, and a vented lid with handle. Electric grill and lid clip together for carrying. 4 ft. cord. 17¾"x18½"x12¾". Assembly required.

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Pottery Barn’s Saddle Leather Valet


Description: Father’s Day Pottery Barn’s Saddle Leather Valet- a great option for Father’s Day! This year, you can celebrate Dad by giving him something that is sleek, classy and memorable. Pottery Barn’s Saddle Leather Valet is an elegant way to store his valuables, and with the addition of a personalized monogram, he will have a keepsake that will last him a lifetime.

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Scandinavian Made Products Bring Heartfelt Love To Mother's Day

Dangling Lights Candles Red

Description: Stunning Scandinavian Made Mother's Day Gifts That Will Last A Lifetime! Dangling Light Candles Red by artist Hanne Bertelsen Create a romantic candlelight mood under the Dangling LIght Candles red porcelain lamp. These tea light holders are created out of very delicate and thin porcelain, with a bumpy, natural touch and mottled red and white glaze. Retails at $155 Relief Vase with Pleated Edge by artist Hanne Bertelsen The colors of this vase are truly stunning, perhaps upstaged only by the intricate relief design. A perfect shape to hold a bouquet of flowers, though it makes a stunning statement when left empty as well. Dimensions: 5" diameter top x 9"high. Retails $265 Nested Folded Bowl by artist Charlotte Thorup Ideal to serve artisan chocolates, these delicate porcelain nesting bowls are a subtle and graceful decoration atop a table or in a vignette. Priced per individual bowl. 5" diameter, 1 3/4" high. Retails $78.00

Price: $78.00 to $265.00 Visit the Website

Hampton Forge 7-piece Tomodachi Knife Collection Brings Boldly Colorful Style, Energy And Versatility To Everyday Kitchen Tasks

Tomodachi 7-piece Knife Collection come with color-coordinated blade guards

Description: Hampton, a leader in innovative flatware, cutlery, barware and kitchen solutions, introduces the Tomodachi 7-piece cutlery knife set in a bright new color palette. The non-stick blade coating is boldly colorful with a superior cutting edge that resists corrosion and is dishwasher safe for easy care. Each knife has a different color to represent its specific purpose. The light comfort handle design prevents fatigue and is easy to grip. Tomodachi 7-Piece Knife Collection (All knives come with color-coordinated blade guards.) - 8” Bread Knife: Very Fuchsia - 8” Chef Knife: Caribbean Blue - 7” Santoku Knife: Apple Green - 6” All Purpose Knife: Starburst Orange - 5” Tomato Knife: Salsa Red - 3” Santoku Cobalt Blue - 3.5” Parer: Paradise Green Details: Tomodachi 7-piece collection - Non-stick coating resists corrosion - Superior sharp edge - Dishwasher safe - 25 year limited warranty

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Wooden Bookends - CustomMade.com

Wooden Bookends

Description: These beautiful bookends are layered with several species of wood with graceful archs and inlayed circles. They make perfect holiday gifts for any home and can be used for general decoration in your office, den, library or even in the family room. F.T.C. Woodworks can custom-make these bookends to meet any specifications and the designs can be customized. Please visit CustomMade.com for additional custom-made gifts.

Price: $75.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Personalized Dog Feeding Station - CustomMade.com

Personalized Dog Feeding Station

Description: Personalized Dog Feeding Station by Sam's Workshop This personalized dog feeding station comes with a slide out drawer that houses a container that will hold up to 3lbs. of food. It comes with two stainless steel bowls and one stainless steel scoop. The feeder will be personalized with your dogs name on both sides. Available on CustomMade.com Dimensions 18" long, 11" high and 13" deep (from front to back)

Price: $75.00 Visit the Website

Print My Watercolor

Print My Watercolor

Description: There is nothing better than a personalized work of art from Print My Watercolor! Print My Watercolor is a brand new boutique photography and high end print shop. Just select your favorite photo and they will turn it into a watercolor work of art ready for hanging. You can select the size, whether you want it to have borders or brush strokes and maple or walnut bars for hanging. Print My Watercolor will take a family portrait or landscape shot from your last vacation to a whole new level. At Print My Watercolor, the focus is on quality. It is printed on high quality watercolor paper, hand cut and hand assembled so it really is a personalized present!

Price: $72.22 to $312.00 Visit the Website

Pursenal Butler- Giving Your Valued Handbag Collection The Respect It Deserves


Description: Show purses the respect they deserve! Purses hold our most important essentials and are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars! Don’t leave them on the dirty floor, countertop or chair - give your purses a special place - their own PURSENAL BUTLER! PURSENAL BUTLER is the stylish purse stand and organizer for the home, office, dorm, salon or closet. PURSENAL BUTLER is perfect to display designer purses, to keep purses away from bacteria on the floor, for guests to put their bags, or for anyone that just needs a safe and convenient spot for their purses PURSENAL BUTLER also makes great gifts for the Holidays, House-warming parties or Bridesmaids gifts. Health facts: - 5% of women's purses tested positive for E-coli, Salmonella and hepatitis bacteria - 50% of purses tested positive for fecal contamination - 100% of purses tested positive for some form of germs/bacteria and some purses were saturated with tens of thousands of bacteria PURSENAL BUTLER is not only a great organizer, it also promotes healthy living. Each PURSENAL BUTLER can hold 12 purses (up to 100 lbs). Available in an array of colors to match any space: black, silver, antique white, brown and pink, $69.99 www. pursenalbutler.com

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

Teleflora’s Silver Glow Centerpiece

Teleflora’s Silver Glow Centerpiece

Description: Teleflora's Silver Glow Centerpiece- With its gorgeous vintage-style mercury glass hurricane, this festive bouquet will light up any room long after the holiday is over. Surrounded by striking red roses and miniature carnations, Teleflora’s Silver Glow Bouquet is a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that captures the true essence of the season. Please visit www.teleflora.com for more information or to place an order.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Pottery Barn Cocktail Shakers

Pottery Barn Cocktail Shakers

Description: Whether its a race car, an airplane, a train or the Eiffel Tower, these sleek designs open up into an extra-large cocktail shaker. Not only does this gift look handsome and add an element of design to anyone's at-home bar, but they work hard as well. Car Cocktail Shaker: This vintage race car has rolling wheels and a sleek, streamlined design that makes it a great holiday gift. Plane Cocktail Shaker: This model twin-engine airplane transforms into a cocktail shaker and strainer. The sleek, retro design with spinning propellers makes it a beautiful gift. Train Cocktail Shaker: Disguised as a steam locomotive, this ingenious seven-piece cocktail shaker set includes a smokestack composed of four shot glasses, plus a shaker, all on rolling wheels. Eiffel Tower Cocktail Shaker: Shake up holiday cocktails inside the Eiffel Tower with this grand cocktail set that adds a display-worthy touch.

Price: $69.00 to $99.00 Visit the Website

Hampton Forge Kendo Colors 11 Piece Cutlery Center Encourages Safe And Hygienic Cooking Techniques With Colorful Style And Durable High Carbon Resin Coated Stainless Steel Blades

Hampton Forge Kendo Colors Cutlery Center

Description: Hampton Forge, a leader in innovative flatware, cutlery, barware and kitchen solutions, debuts the Hampton Forge Kendo Colors 11 piece Cutlery Center with freshly designed color coordinated cutting boards and long-lasting high carbon stainless steel knives – engineered to save space and prevent cross contamination. The high carbon resin coated stainless steel knives have engraved logos on the end to properly identify their purpose: Chef, Bread, Slicer, Paring, Bird’s Beak and Utility. The four colored cutting boards systematically match the knives while the bamboo and acrylic cutting block completes the set, creating an all-in-one cutlery center. Matching the knife to the cutting board helps to prevent cross contamination as the same colored knife/matching board is always used for meat, for vegetables, for bread, etc. The high carbon stainless blades offer the best of carbon and stainless for durability. The non-slip handle offers an added measure of safety while handling these ultra sharp kitchen tools.

Price: $69.00 Visit the Website

Make The Holidays

Checkerboard Spaniel Monogram Personalized Throw Pillow

Description: One of the nation's leading fine stationery makers, Checkerboard (www.cblifestyle.com), is offering whimsical "pet" throw pillows, that can be personalized, to bring joy to the hearts of pet owners to celebrate the holidays. Your stylish pooch is the focal point! Our exclusive pet motifs feature your personalization underneath. Reverse side is a hounds tooth pattern with an overlay of the initial of your choice. These pillows look great from any angle. Our luxurious natural linen paired with the durability of polyester is elegant, long-lasting and wrinkle resistant, perfect for your personalized throw pillow. The linen fabric features a naturally inconsistent weave that adds to its luxurious feel. For more details please visit www.cblifestyle.com, or call us at (800) 735-2475.

Price: $65.00 to $85.00 Visit the Website

The Gospel According To Coco Chanel (Leather Bound)

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

Description: Life Lessons From The World's Most Elegant Woman. Coco Chanel brought us the little black dress, the timeless Chanel suit and classic Chanel No. 5 perfume. This charming leather-bound, limited edition book explores the philosophy of this fascinating woman on topics ranging from style to passion, from money and success to femininity and living life on your own terms. You can pick up your copy at Papyrusonline.com or at 180 Papyrus stores nation wide.

Price: $60.00 Visit the Website

Paula Deen Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Paula Deen Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat (Sage)

Description: Cooks from Paula Deen to the family chef can now experience comfort in the kitchen with the launch of the revolutionary Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat by Sleep Innovations. Known for her traditional Southern style cooking, Paula Deen is endorsing the Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat, calling it, “the cook’s must-have item next to the apron.” The Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat provides a supportive surface that reduces foot, leg and lower back pain as well as overall fatigue. Deen credits the Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat with helping her stay on her feet throughout multiple show tapings. The Kitchen Mat is versatile, waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. A non-skid bottom keeps the Kitchen Mat safely in place. The Kitchen Mat comes in wide range of colors, sizes and patterns, and is available at Kohl’s retailers nationwide.

Price: $59.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Therapedic Allergen Reduction Mattress Pad

Therapedic Allergen Reduction Mattress Pad

Description: Allergists are predicting a longer and more intense allergy season than normal, which can make getting a good night’s sleep rather difficult since many allergy and asthma attacks happen during the night. Therapedic International has introduced a budget friendly solution for spring-induced allergens with their new Allergen Reduction Mattress Pad. The product features the company’s Silver Shield technology, which is EPA approved to prevent mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria and is available at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide, including Downey, CA.

Price: $59.99 to $89.99 Visit the Website

"Hearts" Pillow Cover By FYND

"Hearts" Pillow Cover by FYND

Description: Our "Hearts" pillow cover design was created by Alice Shapiro whose collection is often inspired by art found in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The "Hearts" image is primitive but with a modern feel and very colorful. See our website for pictures from the Met's collection that inspired this work. Our eco-friendly linen-cotton canvas fabric is printed in the USA. We use a Tangerine Kona for the envelope style secure back closure. Accent pillow covers are 12"x12". Pillow forms are not provided but we recommend a 14"x14" standard size to stuff the pillow cover for a pretty and full look. Our "Hearts" design is one of the select few that also comes in Giclee canvas digital paintings. Please visit our website for the eco-friendly Giclee canvas art prices and information.

Price: $59.00 Visit the Website

Make Mother’s Day Memorable With A Piece Of Central Park

Plant Daffodils or Tulips in Central Park

Description: This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift that keeps on giving season after season: plant brilliant blooms in Central Park in her honor and, in doing so, support the Central Park Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that manages the Park year after year. Each year in Central Park, thousands of daffodils and tulips mark the arrival of spring. What better way to express that your love for mom will continue to bloom every year than to have flowers planted for her in Central Park? With a minimum donation of $50, the Conservancy will place either plant in one of the Park’s flower beds so you (and millions of annual Park visitors) can stroll through the Park each spring and be reminded of the special gift you gave your mom. Your mother will also receive an e-card with your own personalized note, letting her know that the flowers were donated and planted in her name. Since Conservancy gardeners plant and care for thousands of plants every year, you’ll know that your mother’s flowers will be tended to season after season, playing an important role in keeping Central Park beautiful. The Conservancy privately raises 85% of Central Park’s $42 million annual expense budget; by purchasing a gift from the Conservancy, you can show your love for your mother as well as your love for Central Park.

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website



Description: With the summer heat, Dad will be your hero when he installs the DewStop in your bathrooms. For the DIY-Dad, the DewStop is an appreciated gift as it easily connects to an existing bathroom fan and when it senses rising condensation, automatically turns on the fan and keeps it running until the room is dry. By automating the fan you’re assured mold-producing water is wrung from the room, and because the DewStop senses when the moisture is gone, it doesn’t run needlessly wasting electricity and increasing your utility bill.

Price: $50.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Custom Built Or Repaired Window And Porch Screens By Screenmobile

Give the Gift of Repaired Window Screens by Screenmobile

Description: Screenmobile is the leading mobile window, door and porch screen repair and replacement service in the country. All jobs are done on-site with most completed the same day. A variety of screening materials are available to fit your needs such as solar screens to reduce the amount of radiant heat entering a home. Screens can be custom built to fit any shape and size of window or door frame. Screenmobile's professional and friendly technicians will arrive at your home with their fully self-contained truck and trailer equipped with power generator and chop saw to conveniently and quickly complete your screening job. Visit Screenmobile online to find a Screenmobile near you. You call. We Screen. Screenmobile.

Price: $50.00 to $5,000.00 Visit the Website

Make Mother’s Day Memorable With A Piece Of Central Park

Plant Daffodils or Tulips in Central Park

Description: This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift that keeps on giving season after season: plant brilliant blooms in Central Park in her honor and, in doing so, support the Central Park Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that manages the Park year after year. Each year in Central Park, thousands of daffodils and tulips mark the arrival of spring. What better way to express that your love for mom will continue to bloom every year than to have flowers planted for her in Central Park? With a minimum donation of $50, the Conservancy will place either plant in one of the Park’s flower beds so you (and millions of annual Park visitors) can stroll through the Park each spring and be reminded of the special gift you gave your mom. Your mother will also receive an e-card with your own personalized note, letting her know that the flowers were donated and planted in her name. Since Conservancy gardeners plant and care for thousands of plants every year, you’ll know that your mother’s flowers will be tended to season after season, playing an important role in keeping Central Park beautiful. The Conservancy privately raises 85% of Central Park’s $42 million annual expense budget; by purchasing a gift from the Conservancy, you can show your love for your mother as well as your love for Central Park.

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

Luxurious Bed Canopies From So Zoey Boutique

Custom Canopy

Description: Any "Sleeping Beauty" will adore this glamorous padded upholstered bed canopy trimmed with ribbons and tiebacks. What a dreamy way for her “Highness” to get her beauty rest! Embroidered center completes this adorable addition to your room decor. Add your name, monogram, initials or a word. Custom made in ANY color! The WHITE canopy sheers measure a full and generous 220” X 98”!!!!! Plenty of length to have a soft puddling of fabric on each side of the bed. The Bed Canopy is made to accommodate twin, crib, full and queen sized beds. The canopy measures about 24” long, 8" tall and extends about 7" from the wall. All canopies comes complete with white sheers and coordinating tiebacks. 2 sturdy shelving eye hooks, (only a few screws are needed to attach to your wall) Lightweight and durable.

Price: $50.00 to $65.00 Visit the Website

Teleflora Shimmering Snow Bouquet

Shimmering Snow Bouquet

Description: Santa and his reindeers will not want to leave your home after having their night dazzled by your Shimmering Snow Bouquet. Designed exclusively for Teleflora this top-selling ornament jar overflows with beautifully hand-picked red roses and carnations that even Mrs. Clause finds perfect. This floral gift is sure to add some sparkle and shine to any holiday, any day of the year, for anyone.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Teleflora’s Send-A-Hug Night Before Christmas

Teleflora’s Send-A-Hug Night Before Christmas

Description: On the night before Christmas my true love sent to me: three buds of roses, two sticks of cinnamon, one baby deer, and the best gift I ever wished for! This year, Teleflora’s Send-a-Hug collection introduces the Night Before Christmas Bouquet that bursts with fresh flowers and conveys the true joys and warmth of the holiday season. If you would like more information or to place an order please visit www.teleflora.com.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Teleflora Peppermint Christmas Bouquet

Teleflora Peppermint Christmas Bouquet

Description: Christmas never felt as sweet as it will this holiday season with the purchase of Teleflora’s must-have Peppermint Christmas. Bursting with gorgeous red and white multicolored carnations, this peppermint candy bouquet is perfect for everyone no matter the age. Whether you have a sweet tooth for delicious candy or an eye for beautiful flowers, this floral gift is sure to leave everyone in the room asking mom if they can have just one more!

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

This Valentine’s Day Say “I Love You” With Fine Art

"The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt

Description: Rekindle your romance this Valentine's Day with Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss." Created during Klimt’s “Golden Period,” “The Kiss” is renowned because of its tender representation of two lovers intertwined into one being, symbolizing the strength of this bond. Klimt's sensuous masterpiece was deemed the world's most romantic oil painting by overstockArt.com the second year in a row. The painting received the highest number of hits in the website's romantic art gallery over the past year. Hand painted reproductions of this best seller are available in a variety of sizes.

Price: $49.00 to $994.00 Visit the Website

Amore Pearl Toasting Flutes

Amore Pearl Toasting Flutes

Description: Amore Pearl Toasting Flutes $48.00 This ornate Amore collection features a smooth and refined finish and will grace the most elegant décor. These toasting flutes are perfect for any occasion! Our collection includes: a 5x7 frame, a 8x10 frame, an album, a serving set, toast flutes, a pen with a stand, and a keepsake box. All items are sold in over 180 Papyrus stores nationwide, as well as online at www.papyrusonline.com.

Price: $48.00 Visit the Website

Large Green Tree Candle

Large Green Tree Candle

Description: Large Green Tree Candle $45.00 A tall fir is just the thing for creating a winter forest ambiance in your home, without the frostbite! This green forest tree candle is delicately made with unscented paraffin wax and makes a great gift for the season. Perfect for any home, this candle is sold online at Papyrusonline.com or at over 180 stores nation wide.

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

Green Round Balls Ornament (Set Of 3)

Green Round Balls Ornaments

Description: Green Round Balls Ornament (Set of 3) $44.00 Add whimsical elegance to your tree with these embellished round ball ornaments featuring a diamond pattern. This lovely ball ornament set is part of our exclusive signature PAPYRUS ornament collection. The set of ornaments comes in a giftable box with matching embellishments and a gilt finish. Sold in over 180 stored nation wide or online at www.papyrusonine.com.

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Eat Cleaner Green Garden & Kitchen Gift Pack

Eat Cleaner Green Garden & Kitchen Gift Pack

Description: The Perfect Gift for Your Green Thumb Friends! The Eat Cleaner Green Garden & Kitchen Gift Pack contains: Eat Cleaner 40 Ct. Biodegradable Wipes Canister Eat Cleaner 8 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Spray Eat Cleaner 4 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Concentrate Refill Eat Cleaner 10 Pack Individually Wrapped Biodegradable Wipes Eat Cleaner 8 oz. Seafood & Poultry Wash Spray Reusable Cleaner Plate Tote - 14"H x 20"W x 7"D 1 Pair Cloth Garden Gloves 1 Garden Rake 1 Tiny Tyke Garden Rake 2 Packs Vegetable Seeds One-Year Subcription to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine Wrapped in a Reusable Mesh Produce Bag and Strainer Basket The perfect Green gift for your Green friends to get their Gardening on: Only reusable, recyclable & biodegradable products!

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Show Style With Artful Gifts By Collected L.A. Expressionist Artist Rebecca Molayem

"Party Time" by Rebecca Molayem in giclee print

Description: This holiday season, show friends and loved ones just how stylish you think they are (and, how original you are) with creative gifts by the highly collected expressionist artist and curator Rebecca Molayem, owner of the Rebecca Molayem Gallery, which just reopened on trendy West Third Street in Los Angeles. Artful holiday gift suggestions include Sets of Four Ceramic Dessert Plates or Mugs from the RM Home Collection starting at just $40, and Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Giclée Prints on wraparound stretched canvas (see left and below) starting at just $150. Rebecca Molayem's playful and identifiable narrative paintings featuring her voluptuous, exaggerated characters are hung in private collections nationwide, as well as galleries in Hawaii, California's Napa Valley and Philadelphia, in addition to her own gallery. The Rebecca Molayem Gallery (which represents the work of several other selected painters and sculptors) just reopened at 8304 West Third Street in Los Angeles. In celebration, the gallery is offering a 20 percent discount on all art through New Year's Eve 2012. For more information, stop by the gallery, call 323-944-0553 or visit www.rebeccamolayemarts.com.

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Mommy And Me Picture Frame

Mommy and Me Picture Frame

Description: A great gift from child to mommy on Valentine’s day is this sweet picture frame with the phrase “Mommy & Me.” These adorable picture frames are the perfect place to put a picture of your little loved one and to put your cherished memories on display. Hand painted and slightly distressed, this picture frame has a distinctly vintage feel giving it a truly timeless appeal.Proudly made in the USA.

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Therapedic Waterproof Mattress Pad

Therapedic Waterproof Mattress Pad

Description: Therapedic International has introduced an odor-eliminating mattress pad to protect students from the unknown history of their mystery dorm bed. Using a specialized fabric treatment and patented technology, the waterproof mattress pad also absorbs all the smells and stains you really don’t want to deal with in college such as unlaundered sheets, sweat, food residue and stale beer. The Therapedic Waterproof Mattress Pad is available in Bed Bath and Beyond stores throughout Los Angeles and retails for $44.99 for an XL Twin.

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GoComics Framed And Unframed Collectible Print

Enjoy A GoComics Framed and Unframed Collectible Print

Description: A variety of generations enjoy GoComics daily comic strips and panels. Some notable comics that we offer include Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert and Garfield. For $39.95, you can give your friends, co-workers and family their favorite GoComics work this holiday season. Collectible prints and framed comic art are great options for “the person who has everything.” For more information, visit www.gocomics.com.

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Native Trails - Pure Talavera - Coasters/Trivets

Pure Talavera Coasters/Trivets

Description: Handmade by artisans, Native Trails’ Pure Talavera is the rare gift that gives back 100%. Ceramic tile products are hand made and use traditional methods. Available online through the Community Trails Artisan Marketplace, Native Trails will devote all proceeds to Kiva, a non-profit global organization that provides micro-loans to those with limited or no access to banking systems. Attractive and colorful, a set of four 4" square coasters is available to give as a hostess or housewarming gift for everyday entertaining.

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Computer Apparel’s Original V-Neck Sleeve

Front View

Description: Computer Apparel’s Original V-Neck Sleeve offers fashion and protection. This 100% high quality cotton sleeve is practical with a secure zipper pocket that fits an iPad or MacBook. With additional pockets serving as storage for iPhones, chargers, and papers, this soft, multi-layer padded T-shirt offers excellent defense against every day slips and spills. Even better, it’s machine washable! Available in five colors and sizes to fit your iPad or Macbook, the V-Neck Sleeve is a stylish way to protect and stow your tech toys.

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The Perfect Gift For The King Of The Grill

Weber Style™ Three-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set available at Ace Hardware

Description: Why not give the grilling enthusiast in your life the tools to take their skills to the next level come spring? The Weber® stainless steel tool set available from Ace Hardware makes the perfect gift to round out the toolbox of the guy who spends most of the outdoor season in front of the grill. The set includes Chef's Tongs with locking mechanism, a long-handled Spatula and a Barbecue Fork. Each utensil features handles with specialized gripping materials for superior maneuvering during use. Dishwasher safe.

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5x7 Art Deco Frame

Art Deco Frame

Description: An elegant and sophisticated gift, this 5 in. x 7 in. Art Deco photo frame brings 1920s Parisian elegance to your home and adds timelessness to your photos. The frame features a double mirror, antique-style design around a 5x7 photo opening. Find classic to modern desk frames & wall frames for baby memory keeping, engagement or wedding gifts & for displaying all your timeless photos. Choose from floating frames, wood frames, jewel frames, enamel frames & many more, exclusively at Papyrus.

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Wagner DeckJet

Wagner DeckJet

Description: Keep your deck looking good with the Wagner DeckJet. The DeckJet uses a materials tube with an attached sponge and brush head for mess-free stain or paint application in one continuous pass. The ratcheting trigger ensures smooth, even distribution of stain without needing to stop and go back to a bucket or tray. The perfect gift for a do-it-himself kind of dad.

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Personalized Sticky Note Cube In Multiple Prints

Personalized Sticky Note Cube in Multiple Prints

Description: A personalized gift is a great way to show that extra effort for the women in your life. Whether it’s for your mom, your wife or a co-worker, these Personalized Sticky Note cubes with 700 sticky notes make a creative gift this Valentine’s day or Mother's Day. Choose from multiple designs, colors and monogram styles to make this gift truly unique to its recipient.

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Canvas Storage Bin - Fox

Canvas Storage Bin - Fox

Description: Clean up the clutter in your child's room in style with this adorable storage bin! Perfectly sized for toys and books, this kids storage bin is made out of sturdy cotton canvas and features an animated character you and your little one are sure to love. Constructed of 100% cotton canvas with a 100% polyester applique and a 100% polyethylene coating on the inside. When not in use, the bin easily folds into a compact size that can be stored until needed. This storage bin for children also makes a wonderful laundry hamper. Fill it with little gifts for a stylish and practical gift basket for your next birthday party!

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SU2C Logo Dog Collar

SU2C Logo Dog Collar

Description: This adorable SU2C eco-chic collar by A Lot To Say is created from non-toxic materials with no harmful dyes and completely sustainable. Now your pet can Stand Up To Cancer too! •100% recycled plastic bottles •Printed with no water dye process •Durable and long lasting •Adjustable for both large and small dogs Dimensions: •Small Collar: Adjusts from 10 in - 13.5 in. •Large Collar: Adjusts from 19 in - 30 in. For smaller dogs: Hardware is light on the collar for smaller dogs allowing your pet to move comfortably. This gift is the perfect way to give back this holiday season (a portion of the proceeds goes to fund cutting edge cancer research).

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Therapedic Pillow Collection

Therapedic infinitsupport pillow

Description: Innovative bedding producer, Therapedic International just launched a new line of pillows to address the issue that one size does not fit all when it comes to sleep. The line includes three pillows that feature DACRON® Memorelle fiber technology and are designed specifically for stomach (Therapedic greatloft™) side (Therapedic infinitsupport™) or back sleepers (Therapedic superside™). Each one provides the comfort feel of a memory foam pillow but is gentler on pressure points in the head and neck and offer improved flexibility and comfort. The collection just rolled out at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide, including the one on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Price: $29.99 to $59.99 Visit the Website

Motorized Grill Brush With Steam Cleaning Power

No scrubbing or chemicals! Our grill brush powers away grease and grime.

Description: It's the ultimate power tool for your grill! Our Motorized Grill Brush has a sprayer to steam clean with a heavy-duty motor to power away grease and grime without scrubbing or chemicals. Push-button steam cleaning softens even the toughest residue. Dual brass-bristle brushes cover more grilling surface area. And the full-size, well-balanced handle gives you perfect control. Brushes remove for easy cleaning. Uses 8 AA batteries (not included). And don't forget to order an extra set of Brush Heads (item 577205) for the next grilling season. Our Motorized Grill Brush with Steam Cleaning Power gets you back to grilling faster.

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2354-01 4V Max IXO™ Palm-Sized Screwdriver

4V Max iXO™ Palm-Sized Screwdriver

Description: A perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day, the 2354-01 4V Max iXO™ Palm-Sized Screwdriver is handy and fits right in the kitchen drawer, making it accessible right when you need it. The tool’s LED SiteLight™ and LED indicator provide better visibility and show drilling direction. It’s also great to have on hand to quickly put together household projects before spring sets in! The 2354-01 includes a 5-piece bit set and charger and is available online and in select retail and hardware stores nationwide

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The Love Light – Crystal Prism Lantern

Prism Lantern by James Foley

Description: The Love Light is not only dazzling but simple to use. Place any candle on a separate base, light, and be amazed by the spectacular show of holographic spectra-light. A truly unique and one of a kind item, The Love Light is sure to create the perfect mood for any event. Whether it’s calming the mind and soul for meditation/relaxation or creating the perfect mood lighting for that special evening. The Love Light is sure to impress. Made of heavy crystal and chrome 7 ½” h x 3 7/8” w The Love Light is durable and constructed with quality materials. By switching the height or type of candle you can create a variety of dazzling lighting effects and colors.

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LazyBonezz Sleek Treat Jar

LazyBonezz "Sleek Treat Jar" in Espresso

Description: Don't forget your pet this Valentine's Day! Give back the love they give you all year long by filling this sleek jar to the top with tasty treats. The beautiful design of this treat jar features clean lines and a style that will accent your home décor. The tight lid will keep treats fresh and in place! Available in black or espresso, this will make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for your pet.

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Avant Garde Retractable Leash


Description: product Description Avant Garde Retractable Leash The Avant Garde Retractable Leash is not only stylish but has high quality features such as an all belt nylon leash, sturdy metal buckle, and simple one-button brake and release. You will experience the smoothest walk for your dog and yourself due to the advanced retracting mechanism of the Avant Garde Retractable Leash. The case is made out of recyclable ABS plastic. The small Avant Garde Retractable Leash is 9 feet in length and holds dogs weighing up to 28 pounds. The medium is 15 feet in length and holds dogs weighing up to 48 pounds. Medium leash has a wider opening for hand to grip leash so take this into account as well as the weight of your dog. Handle is ergonomically designed with a comfort grip. Many styles available. Recommended for well-behaved dogs and responsible owners and includes a 1 year warranty. Size Reference Chart Small: 9 foot all nylon belt lead, holds up to 28 lbs. Medium: 15 foot all nylon belt lead, holds up to 48 lbs.

Price: $29.95 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Butter Bell's Parisian Polka Dot Crock & Spreader

Parisian Polka Dot Crock & Spreader

Description: Looking for the perfect gift for the “chef” in your life? The brand new Parisian Polka Dot Butter Bell crocks are the way to go! They are beautiful, trendy and functional; the perfect edition to any kitchen. (www.butterbell.com) This is one of those great gift ideas- one someone may not think to buy for oneself but will use every day and wonder how they ever lived without it! Butter Bell crocks are a modern version of the authentic French beurrier. They hold a stick of butter keeping it soft, delicious, spreadable and safe without refrigeration. The new Parisian Polka Dot crocks are one-of-a-kind with a crock and spreader-holder. With a super trendy polka dot design they will look gorgeous in any kitchen. Choose from three classic colors- red, black and blue.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Love Is In The Soil With Bio S.I. Technology

Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula

Description: The celebration of companionship and showing love rings true as Valentine’s Day rounds the corner. This year, devote love for your garden and those who have the same admiration. Love is in the soil this year with Bio S.I. Technology’s (www.biositechnology.com) all-natural products that offer ideal presents for those who plan to have a viable garden and healthy mindset for 2012. With Bio S.I.’s special offer of buy two products, get one free you can treat loved ones and your own garden with one easy purchase. About Bio S.I. Technology Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC was formed in 2006 with a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products. Bio-S.I. solutions are made with soil borne microbes and do not contain any laboratory engineered or laboratory manipulated microbes. The company constantly strives to improve their products and use cutting-edge testing methods for improving the consistency of every product they make. Bio S.I.’s goal is to help improve the health of the soil so that crops can provide more nutrition to humans, all while benefiting the environment at the same time. Bio-S.I.’s “Rebuilding Soil Naturally”© Program helps consumers use the right fertilizer and chemicals at reduced rates to help lower the environmental impact. For more information about Bio S.I. Technology, or to purchase their cutting-edge formulas, please visit www.biositechnology.com.

Price: $29.95 to $32.95 Visit the Website

Energizer Glas Flameless Candle

Glas 4 inch with decor

Description: Energizer has developed an integrated lighting system, incorporating technically advanced circuitry, optics and LEDs, to create a set of lights that wow consumers both in design and function. The Glas Collection brings functional and durable design to even the simplest of lighting needs. Energizer® Glas Collection Flameless Candles feature a candle and holder in one. Sophisticated LED technology provides a realistic flicker of a candle in this long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting option. No open flames make this light safe to use around children and pets, allowing you to decorate your home without the hassle of soot or dripping wax. The 4-inch and 6-inch lights pair style and practicality in this classically-designed clear acrylic shade and matte black base. Energizer LED lights are family-friendly with energy saving features and practicality at the heart of every design.

Price: $28.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Sweeney's Deadset Mole Trap

Sweeney's Deadset Mole Trap

Description: Advancing their commitment to helping homeowners protect their lawns and gardens from damage caused by moles, Sweeney’s, a leader in DIY pest control products, introduces the Deadset™ Mole Trap. The new trap is extremely easy-to-set thanks to an ergonomically designed, easy-to-grasp handle and a patented triggering system. Precision built, the Deadset trap is triggered by the slightest underground movement, effectively driving the spears into the ground and killing the mole.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Eva Solo Stainless Steel Tea Bag

Eva Solo Stainless Steel Tea Bag

Description: The Eva Solo tea bag takes its shape from the tea bag as we know it but, unlike a paper teabag it can be refilled indefinitely to brew your favorite cup or pot of tea. The teabag is made of stainless steel with a silicone base that opens for filling and emptying loose tea leaves. The Eva Solo tea bag holds up to 10 grams of tea leaves, enough to make one liter of brewed tea and is suitable for both mugs and teapots. The tea bag is dishwasher safe. Stainless steel tea bag that holds up to 10 grams of tea leaves; can be re-used indefinitely for brewing your favorite cup or one liter pot of tea. Stainless steel with easy opening silicone base. Dishwasher safe. 5 cm by 7 cm (2 inches by 2.8 inches). Danish designed around aesthetics, functionality, and quality; made in Denmark

Price: $25.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Nanodots Get Hulk-like With MEGA Nanodots

MEGA Nanodots 64 Black Edition

Description: A great gift for the dad who has everything! MEGA Nanodots are addictive shape-shifters that can be used for desktop art, games and are sure to impress even the biggest geek in your office with their latent magnetic forces. - Made from Ceramic Ferrite - Build countless shapes, forms and creations - Keep away from small children Available colors: Black, Titanium Spectra, Gold, and Blue Sizes: MEGA Nanodots 30 MEGA Nanodots 64 Get them today at Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. Warning, this product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Ages 14+ only.

Price: $25.00 to $50.00 Visit the Website

Dust-Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit

Dust-Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit

Description: Now that Dad has all the latest gadgets, he’ll need something to help keep his high-tech device arsenal clean. Dust-Off’s Ultimate Screen Care Kit safely cleans dust, dirt and finger prints off of ALL of Dad’s electronics. Combat the grime with this complete kit for various types of cleaning applications and clean all your state-of-the-art investments with one kit. The Kit includes: 1 – 50ml Screen Spray, 1 – Screen Shammy for use on various devices, 1 – Plasma Screen Cloth, 1 – CD/DVD Cloth for media disks, 1 – Sweep mobile cleaning pad.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

PRK™ Products Inc.

Universal Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Organizer

Description: Tame the chaos in kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer with efficient baby food and beverage container organizers from PRK™ Products. The organizers are adjustable to grow with your child (from bottle to sippy cup) and are compatible with over 30 brands beverage and food containers. Organizers are stackable to take up less space and actually increase surface space in your kitchen. Organizers are dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free and can be stored in the pantry, fridge or freezer (great for store bought or homemade baby food).

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website



Description: Pet parents know your pooch is part of the family- so there is nothing you wouldn’t do to extend their life. Finally there is a supplement developed for dogs that does just that! You have to try K9-GH and see the incredible results for yourself. (www.k9-gh.com) What dog owners are saying: “I was a total skeptic at first but I will tell you I cannot get over how much Tuck has improved.” ~Kendra Collins “Archie had back problems and no energy. Now he runs faster and stands up on his back legs to beg for K9-GH.” ~Lynn Wesp “I hope that everyone that has a special furry friend buys this product and prolongs the life of their pet.” ~Jamie Vesga How K9-GH works: Humans have been taking growth hormones for anti-aging for years with great success. The same high grade pharmaceutical ingredients are used in K9-GH, the world’s first and only growth hormone releaser for dogs. It stimulates dog’s pituitary gland to release their own natural growth hormone. The production of growth hormone is directly linked to the health of bones, organs and cells. As humans and animals age, we produce less growth hormone naturally meaning a loss in the ability to rejuvenate and repair cells and organs. K9-GH kick starts growth hormone production again with incredible results- increased energy, joint improvement, increased muscle strength, loss in body fat, ability to heal faster, better digestion and breathing.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Personalized 9-Function Muti-Purpose Tool

Personalized 9-Function Muti-Purpose Tool

Description: Personalization Mall's Multi-Purpose Tool is cleverly designed with nine different tools and hundreds of uses, making it perfect to have on hand in the car, garage, and toolbox. Tool Functions include pliers, ruler, knife, screwdriver and bottle opener, and more. Quality crafted of resilient stainless steel to prevent tarnishing for long lasting use. Features handsome matte finish skillfully laser engraved with any name, initials or message you choose, making it a personalized gift that is his alone! Measures a convenient 1"W x 4"L when closed and 6 1/4"L x 5" when fully open. Tool comes packaged in durable black canvas pouch with velcro closure and belt loop on the back for a handsome presentation and handy storage use after use. Guaranteed to come to his rescue again and again!

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

SPARQ Whiskey Stones

SPARQ Whiskey Stones

Description: Sustain the temperature of your drink without watering it down with SPARQ Stones, small rocks made from recycled scrap soapstone. These unique, very chic stones can be used to chill whiskey or wine. While there are plenty of opinions about the BEST single malt scotch available, there is only one way to serve it up! The SPARQ reusable soapstone stones chill your fine liquor without diluting the superior taste. Got a great bottle of white wine that's not quite as chilly as you like it? Take one or two of our soapstone stones out of the freezer and pop them in your wine glass to give that fabulous tasting wine its due without the watery after effects. Need something to warm you up? The SPARQ Stones can also be heated to keep that first cup of coffee warm well into the morning. How to Use: Place stones in the freezer for 4 hours; add 3 per drink. Stones hold their temperature out of the freezer for 30 minutes or more. When you are finished, just wash and reuse.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

The Stump Stand

Stump Stand in Yellow

Description: The Stump Stand is a 3-in-1 stand that provides multiple viewing positions for your tablet - Ramp, Lean and Upright. This stump is 3.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall, lending itself to true portability. It is weighted for stability, but still at just 8.5 ounces offers the perfect size and shape for grab-and-go use. The durable rubber-like design both gently cradles your device without abrasion and grips the table surface for a nonslip experience. Comes in a variety of colors.

Price: $22.00 to $24.95 Visit the Website

Sweeney's Poison Moleworms

Protect your lawn from moles with Sweeney's Poison Moleworms

Description: Sweeney’s, an industry leader in DIY pest control products, has added Poison Moleworms™ to their extensive line of mole control products. Designed for use in underground runways and formulated to be palatable to moles, the new Moleworms resemble real earthworms, a main food source for moles. When eaten, the poison in the bait works quickly to kill the mole.

Price: $21.99 Visit the Website

BnBFinder Travel Gift Certificate

BnBFinder Travel Gift Certificate

Description: It’s time to get personal this holiday season. Instead of the generic gift card-as-stocking stuffer, you can surprise your family and friends with a thoughtful present they can put their signature on. With a BnBFinder Travel Gift Certificate, good at over 1,500 bed and breakfasts and inns, you’re giving them a chance to create their own journey and make unforgettable memories. When the envelope is opened, a dream getaway awaits. From sunset cruises along the coast and rustic mountain treks to winery weekends and bustling urban escapes, the possibilities are endless. Some gifts are just meant to last forever.

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

Three Exciting Bird Foods Hit Wild Birds Unlimited Stores This Fall

Buttons with Birds

Description: It’s a myth that all birds fly south for the winter. In fact, some of the more colorful, more vocal birds remain in their local habitats year ‘round. Wild Birds Unlimited, the largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature stores, wants to help you attract these beautiful birds to your backyard with two new bird food products and the return of a favorite from last year. Hoot the Owl, Preston the Penguin, and returning by popular demand, Buttons the Snowman are adorable bird food cylinders that offer a convenient alternative way to feed the birds. These whimsical shapes are a fantastic way to introduce children to the hobby of bird feeding. Available only at Wild Birds Unlimited, each is packed with seeds and fruits to attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard. Seeds such as black oil sunflower, peanuts and safflower are high in fats and proteins that birds need to survive long, cold winter nights. Prices vary by Wild Birds Unlimited store. However, all three stocking stuffers are generally less than $20. Hurry though; these food characters will be available for a limited time.

Price: $20.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Luxury Minky Blankets

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Description: Minky Couture creates luxury custom blankets for all ages. Blankets are not just for babies anymore! Minky Couture has created high quality blankets that are not only sassy and fashionable but are incredibly plush. Perfect for snuggling with that special someone, wrapping your new infant in, taking to the chilly ball game, or traveling on the road! Our blankets are all handmade in the US with the highest quality of minky. You have the choice to customize your blanket if you wish. Pick your combination OR add embroidery. Minky Couture makes the perfect gift whether for a special holiday, a graduation, or just to say 'I Care'!

Price: $20.00 to $145.00 Visit the Website

"Imagine" Ornament

Strawberry Fields replica "Imagine" ornament

Description: This holiday, show the music-lover in your life just how much they mean to you with the "Imagine" ornament from the Central Park Conservancy. This beautiful, Italian mosaic ornament is dedicated to the memory of John Lennon and replicates the Strawberry Fields landscaped section of Central Park. This ornament will brighten any Christmas tree and all proceeds go back to the Central Park Conservancy, which restores, manages and enhances the beauty of Central Park.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Caldrea Essential Collection Kitchen Fragrance Diffuser

Green Tea Verbena

Description: This Mother's Day, skip the flowers and gift a Caldrea Essential Collection Kitchen Fragrance Diffuser instead! A modern take on the diffuser, this stylish ceramic vessel with colored stems, which provides an unexpected pop of color to any decor, uses natural essential oils to provide a fresh, fragrant ambiance, safely and with style. Available in four unique scents, there is a fragrance for everyone's tastes, and best of all, they are all under $20.00. Available in Hibiscus Yuzu, Green Tea Verbena, Citron Ginger and Herbs of Provence. Available at select Target location. Visit www.target.com for store locations.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Obol - The Original Crispy Bowl


Description: Is soggy cereal getting you down? Don’t let the most important meal of the day pass you by. Try the Obol®, “The Original Crispy Bowl” that keeps every bite of cereal as crunchy as the first, no matter how long it takes to eat it. A unique gift for all ages, the Obol’s one-of-a-kind spiral slide design keeps the cereal separate from the milk until you are ready to Swoop n Scoop® them together! Visit www.obol.co. From toddlers to moms and dads to grandparents, the Obol makes breakfast more fun for everyone without spilling a drop. The bowl’s unique shape and textured, no-slip grip make it easy to hold while on the move, and keeps it steady when resting on a table. The bowl is perfect for little hands, those who have one hand full, or those who may have difficulty holding a firm grip due to arthritis or disabilities. The durable plastic material will not break, and is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Choose from six fun, bright colors to match any kitchen, including white, lime, tangerine, cranberry, berry blue or pink. Use your Obol for limitless tasty combinations. Separate crispy crackers from hot soup, keep cookies from getting lost in a glass of milk, enjoy crunchy nachos with delicious cheese, beans and salsa, and Swoop n Scoop® your favorite veggies with hummus.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Designer Dog Collar With Switchable Designs By Collars2switch

collars2switch dog collars with switchable designs

Description: collars2switch are dog collars with switchable designs--peel off one washable design, put on another--without removing the collar and tags from your dog! With over 100 designs to choose from, you can decorate your dog for every occasion! It's fun,it's easy, and, most of all, it's affordable. And,always FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. For one low price, you get our nylon dog collar and 2 designs of your choice. We guarantee our nylon collars and will replace any that wear out FOR FREE. collars2create are blank canvas design swatches for a truly one-of-a-kind personalized dog collar. You can create a dog collar design to identify your dog, write a special message, promote a business, etc. The possibilities are endless! collars2switch is the only designer dog collar your dog will ever need!

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Wagner SMART Edge Roller

Wagner SMART Edge Roller

Description: A perfect stocking stuffer for every DIY home improvement enthusiast, the Wagner SMART Edge Roller eliminates the need for tape and paint trays during painting projects. The Twist and Trim tool makes cutting-in around windows, doors, trim and corners fast and easy. A built-in paint reservoir provides a controlled and continuous flow of paint, eliminating the need for messy, dripping brushes and paint trays. The great gift for the friend or family member that is always working on a home decorating project.

Price: $19.97 Visit the Website



Description: If your feet are warm, your whole body feels warm. This winter, kick it in comfort with the Kickrest! Kickrest is the ultimate footrest featuring: Foot Hood- a detachable fleece hood to stick your tootsies in Memory Foam Cushion- contours to your feet and legs Table Grip Technology- protects the table while holding your Kickrest in place Slim Design- easy storage under a chair, sofa or table The Kickrest was created after Caleb Gurall’s new “grown up” living room left only a coffee table for a foot rest. Like so many living and family rooms, it was form over function. But with the Kickrest, Caleb could kick back with his feet up without ruining the coffee table or being uncomfortable! Kickrest also works great under desks to keep your feet warm, even on ottomans for added comfort and warmth. Kickrest comes in 6 colors.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Elimay Supplements

The full line of Elimay Supplements

Description: We always ensure that our families get proper nutrition, so why not our pets too? After all, they are just another member of our family. Elimay Supplements is an all-natural solution for dog owners to improve their pet’s energy, longevity, and overall quality of life. These nutritional supplements are designed to support digestion, immune health, and other aspects of a dog’s wellbeing. They include all-natural ingredients and are held to the highest of quality standards. Elimay is currently partnering with the National Canine Cancer Foundation on an observational study to evaluate how nutritional supplements help improve the quality of a dogs’ life- both healthy dogs and those suffering from abnormal cell growth.

Price: $18.95 to $118.95 Visit the Website

Enviro-Log Firelogs

Enviro-Log Firelogs are found in select national retailers near you.

Description: Enviro-Log Firelogs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard and when compared to firewood, Enviro-Log Firelogs burn cleaner, emitting 30 percent less greenhouse gases, 80 percent less carbon dioxide and 86 percent less creosote. Enviro-Log Firelogs can also be stored and burned in all weather conditions and can be transported for camping, RVing and other outdoor activities without the concern of restrictions imposed on firewood by some states and campsites. Safe to cook over, Enviro-Log Firelogs have been tested safe for use in chimineas, campfires, outdoor tailgating and cookout events. Enviro-Log Firelogs can be purchased at select national retail locations including Home Depot, Kmart, Lowes, True Value, Sears, Whole Foods, Walmart, Dollar General, and many regional retailers throughout the U.S. Known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute.

Price: $16.99 to $19.99 Visit the Website

Terro Perimeter Ant Bait Plus

Get rid of ants and other pests with Terro Perimeter Ant Bait Plus

Description: Terro Perimeter Ant Bait Plus granules not only kill entire colonies of outdoor ants– including carpenter ants - but they also eliminate annoying cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, slugs and snails. The granules are packaged in a convenient shaker bottle, making it easy to spread the bait around the perimeter of a house - no spreader is needed. The bait is weather-resistant, so it won’t break down when exposed to the elements.

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

Litter Genie - Litter Disposal System

Litter Genie

Description: Created by the makers of Diaper Genie, the Litter Genie provides a convenient, effective solution for soiled cat litter. The Litter Genie can hold up to two weeks of cat waste before needing to be emptied. Finally, cat owners can empty the Litter Genie when it is convenient for them, like on garbage day! In addition to the benefit of convenience, the garbage pail design and the 5-layer disposal bag inside of the Litter Genie help to control odors like no other product on the market today. Since the Diaper Genie name is synonymous with quality odor control for baby diapers, the makers decided to keep the ‘Genie’ name to express to the millions of cat-owning households today, how seriously they take both diaper and litter disposal. The Litter Genie is newly released and is available at PetCo, PetSmart and Target. Visit facebook.com/littergenie for coupons and tips!

Price: $15.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Tervis Adds Love To Insulated Drinkware

Tervis Hallmark Heart Swirl Wrap with Lid

Description: Tervis, the leader in insulated drinkware for 66 years, is letting love in with Valentine's Day-themed tumblers. This whimsical Hallmark Heart Swirl Wrap, complete with a Travel Lid, will make you fall in love all over again with the Greek Proverb, "A heart that loves is always young." Tervis keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, are virtually indestructible, are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, reduce condensation, come with a lifetime guarantee, and can be personalized for any hobby or interest. In fact, Tervis has thousands of designs to choose from, including license agreements with some of the world's most beloved brands and sports teams. Tervis is more than drinkware; it's a lifestyle that's truly an everyday on-the-go outlet to express yourself.

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website

Mybotto-an Eco-friendly Line Of Inverted Bottle Holders

mybotto-inverted bottle holder

Description: Fact is, 25% of all lotions, potions, glues and gels is left unused in bottles simply because product is stuck in the bottom. With mybotto inverted bottle holder, you can flip bottles upside down, and gravity finishes the job: every last ounce slides right to you. This fun and stylish home accessory lets you save lotion, save money and put fewer lotion bottles in the trash. It fits on any countertop in your bathroom, workroom or nursery. Whether your bottle holds 4 or up to 40 ounces,

Price: $14.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Givebones - Helping Dog Lovers Give Back This Holiday Season

Givebones dog collar

Description: Givebones helps dog lovers give back with a simple purchase. For every signature Givebones dog collar purchased, a portion of proceeds goes to helping a local pet shelter, including the spcaLA here in Los Angeles. Givebones collars come in six chic colors, and accompanying wristbands are available for owners who want to show their love for their dogs in style.

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

Stylish, Quality, WallPops Peel-and-Stick Wall Art

WallPops ZooWallogy Peel-and-Stick Wall Art featuring Antoinne the Monkey

Description: Forget about candy, gift cards and other doodad stocking stuffers that hardly go the distance. Blow friends and family away with the ideal stocking stuffer, WallPops, the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art from Brewster Home Fashions that pack the makings for an on-trend, easy, stylish room in a small box for a great price. The line of stylish repositionable and removable peel-and-stick wall decals features collections for all ages, including WallPops by Jonathan Adler, which captures the best of what the red hot decorating trendsetter and WallPops have to offer. Whether you’re searching for a stocking stuffer for young or old, here are a few suggestions for those in particular on your list as WallPops is the one-stop shop to make your holiday stockings extra memorable for all this year. For a playful gift for a child or mother, consider the ZooWallogy line that features safari and farm animals in bright colors and funky retro prints. Great for tweens and teens along with adults, WallPops collections are also available in a fun, DIY option that includes Dots (13-inch round) and Blox (13-inch square) that come in packs of four, as well as Stripes that are packaged in a continuous roll measuring six-and-a-half-inches wide by 12-feet long. Try the new, colorful WallPops by Jonathan Adler designs and peruse the overall nearly 80 different Dots, Blox and Stripes design options available at www.wallpops.com.

Price: $14.99 to $42.99 Visit the Website

Pop Tag

Pop Tag dog ID tags

Description: Looking for the perfect present for your pooch? The Pop Tag is it! The Pop Tag is a personalized ID tag for Fido unlike any other- it is also a bottle opener! The ID tags are durable- made of stainless steel and hand stamped with all your dog’s important info. The also come with a rubber bumper to go around the tag, protecting your pooch when he is running hard. The Pop Tag is a gift man and his best friend will enjoy! A nice cold beer is just a whistle away!

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner

Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner

Description: Just in time for Mother's Day, show mom you appreciate her by giving her the ultimate solution in stone care. Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner quickly and safely cleans exterior patios and decks without damaging natural stone. The Outdoor Stone Cleaner comes in a unique package that attaches to your garden hose and is safe to use on all natural stone and concrete. • Use on patios, decks, and driveways • Will not harm plants, animals, siding or plastics • Non-Acidic • Biodegradable • PH Balanced • Non-Toxic

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

SightSpace 3D Mobile Augmented Reality Application For SketchUp™.

See your home and landscaping designs come to life with SightSpace 3D is the first and only mobile Augmented Reality app for SketchUp

Description: With Augmented Reality capabilities, anyone can overlay digital models (rooms, building projects, landscaping projects) on the physical world - ideal for anyone wanting to bring their work to life. Limitless Computing’s SightSpace 3D is the first and only mobile Augmented Reality application for Google SketchUp™. It’s easy to view Google SketchUp™ files with Limitless Computing’s SightSpace 3D mobile app for iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®. Accurately display your designs on-site prior to construction, redecorating, or landscaping, annotate models on-the-go, bookmark views, take screenshots, and share notes and photos . It is available now on the Apple App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sightspace-3d/id454578424?mt=8 , Google Play (formerly the Android Market), and for Kindle Fire through the Amazon.com Appstore for Android.

Price: $14.99 to $15.00 Visit the Website



Description: Thirty-five years ago, Jeanne Adlon became New York City’s first full-time cat sitter, and since then, she has seen and done it all. Jeanne has dodged tarantulas, served up kosher cat meals, and fed pampered felines in Waterford crystal goblets—all while trekking from five-floor walkups to Park Avenue penthouses. She even cared for television critic Cleveland Amory’s beloved cat, Polar Bear. Cat Calls delightfully recounts Jeanne’s many experiences, from comic adventures with quirky cats to the challenges faced by a woman who’s determined to reach her clients despite midsummer blackouts and blinding snowstorms. But since Jean Adlon is no ordinary cat sitter, Cat Calls offers far more than tales of the cat. Over years of devoting herself to the needs of felines, Jeanne has become a recognized expert on cat care, and her book is designed not just to entertain but also to share valuable information and advice. Along with coauthor and Cat Fancy magazine editor Susan Logan, Jeanne has designed each of Cat Calls’ seven chapters to focus on important issues for cat owners, including adopting new pets, feeding your cat, coping with litter box problems, providing proper medical care, and much more. Within these pages, you’ll find priceless tips for keeping your kitty happy and healthy.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Augusta Wrap Co.- Handcrafted Boutique Style Wraps For Home Decor Items And Gifts

Augusta Wraps Designed for Fall Home Decor & Gifts

Description: Augusta Wraps (MSRP $14.95) complement every home decor style and also add a finishing touch to any gift. With more than 30 designs, there’s an Augusta Wrap for any home décor style, season and special occasion, including the holidays! Available in two sizes, the original wrap size is perfect for items such as candles, candy jars, pet treat containers, apothecary jars, pencil holders and vases, while the larger size is designed specifically for turning wine bottles into table décor or beautiful gifts. For a unique accent and finishing touch to any jar, vase, bottle or container, each wrap features a decorative embellishment. To see the entire collection or to purchase, visit www.augustawrapco.com

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Libman® Freedom® Floor Duster

The Libman Freedom Floor Duster

Description: Features and benefits: o Premium microfiber fingers cleaning pad – microfiber fingers are designed to grab dust, dirt and pet hair. o Cleaning pad can be washed up to 50 times, which equates to 100 disposable dusting cloths (an annual cost savings of up to $25). o Specially designed comb comes attached to the duster to allow dirt and debris to quickly be brushed off into the trash between washings. o Ideal for dry dusting of hardwood floor, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, marble and stone surfaces. o Can also be used to clean hard-to-reach places such as walls, ceilings and baseboards. o product is an extension of Libman’s Freedom® line, which originated with the Freedom® Spray Mop in 2010. • Available at mass market retail and grocery locations including: Kroger, Dillons, Fry’s, King Soopers, Ralphs, Smith’s, Discount Drug Mart, Brookshire Grocery, Food 4 Less, Giant, Dierberg’s, Carlie C’s, Big Y Foods, Bi-Lo, Hy-Vee, Ingles Supermarkets, Menard’s, Rite Aid, Rollier’s, Rouses Supermarkets, Shopko, Southern Family Markets, Stop & Shop, Supermarkets Associates, Tops, United Supermarkets, Weis, Westlake Hardware and WinCo Foods – additional retail locations to be added in spring 2012.

Price: $13.99 Visit the Website

Miracle-Gro Kids Root Viewer

Miracle-Gro Kids Root Viewer

Description: The Miracle-Gro Kids Root Viewer from Peachtree Playthings allows parents to introduce the basic concepts of gardening to children through a fun and interactive gardening set that allows you to see the plant's growth above and below the soil. What's even more fun about this set is that it grows carrots, onions, and radishes so that you can incorporate your homegrown vegetables into homemade recipes. The Root Viewer includes specially formulated Miracle-Gro Gro Mix, a Root Viewer planter, seeds, and a Gro Chart that allows kids to document the progress of their plant.

Price: $12.99 to $12.99 Visit the Website

Fans Not Customers By Vernon Hill

Fans Not Customers by businese entrepreneur Vernon Hill

Description: What’s the key to becoming a business success? Turn your customers into fans. So says Vernon Hill, a serial entrepreneur whose new book Fans Not Customers, How to Create Growth Companies in a No Growth World, (Profile Brooks Nov. 2012) tells how he transformed his many business ventures into huge customer service and financial successes. In the book, Hill says the key to be a successful entrepreneur is not to seek customers, but to seek fans, people who seek a better experience. He delivers this experience by offering spectacular customer service and innovative ideas. According to Hill, most companies don’t walk the talk when it comes to customer service. Hill says when you turn your customers into fans; they will sing your praises and become your greatest allies in marketing, sales and success. How can this be accomplished? Hill says make your business hours convenient for your customers, make their dealing with you simple and quick, hire enough staff to maximize customer convenience, make sure your employees go the extra mile to keep the customer happy, have phone answered by real people and not automated robots, and make every customer truly welcome.

Price: $12.07 to $18.95 Visit the Website

The Fuller Brush Company Foaming Barbecue Grill Cleaner And Brush

The Fuller Brush Company Foaming Barbecue Grill Cleaner

Description: Dad doesn't want to waste his special day cleaning the grill. Give him the gift of a clean grill this Father's Day with The Fuller Brush Company Foaming Barbecue Grill Cleaner and BBQ Grill Brush. The specialized foam loosens burnt-on grease and food from grills and racks for an easy clean. While the BBQ grill brush easily brushes off food scraps with tough steel bristles.

Price: $12.00 to $15.00 Visit the Website

Scotch Shoe Desktop Tape Dispensers

Scotch Shoe Desktop Tape Dispenser in Honeysuckle

Description: Perfect for fashionistas or anyone looking to add some style to their desk decor, the Scotch Shoe Desktop Tape Dispenser is a trendy, yet practical, way to dispense the original Scotch Magic Tape. Inspired by the latest fashion trends seen in today's magazines and runway shows, there are a variety of Scotch Shoe Desktop Tape Dispensers to match any style.

Price: $10.99 Visit the Website

Lemons And Lavender: The Eco Guide To Better Homekeeping

Lemons and Lavender: The Eco Guide to Better Homekeeping

Description: By Billee Sharp Author Billee Sharp shares her freecycling, budget-savvy, barter-better wisdom in this step-by-step handbook to revolutionizing your spending habits and reclaiming your quality of life. Lemons and Lavender is an inspiring and instructive guide to living the handmade life by consuming less and creating more. Practical and profound, this handy how-to covers every area of life and offers easy-to-do tips, recipes, and advice on saving money and the planet. You and your family can live more joyfully and far more creatively, all on a dime. The best things in life are free—or if they aren't, you can have a lot of fun making them. Learn how to: - Ditch the lawn and raise organic veggies - Cook healthy meals for pennies - Eco-clean your house with lemons and lavender - Cure minor maladies from the kitchen cabinet - Join a seed sharing community garden - Save big dollars with small repairs - Organize a free market - Put the "happy" back in your holidays

Price: $10.85 to $15.95 Visit the Website

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Of Chicago

Air Conditioning Contractor

Description: Chicago Air Conditioning & Heating Company, American Comfort's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers on time, quality HVAC, heat and cooling services in this area for the last 65 years. Air Conditioning Contractor, AC Services, Heating & Cooling , AC Repair, Air Conditioning Repair Service, HVAC Repair At American Comfort’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, it is our pleasure to provide heating and air conditioning service to Chicago and the surrounding areas. We provide legendary service with fully background checked, drug tested technicians who have at least 5 years of professional HVAC experience. You, the customer, are the most important aspect of our business, and we will never forget that.

Price: $10.00 to $2,000.00 Visit the Website

Enviro-Log Firestarters

Enviro-Log Firestarters are available at Lowe's and select grocery and hardware stores.

Description: Enviro-Log Firestarters each provide up to 20 minutes of burn time, with tall and consistent flames that will even get the dampest firewood to ignite. Burned to completion, each firestarter is 100 percent consumed and leaves no mess to clean up. Enviro-Log Firestarters are a great way to ensure that you have the protection and warmth of a fire when you need it. They can be used in a fireplace or wood stove, to light a campfire and start charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for warming food in emergency situations. Ideal for back packing, hiking, camping, fishing or skiing, Enviro-Log Firestarters provide a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly way to start any fire anywhere. There are 24 starts in every box, available at select retail locations throughout the United States, including Lowe’s Home Improvement stores nationwide and many regional grocery and hardware retailers.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags

Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags - packaging

Description: Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags, made from tapioca, are an environmentally and socially responsible choice for dog owners. Tapioca is a sustainable, non-GMO crop, so it requires very little water, energy or fertilizer to grow. And, our product is certified Fair for Life, meaning that the farmers and workers we partner with in Indonesia will see extra income from the growing and manufacturing of tapioca for our product. So, by choosing our green, Snoopy blue or Tinkerbell pink bags, dog owners will have something to feel good about, and the thick, leak-proof, easy-open tapioca material makes it super easy to be a responsible pet owner and always pick up after your dog to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

TERRO Stink Bug Killer

TERRO Stink Bug Killer kills on contact

Description: Homeowners can protect themselves against foul home invasions with a new line of Stink Bug Killers from TERRO®, a leader in DIY ant and pest control products. TERRO® Ready-to-Use Stink Bug Killer Spray and TERRO® Stink Bug Killer Aerosol Spray quickly kill insects on contact. For long-term control, the Ready-to-Use spray is formulated to continue killing up to four months. The non-staining, odorless stink bug killers are also effective against boxelder bugs, Asian lady bugs, carpenter ants and crickets. Both products may be used indoors and outdoors.

Price: $9.00 to $12.00 Visit the Website

Pass On Pills And Patch Up Pain With Salonpas

Salonpas Provides Powerful Relief When and Where It's Needed With the Launch of Three New Pill-Free Products

Description: Given that Americans see continual oral medication scares with accidental and intentional overdoses and FDA mandated warning labels, more and more pain suffers are gravitating to topical treatment options. Hisamitsu America, a division of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., and the manufacturers of Salonpas®, www.salonpas.us, the one and only over-the-counter ("OTC") pain patch that is FDA approved and clinically proven, offers the following new pill-free OTC products to alleviate pain. Salonpas® Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOT-L introduces the healing powers of pepper featuring capsaicin (0.025%) and menthol (1.25%) in a soothing cloth that is ideal for relief of minor aches and pains in the shoulder, upper back and lower back. Salonpas® Pain Relieving Massage Foam delivers a new pain relief sensation for tough pain. With active ingredients menthol (3%) and methyl salicylate (10%), this easy-to-use topical analgesic delivers pain relief in seconds. Pain sufferers can now experience a blast of cooling pain relief with Salonpas® Pain Relieving Jet Spray. With active ingredients menthol (3%) and methyl salicylate (10%), the Salonpas® Pain Relieving Jet Spray is an easy-to-use topical analgesic for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with strains, sprains, bruises, simple backache and arthritis. Hisamitsu America is also proud to announce sleek new packaging for their marque pain patch products: the SALONPAS® PAIN RELIEF PATCH and SALONPAS® ARTHRITIS PAIN PATCH, which are the first and only FDA-approved OTC pain relieving patches, and manufactured using new ultra-thin Comfort Stretch™ technology that provides effective pain relief for up to 12 hours.

Price: $7.99 to $9.99 Visit the Website

Get Your Grill Summer Ready With CLR Grease Magnet

CLR Grease Magnet

Description: CLR Grease Magnet is a fast-acting powerful cleaner formulated to make short work of cleaning stubborn oil, grease and tar from: • Cement • Terrazzo • Stone Floors • Blacktop • Sidewalks • Driveways • Motors • Factory Floors • Garage Floors • Barbeque Grills • Pool Decks • Motors • Machinery CLR Grease Magnet... • Industrial strength cleaner removes oil, grease and tar. • Makes driveways and garage floors look almost new again. • Biodegradable. • Will not harm grass, shrubs, or surrounding vegetation.

Price: $7.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Stopper Toppers

Stopper Toppers come in a great tin - perfect for gift giving.

Description: Ever look at your bathroom sink or go into someone’s bathroom and notice the rust on the sink’s stopper? It happens to the best of us. Water just does that to sink stoppers! Stopper Toppers are laminates that you put on the round stopper inside your sink. They add a bit of spunk to the boring white sink. Available in a host of designs from monograms to holiday themes, Stopper Toppers are becoming a bathroom craze, one sink at a time. Check them out at www.stoppertoppers.com. They sell for $6.99 each, including shipping and tax. They are very simple to apply and do not damage the stopper or sink. They make gift stocking stuffers or favors for the holidays.

Price: $6.99 Visit the Website

Wahl's All Natural Line Of Pet Shampoos

All Natural Line of Pet Shampoos by Wahl

Description: Wahl’s new line contains six specially formulated pet shampoos free of harsh detergents and toxic chemicals. Easy lather and rinsing ability eliminates dirt without stripping coat of natural oils and a high concentrate plus 24 oz. bottle means a greater value, providing up to 70 percent more baths. This is the perfect choice for owners who want to avoid harsh chemicals for both their dog and themselves. Each pet shampoo is PEG-80 Free.

Price: $6.99 Visit the Website

2013 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

The 2013 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar chronicles the lives of 12 royal bovines.

Description: The 2013 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar – “Royal-T-Bones” – chronicles the lives of 12 regal bovines throughout the ages. Such characters include Queen Elizabrisket, King Tutancattle and Alexandherd the Steak who put their hooves down and risked their own hides in order to keep the “live” in livestock. New to the 2013 Cow Calendar is a digital offer card that comes pre-loaded with a Chick-fil-A menu offer each month of the year – more than $26 of free food. The Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar provides a year’s worth of entertainment from the Cows and great freebies on menu items. It’s an affordable stocking-stuffer that continues to be the No. 1 best-selling calendar nationwide year after year.

Price: $6.00 Visit the Website

Colman's Mustard Heats Up The Grill This Father's Day

Colman’s Prepared Mustard & Colman’s Dry Mustard Powder

Description: Colman’s Mustard is a classic flavor that will surely inspire your Dad’s upcoming summer BBQs. Whether Dad is entertaining a crowd, having a casual family gathering or enjoying an intimate evening with Mom, Colman’s Mustard will dress up the occasion and surely impress. Colman’s Mustard has been a main stay in American kitchens for decades, this summer take the flavor outdoors with wonderful grilling recipes such as BBQ Chicken with Honey Mustard Glaze, Grilled Mahi Mahi with Fresh Herbs, Luscious Kobe Beef Burgers and Colman’s BBQ Sauce. Stylish side dishes like Hot Crab Dip or Spicy Chicken Wings enhanced with Colman’s Mustard will make your Dad shine at any family meal.

Price: $5.99 to $9.99 Visit the Website

Victor Fast-Kill Refillable Bait Stations With Bait Blocks

Quickly get rid of mice with Victor Fast-Kill Refillable Bait Stations with Bait Blocks

Description: Experience the most precise and economically-friendly mice killer on the market, guaranteed to kill rodents within 1-2 days of bait consumption. Engineered with a fast-acting, non-anticoagulant formula, this powerful new mouse poison can kill rodents within two days of consumption. Easy-to-use, simply place a bait block in the Refillable Bait Station and set in areas of high rodent activity. Victor’s Fast-Kill Brand Refillable Bait Stations are resistant to tampering by children and sealed packaging keeps the bait blocks fresh. The Refillable Stations are available for sale with nine bait blocks ($5.97) or twenty bait blocks ($8.93) on Victor’s website at http://www.victorpest.com.

Price: $5.97 to $8.93 Visit the Website

SOI Candles For Your Valentine

Chocolate Truffle

Description: We all love to be greeted by an inviting fragrance when you walk through a door. SOI Candles from The SOi Company is making this possible with their collection of hand-crafted candles. A one of a kind candle, SOI candles are the eco-friendly way to create a healthy environment through beautiful fragrance. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, several new scents are perfect for any Valentine you are shopping for, including Goddess, Love Spell Divine, and Chocolate Truffle in festive packaging. What is more, SOI candles are made of 100% all-natural soy oil, you will enjoy clean, soot-free burning that is not harmful to you or the environment. A great gift for anyone, SOI candles’ soy oil only heats to 106 degrees making them last 40% longer that paraffin wax candles and what’s even better, melted soy oil from SOI candles can be used as skin moisturizer and help remedy sunburns, eczema, psoriasis and poison oak

Price: $5.95 to $24.95 Visit the Website

An After-Party Essential - INVISIBLE GLASS Premium Glass Cleaner

Description: Everybody's talking about how amazing Invisible Glass is to get your home glass clean after a big party, or anytime you want to see your glass sparkle. Invisible Glass has superior cleaning power and "invisible" clarity to please even the most particular Hollywood hosts. Invisible Glass is the automotive industry’s number 1 glass cleaner and is now available in a household friendly easy-to-use trigger spray bottle. Discover what auto professionals and enthusiasts have known for years—that Invisible Glass is the best choice for cleaning windshields, windows and mirrors fast, with a powerful, non-streaking, non-abrasive formula. Available for years as an aerosol in auto supply stores, Invisible Glass can now be found in popular retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, True Value, and Meijer. For more information on Invisible Glass, visit www.invisibleglass.com

Price: $3.99 Visit the Website

Brincatti® Refillable Bottles

Brincatti Spray Bottle

Description: Stop throwing plastic bottles away! Brincatti® refillable bottles make it easy to fill and refill consumer products for travel, personal care, household products and cleaners, commercial use and more. Their patented wide mouth design (60% larger than a standard bottle opening) makes it easier to refill bottles without making a mess, wasting product or having to use a pump or funnel. Buy your favorite brands in bulk to save your family money, and significantly reduce your home’s plastic bottle waste by using Brincatti® refillable bottles for all consumer products (lawn and garden, hobby and crafts, pet supplies, health, beauty products, travel and more).

Price: $3.65 to $9.99 Visit the Website

Golden Oak At Walt Disney World Resort

Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort

Description: How would you like to surprise your family during the holidays with exclusive access to the Walt Disney World® Resort theme parks with no block-out dates, bonus hours at the parks, and special concierge-style services? These are just some of the amenities that residents enjoy at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort, a one-of-a-kind luxury resort home community in Orlando. Golden Oak is a collection of comfortable yet sophisticated residences in intimate neighborhoods located just miles from the Magic Kingdom. The six distinct styles of custom-built homes range in price from $1.5 million to $8 million and provide residents with a host of special features and amenities, including special access to Walt Disney World and membership to Summerhouse, the private club for Golden Oak homeowners. You can’t put a price tag on a gift that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Price: $1.00 to $8.00 Visit the Website

The Fuller Brush Company Nature's Choice Multi-Surface Cleaner

The Fuller Brush Company Nature's Choice Multi-Surface Cleaner

Description: Yes, natural cleaning can actually work, with the right products. The Fuller Brush Company Nature's Choice is a line of cleaning solutions that work as well as traditional cleaners but are safer for your family and the environment. The Nature's Choice Multi-Surface Cleaner is a one-stop cleaner that works on countless surfaces, from granite and stainless steel to vinyl flooring and tile. Made from natural plant-based ingredients including coconut/palm based oil and natural spearmint essential oil, this product is non-toxic and readily biodegradable.

Price: $1.00 to $6.00 Visit the Website

The Fuller Brush Company Stainless Steel Cleaning Gel

The Fuller Brush Company Stainless Steel Gel

Description: From pesty fingerprints to oil and butter stains, The Fuller Brush Company Stainless Steel Cleaning Gel works great on a wide variety of stains and spots. The microencapsulated beads contain concentrated cleaning and polishing agents to produce a glimmering shine and silky finish on any stainless steel or metal surface. Since it's a concentrated gel, it's less messy than other liquid products.

Price: $1.00 to $7.99 Visit the Website

Move Masters: We Move Your World

Move Masters moving Services

Description: Move Masters is an experienced, professional and a reliable company, delivering Quality Moving Services 7 days a week. We are a Moving Specialist; serving satisfies customers in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine and the surrounding areas for a number of years. Over the years, our company has maintained a steady growth strategy ensuring Quality & Service remain our main objectives.

Price: $0.00 to $0.10 Visit the Website

Free Graphic Designing Services

Free Graphic Designing Services

Description: Just let us know your nature of your business, type of promotion or event you have planed and your chosen product for your advertisement, along with bit of text and graphics if you have any. Our team of professional graphic designers will design a layout for you. A dedicated in house designer will be assigned to your job for maximum productivity and uniqueness. We will then send you JPEG proof via email for any changes/ approval. However if you prefer working with your inhouse/hired designer or designing it yourself, we still would be more than happy to work on it and print your design concept and finalized layout. And we still would make JPEG Proof of your design file and would send your back for your approval.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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