CES 2014 - Highlighting Smarter Home Systems for Modern Property Owners

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CES 2014

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is perhaps the most anticipated annual event among tech savvy consumers. They want to know what the future holds for every individual in terms of technological advancements.

This year, the event showcased a list of smart appliances with various features that consumers will surely love. The following are some of the appliances highlighted in the event.


Haier Air Conditioner

Chinese appliance maker Haier presented its air conditioner in the event, dubbing it as the first smart appliance with iOS device compatibility. According to resources, the Tianzun air conditioner is the very first appliance of its type that Apple’s MFi licensing program accepted and certified.

While something similar already exists in form of Advantage AIR by AirconWA guys this is rather new technology which is going to be much more popular in near future.

The company will integrate the same technology to its other appliances like water heaters and ovens. Local WiFi connections will be used to make the entire system of smart appliances work together and thus, creating an intelligent space for today’s homeowners.

Aside from simply showing off the appliances’ features, representatives also demonstrated how it will work inside spectators’ homes. They will work with the mobile phone automatically and set up respective parameters without direct registration or password setup.

Therefore, consumers will be free from the technicalities of setting up the appliances. They simply need to connect and experience the advantages these appliances can offer.


LG’s HomeChat

LG’s HomeChat presented in the recent CES is regarded as the rebooted version of the LG Smart ThinQ apps presented last year. Through this technology, users will be updated with their appliances’ tasks. The appliances will send users a text message as update on its functionality or status.

LG has also continuously improved its applications’ features, which will let property owners to send basic questions or commands. They can check about the number of minutes left on the washing machine’s spin cycle and know whether they need to get their clothes or not. More


Samsung Smart Home

Samsung also presents a similar technology that also send messages for function updates to their owners. However, the company also made sure that its technology will stand unique with added features.

Samsung appliances will have built-in cameras that do not only inform owners about their appliances, but also show them about what is happening inside their houses.


Goji Smart Lock

Issues on keys are perhaps the most inconvenient problem any homeowner will have. They tend to lose their keys in different locations and even inside their bags. Goji Smart Lock solves the problem by using an app in accessing the house. It can be manually opened using the app or by synchronizing the lock with your device’s Bluetooth connectivity feature.

Most people would think that this feature is only exclusive for the property owner or a single app user. However, users can configure the lock to open and provide access for specific individuals who need to enter the house like cleaners. Even if the owner is not around, the smartphone app can send the command to let others in if necessary.

Aside from the app, Goji Smart Lock is also equipped with a camera. This will keep owners from making that long walk towards the door and look through the peephole just to see the knocking individuals.

Goji developers offer this technology for pre-orders and will commence shipping in March. FAQ for intrigued.


Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop (personal favorite)

Video demo

Whirlpool, being one of the top brands in the market, will not be left behind in presenting its own technology at CES. The company decided to focus on efficient stovetop management in smaller kitchen through its own take on stove.

Burners tend to consume a lot of space on the stove, which makes food preparation more challenging due to constricted space. However, Whirlpool presents its new stove that works similarly to a touchscreen.

Upon laying the pots and pans on the stovetop, the stove will begin heating them up using inductive technology. Users can then begin bringing in their ingredients to the food they cook minus the fear of being burned.

While this stove is still a concept and with the need to create a working appliance, Whirlpool reports that it has started and continue to develop the said stove. This assures every tech savvy homeowners something to look forward to in the future.


Modern appliances from Samsung

Aside from the app technology, the company also presented a whole line of new appliances that highlights the best of today’s improved technology. However, these new appliances do not possess smart technology, but something every homeowner will find worthwhile checking.

Appliance lines include dishwasher, microwave, vacuum cleaners, as well as a combination of washer and dryer. They may not have smart technology, but with sleek designs that certainly fit modern property designs.


Technology on your wrist

Aside from smarter appliances, CES 2014 also highlighted other technologies that today’s modern consumer will certainly enjoy like wearable technology. One of these are smartwatches which have notification features like Razer Nabu.

Other wearable devices are made to monitor fitness factors like heart rates and steps. Using this system allows users to eliminate other devices for their daily tasks. This is something important for people who want to move without too many gadgets to wear.

One of the benefits in using these devices is that their developers made them to look fashionable, which is another demand among consumers in this day and age. They look sleek and will look great with any apparel people will wear.

They also come in a variety of choices and functionalities designed according to what buyers require. Shoppers simply need to look for their needed functionality and they will surely match their perfect match.



CES 2014 certainly showed a lot of great appliances and devices for consumers today. They provide convenience for users since they are designed with specific functionalities that meet their preferences.

Buyers simply need to watch out for many of these high-end appliances’ market launch and finally experience their offered benefits for home or personal use.

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