The New 3D HD Plasma TV is going strong for Panasonic

(Century City, CA)  On February 23, 2010, Panasonic had a press conference to present the launch of the upcoming HD3D TV. Of course any content viewed in 3D needs to be filmed in 3D. Get ready you can watch the World Cup this summer in South Africa in 3D. This is the first time a televised gaming sport is being taped in 3D.

Representatives from Panasonic held a press conference recently at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City to introduce the new 2010 Home Entertainment Solutions, especially the Full HD3D plasma Home Entertainment Systems. The difference between this and all the other plasmas that have been out is the new 3D and 2D versions are coming out in 2010. The 2D plasmas are 3D compatible, the motion resolution is in 2D and the content has to be in 3D. The Panasonic TV’s have a lot more features by being wireless, ability to attach cameras to TV, IPod connecting feature, Wi-Fi, Skype and the list goes on. Panasonic is the #1 player in plasma TV’s.

Press in awe of new TV

Another added feature is a True to Cinema Surround which is a 360 surround player. This is optimal for the viewer who wants to have the immersive experience, the plasma 2D or 3D enables the viewer to watch motion such as Sports and Action Movies and Concerts in vivid detail. Last year they came out with the world’s first Blu-Ray player. The Panasonic team has also made their products more energy efficient. The 2010 model is 40% more energy efficient than 2009

“Panasonic has really raised the bar in consumer electronics for 2010,” said Bob Perry, Senior Vice President, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. “From the launch of the world’s first VIERA Full HD 3D Home Theater Systems, to IPTV-enabled HDTVs with Skype video calling, to LUMIX Digital Cameras and Camcorders that make it easy for anyone to capture crisp, clear memories, there has never been a more exciting time for consumers to take their home entertainment experience to a new level.”

In addition, on March 15, 2010 Panasonic, a global leader in consumer electronics technology, announced that it has a 15-city “ Panasonic Touch the Future Tour” will kick off on Monday, March 15 with events in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. The public tour will give consumers across the US an opportunity to see, hear and interact with the latest cutting-edge home entertainment products, including a chance to experience live the first Full HD 3D Home Theater systems. For more info go to

The Panasonic Touch the Future Tour features hands-on demonstrations of Panasonic’s 2010 cutting-edge products and features including Full HD 3D Plasma Home Entertainment Systems, flat panel VIERA Plasma, LCD and LED HDTVs; Blu-ray Disc Players, Home Theater Systems; and LUMIX Digital Cameras and Camcorders.

In their first week of availability in the U.S., Panasonic said that it sold out its available stock of 3D TVs, prompting the company to take back-orders. Research firm iSuppli has estimated that the global market for 3D TVs could hit 4.2 million units this year, and Panasonic has said it wants to sell 1 million 3D sets globally during the 12-month period beginning April 1.

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