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The Wireless Magic Mic EG-18000

When I first saw my brother sing on a karaoke, I wanted to get up and join him but, I didn't have the courage. Even though, in the back of my mind, I really wanted to sing.

As time passed, the karaoke scene became  more and more popular. My family and friends would meet up and we would have a fabulous time. I would just sit back and watch and laugh, but still I panicked with stage fright. Until one night, I went for it. I sang with my brother (or at least tried to) and I didn't sound like I did in the shower. I thought, I would never humiliate myself again. NO MORE KARAOKE for me!

Carry your wireless Magic Mic EG-18000 anywhere

Well, I learned never to say never again because still, secretly, I wanted to sing. So I decided to try the wireless Magic Mic EG-18000 in the privacy of my own home. Instantly, I fell in love with it and so did my family and friends.

The Magic Mic EG-18000 is so simple to put together. I Just hooked up the cables into the Magic Mic EG-18000 and my TV. Then I plugged it into the outlet. Then I put in the batteries (which come with the Magic Mic EG-18000 into the microphones and viola! I was ready to sing - the best part was no waiting for my  turn to come up. I could sing as many songs as I wanted. This was too simple! But if you don’t have a TV, you can easily connect the Magic Mic EG-18000 into your computer.

One exciting feature about this model is that you can connect a camcorder to this model and watch yourself on TV while you sing. If you’re trying to improve your singing, this tool can actually help because you can critique yourself with a better ear to improve your vocals. To my surprise, after weeks of practicing, my singing actually improved.
There are over 2,000 songs on the Magic Mic EG-18000 with a wide variety of songs. Many songs are nostalgic and bring back wonderful memories. But if that’s not enough you can buy extra song chips that come in various genres, e.g., Gospel, Country, Elvis, Rock, Heavy Metal, Standards and more. There’s no need for any discs or heavy, bulky equipment and you also get a one year manufacturing warranty with lifetime technical phone support.

Magic Mic EG-18000 Features:

Includes 2 Wireless Microphones
Dual Microphone Base Stand
2064 Built-in English Songs
100% Backward Compatible with Existing Enter-Tech Silver Chips and Recording pack
4 Song Chip expansion slots
Built-in Memory to Record Your Singing & Playback for up to one song!
Built-in USB Interface for uploading recorded Songs to your PC
Improved Sound and Picture Quality
Built in External Video Background Input Port
Selection of Songs From the Remote Controller or the wireless microphones
Adjustable Key/Tempo/Echo
17 Selectable Melody Instruments for Background Music
Three different levels of Real Time Scoring feature
USB port
Remote Control
Built-in Recording Function
Lightweight bag to carry your
You can even watch yourself while you sing!(Camcorder not included)
Many other functions available

The Wireless Magic Mic EG-18000 - Connection only takes minutes and your ready to sing!

If you’re on a tight budget you may want to try the Magic Mic ED-9000 which has a few less features, in particular, the Magic Mic ED-9000 microphone is not wireless, but you have the option to purchase an additional microphone that is wireless. The Magic Mic Ed-9000 is just as fun and entertaining.

The Magic Mic EG-18000 is a combination of the CD player, microphone and sound system all in one. You don’t have to worry about keeping CD’s organized because thousands of songs are stored in the microphone. You can take it any where and you don’t have to spend money at karaoke clubs and leave the kids with a babysitter. The whole family can be together along with neighbors and friends. The wireless Magic Mic EG-18000 is fun, unique, convenient and great entertainment for everyone at a very affordable price. Our family gatherings are never boring - I love it!

As for singing in public karaoke clubs, no stage fright anymore for me.

Magic Mic EG-18000 - choose from over 2000 songs!

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