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Home & Garden Gift Guide 2012 - Garden

By Caitlin Robson

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EPool Smart System

ePool alerts

Description: Whether you use your pool year round or only during the summer months, a healthy pool is a happy pool! The new ePool Smart System is a simple, wireless and accurate pool system saves you time and money so you can enjoy your pool more and spend less time maintaining it. ePool has many added benefits such as: • Easy to set up wireless floating sensor transmits the status of your water to your PC, Mac or Smartphone taking the guess work out of maintaining your pool or spa. • 24/7 monitoring of pH, sanitizer and temperature tells you exactly what chemical and how much to add eliminating unhealthy spikes and dips. • Alerts you when your water needs attention via easy to read graphics. If it’s green, everything is ok. If it’s red, check what needs to be added. • Works with regular, saltwater and mineral ion pools and spas plus upgradable for future add-ons. • Includes free lifetime online software updates, free 1 year customer software support and 90 day hardware warranty. • Simply check the status of your water on your PC, Mac or Smartphone saving time and money so you can enjoy your pool or spa.

Price: $229.00 Visit the Website

Roma Boots

Roma Boots - For You. For All.

Description: Introducing Roma Boots– think classic Burberry rain boot meets Hunter wellies – the fashionable yet affordable all-weather boot that will warm your heart along with your feet. Made from 100% natural rubber and featuring a quick-dry cotton lining, Roma's durable and comfortable boots, which come in a variety of fashion-forward colors and finishes (matte and high gloss), will keep your feet warm and dry in even the messiest, wettest and coldest of situations. And the best part is Roma Boots works off a "buy one, give one" philosophy, so your purchase will help provide adequate footwear to children going without in Central and Eastern Europe. For each pair of Roma Boots sold, a pair is donated to a child in need and distributed by the company's nonprofit subsidiary - Roma For All- via quarterly boot drops. Roma Boots - For You. For All.

Price: $84.00 Visit the Website

Gibbon Slackline Kit

Gibbon's Funline for beginners

Description: Gibbon makes easy to use 2 piece slackline kits for the whole family to enjoy in the backyard, over a pool, or in a park. Slacklines are strips of dynamic webbing that are hung low to the ground between 2 trees or other anchor points. They are a balance challenge, sport trainer, backyard game and all around fun piece of equipment. Gibbon specializes in 2" wide webbing kits with ratchet tensioning systems, making it very easy to set up. Within this style is the FUNLINE made for beginners with thick, more static webbing and a sticky grip to help while learning. For the more advanced or adventurous types there is the JIBLINE made of trampoline material providing extra bounce and more of a challenge. Slacklining began as a cross trainer and has progressed to a fun backyard activity and sport all of its own. It's the perfect gift the whole family can enjoy. Give it a try!

Price: $74.99 to $139.99 Visit the Website

Fleurings Mini-Vase Jewelry By Samantha Lockwood

Fleurings Classic Brushed Silver Necklaces...Add water. Add flower. Add you.

Description: Fleurings jewelry is an exquisite collection of sexy mini vase shaped earrings, necklaces and lapel pins. Each piece is hollow which allows the user to add a few drops of water to keep fresh flowers lasting longer. Wear fresh flowers for hours! The Classic Collection is for small stemmed flowers like small orchids, mini roses, mum or daisies, while the Stiletto styles are larger so a person can wear larger stemmed flower or create mini bouquets. Fleurings can also be styled with artificial flowers or without any flowers at all. The designs are standalone great pieces. This collection make a great gift for her, whether is a holiday a birthday or just for no reason, this is sure to be a unique gift. Ideal for anyone who loves flowers! For weddings Fleurings is a must have bridesmaid gift that she can wear with her dress any everyday after. The Lapel Pin is a must have for the Groom and his men.

Price: $65.00 to $82.00 Visit the Website

Make Mother’s Day Memorable With A Piece Of Central Park

Plant Daffodils or Tulips in Central Park

Description: This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift that keeps on giving season after season: plant brilliant blooms in Central Park in her honor and, in doing so, support the Central Park Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that manages the Park year after year. Each year in Central Park, thousands of daffodils and tulips mark the arrival of spring. What better way to express that your love for mom will continue to bloom every year than to have flowers planted for her in Central Park? With a minimum donation of $50, the Conservancy will place either plant in one of the Park’s flower beds so you (and millions of annual Park visitors) can stroll through the Park each spring and be reminded of the special gift you gave your mom. Your mother will also receive an e-card with your own personalized note, letting her know that the flowers were donated and planted in her name. Since Conservancy gardeners plant and care for thousands of plants every year, you’ll know that your mother’s flowers will be tended to season after season, playing an important role in keeping Central Park beautiful. The Conservancy privately raises 85% of Central Park’s $42 million annual expense budget; by purchasing a gift from the Conservancy, you can show your love for your mother as well as your love for Central Park.

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

Make Mother’s Day Memorable With A Piece Of Central Park

Plant Daffodils or Tulips in Central Park

Description: This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift that keeps on giving season after season: plant brilliant blooms in Central Park in her honor and, in doing so, support the Central Park Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that manages the Park year after year. Each year in Central Park, thousands of daffodils and tulips mark the arrival of spring. What better way to express that your love for mom will continue to bloom every year than to have flowers planted for her in Central Park? With a minimum donation of $50, the Conservancy will place either plant in one of the Park’s flower beds so you (and millions of annual Park visitors) can stroll through the Park each spring and be reminded of the special gift you gave your mom. Your mother will also receive an e-card with your own personalized note, letting her know that the flowers were donated and planted in her name. Since Conservancy gardeners plant and care for thousands of plants every year, you’ll know that your mother’s flowers will be tended to season after season, playing an important role in keeping Central Park beautiful. The Conservancy privately raises 85% of Central Park’s $42 million annual expense budget; by purchasing a gift from the Conservancy, you can show your love for your mother as well as your love for Central Park.

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

Eat Cleaner Green Garden & Kitchen Gift Pack

Eat Cleaner Green Garden & Kitchen Gift Pack

Description: The Perfect Gift for Your Green Thumb Friends! The Eat Cleaner Green Garden & Kitchen Gift Pack contains: Eat Cleaner 40 Ct. Biodegradable Wipes Canister Eat Cleaner 8 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Spray Eat Cleaner 4 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Concentrate Refill Eat Cleaner 10 Pack Individually Wrapped Biodegradable Wipes Eat Cleaner 8 oz. Seafood & Poultry Wash Spray Reusable Cleaner Plate Tote - 14"H x 20"W x 7"D 1 Pair Cloth Garden Gloves 1 Garden Rake 1 Tiny Tyke Garden Rake 2 Packs Vegetable Seeds One-Year Subcription to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine Wrapped in a Reusable Mesh Produce Bag and Strainer Basket The perfect Green gift for your Green friends to get their Gardening on: Only reusable, recyclable & biodegradable products!

Price: $42.00 Visit the Website

Terro's Summer Patio Package - Party Without The Bugs!

Terro Ant Killer

Description: Summer is here and TERRO® (http://www.terro.com), the industry leader in DIY pest control products, is ready to celebrate. Terro’s Patio Party Package is what every host needs when it comes to keeping the bugs from crashing the party. Everyone knows the buzz mosquitoes create as the temperature rises. Apply Terro Mosquito Repellent around the desired areas and enjoy a mosquito-free patio space for up to 21 days. Apply Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits to areas where you see signs of ant activity outside. The ants will consume the liquid in the baits and carry it back to the Queen ant, eventually killing off the entire colony- and your ant problem- within a week. Next, set up line of defense that will wipe out your ant infestation. Simply sprinkle the Terro Outdoor Ant Killer Shaker Bag to create a three-to-five foot band around the perimeter of the house to protect against future ant issues. Finally, Terro Spider Killer Spray is the secret weapon to ward off those long-legged invaders. Spray where you suspect spider activity, and rest assured your guests won’t find any unwelcome visitors when they browse over to the food table!

Price: $37.00 Visit the Website

Leaf Loader By NooTools

With the forcing action of a funnel, Leaf Loader compresses leaves and debris in one easy step making repeated pressing and compacting of the leaves unnecessary. With its flexible support, Leaf Loader holds a bag or can open and in place, and moves it eas

Description: product development company NooTools has relaunched their newly patented, light-weight Leaf Loader, an ingenious yard clean-up device designed to save homeowners hours spent raking, scooping and bagging leaves. With a new durable design, Leaf Loader can also be used in clearing gutters and with worksite cleanup and has easy-to-grip handles for easy bagging, allowing you to quickly clear your yard of lawn debris. Its funnel design allows you to bag leaves from up to 10 feet away. Leaf Loader folds and stores flat when not in use, taking up about the same space as a hula hoop and with a simple twist, instantly pops open again, ready for use. No tools or assembly are required. The Leaf Loader retails at $29.95. To purchase, visit www.leafloader.com. Also available Amazon.com, select Wal-Mart stores or your local hardware store.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Love Is In The Soil With Bio S.I. Technology

Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula

Description: The celebration of companionship and showing love rings true as Valentine’s Day rounds the corner. This year, devote love for your garden and those who have the same admiration. Love is in the soil this year with Bio S.I. Technology’s (www.biositechnology.com) all-natural products that offer ideal presents for those who plan to have a viable garden and healthy mindset for 2012. With Bio S.I.’s special offer of buy two products, get one free you can treat loved ones and your own garden with one easy purchase. About Bio S.I. Technology Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC was formed in 2006 with a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products. Bio-S.I. solutions are made with soil borne microbes and do not contain any laboratory engineered or laboratory manipulated microbes. The company constantly strives to improve their products and use cutting-edge testing methods for improving the consistency of every product they make. Bio S.I.’s goal is to help improve the health of the soil so that crops can provide more nutrition to humans, all while benefiting the environment at the same time. Bio-S.I.’s “Rebuilding Soil Naturally”© Program helps consumers use the right fertilizer and chemicals at reduced rates to help lower the environmental impact. For more information about Bio S.I. Technology, or to purchase their cutting-edge formulas, please visit www.biositechnology.com.

Price: $29.95 to $32.95 Visit the Website

Sweeney's Deadset Mole Trap

Sweeney's Deadset Mole Trap

Description: Advancing their commitment to helping homeowners protect their lawns and gardens from damage caused by moles, Sweeney’s, a leader in DIY pest control products, introduces the Deadset™ Mole Trap. The new trap is extremely easy-to-set thanks to an ergonomically designed, easy-to-grasp handle and a patented triggering system. Precision built, the Deadset trap is triggered by the slightest underground movement, effectively driving the spears into the ground and killing the mole.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Formula

Bottle of Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden

Description: Bio S.I. gives nature a helping hand in the most natural way possible by working to bring your soil back to life! Bio S.I.’s Lawn and Garden Formula adds naturally occurring microbes to the soil that serves as a catalyst to improve the efficiency of your fertilizer. As many avid gardeners are realizing that more is not always better, they are beginning to look for more effective ways to get the most out of the fertilizer and chemicals that they put into their soil. Bio S.I. helps improve the soil health and available nutrients which leads to better quality production and healthier plants. In addition, Bio S.I. helps loosen up the soil to allow it to breathe better and improve water penetration. These products may be applied with a quality hose-end sprayer, pump-up sprayer, or injected into irrigation systems that may be calibrated to the right application and may be used for treating flower beds, lawns, shrubs, trees, and gardens. Bio S.I.’s Lawn and Garden Formula is approved for organic programs.

Price: $26.95 to $28.95 Visit the Website

Rainbow Kit By Today I Ate A Rainbow

Eating Rainbows is Fun!

Description: Setting healthy eating habits just got a little easier! “Today I Ate A Rainbow!™” is an interactive nutritional chart that makes eating fruits and vegetables fun for your children! Consisting of a colourful rainbow chart and bright cartoon magnets this tool will allow your children to easily track the fruits and vegetables they eat throughout the day. This package contains the complete Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart and The Rainbow Bunch book. These tools turn healthy eating into a fun challenge! *** Please note, magnets to not adhere well to stainless steel fridges. The package contains the following: • Complete "Today I Ate A Rainbow!™" Chart • 1 Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart (not magnetic) • 4 sets of coloured magnets • 4 achievement magnets • 2 fridge magnets • 1 colour-coded shopping list • The Rainbow Bunch Book • BONUS! Rainbow Bookmark

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Atacora Essential 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Seed Oil 16oz

Atacora Essential Neem Seed Oil

Description: Atacora Essential Neem Oil is sustainably produced from wild harvested, cold pressed Neem Seeds in Benin, West Africa. Indigenous to India, Neem is known as the Village Pharmacy for its many garden and health applications. GARDEN/GREENHOUSE/GROW ROOM USES: Mix 2 tsp Neem Oil with 1 quart warm water and 1 tsp natural soap in a spray bottle. Spray on plant foliage to control mealy bug, beet armyworm, aphids, the cabbage worm, thrips, whiteflies, mites, fungus gnats, beetles, moth larvae, mushroom flies, leafminers, caterpillars, locust, nematodes and the Japanese beetle. Neem oil is not known to be harmful to mammals, birds, earthworms or some beneficial insects such as butterflies, honeybees and ladybugs. It can be used as a household pesticide for ant, bedbug, cockroach, housefly, sand fly, snail, termite and mosquitoes both as repellent and larvicide (Puri 1999). Neem oil also controls black spot, powdery mildew, anthracnose and rust (fungus). SKIN/HAIR AND PET USES: Neem Oil soothes dry, irritated skin resulting from conditions such as exzema, psoriasis, cuts and burns. It has powerful antimicrobial and antifungal properties, and is a natural treatment for head lice, scabies, mites and fleas. A little Neem Oil goes a long way, so it can be mixed in shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc. Atacora Essential are produced according to Fair Trade guidelines. The prices we pay producers promote sustainable economic development, help fight poverty and empower women in Africa.

Price: $23.00 to $28.00 Visit the Website

Sweeney's Poison Moleworms

Protect your lawn from moles with Sweeney's Poison Moleworms

Description: Sweeney’s, an industry leader in DIY pest control products, has added Poison Moleworms™ to their extensive line of mole control products. Designed for use in underground runways and formulated to be palatable to moles, the new Moleworms resemble real earthworms, a main food source for moles. When eaten, the poison in the bait works quickly to kill the mole.

Price: $21.99 Visit the Website

Gogh Jewelry Design Merchandise

BREATHE Inspirational Necklace

Description: This new LA based jewelry line merges Szilvia’s vision of balance and harmony with herself and the surrounding world. Her inspiration comes from the challenges of everyday life and her love for the travel. Szilvia takes great pride in designing and creating unique accessories. She travels the world making a living from her passions: scuba diving and creating one of a kind jewelry inspired by her experiences along the way. The one-of-a-kind powerful yet feminine sterling silver pieces withstand the changes of fashion with timeless beauty and design. Pairing silver with semi-precious stones, (like garnet, turquoise and carnelian) with reclaimed wood, sea shells and beach glass results in eco-friendly luxury accessories that won’t break the bank. Actors, Actresses, TV Hosts, like Holly Robinson Peete on this photo, and Fashionistas around the world rock our unique Gogh Jewelry Design pieces during this Summer's Red Carpet Events. The collection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings are crafted locally using metal smithing techniques she acquired from the prestigious Budapest Art Institute.

Price: $20.00 to $200.00 Visit the Website

Three Exciting Bird Foods Hit Wild Birds Unlimited Stores This Fall

Buttons with Birds

Description: It’s a myth that all birds fly south for the winter. In fact, some of the more colorful, more vocal birds remain in their local habitats year ‘round. Wild Birds Unlimited, the largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature stores, wants to help you attract these beautiful birds to your backyard with two new bird food products and the return of a favorite from last year. Hoot the Owl, Preston the Penguin, and returning by popular demand, Buttons the Snowman are adorable bird food cylinders that offer a convenient alternative way to feed the birds. These whimsical shapes are a fantastic way to introduce children to the hobby of bird feeding. Available only at Wild Birds Unlimited, each is packed with seeds and fruits to attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard. Seeds such as black oil sunflower, peanuts and safflower are high in fats and proteins that birds need to survive long, cold winter nights. Prices vary by Wild Birds Unlimited store. However, all three stocking stuffers are generally less than $20. Hurry though; these food characters will be available for a limited time.

Price: $20.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Chemical Free Sunscreen

Unscented Facial Sunscreen

Description: True Natural's 2012 Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen lineup is 100% mineral based using nano-particle free zinc oxide, and provide the best protection for a natural sunscreen. These sunscreens all exceed the FDA's New Sunscreen Guidelines for UVA/UVB protection. True Natural doesn't stop there. All products are made with all natural ingredients, toxin-free, biodegradeable, resort safe, and USDA Certified Biobased - meaning all ingredients are renewable and petroleum free. They also are NPA certified, meet the Whole Foods Premium Body Care standard and are top rated in the EWG's 2012 Sunscreen Guide. The sunscreens also go on clear and are available in an unscented & vanilla coconut facial lotion, vanilla coconut body lotion, baby/sensitive body lotion and a vanilla coconut spray.

Price: $19.95 to $24.95 Visit the Website

Terro Perimeter Ant Bait Plus

Get rid of ants and other pests with Terro Perimeter Ant Bait Plus

Description: Terro Perimeter Ant Bait Plus granules not only kill entire colonies of outdoor ants– including carpenter ants - but they also eliminate annoying cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, slugs and snails. The granules are packaged in a convenient shaker bottle, making it easy to spread the bait around the perimeter of a house - no spreader is needed. The bait is weather-resistant, so it won’t break down when exposed to the elements.

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

Seirus’s New Chemical-Free Sun-Protective Accessories: Quick Shade Hats, SunDanas And SunThings

Summer 2012 Seirus Quick Shade Safari hat with sewn-in SunDana pulled down

Description: New, stylish chemical-free sun-protection options protect the face and neck from the burning sun. Perfect for hiking, fishing, biking, tennis, jogging, gardening -and doing just about anything under the sun: Seirus’ Quick Shade hats (patented), SunDanas, (patented pending) and SunThings provide Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 25 to 50 (UPF), the highest available. The UPF of Seirus’s gear never needs to be reapplied –unlike Sunscreen. Tube-cut SunThings and angled-bandana-cut SunDanas are one-size-fits-all and measure 21 x 14.5 and 16 x 10 inches respectively. They are seamless, come in many colors and prints, are made with wicking, highly-breathable, four-way stretch polyester that slips over the head and maintains elasticity. SunThings can be worn in many ways: face mask, neck gaiter, headrag, beanie and headband. Quick Shade hats come in ball-cap and sun-hat styles with wide brims that cast 360-degree shade. All feature Seirus’ sewn-in SunDanas that can be draped on the back of the neck (double layered for UPF 50) or pulled over the head and worn as a facemask or neck-gaiter (single layer for UPF 25). Uniquely, the SunDanas also tuck neatly inside the hats. The hats are all made of quick-drying, soft Supplex nylon fabric.

Price: $14.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

BENGAY® Zero Degrees™

BENGAY Zero Degrees

Description: The new BENGAY® Zero Degrees™ is the first and only topical pain reliever that can be stored in the freezer, combining the instant sensation of ice with the long-lasting, pain relief of BENGAY® Gel. Developed with a unique, no-mess stick delivery system, BENGAY® Zero Degrees™ starts to soothe tired muscles on contact with a vanishing scent that begins to disappear in minutes. It's perfect for soothing muscles tired from exercise, gardening, or just the aches and pains of everyday life. No matter the source of your soreness, BENGAY® is here to help you stay cool, fit and pain-free.

Price: $13.99 Visit the Website

Topricin Pain Relief And Healing Creams

Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Creams

Description: Topricin products stimulate the body's desire to heal the damage that's causing your pain. Experience superior, natural pain relief with no odor, no heat, no chemicals and no side effects. Topricin products are made in the U.S.A. and have been doctor recommended since 1994. We have a variety of new product offerings from Topical BioMedics Inc. that are practical yet pampering, and appropriate for both men and women. The line-up fits into every budget and lifestyle and includes classic Topricin pain relief and healing cream, Topricin Junior for children's injuries or Topricin Foot Therapy Cream. We now offer spa kits for pain-free pampering! The perfect gift for your friend or family member- whether they are active or like to kick back and relax.

Price: $12.99 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Miracle-Gro Kids Root Viewer

Miracle-Gro Kids Root Viewer

Description: The Miracle-Gro Kids Root Viewer from Peachtree Playthings allows parents to introduce the basic concepts of gardening to children through a fun and interactive gardening set that allows you to see the plant's growth above and below the soil. What's even more fun about this set is that it grows carrots, onions, and radishes so that you can incorporate your homegrown vegetables into homemade recipes. The Root Viewer includes specially formulated Miracle-Gro Gro Mix, a Root Viewer planter, seeds, and a Gro Chart that allows kids to document the progress of their plant.

Price: $12.99 to $12.99 Visit the Website

Gift Wrap That Grows!

Complete Packaging

Description: Gift Wrap That Grows, www.littlekaygardens.com, offers an assortment of wrapping paper that, once used, can actually BE PLANTED. Embedded in the paper are wildflowers seeds including Corn Poppy, Red Coreopsis, Plain Coreopsis, Black-eyed Susan and Baby Snapdragon. Once used, simply plant the paper. Custom orders available such as baby shower, Valentine's Day, birthdays, holidays, etc. Our line has been seen in the Miami Herald, the daily green, the green mom review, New York House and more!

Price: $11.99 to $12.00 Visit the Website

Fish Rich™ Organic Fertilizer

Fish Rich™ Organic Fertilizer - Fish Food For Your Plants

Description: Fish Rich™(2-3-2), Bell Aquaculture's organic liquid plant fertilizer, is made from the remains of Bell Perch Yellow Perch raised and processed in Indiana. Because Bell's fish are raised in a pristine environment, you can be sure that what’s going into the soil is pure and free of anything unnatural. Simply, it’s garden and human safe. Fish Rich™ is sustainability in action: what others consider waste, Bell Aquaculture uses as a way to return nutrients to the earth. Fish Rich™ may be ordered online at the Bell Aquaculture website.

Price: $8.95 to $25.95 Visit the Website

Gift A TickleMe Plant Kit- The Only Plant That Closes Its Leaves And Lowers Its Branches When Tickled!

Everyone Loves Playing with their Pet TickleMe Plant- Boys,Girls,Mom, Dad, Teachers and Grandparents!

Description: EVER SEE A PLANT MOVE LIKE AN ANIMAL WHEN YOU TICKLE IT? Great for boys, girls, moms, dads, teachers and grandparents! TickleMe Plants are a great and unique gift for the one you love or for yourself! TickleMe Plants are the only plants that move like an animal when tickled. Tickle this plant and it will close its finger like leaves and lower its armlike branches. TickleMe Plants are a great way to excite someone about gardening and nature. TickleMe Plants can be grown indoors any time of the year, even in winter. They sprout in days! TickleMe Plants have beautiful cotton candy like pink flowers. Visit http://www.ticklemeplant.com to see a live TickleMe Plant in action. TickleMe Plants are easy to grow, no "Green thumb" needed. Each TickleMe Plant Kit includes everything you need to grow your own Pet TickleMe Plant: soil, seeds and flower pots. TickleMe Plants are 100% guaranteed to grow and move when you tickle them or we will replace the seeds. Kids favorite plant- classroom kits and the TickleMe Plant Care Book available as well.

Price: $5.50 to $39.95 Visit the Website


Blue Goo

Description: Blue Goo Cracked Heels and Hands, by Garcoa Labs, soothes, smoothes and softens skin while at the same time, easing hard calluses and corns. A must for those who wear sandals! In addition, it's great for every day use after dishwashing and for dry cuticles. With key ingredients including emu oil, beeswax, lanolin and lecithin, this Blue Goo salve is a non-petroleum based balm that will soften even the toughest, driest skin.

Price: $4.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Probar Creates Healthy Vegan, Organic, All Natural, Raw, Blended Not Baked Whole Plant Based Food Products.

www.theprobar.com Facebook: Theprobar Twitter: @Theprobar

Description: PROBAR is the innovator and leader in convenient, on-the-go, all natural foods. We source the finest all natural, real, wholesome, and organic ingredients from responsible growers to create food that is simply delicious and always Simply Real. Probar meal replacement bar is where award-winning whole-food meal replacement started! Delectable combinations of whole grains, chunky nuts and delicious fruit in 8 flavors that will simply satisfy. fruition™ is a fruit-based, gluten-free, superfood snack bar designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories. Fruition is the marriage of oats, chia seeds, and cashews in 4 delicious flavors. Satisfying your sweet tooth with zero grams of guilt. Introducing Halo™, the delicious between meals treat that’s designed to do your body good. With natural whole food ingredients and heavenly taste, these bars have such big flavors they take on a personality all their own.

Price: $1.59 to $3.29 Visit the Website

Say YES To Hope!

Say YES to Hope!

Description: YES! Beat Liver Tumors provides information, support, and hope to those diagnosed with cancers of the liver. When the words "you have cancer" are heard, it changes your life and when cancer spreads to the liver patients often feel alone and hopeless. YES provides HOPE and a FRIEND for the Journey. Visit www.beatlivertumors.org or call our Toll Free Survivor Line (877-937-7478) for more information.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Published on Nov 25, 2012

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