Asus Laptop Zen Notebook Review - Welcome to the Luxury Class of Laptops

ASUS Laptop Zen Book, the luxury class of laptops, is the three “s” spoiler when it comes to the laptop lover; sleek, sharp and speed to spare.

ASUS Laptop Zen Book: Sleek, sharp, slim line

As Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Splash Magazines Worldwide, when I find a service or hidden treasure I like to inform my readers and arm them with as much information as they need to make informed decisions and wise purchases.

ASUS Laptop Zen Book Specifications

Being the Publisher for a twenty-one world city site magazine, keeps me on the go and often as I’m away from my desk, like most, I need a Laptop that matches my high demand life.  Laptops, like desktops, for me need extensive research and a tech list in order to guarantee I don’t leave the store with my dream purchase only to find it becomes a living nightmare.

ASUS Laptop Zen Book Spec

After traveling the information superhighway and performing Google research I came across ASUS Computers. I must admit, being somewhat jaded and having an “It is what it is” approach. I decided these were the folks that I would talk with regarding the purchase of a Laptop! And I must admit, I am more than glad I did.

ASUS Laptop Zen Book awards

I know what you’re thinking, ‘a laptop is a laptop is a laptop’ and yet, there is nothing common about the ASUS Laptop Zen Book. Ok, so it has an Intel chip processor and the motherboard is made with industry standard and accepted hardware and yes, it does come fully loaded with recognizable software, once you get past the inside, that’s where the similarities fade.

ASUS Laptop Zen Book specifications

This ASUS Laptop Zen Book is the luxury class of Laptops. The outer case, exactly like one would expect from a luxury class, titanium color, ultra-slim, ultra lightweight, fine sleek lines, slight slim incline and, man, does this baby fly! The speed, the ASUS Laptop Zen Book has a ten times faster transfer rate, yes, ten times faster. Even the USB ports in the ASUS Laptop Zen Books are luxury class offering an upgrade to 3.0 as standard!

If you are a connoisseur of laptops; some like the sturdy desktop and others like both, either way you’ll love the ASUS Laptop Zen Book! It is so light you can barely feel it and comes loaded with a customized cooling unit, Fan Xpert controls. The ASUS Laptop Zen Book, moderates itself for consistent cooling and noise level. 

ASUS Laptop Zen Book specifications

The ASUS Laptop Zen Book, ranges from just under $1000.00 and up, has gentle touch, slight tap, complete response technology, state of the art audio sound, crisp sharp images, the thinnest profile and lightest form  of any ultra book, all while accommodating the latest technology. The ASUS Laptop Zen Book is elegant, made of durable aluminum. Even without using, The ASUS Laptop Zen Book is a beauty; Nice to look at and limitless depth.

ASUS Laptop Zen Book sophisticated keyboard

The ASUS Laptop Zen Book is quietly overtaking the market.

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