Pet Gifts Guide 2011

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PetZen Small DogTread Dog Treadmill

PetZen Small DogTread Dog Treadmill

Description: It’s no secret that dogs need a regular exercise routine to live a healthy, happy life. But what you might not know is that a typical walk (even a long one) doesn’t always provide the pace and intensity dogs need to flourish. Whether you’re a professional or just a devoted owner, if you’re serious about giving your dog the best life you can, the award-winning PetZen™ motorized DogTread™ Treadmill lets you offer your best friend the benefits of a consistent exercise plan—in any weather, any conditions, any time of day.

Price: $549.99 Visit the Website

Private Photo Session With Bark Pet Photography

Bark Pet Photography sessions capture your pet's life!

Description: As seen in the Wall Street Journal,, TMZ,, and more, private photo session with Los Angeles' premier photographers, Bark Pet Photography, makes a great gift for all pet lovers. Sessions are shot at your choice of location and are customized to your pet's personality. Gift certificates are available for one-hour and two-hour sessions and ALL sessions come with prints AND corresponding digital files! These published authors of Dog Photography For Dummies will help you transform your fleeting moments of your pet's life into permanent, breathtaking keepsakes.

Price: $450.00 to $700.00 Visit the Website

Triple Bowl Pet Feeders For Small Dogs And Cats

three bowl small pet feeder

Description: Uniquely hand-crafted from wooden wine crate, they make wonderful pet feeders that you can actually show off! These triple bowl elevated pet feeders are perfect for smaller dogs and cats. Being only 4" high they provide them with a healthy and comfortable way to dine and drink. Many cat owners will tell you that they also help with food regurgitation problems. Choose among six custom colors, add a complimentary hand-painted pet's name and/or a beautiful hand-painted design (for an extra fee).

Price: $185.00 to $260.00 Visit the Website

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) Pet Beds

Artist Collection

Description: It’s easy to sleep like a dog when it’s on one of P.L.A.Y.'s stylish and super-comfy pet beds! With a mission to create beds that are not just comfy for pets but stylish for owners AND better for our planet, founder Will Chen partnered with San Francisco artist, David Collins, and created the award winning Artist and Original Collections for 2011. With over 25 designs, you’re sure to find the perfect bed for your pup AND your style!

Price: $85.00 to $189.00 Visit the Website

Goose Down Doggie Coat By Joy Pet Products

Original Goose Down Doggie Coat

Description: Give the Gift of Good Taste and Warmth Because February can be one of the chilliest months, you and your pup are sure to warm up to Joy Pet Products’ chic Goose Down Doggie Coat. This ultra-light, adjustable, reversible, washable and dryable coat ensures every romp is comfortably warm and dry. Joy Pet Products’ superior fit and signature cut, which covers the hips while leaving enough room underneath for even male dogs, will protect your pup on the most blustery days. And rest assured, all Joy Pet Products’ items are constructed to the highest standards in the U.S. and Canada with painstaking attention to detail, visible in their harness friendly openings, easy care, adjustable closures and superior fit. Available in sizes XS to XL, the Goose Down Doggie Coat starts at $77.99 (XS).

Price: $77.99 Visit the Website

Wahl Deluxe Pro Series Pet Clipper

Wahl Pro Series Pet Clipper kit

Description: The new Wahl Deluxe Pro Series Pet Clipper, pet lovers can ‘shave’ costs on pet care by grooming at home. Its contoured and cordless design includes a comfort grip that makes cutting at different angles easier and more convenient. Along with the user-friendly clipper, the kit comes with a variety of guide combs, scissors, a mirror and an instructional DVD.

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Pet Caine-7 Anti-Aging Supplement For Pets

Anti-Aging Supplement for Pets

Description: Pet Caine-7™ is used by veterinarians as a natural alternative supplement containing Procaine HCL. It is then complexed with seven other key natural ingredients to target debilitated cells in pets. This unique formula is designed to regenerate and restore the body to normal function. It’s the only anti-aging vitamin supplement your cat or dog will need. Made for all ages. Benefits: • Improves Energy and Alertness • Helps with Skin and Coat Problems • Increases Muscular Strength and Mobility • Boosts Cellular Repair • Promotes Overall Well-Being • Reduces Free Radical Damage • Diminishes the effects of Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia • Strengthens the Immune System • Targets Feline Health Concerns • Avoid Costly Medical Bills to the Vet • Anti-Aging Supplement

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website

Sterling Silver Necklace - Paw With Heart Dog Jewelry

rockin' doggie Sterling Silver Necklace - Paw with Heart

Description: This adorable sterling silver necklace is perfect for any dog or cat lover! A sweet puffed paw with a small heart expresses the love you have for your pet in a classic style. Comes on an 18 inch chain. rockin' doggie's pet people jewelry is made in the USA of .925 sterling silver. Engraveable with 2 lines, 9 characters each line. 9/16" x 9/16" See entire sterling silver collection, including rings and bracelets, on our website.

Price: $56.00 to $66.00 Visit the Website

Perfect Cut™ For Pet Trims At Home

Andis Perfect Cut™ 11 Piece Clipper Kit

Description: The Perfect Cut™ from Andis is an 11 piece clipper kit ideal for trims and touch-ups between trips to the groomer. The clipper is easy to use, with a high quality stainless-steel blade that adjusts to accommodate different cutting lengths. A DVD with pet trimming instructions and tips is included to help you master the basics. The four attachment combs are numbered and provide a range of choices when deciding hair length. Also included in the kit are stainless-steel shears, a blade cleaning brush and lubricating blade oil. A protective blade guard covers the clipper when it isn’t used. Everything tucks away for storage in a soft storage case. The kit could pay for itself in just a few months by extending time between trips to the groomer.

Price: $50.00 to $51.00 Visit the Website

3 Green Dogs Doggie Health Pack

3 Green Dogs Doggie Healthy Pack

Description: Pack includes Multi Vitamin, Omega, Ear Flush, Skin Relief Spray, Electrolyte, Pet Waste Bags and Pet Toy. Are you getting a new puppy or looking to maintain the health of your fury friend? The 3GD Doggy & Puppy Health Pack will help ease the confusion by providing a variety of valuable products to fulfill the vital-health care requirements your loving dog. Inspect the contents of our amazing 3GD Doggy & Puppy Health Package to discover the value and convenience of this product. It contains all the essentials, from the nutritional daily vitamins to the relief provided by the ear cleaner as well as Omega Fatty Acids for a beautiful coat. This beneficial pack will help ensure that your furry friends health needs are complete. Furthermore, they also make great gifts too. With this valuable pack, you can take the guess work out of finding the correct health supplements, and instead spend that quality time getting to know your new four-legged family member. Vitamins: To promote a healthy development by providing essential amounts of nutrients. Ear Cleaner: This gentle solution can be used weekly to help alleviate dirty and infected ears Electrolytes: To help avoid dehydration during times of illness and stress (vaccines, upset stomach, travel, excessive play, etc.) Advanced Skin Support: To aid in the replenishment of oils in the skin to help maintain a healthy skin and coat Relief Spray: To address any minor rashes and irritations that your dog may commonly encounter

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Bit Blanket

Simply wrap the Bit Blanket around a cold bit, plug it in, and while you are grooming your horse, saddling up and preparing for your ride, your horse’s bit is being warmed to a comfortable temperature.

Description: Bit Blanket is an electric warmer for cold, metal bridle bits. The innovative device wraps around a horses’ bit, and quickly and conveniently warms it to a temperature more like a horse’s normal body temperature. In barns and stables, the bit warmers plug into any standard outlet, running on only four watts of energy. For riders who take their steeds off-site for trail rides, lessons, clinics, etc., a power inverter is also an option. A portion of the profits from the sale of each Bit Blanket is donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

Leather Collar With Paw Rivets

Blue Leather Collar with Paw Rivets

Description: This rockin' doggie dog collar is accented by sweet paw rivets, giving it a classy touch. Comes in sky blue (pictured), spring green, sizzling red, baby pink, earth brown, and jet black. Our pet collars are made from top grain Brazilian leather so that they are soft and comfortable. 4-ply design features top & bottom leather layers reinforced with ballistic nylon lining for durability. All our pet products are made in the U.S.A. See our entire collection of collars, leashes, and accessory bags on our website.

Price: $44.00 to $68.00 Visit the Website

MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Medium Enamel Pet Dish - White

MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Medium Enamel Pet Dish - White

Description: MacKenzie-Childs ( – the luxury home furnishing and personal accessories brand, best known for distinctive designs which combine vibrant colors and pattern-on-pattern surface decoration that creates an original aesthetic best described as “tradition with a twist"- offers man's best friend dishes for dining. It’s all about flowers for little Spot. The dishwasher-safe dog bowl is perfect for hungry hounds dining on delicious meals.

Price: $42.00 Visit the Website

The Bindy Bed

Bindy Bed Cream

Description: The makers at Bindaboo® have taken a pet’s natural instinct to nest, knead, claw and chew into account by introducing the new superbly comfortable and shaggy soft Bindy Bed. The Bindy Bed is made with a high-lofting plush polyester fleece fabric that can help regulate your pets’ body temperature, helping them stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The curly fringe cut texture of the fleece encourages pets to knead and snuggle their way to maximized comfort. The Bindy Bed comes in two sizes small (24”x18”) and large (36”x23”). You can also choose from two fun color patterns of either chocolate with cream paw prints, or cream with chocolate paw prints. The Bindy Bed is 100 percent machine washable, dryer safe, and will maintain its form even after multiple washings. To eliminate chewing, swallowing and choking hazards, the Bindy Bed is also made without zippers, buttons, clips, beads, touch tape, eyelets, toggles, press studs or plastic ties.

Price: $39.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Spring-Cleaning Goes To The Dogs (and Cats)

Neater Feeder

Description: The super-functional feeding solution is designed to take the mess out of mealtime thanks to its raised backsplash and dual reservoir which contains and separates spills and splatters, preventing soggy kibble and slick floors. The Neater Feeder protects homeowner’s investments and apartment dweller’s security deposits, allowing pet parents to keep a happy, cleaner home. In addition to answering cleanliness concerns, the Neater Feeder supports a healthier mealtime for pets. The industry award-winning feeding system provides a tidier eating area for your furry loved one and can help prevent ants from helping themselves to a springtime picnic, feasting on your pet’s leftovers. The Neater Feeder is elevated on non-skid rubber treads to support better digestion. Optional leg extensions are also available for larger breeds, prone to digestion issues and joint problems. The kick-proof, spill-proof Neater Feeder is the only feeding system that serves the needs of both pets and their parents. Available in small, medium and large variations, the Neater Feeder is appropriately sized for dogs small and large, up to 100-plus pounds. And the Neater Feeder is feline friendly too, thanks to the cat sized Neater Feeder. Made in the U.S.A. from recyclable plastic, the Neater Feeder is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Price: $39.99 to $59.99 Visit the Website

Lucky Puppy Gift Sets For Baby And Doggie!

Bandana and onesie

Description: Your baby and doggie will be Nothing But Cute™ sporting their matching Lucky Puppy! Choose from a onesie, hoodie or tee to pair with one of our signature Lucky Puppy bandanas. Lucky Puppy teams with select animal organizations by donating a percentage of sales to help make every doggie a Lucky Puppy. Help us help our furry friends find loving homes!

Price: $38.00 to $56.00 Visit the Website

Neater Feeder

Dog using Neater Feeder

Description: The Neater Feeder is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind stylish feeding system for cats and dogs that contains spills and splashes. The two-part container allows food to stay in the top reservoir while water naturally drains into the easy to empty lower reservoir, protecting floors from stains and damage and making clean-up a snap! Neater Feeder comes in beautiful finishes including bronze and cranberry so that the pet dish doesn't take away from the home's decor.

Price: $34.99 to $65.98 Visit the Website

Holiday Protection From Your Pups From Sure Fit!

Sure Fit, Inc. Soft Suede Chair Pet Throw

Description: Don’t let your four-legged friend add to your Holiday woes. This year, let Sure Fit, Inc. take care of it with their Soft Suede Pet Covers to protect your furniture while allowing for a comfortable, care-free hang out for your dog. At a budget-friendly price of $29.99 for smaller covers and $49.99 for larger covers, you can protect your furniture from wear and tear from family pets, without breaking the bank. The soft fabric ensures ultimate comfort for your pet, made from Quilted Soft Suede that is machine washable and available for couches, chairs and loveseats. Sure Fit can also add a monogram of your pet’s name, the true best-in-show at your house. Sure Fit is sold nationwide at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and one their website.

Price: $29.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Grateful Dead Dog Collar And Leash Sets

Grateful Dead Dog Collar and Leash Set

Description: Hey Deadheads, Grateful Dead Dog Collar and Leash Sets are available at Rockstar Puppy! These sets come in different sizes as well as different styles. Collars are made with a miniature seatbelt buckle that easily releases with the push of a button. They feature incredibly rich graphic work on a nylon strap and have a welded stainless steel D ring for easy leash attachment. Choose from Steal Your Face, Dancing Bears and Dancing Skeletons. Retractable Leashes are also available in different styles.

Price: $29.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Custom Embroidered Pet Mats

custom embroidered dog mats

Description: Now your favorite friend can dine in style, too! Custom embroidered pet mats made from our deluxe yoga mat material. Choose from 20 colors of mat material, 18 embroidery thread colors 2 font styles and personalize a placemat for your dog or cat. Add your dog's name to a bone shaped place mat, and your cat's name to one shaped as a fish. Not only will they protect your floors from spills, but doesn't your pet deserve a place mat of their own?

Price: $25.00 to $35.00 Visit the Website

CLIX™ CarSafe By The Company Of Animals

CLIX CarSafe

Description: Commute in Safety and Comfort You want your loved ones to travel in safety, and that, of course, includes your pet too. CLIX™ CarSafe, duel purpose lead and harness, lets you and your pet go from curb to car with zero fuss. Simply detach your leash from the lead and buckle CLIX right into the seatbelt. Besides riding in safety, your pet will be commuting in comfort thanks to CLIX’s unique ‘X-Cross’ design. With double-sided adjustable buckles and soft neoprene padding, you can rest assured that all your carpool passengers are safely buckled in.

Price: $24.99 to $44.99 Visit the Website

LazyBonezz Shearling Leash

LazyBonezz Shearling Leash

Description: Everyone likes a well dressed pup and this LazyBonezz Shearling Leash is the perfect accessory. The great design can be a perfect compliment to any collar or harness. The shearling detail will let everyone know that fido is ready to brave the winter elements! Don't worry, it's faux leather so it's totally animal friendly! This leash is available in silver and black.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

If It Barks Stacked Stripes Dog Collar

If It Barks Shortcake Dog Collar

Description: If It Barks is for dog owners who demand function without compromising style. Our line of dog collars and leashes is hand-made with excruciating attention to quality. Each is constructed with washable, comfortable, durable materials. The Stacked Stripes line features color on color layered on 3/4", 1" and 1.5" wide palette. Our signature design, these pieces use stacks of color across all materials - trim, thread and hardware. Dog collars and matching leashes available in martingale (recommended by trainers) and quick release (commonly known as buckle or side release collars). A combination martingale with quick release hardware is also available. If It Barks dog collars and leashes are lightweight and strong for long-wearing comfort and style.

Price: $22.00 to $29.00 Visit the Website

2011 Pinups For Pitbulls Calendar

2011 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar cover

Description: Pinups for Pitbulls' 2011 calendar is now available for purchase and would make a great gift for any pet lover and/or pinup-enthusiast. Pinups for Pitbulls is a non-profit that works year-round to change the public perception of bully breeds and secure financial help for homeless pitbulls-type dogs across the map. For the 2011 calendar, more than 100 photo submissions came in from all across the map. Twelve pump-donning, pin curl-wearing pinups and their bullies were chosen to represent the group and its goals throughout the year. The calendar’s theme is "Media Circus," based on the hysteria and misinformation that often circulates around the breed. One-hundred percent of all Pinups for Pitbulls' sales go directly to saving, transporting, boarding, sponsoring, tending to the medical needs of homeless dogs or to educational and community outreach.

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

A Bright And Merry Yule-Tide To You And Your Pup

Dog Pyramid

Description: ‘Twas the holiday season and at Matrix HQ, not a creature was stirring – not even the yellow lab. The pets were nestled all snug in their beds, while cat scratchers and dog treats danced in their heads. …Okay, it may not be the Clement Moore classic, but Matrix Partners knows pets. A marketing firm focused in the pet industry, Matrix Partners wants to clue you and yours into the gifts that will keep Fido and Felix panting for more. Check out our latest and greatest clients and their must-have pet products. Resolve to have a smarty paws in 2011 and gift The Company of Animals’ Dog Pyramid. This specialty, two-in-one toy and food dispenser was designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, the UK’s leading dog behavior and training products specialist, to stimulate and challenge your pup’s natural instincts. Each time Fido moves or knocks the Pyramid he or she is rewarded with the pre-loaded kibble. Simply place the treats or dry kibble into the toy and watch as the dog enjoys the challenge! The bottom weighted Pyramid always self-rights to a vertical position, no matter how enthusiastic its furry opponent.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Power Paws By Woodrow Wear

Power Paws

Description: Socks that Foster Fido’s Health Stay one step ahead of the crowd and check out Woodrow Wear’s patented canine socks, Power Paws, for your dog’s health, safety and happiness. Besides making a fashion statement, they provide traction and mobility, even hardwood floor protection. Originally developed for dogs with hip dysplasia, Power Paws have become the answer to everything from doggie allergies to flea and tick prevention. Even veterinarians are turning to Power Paws for foot wound protection, post-surgical mobility and an alternative to bulky e-collars. As comfortable as your own, these rubber treaded socks are made from eco-friendly cotton with elastic to conform to paws for an optimal fit. Each Power Paws package contains two pairs, or enough for four paws, and are available in 10 designs, including attractive everyday styles and cheerful holiday patterns. Put some spirit in Fido’s step with Power Paws.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Scratch 'n Shapes By Imperial Cat

Love Bug Scratch 'n Shape

Description: Purr-fectly Love-ly Shapes Making sure your pet is happy and healthy in your home is the most responsible thing you can do. That’s why Imperial Cat created Scratch ‘n Shapes. The honeycomb texture of the Scratch ‘n Shapes’ corrugated cardboard imitates natural tree bark, so kitty has a place to stretch, scratch and play. Made from 90% post consumer recycled materials, each scratcher is made in the U.S. and comes paired with a bag of Certified Organic Catnip to encourage the happy, active lifestyle of an Imperial Cat. Looking for the purr-fect gift for your feline? Give Imperial Cat’s “love”liest Scratch ‘n Shape designs yet. Introducing the new Valentine’s inspired prints that can be added to any shape. This season is shaping up nicely thanks to Imperial Cat’s new X & O and striped prints.

Price: $19.99 to $79.99 Visit the Website

Celebrate Earth Day On April 22 With Your Pet

Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes

Description: Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes™ Now your kitty can scratch her way to the top without destroying your upholstery or the environment. Developed to satisfy a cat’s natural urge to scratch, Scratch ‘n Shapes are made from 100% post-consumer recyclable material and are 100% biodegradable. There are dozens of whimsical designs in the Scratch 'n Shapes line, ranging from couches to love bugs to amphibians. Since they come in both standing and hanging varieties, they’re sure to fit in any home. Plus, if the simulated tree bark, or honeycomb texture, of these shapes isn’t enticing enough to make Fluffy want to dig in her claws, each scratcher comes with a bag of Certified Organic Catnip. From scratching to playing, Scratch ‘n Shapes answers all your cat’s instincts in an environmentally sensitive way.

Price: $19.99 to $79.99 Visit the Website

Pet Clothing And Accessories With Heat Sensative Technology

Peace, Love and Treats - with LuvGear technology

Description: Montreal-based LuvGear™ has teamed up with PETCO to introduce a revolutionary new line of organic apparel and accessories for dogs designed to help protect them from the dangers of heat. Planet PETCO™ apparel with LuvGear™ Technology will be introduced for the first time in May of 2011 as part of the recently launched Planet PETCO™ line of eco-friendly lifestyle and care products that encourage sustainability. TempAlert™ is designed to warn dog owners when the external temperatures are reaching levels that may be harmful or even fatal to a dog. Here’s how it works: The “alert” icons are sewn directly onto the clothing or material and serve as a visible warning sign when the temperature reaches a dangerous level for a dog to be outside. In normal conditions, the alert patch displays a dark blue/purple thermometer. When the outside temperatures reach approximately 100 degrees (F), the blue/purple color in the thermometer disappears, revealing an “ALERT” which warns the owner to take the necessary steps to protect their pet from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Price: $19.99 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Bark. Run. Nap. Repeat.

bark. run. nap. repeat. cover

Description: A dog lover’s dream gift, this adorable book might just jump in your lap and lick your face. Personalize the book with your dog’s photo on the cover and a personal letter from your dog on the back, which is surprisingly well written considering the opposable thumbs issue. Get your paws on it – and remember your dog. Forever.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Power Paws For Every Occasion

Power Paws

Description: Woodrow Wear™ – creator of Power Paws™ – premium, patented canine socks deliver power with a purpose. Originally developed for dogs with hip dysplasia, Power Paws restore canine confidence both indoors and outdoors. The no-fuss, non-slip treads located on the underside of the socks are tough enough to withstand even the roughest pup’s actives while reassuring and providing confidence to apprehensive elder dogs. No matter the occasion, or location, Power Paws will encourage your wonder dog. With no buckles, belts, or Velcro® to get in the way – Power Paws’ sleek sock design make dressing and undressing Fido simple. No matter the size or breed, these socks are made to fit. Available in eight sizes, Power Paws custom size range-fit is designed to dress dogs from 6-pound Chihuahuas to 240-pound St. Bernards. Plus, they are easy to care for and come clean in a washing machine. Pet parents everywhere are choosing Power Paws’ patented design for their dog’s health, safety and happiness. Power Paws are currently available in ten designs, including general-purpose and festive holiday patterns. Each Power Paws package contains two pairs (enough for four paws) and are available at a suggested retail price of $19.99

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Cranimals VIBE And Cranimals SPORT

Cranimals VIBE & Cranimals SPORT

Description: Cranimals' cranberry-based supplements and award-winning treats are expanding their line to celebrate the holiday season and ring in the new year! Cranimals VIBE is a whole-food supplement for adult dogs that helps in providing antioxidants (derived from cranberry and algae) and vegetarian DHA Omega 3. Cranimals VIBE also contains spirulina, a green algal superfood that has shown potential to help limit muscle damage during heavy exercise. Cranimals VIBE is also a great way to support kidney, liver, brain, eye and skin health with its boost of DHA Omega 3. Cranimals SPORT works in tandem as a great complementary supplement to VIBE (and vice versa) as it contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant complex derived from algae. Astaxanthin is uniquely remarkable as it has the ability to bind directly with muscle tissue, helping to increase strength and endurance. Cranimals SPORT also delivers plant-derived Omega 3's, Vitamin E and potent free radical scavengers to keep your dog sporty and healthy.

Price: $18.95 to $42.00 Visit the Website

Fashionable, Indoor/Outdoor Solution For Paw Protection, Traction, Allergies

Even puppies can get better traction with Power Paws!

Description: Woodrow Wear was founded to share a traction solution invented for Woodrow (a 15 year old Rottweiler with hip dysplasia and arthritis) with other dogs. The product has been named Power Paws because they give dogs "The power to stand. The power to stop. And the Power to GO!" They are a sensible, sock-based traction solution that dogs tolerate very well. Indoors, they are also a practical solution for injured paws, and perfect for protecting hardwood floors from nail marks, and a cute fashion product. Outdoors, they protect paws from allergens, extreme heat or cold, salt, ice, and more. Power Paws are made of cotton and elastic for comfort, fit, and adaptability. They come in 8 sizes to assure a good fit for all dogs from a Chihuahua to the biggest St. Bernards. They come in 10 designs – from generic solid colors to cute, fun holiday designs. Find more information and a list of local retailers at, or call us at 877-737-3545 with questions or to order direct.

Price: $16.00 to $19.99 Visit the Website

NurturSalve By Nurtured Pets


Description: Pamper Your Pup Naturally Next time you’re enjoying a little spa treatment, treat your pet to the same. Nurtured Pets® introduces the latest addition to the wellness aisle, NurturSalve™. Made with an exclusive blend of herbs including beeswax, sunflower, jojoba and eucalyptus oils, NurturSalve is perfect for treating your canine’s skin distresses. A generous layer of the patented solution sooths and heals cracked and abraded paw pads, chapped noses, dermatitis and pink ear. And when hot spots or other gnawing problems arise, don’t forget Nurtured Pets’ premier product, the Anti-Lick Strip Prevent pet bandage. Made with a patented pepper blend, you can safely and easily deter licking, biting and chewing surgical sites, minor wounds, cuts and abrasions as well as help alleviate issues stemming from separation anxiety, boredom or other behavioral issues. Care for the ones you love with simple, natural solutions from Nurtured Pets.

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

New Children's Book - Hooper Finds A Family

Jane Paley & Hooper

Description: Hooper Finds a Family, A Hurricane Katrina Dog's Survival Tale, (HarperCollins Publishers, June 2011) is a new children’s book written for children ages 8-12 (grades 3-7) and available in advance of the sixth anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Author Jane Paley tells how a lovable yellow Lab named Hooper is rescued after Hurricane Katrina and makes the long journey from New Orleans to his new family in New York, where he ultimately finds a new, different and wonderful life. The book - based on a true story - is “written” by Hooper and tells about his transition from living in the Bayou, surviving Katrina and moving to New York City. Proceeds from the book will go to Labs4rescue, an organization that matches stray dogs with new families. It’s a perfect gift for parents and grandparents to give to children. Paley adopted Hooper through Labs4rescue. Today, Paley brings Hooper, a certified therapy dog, to visit patients in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and physical therapy centers, to bring joy and comfort to those in need. Hooper is also involved in the reading for buddies program which matches dogs with young children learning to read.

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

2011 Pet Calendar From Camp Bow Wow

Month of February

Description: Camp Bow Wow has compiled the best images of pets from the submissions of its customers over the past few months to create the Camp Bow Wow 2011 Calendar, available for only $14.99. With a large portion of the sale of each calendar being donated to Camp Bow Wow’s non-profit organization, the Bow Wow Buddies foundation, you can buy a great gift for a great cause! Filled with adorable photographs of dogs across the country, this is ideal stocking stuffer is a gift for all ages. This calendar is a collection of over 50 photos from actual Campers at Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow.

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

The Pet Corrector Searches For America’s Rowdiest Pet

America’s Naughtiest Pet Contest

Description: Creators of the Pet Corrector, The Company of Animals is challenging every food-stealing, furniture-jumping, squirrel-chasing, non-stop barking or meowing pet to participate. If you think you’ve got the most buck-wild fur companion, visit The Company of Animal’s Facebook page ( to share a photo of your frisky fella on their wall, along with a comment of why he or she deserves the title of America’s Naughtiest Pet and how a Pet Corrector is the answer to your hairy problems. So how does the Pet Corrector help a rough-and-tumble-group like this? When the Pet Corrector’s nozzle is pressed a soft, yet audible blast of compressed air is released as a hiss-ing noise – a sound that has been shown to stop unwanted behaviours in dogs and cats, humanely. When used responsibly and with the proper training procedures, the Pet Corrector can interrupt — and eventually stop — these undesirable actions. Each week, May through June 30th, one lucky participating pet will be randomly selected to receive a Pet Corrector, CLIX Multi-Clicker and CLIX Treat Bag to enjoy and help correct his or her misbehaviors. But the fun doesn’t end there, at the end of contest one pet and his parent will receive an extra “good”ie Grand Prize gift basket filled with The Company of Animals’ specialty products, valued at over $100. Plus, The Company of Animals will provide $250 worth of training products to the animal shelter of their choice. That’s some barking-good news.

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website The Motion Picture For Your Cat

Cats love Mewvie!

Description: Mewvie, The Motion Picture for your Cat, is a thrilling series of DVD's full of exciting, leaping, squawking content that cats love to watch. You say your cats don't watch TV? Of course they don't, there aren't any shows on for them to watch... until now! There are four episodes of Mewvie: Backyard Buffet, Birdland Bonanza, Bug Brigade, and Hummingbird Happiness. Let's cat's exercise their natural hunting instincts in a safe manner. The DVD's are 90 minutes long and programmed to automatically repeat. Cat neurology produces a pleasing "reward" effect from just watching these birds, mice, beetles, leaping chinchillas and more.

Price: $14.95 to $29.95 Visit the Website

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® To Positive Dog Training, Third Edition

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Positive Dog Training, Third Edition

Description: Dogs are capable of learning a variety of complex behaviors, but for many dog owners traditional training methods do not produce the desired behaviors, and leave both owner and dog frustrated in the process. In The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Positive Dog Training, Third Edition readers learn that dog training does not need to be a battle of wills. This revised and updated edition explains how to: • Work with the dog rather than against it to be a better trainer • Build a warm, responsive relationship as the training process proceeds • Teach basic dog etiquette – “Sit,” “Down,” and the like – and then move on to loose-leash walking and how to positively correct mistakes • Incorporate training into daily life • How to train a dog for the Canine Good Citizenship Test

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In A Divorce, Separation Or Break-Up...WHO GETS THE DOG?

What About Wally: Co-Parenting A Pet With Your Ex

Description: Prominent pet expert Steven May and Family Law attorney and newspaper columnist David T. Pisarra tackle an emotionally-charged issue that confronts hundreds of thousands of Americans each year- In a divorce, separation or break-up...Who Gets The Dog? “What About Wally: Co-Parenting A Pet With Your Ex” is the first book to take a dedicated look in to this common occurrence with the authors exploring both the legal and dog behavioral sides of the fence. Lawyer Pisarra says that many couples, particularly childless couples, fight just as hard and bitterly over the family pet as when battling for child custody. Pet expert May sees dogs emotionally traumatized by the experience which often results in behavioral issues. Together, the pair draw on their own personal and professional experiences to impart practical advice on how to co-parent a pet effectively. With fun, facts and eye-opening anecdotes, "What About Wally" is a must-have for any pet parent navigating the tumultuous waters of a break-up.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Songs To Make Dogs Happy - The First Musical CD For Dogs Approved By Dogs

Songs To Make dogs Happy

Description: Created by the Laurel Canyon Animal Company who utilized the talents and expertise of intuitive animal communicator Dr. Kim Ogden. Canine focus groups selected from over 250 dogs nationwide were assembled and questioned by Dr. Ogden as to their preferences in music and content. The dogs' responses were then used as guides for the music and lyrics resulting in a unique CD of songs which dogs love. The CD was tested for over a year by individuals, rescue groups and the Laurel Canyon Animal Co. for its rehabilitation and entertainment attributes for both dogs and dog lovers. Songs To make Dogs Happy! • Eases traveling stress for your dog(s) • Used by shelters to calm the animals • Used by Vets to help dogs in recovery • Used by cross-country rescue organizations • For the dog lover who has everything • For the dog who has everything

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Breath-Less Brushless Treats

Brushless Tooth Care for your Pets

Description: A dog or cat with stinky breath is socially offensive, not to mention it's typically a sign of other health problems. Poor dental health in dogs and cats is quite prevalent. Introducing Breath-Less Brushless from Ark Naturals -- an all natural pet dental product that helps dental decay, plaque, tartar and breathe! Each rice-based bone is delicious and highly digestible. It's made of an outer core with breath freshening ingredients including chlorophyll, cinnamon, clove and vanilla; the inner core is also all-natural with ingredients that include L-ascorbyl 2 polyphosphate (Stay-Ctm), a breakthrough nutrient that helps to promote long term good dental health.

Price: $13.99 to $18.95 Visit the Website

Support The Cure Pet Pendant

Support The Cure Pet Pendant

Description: Inspired by her sister's battle with breast cancer, founder of Luxepets, Claire Gillenson designed this support the cure medallion to inspire all to make a difference. Made with a pure silver finish and metallic enamel, this 3/4" medallion is a symbol of support for breast cancer awareness worldwide, can be engraved and double as an ID tag. 10% of proceeds will go to breast cancer research organization.

Price: $12.00 to $14.00 Visit the Website

Comfy Control Harness

Comfy Control Harness is designed to move pressure from dogs neck

Description: Comfy Control Harness™: The Comfy Control Harness is a specially designed leash that moves the pressure away from a dog's neck and on to the shoulders and back – allowing for maximum comfort and safety. It does not constrict a dog's breathing so it is perfect for all dogs, especially dogs with short snouts or breathing problems. Each Comfy Control Harness comes with a matching five-foot leash, is lightweight, easily adjustable and available in four sizes.

Price: $10.99 to $11.00 Visit the Website

High Hopes Celebration Cupcakes For Pets

High Hopes Easy Bake Pet Treats

Description: High Hopes Easy Bake Pet Treats™- the first-to-market Celebration Cupcakes provide everything pet parents need to prepare festive, healthy treats for their dogs. Set for roll-out in specialty stores and online starting November 22nd , each box contains reusable baking mini baking cups, cake and frosting mix and decorating and party tips. The High Hopes brand donates 3.5% of every sale (up to 15% of the company’s profits) to the High Hopes for Pets Foundation, which in turn donates to shelters across the country.

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

I-Dog Bone Bowl

i-Dog Bone Bowl

Description: The i-Dog Bone bowl is a bowl even the most discriminating pooch will approve of. Made of stoneware, this highly polished dish exudes class and distinction, just as your dog demands. A silver-tone bone clearly marks the bowl as his or hers. Now your dog has his own “good china”, too! The Size dimensions of the bowl are 8 ½”L x 7 7/8”W x 2 ¼”H. It's a great gift as well and will make your dog very happy!

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Protect And Nurture The Ones You Love

Nurtured Pets

Description: ‘Twas the holiday season and at Matrix HQ, not a creature was stirring – not even the yellow lab. The pets were nestled all snug in their beds, while cat scratchers and dog treats danced in their heads. …Okay, it may not be the Clement Moore classic, but Matrix Partners knows pets. A marketing firm focused in the pet industry, Matrix Partners wants to clue you and yours into the gifts that will keep Fido and Felix panting for more. Check out our latest and greatest clients and their must-have pet products. No treat, tug or toy can express your love like giving them a happy, healthy life – after all, it’s the thought that counts. Nurtured Pets® Anti-Lick Strip Prevent® pet bandages are made with an exclusive blend of natural ingredients – including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano – that safely and effectively discourage pets from bothering skin irritations, so they have a chance to heal. In addition to deterring pets from licking, biting and chewing minor wounds, cuts and abrasions, Anti-Lick Strip Prevent bandages are ideal for helping alleviate skin irritations stemming from separation anxiety, boredom or other bad holiday habits. For pups in need of pampering, try Nurtured Pets’ new NurturSalve, an organic solution for canine skin distresses.

Price: $9.99 to $19.99 Visit the Website

The Pet Corrector By The Company Of Animals

The Pet Corrector

Description: Don’t Pet Punish, Pet Correct Because communication is the key to any loving relationship, try an instrument that will help you reach a high note within your fur-friendship. The Pet Corrector™ – developed by the UK’s leading pet psychologist, Dr. Roger Mugford – makes it easy to interrupt and correct your pet’s less-than-desirable habits. So say so long to aggressive clapping or shouting to get your pet’s attention when he misbehaves. The Pet Corrector’s signature soft and humane, yet audible hissing sound captures your pet’s attention, instinctively. Used responsibly, and with the proper training procedures, the Pet Corrector can quickly curb your pet’s bad habits. It even comes with a detailed training guide filled with helpful tips. Since its introduction, this ingenious device has become the #1 training product for domesticated pets in the United Kingdom, and is now available in the U.S., select Canadian Wal-Marts and Canadian Tire Stores.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Cranimals Zendog Biscuits

Cranimals Zendog Calming Biscuits

Description: Cranimals Zendog Calming Biscuits are the proud recipient of a Pet product News Editor's Choice, and quickly are becoming a choice alternative to the common 'dog treat'. Using a revolutionary formula made of proprietary food ingredients, Zendog is the healthy way to treat your dog by catering to their body and mind. They are made with organic pumpkin extract, a natural and concentrated source of tryptophan, leading to the synthesis of the 'Zen hormones of the body - seratonin and melatonin. Each biscuit also packs a punch of Omega 3's and has our Cranimals Original supplement baked in, adding a much-valued dosage of antioxidants to keep your pet calm, cool and collectively at Zen. Treat your dog this holiday with a healthy Zendog Biscuit!

Price: $9.95 to $11.95 Visit the Website

Let Fido And Felix Greet Holiday Guests

GoodBye Odor

Description: ‘Twas the holiday season and at Matrix HQ, not a creature was stirring – not even the yellow lab. The pets were nestled all snug in their beds, while cat scratchers and dog treats danced in their heads. …Okay, it may not be the Clement Moore classic, but Matrix Partners knows pets. A marketing firm focused in the pet industry, Matrix Partners wants to clue you and yours into the gifts that will keep Fido and Felix panting for more. Check out our latest and greatest clients and their must-have pet products. Don’t let bad odors or a stinky litter box keep your furry elf from holiday festivities. Marshall Pet Products’ introduces new, specially formulated GoodBye Odor for DogsTM and GoodBye Odor for CatsTM just in time for your pet’s holiday wishlist. With just a few pumps a day added to their food or water, GoodBye Odor works naturally to help reduce odors before they start, and the product has been taste-test approved by even the most finicky eaters. From bad breath to smelly fur to feces odor, great-tasting GoodBye Odor for Dogs and GoodBye Odor for Cats helps banish odor from start to finish.

Price: $9.95 to $15.95 Visit the Website

Buckarooz! By Free Range Eco Naturals


Description: Oh-Deer, the Natural Choice Encourage your pup to be environmentally conscious with Free Range Eco Naturals’ Buckarooz!™ all-natural, marrow-rich deer antler treats. These delectable antlers have been naturally shed by U.S. free-range wild deer, collected and cut to size to produce the perfect long-lasting chews for the eco-conscious Fido. High in calcium, phosphorous and other natural minerals, Buckarooz! are free of odor, hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, steroids and preservatives. Free Range goes above and beyond to ensure their chews are naturally delicious while reducing their carbon paw print. From biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging to their soy printed label, Free Range Eco Naturals is eco-friendly from start to lip-smackin’ finish.

Price: $8.99 Visit the Website

Serve Your Dog The Very Best

Stella & Chewy's Surf 'N Turf Dinner

Description: You’ll be happy to hear Stella & Chewy’s has added another palate-pleasing flavor, Surf ‘N Turf, to their line of raw, frozen and freeze-dried dinners. At Stella & Chewy’s, they’re dedicated to the simple proposition that pets should be healthy and happy every day of their lives. And the quality of what you feed them should be as unconditional as the love they provide. To create these exceptional products, Stella & Chewy’s starts with only wholesome ingredients like raw, natural meat, poultry or fish sourced from USDA-inspected facilities, plus organic fruits and vegetables – without added hormones or antibiotics. Surf ‘N Turf, for example, contains raw, wild Alaskan salmon and raw, naturally raised beef as well as organic cranberries, spinach, broccoli and beets. And just like all Stella & Chewy’s products, it’s made without grain, fillers, artificial preservatives or colorings – they didn’t even add sugar or salt. Plus, Stella & Chewy’s is produced with the exclusive SecureByNature™ food safety process (patent pending) designed to eliminate the threat of harmful bacteria naturally, while retaining the food’s nutrient value and flavor. And every batch they make is tested by an independent laboratory before packaging.

Price: $8.99 to $25.99 Visit the Website

Petmate BigSqueaks

For a squeak toy that brings back the old comic book charm AND gives hours of squeaking fun, try Petmate's BigSqueaks

Description: This year on Valentine’s Day, pet parents can show their beloved companions how much they treasure the unconditional love their pets show them all year. Petmate offers a wide range of gifts that entertain, exercise and enrich the lives of both dogs and cats. Best of all, these toys help pet parents shower their pets with affection and attention – the gifts they want the most. For a squeak toy that brings back the old comic book charm AND gives hours of squeaking fun, try BigSqueaks. These “superheroes” of the squeaker toy world are made of a tough Nylon squeaker covered with a durable, printed material. And in bright colors with sayings like “Pow!” “Boom!” and “Kablooie!”, these toys will soon be the talk of the town. Made from durable nylon and featuring banded seams that offer extra durability, this toy will squeak longer than most other squeak toys. In a round disc shape perfect for a game of fetch, three sizes are available, letting pet owners choose the right toy for their dog.

Price: $7.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

All Natural Small Pet Odor Eliminator

Aussan Natural Small Pet Odor Eliminator

Description: Perfect for small pet cages and terrariums, Aussan Natural™ powerfully neutralizes bad smells at the source—without the use of synthetic fragrances. The Non-Toxic formula is always 100% Pet Safe! To Use: Remove pet from cage or terrarium, then remove soiled woodchips & bedding. Generously spray all cage surfaces & wherever odors are an issue. Wipe cage or allow to air dry. Replace clean woodchips or bedding. Reapply as needed. Ingredients: Purified Water, Eucalyptus Oil – Steam Distilled, Vanilla Bean Oil, Peppermint Oil, Botanically Sourced Glycerin, Plant Bioflavonoids, Octanoic Acid, Lactic Acid

Price: $7.99 Visit the Website

Give A Lick For New Lickety Stik™!

Lickety Stik

Description: Now there's a smart, healthy and convenient way for pet parents to get their pooches' tails wagging. Introducing Lickety Stik, an innovative liquid pet treat from Tennessee's PetSafe. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, Lickety Stik is an excellent alternative to conventional treats and is pocket-friendly and ready at a moment's notice. This easy liquid treat is sure to be your go-to dog treat when training or traveling. Plus, there is just 1 calorie in every 10 licks!

Price: $7.99 to $8.00 Visit the Website

Kitty Litter To Go Nuts Over

Purr & Simple All-Natural Cat Litter

Description: Founded on the mission to re-use, recycle and replenish, Purr & Simple focuses on utilizing simple, natural ingredients that come from the earth and can be safely returned to the earth. That’s why they choose to use locally grown tree-nut shells that are harvested, cleaned and packaged for your kitty’s eco-convenience. When broken-down, the fibrous product provides twice the odor control, half the dust for minimal tracking and is 100% biodegradable. Better yet, the supply of tree-nuts used to make the eco-litter is a renewable resource and is annually restored to nature by Eco-Shell’s team. Who said kitty litter can’t care? Purr & Simple’s all-natural cat litter is made with kitty, consumer and the earth in mind. Restore peace to your litter box and bring home the litter that's cat, kitten, animal shelter and veterinarian approved. Loyal Purr & Simple user, S. Lawson, raves “Wonderful odor control. One inch of Purr & Simple in the bottom of my litter box lasts me two weeks and there is never any wetness at the bottom of the pan.” It seems everyone is purring about the litter sensation that is Purr & Simple. Find the litter that best fits your feline’s needs by visiting Purr & Simple’s store locator, at and shop their 8lb to 40lb varieties of the Pellet Formula and the new Kwik-Klump Formula. Retail prices start as low as $6.99 for the original Pellet Formula and $9.49 for the Kwik-Klump Formula.

Price: $6.99 to $9.49 Visit the Website

Nothing To Sneeze At

Purr & Simple all-natural cat litter

Description: Made from locally grown tree-nut shells, Purr & Simple focuses on the mission of enhancing the feline lifestyle with simple, natural products that are from the earth and can be safely returned to the earth. When broken-down, this fibrous product provides twice the odor control, half the dust for minimal allergy agitations and is 100% biodegradable. Purr & Simple is made without toxic additives, like silica and sodium benzoate, meaning it’s safe for cats and their humans. That’s because Purr & Simple is all-natural and uses only food-grade ingredients to create the clumping agent found in their Kwik-Klump Formula. Better yet, the supply of tree-nuts shells used to make the eco-litter is a renewable resource and is annually restored to nature by Eco-Shell’s team. This is the first litter that is made with kitty, consumer (their allergies) and the earth in mind. One loyal customer even comments, “Works great! I have four cats and two cat boxes in a small home. Purr & Simple really helped with the odor and there was no dust or litter mess around the boxes. Having a cleaner, natural product means a great deal to me. The reduction of the odor is a wonderful bonus.” This spring shop their 8lb to 40lb varieties of the Pellet Formula and the new Kwik-Klump Formula. Retail prices start as low as $6.99 for the original Pellet Formula and $9.49 for the Kwik-Klump Formula.

Price: $6.99 to $9.49 Visit the Website

Shrink Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print With TropiClean Fresh Breath Made Easy!

TropiClean fresh breath made easy!

Description: TropiClean manufactures a range of natural pet products including shampoos, conditioners and other grooming supplies. In fact, they were the first U.S. personal grooming or pet products company to convert to biodegradable packaging. In 2008, the company developed a line of completely biodegradable shampoo and conditioner bottles (made from corn, instead of a petroleum-based components). So pet parents can wake up with a smile on Earth Day (Friday, April 22), knowing this is a brand worth keeping in mind. Plus, anyone who participates in the TropiClean Best Smile Contest will also have something fresh to smile about! During this six-month promotion, TropiClean is inviting everyone to share photos of their smiling dog or cat with a brief statement explaining why their photogenic Fido or Felix has the “best” smile. At the contest’s web page,, entrants can also check out the competition and cast a one-to-five-star vote for the dog or cat with the best grin. ABOUT TROPICLEAN fresh breath made easy! The TropiClean fresh breath made easy! line consists of four uniquely effective products that can be used separately or together for even better results. • CLEAN TEETH GEL safely removes built-up plaque and tartar without brushing. • ORAL CARE WATER ADDITIVE eliminates bad breath for up to 12 hours. • CHEWS help clean teeth down to the gums. • INSTANT FRESH FOAM instantly kills the germs that cause bad pet breath.

Price: $5.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

Bone-Up Your Pet's Diet With Fruit And Veggie Loaded Treats

Pro-Treat Plus

Description: From the same trusted company that introduced Pro-Treat® Freeze-Dried line of treats, comes Pro-Treat Plus. A convenient, fresh whole food experience, Pro-Treat Plus is packed with protein-rich meats and a special medley of fruits and vegetables. The freeze-dried process used in producing these tasty treats locks-in all the benefits of raw treat nutrition, without the mess. The new Pro-Treat Plus line is available in four delicious variations, including Chicken Liver with Broccoli, Strawberries and Carrots; Chicken Liver with Sweet Potatoes, Cranberries and Peas; Beef Liver with Peas, Carrots and Bananas; and Beef Liver with Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli and Cranberries. No supplements, additives or "extras" - just pure meat, fruits and veggies. And besides being a delicious, nutritious treat for your pet, these carnivorous treats are "Made in the U.S.A." Like all the Stewart products, new Pro-Treat Plus supports a growing economy, job stability and American families, making it the perfect treat for all your special summer gatherings. These thoughtful treats are brought to you by MiracleCorp - a trusted manufacturer of everything from treats to collars and leashes to grooming products for over 35 years. Look for the new Pro-Treat Plus line by Stewart this June at your favorite pet supply. Prices begin at $5.99-$6.99.

Price: $5.99 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Up On The Rooftop, Click, Click, Click

CLIX Multi-Clicker

Description: ‘Twas the holiday season and at Matrix HQ, not a creature was stirring – not even the yellow lab. The pets were nestled all snug in their beds, while cat scratchers and dog treats danced in their heads. …Okay, it may not be the Clement Moore classic, but Matrix Partners knows pets. A marketing firm focused in the pet industry, Matrix Partners wants to clue you and yours into the gifts that will keep Fido and Felix panting for more. Check out our latest and greatest clients and their must-have pet products. Is your pup a little more naughty than nice? The Company of Animals has developed the perfect gift to make sure Fido never makes the naughty list, the CLIX™ Multi-Clicker™. Clicker training is the fun, reward-based method of dog training that you will both enjoy. Unlike any other clicker on the market, the Multi-Clicker enables volume/tone control so even the most sound sensitive dog can correct unwanted habits. With the Multi-Clicker and free step-by-step guide, heel training is easy. And who knows, maybe next year Santa will be singing “on Donner, on Dasher, on Fido and Vixen.”

Price: $4.99 Visit the Website

An Announcement Of “Hiss-toric” Proportions

The Pet Corrector

Description: Now dog owners and trainers don’t have to worry about their trusty training aid “running out of steam” at an inconvenient time. That’s because The Company of Animals, the United Kingdom’s leading specialist in dog behavior and training products, has recently introduced the Pet Corrector™ in a larger 200ml size. This new product, which works on the same principle as the original 50ml Pet Corrector, is ideal for pet sitters and trainers as well as owners of multiple dogs. Since its introduction, the Pet Corrector has become the #1 training product in the United Kingdom for domesticated pets. In the wild, snakes and geese make a loud hiss to tell other animals to stay away, and pets have an instinctive sensitivity to the sound. With the press of a button, the Pet Corrector emits a blast of compressed air that mimics a hiss – a sound that has been shown to gently stop unwanted behaviors. A dog may bark incessantly, chase cars or people, steal food or jump up on people or off-limits furniture. When used responsibly and with the proper training procedures, the Pet Corrector can interrupt these undesirable actions.

Price: $4.99 to $9.99 Visit the Website

Celebrate Earth Day On April 22 With Your Pet

TropiClean fresh breath made easy!

Description: TropiClean fresh breath made easy!™ Who says keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy has to be a chore? Not any more! That’s because TropiClean has created a new generation of safe, natural, eco-friendly products designed to make pet oral care exceptionally easy. Like Clean Teeth Gel, just apply a few dabs to your dog or cat’s teeth daily to remove built-up plaque and tartar within thirty days without brushing. The gel’s “touch-free” applicator tip is easy – so no toothbrush or finger is required. These innovative products are brought to you by TropiClean, the first U.S. personal grooming or pet products company to repackage their entire line of pet grooming aids in 100% biodegradable bottles. To learn more about TropiClean fresh breath made easy! products or to enter your pet in the TropiClean Best Smile Contest, visit the company’s website or contest site today.

Price: $4.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

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