The Best Laptops For Your Gaming Needs

Buying a new gaming laptop these days can be an overwhelming experience. Piecing together your ideal spec from a whole host of devices looking to grab your attention and all shouting about how powerful and reliable they are can be confusing but hopefully this fresh list may help match you up with your perfect laptop option.




It may be a little over priced but the Gigabyte P37X does exactly what it promises. This quality 17-inch gaming laptop contains a quad-core CPU and it’s all housed in a slightly thinner frame as usual. It’s a great choice for gamers, soaking up all the demanding aspects of a long gaming session and the battery life is perfect to keep the action going for as long as you need. The only drawback is that it’ll be pretty demanding on your wallet as well.



Probably the most practical gaming laptop in our list is this classic HP offering which comes complete with a Nvidia graphics card, an Intel Core i5 processor and all round performance that is more than capable of handling most gamers epic sessions. It’s definitely a good idea to make sure you pick the right spec for your needs as you may be disappointed and not quite get the most of your new machine. However, even the basic model allows for high performance gaming. Online casino games such as Mega Moolah run like a dream with no jitter or lag when run on full hd so none of the graphics are lost.




It may not be the kindest on your back but the Asus ROG G752 can be forgiven for being a tad on the bulky side thanks to its outstanding gaming performance. It’s fair to think that having to lug around a gaming laptop weighing around 4.4 kilo could be a bit of a pain but this beast can handle the most power hungry games around even on the maximum settings. Of course it’s not ideal for gaming on the go due to its weight but also because of its quickly depleting battery life.






It’s always been a popular choice with hardcore gamers and the Alienware 13 gaming laptop is as expected a typically powerful game-playing machine which also manages to surround itself with excellent add-ons and cool design elements. There’s plenty of gaming PCs and laptops out there for Alienware to compete with these days and even though they may be finding it difficult to keep up they can still piece together an impressive gaming device. Perhaps a little pricey for what it is but the Graphics Amplifier add-on is a nice addition.

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