Tech that Could Change Our Lives - Home Automation to Auto-Travel

I’ve always loved the idea of having a home filled with all kinds of gadgets and if my 10 year old self was to look at my 35 year old home, I’m sure he would be impressed. But to me, it isn’t quite advanced enough.

Sure, there are wireless connections everywhere, smartphones, lights you can change with your phone and a little speaker that tells me everything from the weather to my plans for the week. But what would have impressed my childish desire to live in a science fiction future does not really impress me now. 

But I have spent a few weeks learning about the tech that is available. I’ve always put off buying new the on the belief that it will be cheaper and better further down the line. But the problem with a lot of this tech is that it’s always cheaper and better by the time we learn about it. It’s not headline-making news when a new home improvement gadget comes out, so by the time some of us find out about these advancements, they are already near perfect.

Here are a few technologies that fit into that description.

You can wait and see what the future holds, because there is always some exciting tech in production. But why wait when you can get it now?

Wink Hub 2

To have a smart home, you need to begin with  smart hub. This is a device through which all of your smart devices can connect, allowing for perfect and complete home automation. This is one of the more complete devices out there, allowing yo to hook-up everything from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to thermostat and lighting systems. You can even link it to your Google Home device, which is another must-have for anyone looking for home automation tech.

Logitech Harmony Elite

We have always had universal remotes. I remember having a lot of fun with these as a kid, sneaking downstairs, waiting for the perfect moment, changing channel and then enjoying the chaos I caused as my father missed the touchdown or my mother missed a romantic scene.

However, they were more or less limited to TVs and they rarely covered all kinds of TVs. These day, a universal remote is something much more advanced. It can connect to everything in your home, opening curtain and blinds, turning on lights and thermostats and dealing with TVs and sound systems.

Of course, you can do a lot of that from your phone, but not all of it, and this device is basically a specialist phone anyway.

Surveillance Tech 

If like me you always fancied yourself in some kind of security job just so you could spy on people, carry a Walkie Talkie and look mean, then you will definitely want the latest surveillance tech for your home.

The LG Smart Security System is one of the best complete systems for this. It allows you to keep tabs on everything you own even when you’re out and about. What’s more, there is no high-priced installation fee and no professional subscription needed. I would also recommended something like the Adobe Home Security Starter Kit just to provide that extra security throughout the home.


Finally, if you work in tight and hot spaces all day, then a product like the Hisense 10,000 BTU AC unit can be a lifesaver. I always have the AC blasting, and because this connects to Wi-Fi, and is easily to move, I can use my phone to set it and I can carry it to the bedroom during those hot and awkward nights.

Future Transport


Self-driving cars may seem like an open personal injury case waiting to happen, but this tech is actually more promising and advanced than many of us give it credit for. It’s not just self-driving cars either. The “tube-transport” systems seen in programs like Futurama are actually in development right now, as are high-speed rail systems and other advanced transportation that could help us to travel across big cities like LA in a matter of seconds, cutting commutes from hours to minutes.

Once this happens then intentional travel becomes easier, cheaper and more widely available, and people can start to live further and further away form big cities, knowing that it’ll only take a few minutes to get to work everyday.

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