Home & Garden Gifts 2014 - Home & Garden Gift Guide Roundup for 2014

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Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

The Inada DreamWave massage chair

Description: The luxury Inada DreamWave™ massage chair creates a spa-like experience in the comfort of home – any time, any day. The DreamWave chair combines shiatsu master massage movements with Japanese engineering to deliver a full-body massage over 1,200 square inches, using 101 air cells. This is more coverage than any massage chair out there. Using state-of-the-art technology, the DreamWave scans your back to detect specific pressure points and then provides a customized shiatsu-based massage for one of 106 body types. It actually mimics the back mobilization movements used by physical therapists and chiropractors. One session in the chair and you'll agree that Inada chairs are The World’s Best Massage Chair™.

Price: $7,999.00 Visit the Website

Comfort Sleeper Cot

Lyndon Cot Comfort Sleeper

Description: Guests coming for the holidays? Now your visions of lavish comfort can finally be found in a sofa sleeper – day and night. With the Comfort Sleeper™ by American Leather®, you can rest assured that you have the most relaxing sit by day and the most luxurious sleep by night. The Comfort Sleeper offers the freedom that comes from ultimate flexibility and choice. As a sofa, it provides ultra-comfortable seating and a fashionable addition to your décor, thanks to an incredible range of styles, sizes and materials. At nighttime, the sleeper unfolds into a luxurious retreat where you and your most valued guests can rest and relax. Even Scrooge won’t complain about this sleeper, as the 5” of foam comfort rests on a solid platform base, so there are no bars or springs to disrupt a good night’s sleep. Plus anti-microbial mattress protection makes sure the late-night eggnog won’t stain your sleeping surface. With the Comfort Sleeper it is truly Happy Holidays to all, and to all, a good night! Visit www.americanleather.com to find a Comfort Sleeper dealer near you. Available with a Premium, Tempur-Pedic® or Gel mattress. Price: $3999 starting leather; $2599 starting fabric

Price: $2,599.00 Visit the Website

Aireloom Endeavor Plush- Aireloom Aspire Collection

Aireloom Endeavor Plush

Description: America’s premier luxury bedding manufacturer has created its most affordable collection yet, aimed at an up-and-coming younger demographic who desire a taste of the luxury lifestyle. The three-model Aireloom Aspire Collection offers much of the same quality, craftsmanship and fine materials synonymous with the Aireloom brand, at an introductory price-point. Each mattress in the collection is finished with a very unique heavy-weight, double-knit cover with a gathered effect for ultimate comfort. Featuring a stylish non-quilted Scandinavian aesthetic, the ecru colored ticking stands out nicely against the light-gray foundation, which is finished in a beautiful chenille fabric.

Price: $1,999.00 Visit the Website

John Deere D125 Riding Lawn Mower

John Deere Riding Lawn Mower

Description: The John Deere riding lawn mower is a great tool to help keep your lawn looking the best on your neighborhood block. The mower is ready to side discharge, bag or mulch. A wide range of attachments and implements are available to help you accomplish even more in the yard than you thought possible. The John Deere mower is the perfect gift for the gardener.

Price: $1,799.00 Visit the Website

Bertazzoni 24" Professional Series Speed Oven

Speed Oven

Description: With its family sized capacity, the combined multi-function electric and microwave oven has convection, regular or broiler heating modes with a microwave boost function to reduce cooking times significantly compared with a conventional oven. In microwave mode it has five power levels. Controls include pre-set cooking, cooking timer and sensors for reheat, defrost and cook. This model features European Convection with a ring element. The oven can also be used for conventional electric cooking if required and includes a full-width electric broiler.

Price: $1,699.00 Visit the Website

The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace Kit

The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace Kit from MantelsDirect.com

Description: Turn your drab patio into the entertaining space of the century. With no expensive masonry required, our DIY Fireplace Kit is an easy way to spruce up your backyard. Available in BBQ, See thru and 3 Screen editions, they are also completely customizable with stone or brick to create a look that's uniquely you. No mortar is required for fast and easy assembly and it is even portable if you decide to move! Able to burn both charcoal and wood, the design is safe for stringent home, condo and apartment regulations.

Price: $1,639.00 to $2,474.00 Visit the Website

Third Rock Artisan Steel Fire Pit

Earth Fire Pit

Description: Crafted by the amply named, Fire Pit Art, this artisan fire pit was handmade with love in the US. Shaped like the Earth, as each continent catches ablaze, feel a sense of pride to the core. Designed to be a functional sculpture, this is one outdoor landscaping element that's as beautiful as it is useful. Each piece is individually numbered on a small brass plaque attached to the base ring, making them unique and a sure conversation piece to any outdoor space!

Price: $1,490.00 to $1,685.00 Visit the Website

Coyote Outdoor Living's Grill-in-a-Box (CCX2)

Coyote's Grill in a Box

Description: The Coyote CCX2 or "Grill in a Box" is delivered pre-assembled and ready to grill. It features interior hood lights for night grilling, improved heat control grids and is made of 18 gauge 304-grade stainless steel. The CCX2 is available on both grill cart and built-in. The CCX2 is available in either propane or natural gas. It cooks up to 20,000 BTU's per burner for a total of 40,000 for the entire grill. Find a dealer near you by visiting www.coyoteoutdoor.com

Price: $1,199.00 Visit the Website

11' Offset Umbrella By Galtech

11' Offset Umbrella by Galtech

Description: Beautiful 11' Offset Umbrella featuring the super easy to use Easy Open Lift System. This large offset umbrella is perfect for keeping your patio, pool, or outdoor dining area shaded and comfortable throughout the summer. The exclusive Easy Open Lift system allows you to open and extend the cantilever in one motion. A 170-pound base is included featuring stabilizers to keep this cantilevered umbrella steady, even in breezy conditions. Choose from a gorgeous selection of Sunbrella Fabrics, and a beautiful Thatch Cover as well.

Price: $1,199.00 to $1,269.00 Visit the Website

Hudson Large Desk

This Arts and Crafts-inspired Hudson collection desk will compliment any office. Featuring clean lines and two drawers, this piece is built using solid wood and select veneers with metal knobs for a classic contemporary look.

Description: This Arts and Crafts-inspired Hudson collection desk will compliment any office. Featuring clean lines and two drawers, this piece is built using solid wood and select veneers with metal knobs for a classic contemporary look. Available unfinished or finished in the color of your choice from our urbangreen stain and paint collection. Shown in Painted Eco MDF, white and fuchsia finish. Custom sizes available upon request. Dimensions: D30xW60xH29 3/4 Wood: All urbangreen furniture is made out of high quality real wood, solids and select maple, cherry and walnut veneers free of formaldehyde glues. We build our pieces with attention to detail, optimizing wood use. Finish: All urbangreen pieces can be purchased unfinished or finished as per color samples on each product page. All pieces are hand sanded and hand finished with high quality waterborne stains, paints and top coats. All the finishes used are of the lowest VOC finishes available in the market, and are not harmful for humans and pets. Painted Eco MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard (Engineered Wood), a material that is ideal for the application of solid paint, is used for paint finishes. The MDF used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and free of formaldehyde. All solid paint finishes used are of the lowest VOC in the market, eco-friendly and human safe. Some painted pieces may be made out of wood or contain wood parts together with MDF parts.

Price: $849.00 Visit the Website

DEEBOT 77: Does The Cleaning While You Do Nothing!

Deebot 77

Description: The DEEBOT 77 is a 3-dimensional cleaning robotic system for advanced floor cleaning and has a detachable handheld canister vacuum that comes with 10 additional accessories. It can pick up pet hair, dust, and anything in between with its 360 degree swivel wheeled technology. Air-drop sensors provide direction insides of homes and also keep her from falling down stairs while cleaning a variety of surfaces including hardwood, natural stone, marble, linoleum, and tile. Additional sensors recognize and automatically switch between the many different cleaning modes and select the correct setting.

Price: $699.99 Visit the Website

Winbot 7: First Of It's Kind Robotic Window Cleaner

Winbot 730

Description: The WINBOT 7 is the world’s first window-cleaning robot. The WINBOT 7 can clean glass of any thickness – even Thermopane windows. The robot, is easy to use, smart, efficient and powerful, while continuing to be a safe and convenient option for individuals who would prefer to enjoy life and spend more time with their families or friends rather than on household chores WINBOT 7 is easily operated, users just power her on, securely place her on the window, and press start. WINBOT’s Pathfinder Technology automatically scans and calculates the size of windows and programs a custom path for speed and efficiency. The WINBOT comes complete with a Safety Pod and tether, two sets of Cleaning Pads, Cleaning Solution, Remote Control with batteries, and a Power Adapter. Additional WINBOT accessories are sold separately and include: Cleaning Solution Refill, Replacement Microfiber Cleaning Pads, WINBOT Extension Cord, and Replacement Cupules (for suction).

Price: $399.99 Visit the Website

CobraCo™ Tile Edge Fire Pit - Bone Tiles

CobraCo™ Tile Edge Fire Pit - Bone Tiles

Description: The CobraCo Tile Edge Fire Pit with bone-colored tiles is perfect for warming up a large crowd at an evening gathering. The wide tile-edge on this steel fire pit provides ample room for storing drinks and food, making it an excellent centerpiece for your backyard gatherings. The fire bowl features integrated air raisers for improved air flow in order to create a cleaner burning fire. The fire pit is made from powder coated steel, which is designed to withstand normal weather conditions and resist rusting, especially when used with the included vinyl rain cover. This fire pit comes with a heavy duty spark guard cover to prevent sparks and ash from blowing, a protective vinyl cover to protect from the elements when not in use and removal tool that allows you to safely remove the spark guard cover to attend the fire. The Tile Edge Fire Pit is available with four different color tiles: Jade, Bone, Desert Sand, and Charcoal.

Price: $399.00 Visit the Website

Online Herbal Course

Online Intermediate Herbal Course

Description: The Online Intermediate Herbal Course is your online doorway into the wild and wonderful world of plant medicine, a perfect gift for those interested in gardening, self sufficiency, and healthy living. The comprehensive and convenient online herbal course can be completed anywhere and anytime—right from a laptop! The course includes a printable Intermediate Herbal Certification upon completion, 10 outstanding units, 40 in-depth lessons, over 100 herbal recipes, interactive ebooks, printable handouts and charts, videos throughout every unit, online forums open for discussion and questions, and easy access to a team of herbalists and medical professions. Learn what your great ancestors knew about the natural world and begin to build your own Materia medica and apothecary. We’ll show you how and tell you why. Gift certificates available!

Price: $360.00 Visit the Website

9' Auto Tilt Aluminum Patio Umbrella By Galtech Umbrella

9' Auto Tilt Aluminum Patio Umbrella by Galtech

Description: The most popular patio umbrella in America, Our 9' Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella by Galtech is an American Classic that proves year after year why it's everyone's favorite. Add the right cover from our wide line of Sunbrella® Fabrics, and you've got a feature packed patio umbrella that will offer great shading to your outdoor room. Feature packed, this umbrella comes with a solid Stainless Steel Cable, Metal Housing, and Secure Threaded Connector to ensure your umbrella will perform year in and year out. The auto tilt feature is easy to use and provides shade throughout the day. Just open the patio umbrella with the smooth crank lift to it's fully open position, then turn the crank one more time to tilt it.

Price: $329.00 to $349.00 Visit the Website

Airfree Onix 3000

Onix 3000

Description: Purifiers for the home Onix 3000 Air purifier is recommended for rooms up to 650 sq ft. Airfree ® is the natural solution to asthma, respiratory allergies and mold. Eliminates dust mites, bacteria, fungi, virus, pollen, allergens of domestic animals and other microorganisms from the air. Available in over 50 countries, and rated among the best air purifiers in the United States, Airfree air purifiers reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters. Recommended by doctors and with no contraindications, they can be used anywhere. How does it work? Airfree’s exclusive technology works by eliminating microorganisms and allergens, destroying them in a fraction of a second. Depending on the model, between 14,000 and 20,000 liters of air pass through the Airfree device every hour, treating all the air in the room in a very short space of time. The process works in much the same way as sterilizing water by boiling it; when water is boiled, the microorganisms it contains are eliminated. In similar fashion, Airfree continually draws in air from the room, heating it to over 400°F and instantly sterilizing it. The purified air is then cooled inside the device before being returned to the room. The entire process is completely silent and requires no maintenance, not even the occasional replacement of parts. All you have to do is switch the device on and leave it to get on with the job.

Price: $299.00 to $300.00 Visit the Website

EverSense By Allure Energy

EverSense by Allure Energy

Description: The EverSense® by Allure Energy is a home environment control platform that easily and affordably enables any dwelling to be smart home ready. EverSense senses when you are home and when you are away, adjusting your home accordingly. The device is designed to be the center of the connected home, including modern features like wireless speakers that stream music from any device, a Flickr-powered app that turns its high-resolution display into a digital picture frame, video playback, and an up-to-the minute weather app with animated radar.

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

9' Wood Market Umbrella With Light Wood By Galtech

9' Wood Market Umbrella with Light Wood by Galtech

Description: Bring the look and feel of the finest outdoor restaurants or cafe's to your home decor with this classically inspired 9' Market Umbrella featuring beautiful Light Wood and Sunbrella® fabrics. The original market umbrella appeared all over Europe's busy street markets, creating a rustic style that many people today love to see in their patio or outdoor room, without every worrying about the quality. The wood features six layers of marine grade varnish and expert construction makes up the frame to ensure that you'll be loving your outdoor living shaded by a beautiful and long lasting umbrella.

Price: $269.00 to $299.00 Visit the Website

9' Aluminum Collar Tilt Patio Umbrella By California Umbrella

9' Aluminum Collar Tilt Patio Umbrella by California Umbrella

Description: The 9' Collar Tilt Patio Umbrella by California Umbrella is a market umbrella styled, popular patio umbrella made with the whole family in mind. It features an incredible collar tilt function offering infinite tilt positions and an easy to use lift system. When you want to tilt the umbrella, you just turn the collar dial above the crank! This is a great feature if you want to adjust your umbrella from a sitting position, instead of getting up to turn the crank. Feature rich and incredibly configurable, you can design your collar tilt umbrella with Sunbrella fabrics, 4 frame colors, and 2 cover designs. Superior quality and extensive features and built to stand the outdoor elements with ease, this market umbrella also features a self tie to keep closed when not in use and reinforced rib pockets for cover strength.

Price: $263.00 to $356.00 Visit the Website

Air/Q Whole Room Air Freshener

Air/Q Whole Room Air Freshener is fully adjustable, safe and eco-friendly.

Description: Those who desire to transform their residence’s ambiance with the same superior scenting technology and chemistry used by the world’s leading hotels, resorts and spas can now turn to the Air/Q Whole Room Air Freshener, a fully adjustable, safe and eco-friendly air-freshening system. The attractive tabletop cube which enables users to create customized scent experiences that are in perfect sync with the look and feel of their home design, eliminates odors caused by pets, smokers, kids, trash cans, mold and mildew, and delivers the fresh scent of your choice. Created expressly to replace aerosols, plug-in air fresheners, reed diffusers, scented candles and other old-fashioned, low-performance air fresheners that often pose health, ecological and safety risks, Air/Q works automatically to erase odors (rather than masking them) and create the desired scent effect without flame or heat and without releasing any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Consumers can purchase the Air/Q Whole Room Air Freshener for $250.00, which includes an initial fragrance cartridge. Over 20 varieties of scents--ranging from Fresh Cotton to Jasmine and Baked Bread--are available, and through December 23, specially created holiday scents including Peppermint Latte, Christmas Tree, Sweet Cinnamon, Iced Gingerbread, Mulled Spices and Creamy Caramel Apple will also be available. Cartridges are priced at $49.95 for the small cartridge and $60.00 for the large cartridge. The unit and cartridges are available at http://www.airq.com.

Price: $250.00 Visit the Website

"Aloha Pink Hibiscus And Butterflies" Sheet Set

"Aloha Pink Hibiscus and Butterflies" Sheet Set

Description: Our "Aloha Pink Hibiscus and Butterflies" Sheet Sets are made of a lightweight microfiber for the ultimate experience in softness~ extremely breathable! Design goes on top of sheets and pillowcase and is backed in white. We use Eco Friendly Dyes so product will not fade or alter fabric texture. Eco Friendly Surfer Bedding is Crafted in USA and is Machine Washable. "Aloha Blue Hibiscus and Butterflies" Complete Bedding and Bath Collection Sold Separately at www.SurferBedding.com Sheet Sets Available in Twin, Queen and King Sizes.

Price: $249.99 to $369.99 Visit the Website

"Aloha Lime Hibiscus And Butterflies" Sheet Set

"Aloha Lime Hibiscus and Butterflies" Sheet Set

Description: Our "Aloha Lime Hibiscus and Butterflies" Sheet Sets are made of a lightweight microfiber for the ultimate experience in softness~ extremely breathable! Design goes on top of sheets and pillowcase and is backed in white. We use Eco Friendly Dyes so product will not fade or alter fabric texture. Eco Friendly Surfer Bedding is Crafted in USA and is Machine Washable. "Aloha Lime Hibiscus and Butterflies" Complete Bedding and Bath Collection Sold Separately at www.SurferBedding.com Sheet Sets Available in Twin, Queen and King Sizes.

Price: $249.99 to $369.99 Visit the Website

"Aloha Purple Hibiscus And Butterflies" Sheet Set

"Aloha Purple Hibiscus and Butterflies" Sheet Set

Description: Our "Aloha Purple Hibiscus and Butterflies" Sheet Sets are made of a lightweight microfiber for the ultimate experience in softness~ extremely breathable! Design goes on top of sheets and pillowcase and is backed in white. We use Eco Friendly Dyes so product will not fade or alter fabric texture. Eco Friendly Surfer Bedding is Crafted in USA and is Machine Washable. "Aloha Purple Hibiscus and Butterflies" Complete Bedding and Bath Collection Sold Separately at www.SurferBedding.com Sheet Sets Available in Twin, Queen and King Sizes.

Price: $249.99 to $369.99 Visit the Website

Tipke Foldit 2200 Utility And Garden Cart

Tipke Foldit 2200 Utility and Garden Cart

Description: Inside Dimensions: 38" L x 22.75" W x 11.5" H Overall Dimensions: 55" L x 30.25" W x 23" H Folded Dimensions: 41" L x 22" W x 10.5" H Tipke Foldit Aluminum Lawn and Garden Cart is the hardest working all-purpose carrier you will ever own. With the do-it-all Foldit Cart, you can haul almost anything. Move up to 330 lbs. of cargo at a time, with hardly any effort. It is designed so loads are dispersed evenly over the axles. 20-inch wheels with pneumatic tires add maneuvarability and stability over uneven terrain. The removable front gate allows for larger loads and quick, easy, controlled dumping of soil or mulch. When you are done, just use a garden hose to clean up without any worries about rust. When not in use, the retracting handle locks firmly in place, keeping the cart folded. Store it in the closet, garage, storage shed, wherever... its compact size requires less than 2 square feet of floor space. Just release the spring action handle to initiate unfolding and the Foldit Cart is ready to work in less than a minute.

Price: $249.98 Visit the Website

BDI Bink Table

The Tangerine Bink

Description: The Bink Mobile Media Table by BDI is a sleek, stylish and sturdy side table and computer desk that brings updated style to the work and living space. With a base capable of sliding under most sofas and chairs, this light-weight aluminum stand is ideal for individuals with lifestyles as multi-functional as their technology. Bink complements nearly any decor. Its adaptability makes it ideal for those who tend to bring the office home, or who need mobile table-top surfaces for a multitude of functions and uses – even if just for late night snacking while watching your favorite movie.

Price: $249.00 Visit the Website

Indoor Outdoor Garden Shag Rug By Loloi

Garden Shag in Rust

Description: Introducing one of our most inventive collections; the first-ever indoor/outdoor shag. Hand woven in India of 100% polyester, Garden Shag offers the same softness and textural appeal of our other shag collections, except this yarn is treated to withstand all of mother nature’s elements including sunshine, rain, and dirt. And because the look is so versatile, Garden Shag looks equally at home as an easy-to-clean rug in the dining room or sunroom as it does outdoors.

Price: $239.00 to $1,559.00 Visit the Website

Dimond Silver Leaf Driftwood Table Lamp

Dimond Silver Leaf Driftwood Table Lamp

Description: Give your home the gift of style this holiday season, with the Dimond Silver Leaf Driftwood Table Lamp from Lamps.com. Featuring a silver leaf finish, this lamp is both classic and modern in design. Give your guests something to talk about this holiday season - with a chic lighting addition from Lamps.com The lamp uses one 150-watt medium-base light bulb. Measuring 18 Inches x 9 Inches x 34.75 Inches, this lamp is guaranteed to brighten the mood, and the season!

Price: $230.00 Visit the Website

"Surf Bus" Surfer Bedding Comforter

"Surf Bus" Surfer Bedding Comforter

Description: This Fun New "Surf Bus" Surfer Beach Bedding Is Premium Quality and Crafted In The USA! Soft Plush Microfleece is used for top printed side, bottom is 320 count sateen cotton in white, and is fully stuffed with down alternative filling. We use Eco Friendly water based dyes that won't fade and do not alter fabric texture! "Surf Bus" Comforters are available in Twin, Full/Queen and King Sizes Surf Bus Design is also available in Duvet Covers,Sheet Sets, Throw Blankets, Shower Curtains, Bath Towels and Baby Crib Bedding all at www.SurferBedding.com

Price: $220.00 to $320.00 Visit the Website

White Owl Bookends

District17 - White Owl Bookends

Description: Add modern, high-style flair to your kids bookcase with the White Owl Bookends by Jonathan Adler. Featuring subtle geometric detailing, this 2-bookend set is a statement piece that will coordinate well with an owl-themed bedroom or nursery, or fit seamlessly in your living room or study. Made from unglazed porcelain and perched on an alabaster base. Jonathan Adler is known for mixing modern prints and bold colors. Jonathan Adler's mission is to bring style, craft, joy and "grooviness" to your space.

Price: $195.00 Visit the Website

T-fal OptiGrill

T-fal OptiGrill

Description: Grilling outdoors this time of year might as well be torture, so give the gift of grilling (minus the cold) with the T-fal OptiGrill. A ‘smart’ indoor grill, the OptiGrill features a built-in sensor that automatically adapts to the thickness of your food and delivers perfect doneness from rare to well-done through six different programs. Simply choose your preferred cooking temperature and watch along as the colors change indicating what cycle of cooking it is in. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond and BedBathandBeyond.com for $179.99.

Price: $179.99 Visit the Website

VeggieFresh LED - L.E.D. Plant Grow Lights

VF100 - 100W LED Grow Light

Description: Whether growing fresh micro greens and herbs or growing massive strawberries, juicy tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, our grow lights based on L.E.D. technology will enable you to sustain a year-round indoor garden. Enjoy massive vegetable and fruit harvests, grow decorative plants and flowers, and even get great yields growing medicinal plants if legal in your state. LED Grow Lights are efficient and have a lifespan of over 7 years which will save $$ over using traditional grow bulbs.

Price: $179.00 to $1,549.00 Visit the Website

Weather Station

Weather Station

Description: The Netatmo Personal Weather Station is a connected device that allows users to measure indoor air quality, weather and more, and sets out to better prepare people for their day, offering users the opportunity to track personalized information. The sleek, Weather Station module connects to a companion app, available for both iPhone and Android, that provides real-time updates on the weather and air quality in and around a user’s home, including the CO2 level, noise pollution, humidity, and barometric pressure, along with any weather updates users want from around the world. The Weather Station retails for $179.00 and can be purchased at www.netatmo.com, Amazon and Brookstone.

Price: $170.00 to $180.00 Visit the Website

Light Up Your Sweetie's Home With Vintage Marquee Lights

Vintage Marquee Lights Heart Light

Description: Light up your loved one's home with decorative wall art! Vintage Marquee Lights are created with a rustic antique look, available in classic rust or the new Color Line with a choice of 11 vibrant colors. Each sign is 12”, 24” or 36” tall, 4” deep and equipped with a hanging bracket for easy wall installation, also looks great leaning against a well. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Spell out your initials and heart design made just for your sweetheart!

Price: $159.00 to $229.00 Visit the Website

Trio Organic Pillow System From Naturepedic

Trio top section

Description: The Naturepedic Trio Organic Pillow System, an innovative and customizable pillow. Featuring dual action compression, the quilted outer encasement offers a fluffy cloud-like feeling, while the organic latex core provides comfortable balanced support. Easy access zipper on the inner layer allows you to easily adjust the amount of fill. You can even machine wash and dry the quilted encasement and outer casing!

Price: $159.00 Visit the Website

Illuminated Wall Art From Inspired Artists

Illuminated Art from DiaNoche Designs

Description: DiaNoche Designs creates captivating custom wall art that double as lights. Our Illuminated Art beautifully brings around-the-clock radiance to any room. In daylight, the image makes a powerful artistic statement, and as night falls, the artwork comes to life in a new way, magnificently backlit and casting breathtaking ambiance into your home. It truly is Art Today, Light Tonight. Our Illuminated Art is the perfect night light for the nursery, your children's bedroom, a dark hallway, that dull living room, or any wall or space that needs radiance. Artists from around the world create custom artwork for DiaNoche Designs, so there are eclectic and radiant styles to fit every taste. Popular artwork categories include landscapes, children, animals and novelty ranging pop art to movie stars and can be found at www.dianochedesigns.com. Customers may also work with the company’s complimentary design service team to revitalize corporate logos, revamp personal photographs, or come up with a custom design that can all be made into inspirational Illuminated Art. Our Illuminated Art is built to order by hand in Denver, CO. with a portion of every sale going back into local children’s charities to help illuminate the future.

Price: $149.00 to $499.00 Visit the Website

Mimish Designs: Products For Kids - Solutions For Parents

Solve any clutter issue with Mimish Designs bean bags! Available in 13 colors!

Description: Creating stylish solutions for clutter, Mimish Designs delivers beanbags that solve storage issues and provide comfy seating. Andrea Soto founded Mimish Designs with the goal of making the most of any space. The Storage Beanbag has 5,650 cubic inches of storage making it perfect for organizing the children’s playroom or any room that needs a little tidying up. With 14 different colors, including machine-washable micro suede, spot-cleanable cotton, and organic cotton, the Storage Beanbag has the right style for any room. All the Storage Beanbags are proudly made in the U.S with post-consumer recycled “beans”. Stylish and fun, Mimish Designs bring the best quality and plush seating.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

ICoffee Opus

iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewing System

Description: Bring flavor back into your coffee with the new iCoffee Opus single serve brewer. Perfect for any coffee lover, iCoffee Opus is the first single-serve brewer to use SpinBrew technology to produce a dramatically smoother and better-tasting beverage from a single-serve machine. This technology uses a patent-pending SpinBrew needle to spin, steam and stir the coffee inside of the single-serve cup, creating a mini-French Press effect that cannot be achieved by other brewers. Compatible with any k-type cup, including private label cups, iCoffee Opus also features the world’s first Dial-a-Brew control, which allows users to customize the strength and taste by choosing any brew size between 4 and 12 ounces in 0.5-ounce increments. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide.

Price: $139.99 Visit the Website

CobraCo™ Bravo Collection Garden Arbor

CobraCo™ Bravo Collection Garden Arbor

Description: The CobraCo™ Bravo Collection Garden Arbor, a gorgeous mesh-style garden arbor with a black finish, is perfect for decorating your garden or backyard entrance! Enliven your yard and enhance your outdoor entertaining with this beautiful arbor. Also makes a suitable back drop for outdoor weddings or other outdoor ceremonies – decorate the arbor with vine-type plants to add an attractive natural element. Measures 47 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 83 inches high. Assembly is required.

Price: $138.52 Visit the Website


TrakBelt360, Pouch Attachment, and Tools

Description: A tool belt like no other, TrakBelt360 offers more safety, comfort and versatility than standard tool belts. TrakBelt360 allows your tools and gear to rotate a full 360 degrees in either direction for user safety, comfort and versatility. The belt is designed to accommodate any pouch or tool holster, and is perfect for first responders, photographers, carpenters, Do-It-Yourselfers, and anyone else who uses a tool belt. The belt is made from breathable, water-resistant, and durable materials, and comes in five sizes, for waist sizes 25" to 46".

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

Ultimate Pet First-Aid Kits

Be ready to rescue Rover on the road or on the trails with a Sunny-dog Ink Hiking & Travel First-Aid Kit!

Description: Sunny-dog Ink is pleased to present its line of Ultimate Pet First-Aid Kits for Dog & Cat Moms and Dads. Upset tummies, ingested toxins or choking on a favorite toy is inevitable, so pet parents must be prepared for everything that could potentially harm their four-legged best friend at home or on the road! Everything you need to prevent further injury and alleviate discomfort before you get your pet to the Veterinarian comes neatly packed in four different kits (at home for both dogs and cats, dog walker's fanny pack and hiking & travel dog kit). Now included are ID Tag with QR Code that does not need a smartphone, Dehydrated Pumpkin & Apple Fiber to aid various intestinal issues and calming aromatherapies in addition to paw creams, bandages, stethoscopes, thermometer, splinting and other materials.

Price: $119.99 to $198.99 Visit the Website

Blue Ikat Outdoor Pillow

Divine Designs Blue Ikat Outdoor Pillow

Description: Ikat is one of the world’s oldest dyeing techniques. Similar to tie-dying, artisans dye product by knotting and binding. The unique designs that this ancient art creates is re-imaged in this contemporary printed outdoor pillow. This pillow is made of 100% polyester making it weather resistant .Great for outdoor and indoor use this pillow will bring a global feel to your backyard or patio.

Price: $110.00 Visit the Website

Gardener's Essentials Garden Gift Basket

Gardener's Essentials Garden Gift Basket

Description: The Gardener's Essentials Gardening Gift is a glorious collection of garden tools and garden-inspired gifts for the avid or novice gardener. The large khaki and blue canvas garden tote is attractive and durable with a stain resistant interior and surrounding exterior pockets and includes 3 essential garden tools. Beautifully packaged inside the tote is a mix of home and garden gift products: Pre de Provence liquid gardener soap; Metal butterfly plant pick; Classic Mud garden gloves; Trowel and Error, a garden tips book by Sharon Lovejoy; Mudlark stickable note set; Ladybugs Scramble Squares - award-winning brain teaser puzzle of a garden theme; Country Home Creations dip and drink mixes; The Gardener's Essentials Gardening Gift Set comes hand wrapped with bright, floral ribbon and bow and floral or bird decor. Perfect gift for the gardener for any occasion! Add your personal touch with our complimentary gift card.

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SmartCells Anti-fatigue Mat

SmartCells Anti-fatigue products are a stylish and comfortable upgrade for any room or office space.

Description: SmartCells anti-fatigue mats are available in three different colors (Black, Light Brown, and Grey) as well as three different sizes (2’X3’, 3’X5’ and 24”X68”) and surface options (Smooth Top, Basket Weave and Carpet Top). It’s not foam, it’s not gel, it’s SmartCells. The unique SmartCells cushioning technology will provide comfort for anyone who stands for extended periods of time. The SmartCells® cushioning technology consists of a rubber surface layer integrated with an underlying array of cylindrical rubber cells that soften in response to surface pressure to provide maximum fatigue relief. The SmartCells act like springs that cushion as weight is applied and then rebound when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue associated with standing.

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Eureka Airspeed® ALL FLOORS

New Eureka AirSpeed® ALL FLOORS is more powerful than the Dyson DC41.

Description: The new Eureka AirSpeed® ALL FLOORS is powerful enough to handle real-life messes, and proven to clean carpets better than the Dyson DC41 – at a much lower price point. It also safely suctions dirt and debris from bare floors. Using Smooth-Glide® technology, it allows for easy pushing on carpets for an effortless clean due to the pivoting base. Other features include on-board crevice tool, dusting brush and chair and upholstery brush, and a 27-foot cord and 12-foot deluxe stretch hose and extension wand.

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Crane Fireplace Heater

Available in Red, Orange, or White

Description: Cozy Glows and Toasty Toes Add warmth and style to any space with the electric fireplace heater from Crane. Perfect for the bedroom, den, office or dorm, its compact design allows it to go any place that needs a cozy touch of heat. Featuring realistic embers that provide ambiance with or without heat, it stays quiet and cool to the touch even while operating. .. Perfect for bedroom, den, office, dorm. anywhere that needs a little warmth .. Clean, safe, portable hearth adds warmth and style to any space .. Realistic embers cast ambient glow with or without heat .. Warms your space but stays cool to the touch .. Ceramic heating element .. 3 settings: Glow, 750W, 1500W .. Overheat protection .. Quiet operation .. Convenient carrying handle .. Length: 12", Height: 15", Width: 7.5"

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Spice Up The Kitchen With Diamonds!

Swiss Diamond 10.25" Fry Pan (Includes Lid)

Description: Looking for a gift they will want to use - daily? A gift that adds a touch of glamour? Swiss Diamond is premium nonstick cookware made in Switzerland, reinforced with real diamonds. It is ranked #1 in nonstick performance by the leading consumer organization, and the Wall Street Journal calls it "The Rolls-Royce" of cookware. The patented nonstick coating is reinforced with real diamonds to create a long lasting, naturally non-stick surface with superior heat conduction. It heats evenly to prevent hot spots that can burn food, and cleans up in a snap! A perfect marriage of fancy and function, the 10.25" fry pan with matching lid offers a lifetime of easy clean convenience and diamond brilliance.

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Personalized Tablet Case - Kindle Or IPad

District17 - Personalized Tablet Case - Kindle or iPad

Description: Protect your precious tablet in style with the Personalized Tablet Case for Kindle or iPad! This durable cover is available in a variety of punchy colors and trendy patterns. Give one as a gift and keep one for yourself! To customize your item, simply choose your favorite pattern style for your item, select the style of your monogram or nameplate and choose the color you wish for your monogram or nameplate to appear.

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A Great Addition To Any Home!

Porcelain Platter

Description: We first discovered Young in the Mountains' beautiful jewelry line last year, but boy are we ever excited that Mariele has expanded into porcelain goods. This eye-catching geometric platter is going to be the centerpiece of every future dinner party. Mariele was born to blaze her own trail — the self-described natural born artist has been driven since childhood (thanks in part to the inspiration of her boat-builder father) to become her own nature-loving, experience-craving boss. With Young in the Mountains, she’s done just that.

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ESPRO PRESS - Press Coffee Without The Grit


Description: ESPRO® Press is the state-of-the art French Press. It uses a patented double filter that is 12 times finer than any other French Press, delivering full-flavored coffee without the grit. The sleek, vacuum-insulated stainless steel vessel keeps coffee hot for hours and the filters block over-extraction, so that the last cup tastes like the first. The ESPRO® Press is built for coffee, tea and more! It filters any water or alcohol-based beverage, hot or cold, including tonic water, juleps or vanilla extracts. The ESPRO® Press comes in 8 oz, 18 oz. and 32 oz. sizes, for personal and tabletop use.

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Personalized Beach Towel In Neopolitan Stripe

District17 - Personalized Beach Towel in Neopolitan Stripe

Description: Spend your summer in style with this fabulous Personalized Beach Towel! Whether you're at the pool, the lake, or the beach, this towel is your must-have summer accessory. This stylish beach towel is made of microfiber velour and is printed with a non-toxic ink so your custom design won't peel or crack. You can choose from several monogram or name styles and colors. Washing instructions: Wash in cold color with like colors. Do not bleach

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Bean Bag XXL

Bean Bag in red

Description: Sink into a world of pure comfort with the BeanBag Original and let the stresses of everyday life melt away. The Beanbag adapts perfectly to the shape of your body, providing a unique relaxing experience. Not just for the kids, as everyone deserves plush seating and comfort. This versatile, durable lounger can be used indoors and outdoors and comes in a variety of festive colors, including romantic red for Valentine's Day!

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Flora2000's Beautiful Bouquet Of Red Tulips

Flora2000's Rapturous Reds Bouquet of 15 Red Tulips

Description: Check out these beautiful and passionate tulips which are the perfect gift for Mother's Day or any day of the year! Tulips are universally loved, cheerful flowers and this bouquet of fifteen vivid red tulips will brighten up your day and bring smiles all around. Send flowers today and you know you will make that special someone in your life very happy.

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Therapedic’s Ultimate Mattress Pads

Therapedic Comfort Edge pillow

Description: Therapedic International has created a line of solution-based mattress pads being sold exclusively at select Bed Bath & Beyond locations nationwide. The new line-up includes four amazing mattress pads. The Ultimate Waterproof mattress pad features the company’s Repelz technology which creates a waterproof barrier to protect the mattress from any spills. The Ultimate Sleep Protection mattress pad, designed with the germophobe in mind, features Always Fresh odor eliminating technology along with stain repellent and antimicrobial protection. The Ultimate Fit mattress pad features a no-shift gripper elastic that fits on all adjustable beds and even toppers and is guaranteed to fit any mattress up to 24 inches! The Ultimate Comfort mattress pad boasts a 500 thread count and is made from 100% cotton for added softness.

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Homejoy Is An Online Platform Connecting Professional Home Cleaners To Clients Online At $20 P/hr.

Everyone deserves a happy home!

Description: Homejoy is the leading home services platform that connects professional service providers - starting with house cleaners - to clients online. Currently we are available in over 30 markets across North America. Go to www.homejoy.com/cities for additional information. All cleanings are $20 per hour, with a $5 cleaning supplies fee for appointments up to 4.5 hours, $10 for appointments 5 hours and greater. The minimum time to book an appointment with Homejoy is 2.5 hours.

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A Stand-out Hostess Gift!

Pink Maple Wood Serving Board

Description: How great would an assortment of cheeses and meats look on Wind & Willow's Pink Maple Wood Serving Board? For this stunner, the wood is left natural, while the handle is carefully dipped in a contrasting pink. When she’s not exploring the natural beauty of the lakes and trails of her home state of Minnesota or busting a move in a reggae-themed dance party with her kids, Araya is pouring her energy into her handmade home decor collection.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Luxuy Linens Are The

The Finest bed linens in the World are made in Italy!

Description: Are you looking for the perfect gift for a significant other, the person that is impossible to buy for or has everything? Well this video identifies the top 10 reasons to consider luxury Linens the "Perfect Gift" ! They are a great gift for both men and women alike. The finest bed linen in the World are made in Italy, at Vero Linens we make some of Italy's finest.

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SANUS VMA401 On-wall Component Shelf

SANUS VMA401 on-wall component shelf

Description: So last year you got an awesome Plasma TV, which you’ve since wall-mounted — why not wall-mount your Blu-ray player or game console, too? This holiday season get your loved one the SANUS VMA401 on-wall component shelf. The sturdy, tempered glass shelf can hold a component weighing up to 15 lbs. You can route your A/V cables through an opening in the back bracket to keep your installation looking trim and neat. SANUS has also launched a universal sound bar mount, which eliminates the need for additional holes in the wall, and the mount can attach any sound bar directly to any TV wall mount to make your sound bar center stage in the living room.

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SVS SoundPath Isolation System

SVS SoundPath Isolation System

Description: Regardless of what brand speakers you get or already have, audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts have struggled to balance the enjoyment of chest-thumping bass with the side effects of room rattle and upset neighbors. Fortunately, SVS has a holiday gift option that satisfies bass heads and their sensitive neighbors, the SoundPath Isolation System. No more rattling tree ornaments or shaking stockings off the mantle! It significantly reduces floor vibrations and improves audio performance by unburdening a subwoofer from the room in which it resides.

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Sure Fit's NEW Cotton Canvas Sofa Slipcover With Contrast Trim

Sure Fit Cotton Canvas Slipcover in Maize

Description: Pastel blue and sunshine yellow brighten up the popular Sure Fit Cotten blend Canvas collection for Summer 2014. The tailored details and relaxed fit play well in classic or casual rooms and the fabric always feels crisp and cool. The Sure Fit Cotton Canvas collection has tailored details, a relaxed fit and is easy on the budget. An inverted kick-pleat skirt and contrast trim on the arms, adjustable ties and matching 18” square pillows add a crisp edge, making it at home with either classic or casual décor. Our patented, one-piece design has a cinched elastic around the seat's perimeter for a perfect fit that stays in place. Colors available are Maize, Sky Blue, Natural and Cocoa.

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Classic Gumball Machine Fishbowl


Description: Bring a touch of whimsy and playfulness into your home or office with the sturdy cast-metal retro styling of the Classic Gumball Machine Fishbowl. This little fishbowl would be a great gift for that special someone wanting a new aquatic friend this year! This fishbowl is non-toxic and completely safe for fish and includes non-edible, decorative gumballs. Stands 11-inches tall.

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Membership In The DocSafe, An Online Safe Deposit Box

Organize and Simplify your Life

Description: Organize and simplify your life. Sounds good, doesn't it? Imagine being able to locate your critical financial and personal information and files in one centralized location that is available to you anywhere in the world. The DocSafe turns that into a reality for you. Anywhere you have internet access, The DocSafe acts as your virtual safe deposit box, allowing quick and easy retrieval of your documents. Are you concerned that your family will not have immediate access to your estate plan in the event of an incapacity or at death? Are you afraid that a tornado or flood might destroy everything including your most critical documents? Do you travel regularly for business or in service to our country as a member of the armed forces and worry that you will not have ready access to your important information? The DocSafe's unique and easy-to-follow structure can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, these concerns. All that is needed is a little time to answer a few questions and to upload your documents. You can even give some of your loved ones and professional advisors secondary user access to your information to that they, too, can view your information at anytime and anywhere.

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ADT Valentine’s Day Sale: $49 ADT Pulse Remote

ADT Pulse Alarm Arm

Description: This Valentine's Day, protect the people you love most with ADT's special offer. From almost anywhere, you can have the power to arm and disarm your home's security system. But ADT Pulse is more than just remote security — it's home automation, climate and light control, and video. And it's affordable, customizable and easy to use. For more information, please visit www.adt.com to take advantage of the sale February 10-17th.

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White Elephant Nightlight

Rosenberry Rooms - White Elephant Nightlight by Jonathan Adler

Description: Banish all the scary monsters from your little one's bedroom with the White Elephant Nightlight from Jonathan Adler. This nightlight features the cutest little elephant and is made of matte white porcelain. Includes one 5 watt bulb. Jonathan Adler is known for bold prints and bright splashes of color, Bring the bright colors and fun prints into your home with Jonathan Adler collection! SIZE: 4" x 5.5"

Price: $48.00 Visit the Website

Deer Antlers Jewelry Holder

District17 - Deer Antlers Jewelry Holder

Description: This rustic jewelry holder perfectly balances the masculine and feminine, making it a sophisticated piece to display on your vanity or dresser. The Deer Antlers Jewelry holder is made of porcelain and features a catchall, too. What a great way to quickly store rings, necklaces and earrings. Cool, stylish and practical, it is the perfect marriage of fashion and function.

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Orange Jumper, Handmade In Brooklyn, NY

The Orange Jumper- Hand Bent Wood with Air Plant

Description: Description The Jumper has a loose two loop bend pattern with an opening in the middle for the air plant. It was designed after I watched a springtail bug jump around a pot of soil, hence the name. A strip of the wood is painted with acrylic to make the piece stand out in any setting. We use a soft conifer wood to make the structure then finish it to be relatively water resistant. Small variations in color, graining and dimensions will exist due to the natural of the wood and the wood bending process. Dimensions Approximately 6.5" x 6" x 4" Plant care Remove plant and dunk/fully submerge it in a bowl of water for 5 to 10 minutes every two to three days. Shake off excess and place back into sculpture.

Price: $45.00 to $58.00 Visit the Website

Dunbar Road On The Go Charger For IPhone 5

District17 - Dunbar Road On the Go Charger for iPhone 5

Description: Charge your iPhone 5 on the go with this On the Go Charger by Jonathan Adler! This fun and brightly colored charger can boost your iPhone 5's power up to 80%. The charger re-charges through a USB 2.0 connection. A charger cord is included Many other Jonathan Adler accessories are also available in this fun print! Mixing modern prints and bold colors, Jonathan Adler's mission is to bring style, craft, joy and "grooviness" to your space.

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Kate Spade Literary Glasses 17 Month Agenda

Rosenberry Rooms - Kate Spade Literary Glasses 17 Month Agenda

Description: Every mommy needs a planner, and this stylish agenda from Kate Spade New York® will keep you organized in style! This stylish planner includes monthly and weekly views for August 2013 through December 2014 and features a hardbound cover and elastic band closure to keep everything tidy. Inside is a golden metallic spiral binding and interior pocket and mylar-covered tabs add extra durability. A celebrations section and notes section make planning your social life a breeze. It also includes 2014-2015 yearly views The Kate Spade Collection is characterized by classic prints, sophisticated colors, and a touch of whimsy. 7"W x 9.25"H x 2"

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Brother PT-D200 Label Maker

Brother PT-D200 Label Maker

Description: The PT-D200 desktop label maker from Brother, a leader in providing organizational products for the home and office, is a great gift option for anyone who loves to be organized. This unique option not only offers the gift of organization in the home, office, or studio but its creative Deco Modes and label tape colors can assist with DIY projects such as scrapbook captions and holiday table cards.

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Essential Gift For The Tech Kitchen: IDevices’ Bluetooth Smart Kitchen Thermometer

Kitchen Thermometer mini in the Oven

Description: IDEVICES LAUNCHES SMART BLUETOOTH KITCHEN THERMOMETERS – Kitchen Thermometer & Kitchen Thermometermini New Bluetooth Smart Connected Kitchen Thermometers Work with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch- Stop Guessing and Cook with Confidence Ensure Your Food Always Reaches Ideal Temperature for Safe & Delicious Meals iDevices®, LLC, www.iDevicesinc.com, the premier app-enablement company and creator of the iGrill®, has expanded their product line to include indoor cooking gadgets with their Bluetooth® Smart connected thermometers, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometermini http://store.idevicesinc.com.

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BackJoy: Change Your Posture, Change Your Life


Description: From sitting to sleeping and apparel to gear, BackJoy provides a variety of innovative product solutions that improve consumers’ posture, ultimately reducing back pain. BackJoy’s flagship product, SitSmart™ uses Patented Active Stabilization™ system transforms your posture from the bottom up. The unique seat increases comfort while reducing pain as it cradles the pelvis and tilts to the proper angle, ideal for sitting at a desk, couch, or driving a car. It even comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to fit your lifestyle. BackJoy can work hand‐in‐hand with your therapeutic regimen. Bring your BackJoy to your next visit and ask your doctor to recommend a sitting posture for you that will transfer the most pressure and strain off of your specific underlying condition. Regardless of sedentary lifestyle or an active one, an injury or pregnancy - proper posture and back health is essential. BackJoy promises to prevent and relieve the pressures and strains that aggravate your back pain whenever and wherever you have to sit, stand, sleep and move.

Price: $39.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Homegrown Collective GREENBOXES - DIY Heathly Living

Ring in the joy of the holiday season with flavors of chocolate, almond and pine!

Description: Store-bought gifts beware! Homegrown Collective is a "green" monthly subscription and "DIY" box that curates sustainable items from trusted artisans and vendors to create fun and affordable healthy living at home. Seasonality plays a big part in each month's haul. In the past year, Greenboxes have included everything from olive oil herb infusions and Kombucha home brewing kits, to mulling spices, herb grinders, and organic shower luffas. Homegrown Collective is a fantastic gift for college students, families with young children, millennials or people living a holistic, hands-on lifestyle!

Price: $39.00 to $429.00 Visit the Website

Peace Hand Sign USB Flash Drive

District17 - Peace Hand Sign USB Flash Drive

Description: A hand sign is a way to express yourself, and this fun flash drive gives you a chance to do so while storing your files! This 2 GB USB comes with a 1 Year limited warranty and is made of PVC. Why settle for the ordinary, when you can use a cool and stylish USB that is sure to be a conversation piece. Both practical and cool, this Peace Hand Sign USB Flash Drive is sure to jazz up your workspace.

Price: $38.50 Visit the Website

First Alert™ Bark Genie™ Automatic Bark Genie

First Alert Automatic Bark Genie

Description: Stop annoying barking anywhere with the Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device. The Bark Genie™ bark control device automatically detects barking and reacts by emitting a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. Perfect for all environments, the Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device makes it easy to control barking. • Automatically detects barking and reacts by emitting an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear • Pet friendly ultrasonic technology is safe and effective • The Bark Genie™ automatic bark control device can stand alone, hang on a tree or be mounted on any wall • Weatherproof for use indoors or outdoors • Detects barking up to 50 feet away • 3 adjustable levels of sensitivity • Great for your noisy neighbor's dog • Works on all dog breeds

Price: $35.97 Visit the Website

Natural Coconut Oil Candles

Lavender Linen candle and box

Description: Andrea Schroder Natural Coconut Oil Scented Candles make the perfect gift! The debut collection of luxury candles, 'The Poetry of Fragrance,' contains 12 custom, hand-blended scents. The candles are 10.5 ounces, burn for 75+ hours and are made with clean-burning cotton wicks. Each candle features a poem written by Andrea's Grandmother with uplifting sentiments. Hand poured and made in the USA. Giving back is also very important to Andrea Schroder Natural Candles & Fragrances. They have partnered with Paul Mitchell Hair Schools in donating to WELLS OF HOPE, which provides water to the poor in the mountains of Guatamala.

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

Eco Friendly Cork Garland

Cork Garland

Description: Here is a new cork garland. It is tied with natural raffia fiber. This garland measures 15 feet long and is attached wtih loops at either end for easy hanging. Each one is uniquely tied with different corks varieties. The one offered in this listing is made and ready to ship. If you need a custom order is will vary to your specifications. I make lots of handmade garlands please come and visit my shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/kzannoart?ref=si_shop&view_type=list I have had many happy brides use my garlands . I would be happy to make a custom garland for you , just convo me and we can chat about it .

Price: $32.00 Visit the Website

Peacock Kim Petite Candle Set By FRINGE

Box of Candles

Description: Wonderful things could stem from placing these adorable candles in your home or giving them as a gift. Decorated by vintage peacock illustrations, floral collage and print patterns, these cute sweet scented candles from FRINGE Studio are housed in a lovely gift box with a magnetized lid that makes for perfect gift giving. Split them or line them up to add extra light and luxury to your space.

Price: $30.00 Visit the Website

The Multiples!

Early years dinnerware set

Description: The Multiples dinnerware products create a fun-innovative numeracy learning track for children . We have created 12 quirky multinational characters each with a favorite number from 1-12 to encourage children to become social, emotional and numerate. All of our dinnerware include several learning methodologies including, multiplication, skip counting, pip counting and most importantly, encourage children to be social! We hope your children enjoy The Multiples as much as our own children do!

Price: $29.99 to $105.00 Visit the Website

Savora Can Opener

The Savora Can Opener in Crimson

Description: The Savora Can Opener is a three-in-one device, featuring a can opener, built-in bottle opener, as well as an additional bottle opener for plastic twist-off bottle caps. The Savora Can Opener features a stainless steel blade, with an easy turn knob for incredible fluidity. It also features a mechanism that keeps the handles locked when in use, making opening a can easier.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Savora Garlic Press

The Savora Garlic Press in Crimson

Description: The Savora design team’s research found that the average gourmet recipe calls for five garlic cloves. With this in mind, the Savora Garlic Press has a large capacity press capable of crushing multiple cloves (or one elephant garlic clove) at once. To accommodate this increased pressure, the press underwent intensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure high performance. The FEA led the team to design a cast plate on the Savora press, which is stronger than traditional stamped plates, and can withstand 300 pounds of pressure. The cast plate features more than 60 cutting edges to efficiently crush garlic. The two-pivot design gives users a six-to-one mechanical advantage making it easy to use, while the striking body remains ridged under pressure. The press has a unique standing design and a cast metal handle for durability. All attachments are easily removed and dishwasher safe. The press comes with a clear cap that can hold a tablespoon of garlic while keeping oils off cutting boards and countertops.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Savora Rotary Grater

The Savora Rotary Grater in Crimson

Description: The Savora Rotary Grater features a painstakingly engineered, bi-directional drum, designed specifically for easy turning. Savora designers and engineers tested more than 10 different blade geometries with 15 types of food to develop the Savora proprietary blade pattern. With just one drum, the stainless steel surface helps create uniform cutting results. Beyond testing blades and foods, the Savora designers tailored the grater for optimal use and comfort for a wide range of people. Designed for either right- or left-handed use, the grater features an ergonomic handle suitable for large and small hands. The generously sized hopper is designed to prevent accumulation behind the drum. With reinforced areas to reduce stress and a durable cast metal swing arm that won’t flex under pressure, the product is created for longevity. Finally, it features a one-touch blade removal system, so clean up is easy and the grater is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

IMUSA 7-piece Nonstick Wok Set

IMUSA 7-piece Nonstick Wok Set

Description: The IMUSA 7-piece Nonstick Wok Set is perfect for creating a quick and healthy Asian-inspired meal. Ideal for stir-fry meat, fish, vegetables, poultry, rice and more! Its high heat requires minimum oil and creates lots of flavor! The best part is it is non-stick for easy clean up. For a variety of Pan-Asian recipes, visit http://www.imusausa.com/category/recipes/pan-asian-recipes/. The IMUSA Wok Set is available at Target.com for $29.99

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

100% Wool Dryer Balls

6 XL Wool Dryer Balls, Natural Fabric Softener

Description: Soft By Nature, Inc. is a small family owned company nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of Southern New York State. Our mission is straight-forward; we intend to pass down this earth to our children in the same beautiful condition that we received it from our parents. We accomplish this by developing all natural eco friendly products and sharing them with our fellow citizens. In this spirit, we are very proud to present WOOLZIES®, The All Natural Dryer Ball Set. These sets of handmade pure wool dryer balls are special in several ways. They deliver the same benefits for laundry as conventional fabric softeners WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. They save everyone a lot of money by eliminating the need to continuously spend on fabric softener liquid and sheets. They cut down on the time it takes to dry a typical load by at least 25% thereby saving everyone even more money and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. Finally, being as that they are handmade in the democratic republic of Nepal, they provide a steady source of income to the desperately needy women of that developing nation. So smile when you purchase a set of WOOLZIES®, because you know you’re helping to make the world a more pleasant place for yourself, your family and future generations!

Price: $29.99 to $32.95 Visit the Website

Drift™ Smart LED Light By Saffron

The Drift Light by Saffron

Description: Since the beginning of mankind (until the last 100 years), we have relied on the slow setting sun and other natural queues to help us feel sleepy at night. Recent circadian rhythm studies have pointed out that humans must diminish the amount of light (particularly blue light) they see in the evening or their bodies will not produce enough melatonin (the sleep promoting hormone). Drift™ Light by Saffron seeks to fix this problem. The Drift imitates the slow dimming of dusk to lull the user to sleep at night. It dims over 37 minutes (the length of a sunset) which is a slow enough dim to be unnoticeable by the user. The light also contains a lot less blue light than other LEDs on the market. This Smart light bulb is not controlled by smartphones. It is activated by a typical light switch. Two clicks activates Midnight Mode (dims to total darkness) and three clicks of the light switch activates Moonlight Mode (dims to 20 lumens--the brightness of a night light). People shouldn't have to take their phones out to control the features of their lights. The bulb also behaves like a typical light bulb when the light switch is used as normal.

Price: $29.00 to $34.95 Visit the Website

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre


Description: The Great Garden Gnome Massacre terrifying T-Rex is a defender of humanity with a taste for gnomes. Harness the power of this mighty beast in your home, garden or office. Say goodbye to normal lawn ornaments and welcome this hungry T-Rex to help clear away those pesky lawn gnomes! 9-inches tall; 6-inches wide at base. Made of durable cast poly resin.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Sterling Silver Ring Surprise, Valued Up To $5,000, In Every Aromatic Candle

Silver Ring Candles - pecandy (pralines and caramel) ring candle

Description: A three-in-one gift for yourself or your loved one: a full-sized, aromatic natural candle + a sterling silver ring valued up to $5,000 + an exciting ‘reveal’ experience, all wrapped into one beautiful product for an amazing price. Silver Ring Candles offers a growing line of hand-crafted, highly aromatic, 100% soy candles. The scents are exceptional, bold, and phthalate free. We proudly use only premium soy wax made from U.S. grown renewable soybeans. But wait, there's more! Inside every candle is a sterling silver ring surprise! All the rings in our candles are 925 sterling silver, not silver-plated. Ring values range up to $5,000 and all rings (no matter what value) are of great quality. Higher valued rings contain gemstones and/or diamonds. The rings come in various hand-picked, chic shapes and styles. And the funnest part of the product, unwrapping the silver ring surprise inside the large candle! We call it “the thrill of the reveal” - what ring will you find inside your luscious candle?! Just burn your candle until the ring’s package is exposed, extinguish the flame, remove the ring’s package, unwrap and enjoy your beautiful new ring, then relight and savor the rest of your slow / long / 'clean' burning candle. It's the ultimate gift!

Price: $27.95 Visit the Website

Savora Oil Mister

The Savora Oil Mister in Crimson

Description: The Savora Oil Mister is perfect for non-stick cooking, baking, grilling, roasting, and basting. Users can easily control the amount of oil they use with the non-aerosol, non-chemical, propellant-free mister, enjoying less fat and more flavor. Featuring the Micromist® insert, engineered to optimize the flow of the air and liquid mixture for a finer mist, the Savora Oil Mister has a no-clog filtering system. This striking design is made with a reservoir engineered using BPA-free Eastman TritanTM, which is more impact resistant than glass. The contoured head was modeled on the easy-to-use shape of a professional bicycle pump.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website


The SKIL Ratch-N-Lock Pliers firmly hold your project in place when you need both hands to work.

Description: The SKIL Ratch-N-Lock is the first all-in-one locking plier, groove joint plier, and racheting plier, with self-adjusting jaws that can clamp onto a myriad of objects from project to project. From amateur DIYers to skilled tradesmen, the multi-functional Ratch-N-Lock is the perfect tool to take their work to the next level. Built by Iron Bridge Tools, the SKIL Ratch-N-Lock pliers are made with high-strength steel construction ensuring a long and durable life. The handles are oil-resistant and anti-slip, perfect for any environment; and with its high, dual-pivot design to maximize gripping power, users can provide maximum pressure with ease when locking onto materials.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

FREEHAND PRO Anti-Fatigue Paint Brush Handle

FREEHAND PRO from galaxG tools

Description: The FREEHAND PRO from galaxG tools allows you to paint in complete comfort. No more cramped or tired hands. The secret of the FREEHAND PRO is it holds onto you, you don't hold onto it. Your fingers and hand are completely relaxed. You can paint for hours without any of the fatigue associated with holding a paint brush. It holds every brand and size brush from (2" - 3") and it adjusts to fit any size hand. The FREEHAND PRO won "Most Innovative product" at the National Hardware Show and was Editor's Choice winner of "Best product of Season" for DIY Network's hit show "I Want That!" This is the perfect gift for any homeowner. Everyone who owns a home should own a FREEHAND PRO. Also try our Paintbrush Counterweights and go to www.galaxG.com and find all of our innovative products.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Bagup Is The Ultimate Cleanup Tool

Bagup and Broom Combo

Description: Cleanup is a snap with the Bagup + Broom Combo. Holds up to 3x more debris than the average dustpan without blowing out. Easy on your back, no bending over. Recycle your grocery bags, use bio-degradable, compostable or kitchen plastic bags. Wrap a bag around the Bagup for the ultimate pet clean up tool. Bagup is great for the kitchen, garage, bathroom and kid’s room. $24.95. www.bagupcleanup.com

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Salt And Pepper Porcelain Rings

Porcelain s+p Rings

Description: Ring shaped salt and pepper shakers, made in fine porcelain, one glossy, one matte. These stackable porcelain rings add a touch of fun to meals. Also a lovely wedding memento. Each ring has a transparent silicone rubber food safe stopper. Ships in boxed pair from Spain. rings size: 4" x 4" x 3/4" (10 x 10 x 2 cm.) Available at www.maiamingdesigns.com or on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/100299625/porcelain-rings-salt-and-pepper-shakers?ref=shop_home_active_12

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Unique Artistic Designed Flowers From BloomNation.com

Dilly Lilly Flower Arrangement Available in Chicago, IL

Description: BloomNation.com is an online flower marketplace that is disrupting the floral industry by allowing you to shop directly with top local artisan florists throughout the country. There are over 2,000 of the top florists available on BloomNation who hand deliver to more than 3,000 cities nationwide with more than 32,000 unique arrangements available. All customers will receive a "BloomSnap" of the ordered arrangement, so each customer knows that what he or she ordered is what will be received. All photos on the BloomNation site are of the florists' actual work and include no stock photos. The arrangement featured is from Dilly Lily in Chicago. Dilly Lily is a high-end floral design shop and full-service floral event company. Led by owner and creative director Christine Noelle since 1997, the Dilly Lily team has been creating stunning custom floral arrangements inspired by color, nature and design ever since.

Price: $20.00 to $300.00 Visit the Website

Artistic Hand Crafted Floral Arrangements From BloomNation.com

This arrangement is available at Playa Del Rey Florist in Playa Del Rey, CA

Description: BloomNation.com is the "Etsy for flowers" and features more than 2,000 top local artisan florists who hand deliver to more than 3,000 cities nationwide. Customers can now shop directly with top florists without having to go through the mass marketing middlemen, all while receiving unique and one-of-a-kind arrangements. Each customer also receives an email of a "BloomSnap," which is a photo of the completed arrangement before it's delivered so the customer is ensured that what was ordered is what will be received.

Price: $20.00 to $300.00 Visit the Website

2014 Grow-A-Garden Calendar

2014 Grow-A-Garden Calendar (packaging)

Description: A fun 2014 garden market inspired desk calendar that grows a whole garden of fresh veggies and herbs. Each page of the calendar is embedded with a different seed - tomatoes for Jan/Feb, lettuce for Mar/Apr, basil for Sept/Oct, and more. You just rip out the calendar pages (when each month is over of course), plant it in a windowsill pot or outside in the garden, water and give it plenty of sunshine. Soon, fresh veggies and herbs will be ready for garden fresh cooking. The calendar also gives tips for preparing the herbs and veggies, and for drying and preserving their freshness. The back of the calendar has a recipe for what could be the best-ever carrot cake recipe, because we all need a treat now and then!

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Mmmm… Salmon Sauce For Pets By

Mmmm… Salmon Sauce for Dogs

Description: Mmmm… Salmon Sauce, by natural pet care maker “I and love and you”, is a pure fish oil supplement for cats and dogs designed to help nourish their skin and fur. Sometimes dogs and cats have dry flaky skin, excessive shedding, or a dull coat. Mmmm… Salmon Sauce is packed with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids from wild caught Alaskan salmon, and is super rich in EPA and DHA. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. It has a low odor formula, and an easy to use dripless cap. The end result? Brilliant shine, soft coat, and healthy skin. Taking care of your pet’s entire health is about more than just food, treats, and tummy rubs. The “I and love and you” line of daily essential supplements make it easy for you to take care of your whole pet from head to tail. Mmmm… Salmon Sauce is offered in an 8.5oz bottle for cats at a SRP of $19.99, and a 16.5oz bottle for dogs at a SRP of $29.99.

Price: $19.99 to $29.99 Visit the Website

BackJoy: Kneeler


Description: Focus on the task at hand rather than uncomfortable knee pain. The BackJoy Kneeler with Dynamic Comfort™ material delivers superior comfort to your knees providing pressure relief and total comfort on the hardest of surfaces or uneven ground. The ergonomic design transfers the pressure of kneeling into the product to minimize knee pain while stress free acupressure nodes are positioned to take additional strain off the body. Now you can get more tasks done and enjoy doing them while you are in complete comfort. Works great for garden, bathing baby, DIY, housework and more.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Marquis By Waterford Sparkle Highball Pair

Highball glasses

Description: Brisk and modern, the Sparkle pattern Marquis by Waterford is characterized by brilliant crystal cuts reminscent of delicate starlight. Whiskey and soda, gin and tonic or other mixed drinks look and taste fantastic in these intricately detailed highball glasses. These are the perfect addition to any bar set. Gift these to a newly wed friends or your favorite host or hostess this holiday season.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Spotless Paw® Dog Paw Cleaning Glove

Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove

Description: Finally the solution to dirty, muddy wet dog paws. • Loop with a buckle to hang Spotless Paw® from a door handle or a belt • Fingers add dexterity to clean between toes and under nails • SIX FINGERS so that Spotless Paw® can be worn on either side on either hand • Microfiber holds over 600% of its weight in dirt, mud and water due to the tremendous surface area of the fibers Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove is the solution to the problem of dirty, wet dog paws. Before messy paws track dirt into the home and automobile or soil clothing, Spotless Paw® thoroughly cleans and dries them. The glove has SIX FINGERS so that it can be worn on either side on either hand. Spotless Paw® is constructed with Microfiber fabric and holds over 600% of its weight in dirt, mud and water due to the tremendous surface area of the fibers. It can be used multiple times between washings and is washer and dryer safe (no fabric softener). Spotless Paw® has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and numerous other media outlets.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Hang Your Herbs, Orchids And Plants In Seconds With No Nails, Screws Or Tools!

WhereverGarden on a tree with No Nails, Screws or Tools!

Description: Hang your Herbs, Orchids and Plants in Seconds with no Nails, Screws or Tools! Simply fasten the hanger with a 14 inch Zip Tie or a 5 foot nylon adjustable strap to any stationary object. Once the hanger is securely fastened simply place the flower put on the hanger. The Zip Ties are for smaller object such as: fence slats, poles, columns, mail box pole, balusters, etc. The 5 foot adjustable nylon strap is for larger objects such as tree trunks, etc. (Place multiple hangers on the same nylon strap so you have your complete garden around a tree trunk at a height that is convenient for you) WhereverGarden eliminates the need to bend over to care for your garden. It also keeps your garden out of reach of many animals that are potentially harmful to your garden. The WG-3 kit contains: 3 - Plastic flower pots 3 - Plastic hangers 6 - 14 inch Zip Ties 1 - 5 foot adjustable nylon strap (color: brown) Color of pots - Terracotta Approximate dimensions: Top inside diameter: 6 inches Height 5.5 inches ** The WhereverGarden hanger can also be nailed or screwed to most stationary object

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

The Catch-a-Poo Is A Light Weight And Portable Device To Catch Dog Poo Before It Hits The Ground.

CatchaPoo with a 11 pound Golden Doodle puppy

Description: The Catch-a-Poo is a light weight and portable device to catch dog poo before it hits the ground. The CatchaPoo eliminates the need to bend over and pick up Dog Poo off the ground. It also captures 100% of the Poo. You never have to squeeze the Poo like you do when you bend over and pick it up with your hand in a bag. When retracted it is about 19 inches long and when extended it is about 34 inches. The weight is approximately 1 pound with the flashlight attached. It can fit multiple size bags. The bag attaches easily and quickly to the device and it’s even easier to take off. In addition, a flashlight is included and attaches to the handle for night time use. Each CatchaPoo comes with a quality 9 LED flashlight and 15 bags. Works on any size dog!

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Flip-It! Cap

Flip-It! Box

Description: We all know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be when you get to the bottom of any plastic bottle in your home. You're pressed for time when your conditioner bottle is being stubborn, your expensive lotion is stuck when your skin needs it the most and your condiments are trapped when you need that little extra something to complete your dish. Flip-It!, a BPA-free, food grade cap, is the new solution to all these time and money wasting problems. While supporting bottled products upside down, Flip-It! uses gravity to get you every last drop with ease. Secure the cap and one of the three adapters sized to your bottle and flip your product upside down. The bottle will stand up by itself and all the product you had at the bottom comes to a push/pull valve that can be operated by users of any age. If a Flip-It! cap isn't completely closed, it will fall over, helping you avoid a possible mess. Let Flip-It! do the work for you and learn that many simple, everyday tasks can be stress-free. Use the money and time you save without the struggle to do the things you love. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage, Flip-It!™ can help you live simpler and save you money.

Price: $19.95 to $19.96 Visit the Website

Wallmonkeys Wall Decals

Spread Holiday Cheer with Wallmonkeys

Description: Print custom decals or choose from our selection of over 20 million images with Wallmonkeys! We use premium materials and state-of-the-art production technologies and, our wall graphics apply in minutes and won't damage your paint or leave any residue behind. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices. All you need to do is simply peel and stick your decal to virtually any surface you like: ceilings, even brick and concrete. Wallmonkeys wall decals can be moved 100 times or more and are printed in the USA on high quality fabric paper.

Price: $19.90 to $54.99 Visit the Website

Rustica Gift & Pottery: Colores Collection Of Artisan Mayolica Pottery

Rustica Gift & Pottery Collection Colores: Hand-Crafted Mayolica Pottery

Description: Rustica Gift & Pottery is pleased to present its Mayolica Colores Collection: A celebration of color in all of its subtle shades, rich depth and delicate nuance, crafted by the Santa Rosa Mayolica studio located in Mexico's vibrant colonial Guanajuato region. Rich, vibrant warm colors make this hand-crafted, hand-painted artisan dishware a stunning addition to any table, and a heirloom piece for generations to come. The collection features a hexagon serving platter, large plate perfect for décor or table, soup, salad & dessert bowl, and generous coffee mug. The Santa Rosa Mayolica studio has been creating these one-of-a-kind usable art pieces for almost 50 years. Every piece is hand-signed, and created from rich, durable local clays and hand-ground pigments. These hand-crafted plates are superb on your table, for home décor and as gifts. Dishwasher safe, heat resistant and lead-free. Dimensions: •Hexagon Serving Dish: 13" x 10.25" x 3" •Plate: 11" diameter •Mug: 4" x 4" •Salad/Dessert Plate: 8" x 5" •Dishwasher-safe •Lead-free •Hand-painted, glazed and shaped •50 year+ artisan studio from Colonial Mexico •Every piece an original, expect slight variations

Price: $19.85 to $123.85 Visit the Website

First Alert™ Bark Genie™ Handheld Bark Genie

First Alert Handheld Bark Genie

Description: Stop annoying barking anywhere with the Bark Genie™ handheld bark control device. With a simple press of a button, the Bark Genie™ handheld bark control device emits an ultrasonic sound that deters the dog from barking. It is safe and pet friendly and emits a sound that only dogs can hear. • Stop unwanted barking with the push of a button • Pet friendly ultrasonic technology is safe and effective • Take the handheld Bark Genie™ handheld bark control device anywhere you go to deter unwanted barking • Weatherproof for use indoors or outdoors • Works up to 15 feet away • Works on all dog breeds

Price: $17.97 Visit the Website

Spring Indoor Bulb Kit

Spring Indoor Begonia Kit with Terrarium

Description: These spring indoor gift kits are each suited for growing your favorite indoor blooms, from begonias and dahlias to calla lilies. Classic color combination will coordinate with all styles of home décor. These fun projects make the perfect gift for mom or any gardener! The kit includes: 1 Container of your choice 1 Bulb, Begonia, Dahlia or Calla Lily Peat Pot (with terrarium only) Soil

Price: $16.95 to $34.95 Visit the Website

Savora Ice Cream Scoop

The Savora Ice Cream Scoop in Indigo

Description: The Savora Ice Cream Scoop was designed to feel like an extension of the hand, letting users dish out desserts with ease. Perfect for all frozen desserts, it boasts a tapered tip and impressive weight that helps you to dig through hard desserts more effectively. The bowl of the scoop is specifically shaped to curl ice cream, producing attractive results. The scoop is made from cast metal for strength and durability, while being comfortable and well balanced in the hand.

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

Get An Insider Look Into Nature With The My Spy Birdhouse!

Watch Birds Nest and Raise their Young!

Description: The My Spy Birdhouse allows children to get a first hand view of birds’ daily lives, right before their eyes. The personal birdhouse easily attaches to any window – whether kitchen, family room or living room – so families can watch birds nesting and feeding from the comfort of their home. My Spy Birdhouse has a crystal clear acrylic window on the back allowing bird watchers to see inside. Applied to any glass surface or window with durable suction cups, the birdhouse offers a private and cozy setting for birds. It has a two-way mirror film that lets you see in, while preventing the birds from seeing out. It also comes with an indoor “Do Not Disturb” curtain card to give the birds privacy and block light at night.

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

Lemon Flower Mint Diffuser By Illume


Description: The refreshing blend of lemon flower and mint creates an exotic scent in your home. From Illume, it can be used in your living room, bathroom or your bedroom. Gift this to a friend or coworker to bring a little freshness and homey-feel into their office! Also available in orange blossoms, green tea and lime, and aloe and watercress. *Only ships within the United States*

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

The New Pail Refresher - Automatic Non-Toxic Garbage Pail Deodorizer For Your Home

The NEW Pail Refresher - Automatic Non-toxic Garbage Pail Deodorizer

Description: No kitchen and garage is complete without the NEW MUST HAVE Automatic Non-toxic Pail Refresher! The Pail Refresher is an automatic, non-toxic deodorizing spray that can be used in garbage pails. It's motion activated technology lets it automatically release a fresh smelling spray upon any movement of the pail, door or cover. It does have a timing device. It's battery operated, washable, refillable (we sell a 3 pak set of cartridge refills) and simple to use. Lasts long too! It's healthy and safe for people and pets!! -​It's non-toxic and healthy, won't harm the family or pets! -It's automatic and saves time- no having to look for the spray can...or even use one or hold one! -It's new, automatic, affordable and innovative- nothing like it on the market! Makes a Perfect housewarming gift! ​

Price: $14.95 to $19.95 Visit the Website

New Tidy Cats® LightWeight 24/7 Performance®: All The Strength, Half The Weight™

Tidy Cats® LightWeight 24/7 Performance® 8.5lb Jug

Description: Tidy Cats® introduces LightWeight 24/7 Performance®, a revolutionary new product that gives cat owners all the strength they’re looking for in a cat litter, but at half the weight. The popular cat litter brand now makes it easier than ever to keep your home fresh and clean. Cat owners have long complained about hauling around heavy cat litter and how it affects everything from carrying heavy shopping bags to making the task of changing the litter box more difficult. In fact, a recent survey* reveals that: • 61 percent of cat owners hate dealing with heavy cat litter • 35 percent agree that the top challenge with heavy cat litter is that they cannot carry any other items at the same time when bringing it into their home • 32 percent of cat owners would rather clean the toilet bowl than carry heavy cat litter Tidy Cats® LightWeight 24/7 Performance® is at least 50 percent lighter than traditional scooping cat litter, but has all the strength expected from Tidy Cats®. What makes it so light? An innovative combination of clay and natural lightweight minerals. Lighter cat litter makes buying, pouring and storing much easier. This product is so light, you only need one finger to lift it…you can even toss it! This product is now available at local retailers including Target.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Coffee Bean Direct Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee

Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee

Description: We start with our exclusive smoked coffee – a fresh roasted blend that is then sent to an award winning local business specializing in smoked foods. We pour the maple bacon flavor on the beans like syrup, letting them soak up all the wonderful bacon goodness. Each cup will taste sweet and salty, savory and delicious without all the fat and grease. Your entire kitchen, office, or café will smell like Sunday breakfast. This also doubles as the ultimate barbecue rub or addition to your favorite barbecue sauce.

Price: $12.95 Visit the Website

NoBrella® Flower Vase- Turn Your Patio Table Umbrella Hole Into An Amazing Floral Centerpiece

The NoBrella® Flower Vase Easily Fits In Any Patio Table Umbrella Hole

Description: Turn Your Patio Table's Empty Umbrella Hole Into A Beautiful Arrangement Of Your Favorite Fresh Cut Flowers. The NoBrella® Flower Vase fits into any patio table umbrella hole and allows you to easily add your favorite flowers.The NoBrella has a 7" long reservoir allowing the stems of your flowers to stay sufficiently submerged in fresh water below the surface of the table. The low profile of the NoBrella Flower Vase is just the right height to allow you to create your beautiful floral arrangements without overbearing your table with a big bulky vase.

Price: $12.95 Visit the Website

Faucet Face Reusable, Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottles

Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles

Description: Faucet Face is a leading marketer of environmentally friendly glass water bottles that are both durable and stylishly designed. Faucet Face bottles, which are sold online as well as throughout selected stores in the US, save money, won't leach chemicals, offer superior taste, and best of all, contribute to the reduction of single use plastic bottles. The Company has 3 programs: Classic Designs consisting of its Hose Water, Tap is Terrific and Hummingbird Feeder designs, Custom Designs which offers promotional and private label products, and Limited Edition, exclusive styles throughout the year.

Price: $12.00 Visit the Website

Repel Rodents With Victor® Mini PestChaser With Built-in Night Light

Drive away rats and mice with Victor® Mini PestChaser® Rodent Repeller with Nightlight.

Description: Continuing their commitment to keeping families safe and homes rodent-free, Victor®, a world leader in rodent control, has taken a good thing and made it even better. The Victor Mini PestChaser, an ultrasonic rodent repellent that emits high frequency sound waves to effectively repel rodents, is now available with a convenient, built-in night light. When plugged-in to a standard 110V-AC wall outlet, the rodent repeller not only keeps rodents away, but also provides a soft glow to darkened rooms. The Mini PestChaser’s mini size and discreet design make the rodent repeller ideal for use in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and anywhere a little extra light is needed. Humane and easy-to-use, simply plug the Mini PestChaser into the lower socket of any wall outlet to safely repel rodents. The Mini PestChaser emits ultrasound at varying volumes and frequencies that prevent rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasound. The noise from the repeller sounds like a jackhammer to mice and rats, but the sound is imperceptible to humans and non-rodent pets. Since you can’t hear the sound, the nightlight illuminates showing the unit is working properly.

Price: $10.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Savora Peeler

The Savora Peeler in Citron Side View

Description: The Savora Peeler features curves that not only look incredible, but also provide the best possible mechanics to peel fruits and vegetables with ease. Designed to compliment the form of the human hand, the Savora Peeler works harmoniously with its gestures. The stainless steel precision swivelling blade features edges and tapered angles that help to keep the blade in contact with the food being peeled. Featuring a comfortable grip handle, the Peeler doesn’t merely scrape, but glides along with the hand’s natural motions.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

All Natural Dog Treats Scout & Zoe's

Scout & Zoe's Jumbo Chew

Description: Due to extensive allergies they have had their entire lives, neither Scout nor Zoe could enjoy any bovine products -- bones, rawhide, or anything beef flavored. So began Cindy Dunston Quirk’s 10-year search for items for her dogs to chew on to exercise their chew drive and help with cleaning their teeth but wouldn’t aggravate their allergies. Today, Scout & Zoe’s is dedicated to providing premium quality, eco-friendly products for dogs, birds and other small animals. With love and care in every bite, their made in America products are designed to promote a healthy, happy and active lifestyle for pets and their families. Scout and Zoe’s offers natural antler chews, which come in a variety of sizes for dogs and other animals and chicken jerky and sweet potato treats which are both sourced and produced in the United States. Parents like that the chews are 100% natural, made of United States premium wild elk antlers, as well as being an organic, green, renewable resource. The antlers are gathered only after they’ve been shed naturally as part of the elk’s life cycle. What nature discards, Scout and Zoe repurpose for the enjoyment of dogs, birds and small animals globally! Scout & Zoe’s are great for dogs with allergies or dogs that LOVE to chew! Finally, allergy free chews!

Price: $9.99 to $40.00 Visit the Website

OrganicsRx Organic Gardening Products

OrganicsRx All Purpose Plant Food

Description: OrganicsRx is a plant food that's better for your plants, better for your family and better for the planet. All products are all-natural and made without synthetics or animal byproducts making it completely clean and safe for your family and pets. Just add water, mix and pour OrganicsRx and see what a difference it makes in just two weeks. There’s an Organics Rx product (or two) perfect for any type of garden. •All-Purpose Plant Food: A simple, one-step solution that keeps plants green and healthy, stimulates new growth year round and strengthens resistance to disease and pests. •Orchid Food: Unlike synthetic chemical products that “douse” orchids with excessive amounts of Nitrogen, burning the Orchid, we formulate N-P-K to be absorbed more effectively. •Flower & Rose Food: Our flower and rose food encourages robust root development, accelerates new growth, and defends against pests and molds. •Veggie Food: A simple, one-step solution that keeps plants green and healthy, stimulates new growth year round and strengthens resistance to disease and pests. •Tomato Food: Our tomato food encourages strong root development, increases nutritional value and yielding more tomatoes. •Indoor Plant Food: Simple and safe plant food that replaces toxic plant fertilizers in your home. Creates a foundation of health, stimulates growth all year long, and because it’s completely safe, you can even keep it in your pantry!

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

Now Your Pots Can Be Lighter & Your Plants Healthier With One-of-a-kind Drainage Material That Is 100% Recycled Plastic!

One of a Kind Drainage product - Lighter Pots - Healthier Plants

Description: Beautiful, Healthy Container Gardens Start with Better Than Rocks... Better Than Rocks is the ultimate drainage solution that promotes lush, long-lasting container gardens. Layer it in the bottom of your planters, window boxes and indoor or outdoor pots for optimal drainage and watch your plants flourish. Healthier plants, lighter containers Easy to use Keeps soil in, let excess water out Saves money, less soil required Fits containers of any size or shape Eco-friendly, 100% recycled plastic Reusable year after year All previous methods – rocks, aluminum cans, packing peanuts, broken clay pot shards – are a hassle compared to the simplicity of Better Than Rocks. And those methods don’t work half as well. This innovative product will make your planters lighter and promote better drainage and superior plant health in containers of all shapes and sizes. Once you try Better Than Rocks, we’re sure you’ll love it and enjoy beautiful, healthier plants!

Price: $8.99 Visit the Website

Organic, All-Natural, Eco-friendly Pet Grooming Products

Organic Oscar Dog Shampoos

Description: Organic Oscar supports a healthy and holistic lifestyle for you and your dog with organic, all-natural and biodegradable pet products. We strive to make a difference in the lives of dogs everywhere and take pride in the time that we spend working on and perfecting our product line. Our shampoos, conditioners and pet wipes are soap-free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly, leaving your dog's coat and skin brilliantly clean, soft, and healthier than ever before. Organic Oscar’s products contain no parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum-based ingredients, and no dyes or artificial fragrances. All fragrances come from essential oils. The natural, soap-free surfactant properties of the plant-based ingredients create a luxuriant lather that quickly rinses clean without stripping the coat’s natural oils. Made in USA, in a solar powered facility.

Price: $7.99 to $11.99 Visit the Website

Okio B Designs Paris Pins

Okio B Designs French Script Paris Pins

Description: Your Mom will j’adore Okio B Designs’ collection of Paris Pins. These charming wood clothes pins feature a variety of Frenchy images including Paris Postmarks, the Eiffel Tower and French script, among others, and are wonderful for displaying old black & white photos or children’s artwork. Simply string a piece of twine over the desired area and – voila! - clip on a clothes pin or two. SRP: $5 for five or six depending upon the style. Visit okiobdesigns.etsy.com.

Price: $5.00 Visit the Website

Michel Design Works

Christmastime Collection

Description: Bringing the magic of the holiday season into the home just got a lot easier! Home décor designer Michel Design Works has just unveiled three new lines for the 2013 holidays: White Christmas, Sleigh Ride and Christmastime. These three themes are carried throughout the company’s product offerings, which include bath and body items, fragrant soy candles, decorative trays and caddies, and newly introduced kitchen products like aprons and oven mitts. Available at major retailers nationwide including Sur la Table and hundreds of regional boutiques. The entire collection is also available online at http://www.ferriswheelsandcarousels.com/.

Price: $3.75 to $62.50 Visit the Website

Glade® Premium Room Sprays

Glade® Premium Room Sprays

Description: Glade® recognizes the powerful link between scent and emotion and is continuing to bring the best feelings to your home with fragrances inspired by vibrancy and liveliness to lift your mood and brighten your day. Available all year around, the Glade® Premium Room Sprays feature six bold new fragrances to help you live in the moment including: • Dazzling Blooms™: Brighten the room with a burst of ripe fruit and floral scents • Playful Paradise®: Make a splash with this fun, beach fragrance that combines scents of mixed fruits like melons and peaches • Island Escape®: Infuse the air with this sweet medley of island fruits including hints of pineapple and mixed berries • Lavender Embrace™: Embrace the moment with this peaceful bouquet of soft and soothing lavender including notes of eucalyptus, rose and jasmine • Brilliant Sunshine™: Enjoy hints of peach, cantaloupe and lilac, like a ray of sweet sunshine on a summer day • Sheer White Cotton®: Freshen the air with the scent of fresh sheets blowing in the breeze, including hints of honeydew, pear and jasmine For more information, visit www.Glade.com or www.Facebook.com/Glade

Price: $3.49 Visit the Website

Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection

Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection

Description: As spring arrives and temperatures rise, the world of scents around us also intensifies, making it the perfect time of year to revitalize your routine with fragrance. Inspired by the best feelings of the season, the Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection helps you break free from your winter routine and revitalize your home for the upcoming spring season. The new collection features five new and refreshing fragrances which include: • Lift Off: A fresh floral fragrance with hints of white tea and magnolia that will revitalize you this spring and leave you feeling refreshed • Live Loud™: This bold, romantic floral fragrance with hints of rosehip and plumeria has a zest as energizing as spring • Splash Out™: A rejuvenating blend of blackberry notes • Let Loose™: An energizing and fruity mix of the scents of kiwi and wild peach • Dig It: A vibrant citrus and sunflower fragrance and a gentle reminder spring is time to come alive and do what you love Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection fragrances are available in all the variations you love from Glade® including 4 oz. candle jars, premium room sprays, PlugIns® Scented Oil refills and Wax Melts. For more information, visit www.Glade.com or www.Facebook.com/Glade

Price: $1.00 to $5.00 Visit the Website

Annie's Garden Funder To Fund The School Or Garden In Your Community

Annie's Garden Funder

Description: Give a gift that gives back! Help give your child's school or your community the gift of fresh, whole food with a donation to your local organization via Annie's Garden Funder. By helping children learn where food comes from though school gardens, Annie's helps kids understand that real food tastes great and encourages them to start making better choices at a young age.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Sprout It Is A Gardening App That Helps All Gardeners Grow Their Best Garden Yet

The easy, smart way to garden

Description: The Sprout it app was designed to help inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle; to help people grow their own vegetables and herbs right the first time, every time. Sprout it provides ongoing location-based information and notifications based on the weather patterns and your unique garden. The app is fully customizable and provides inspiration, motivation and support from planting to harvest. Whether you are an expert or just getting started, Sprout it will grow with you. It's accessible to everyone -- available FREE for iPad and iPhone in the App Store and on the web.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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Tempflow™ and Tempur-Pedic® Reviews - What 35 Hours of Research Uncovered

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