What's Trending? You Are! - Part 1

"So close no matter how far.
Couldn't be much more from the heart.
Forever trusting who we are.
And nothing else matters."

A client recently asked me if a popular paint color she saw would work in her Living Room. My response was, "Well, do you like it?"  You don't have to look far these days for those trying to sell you the latest trend.  I have been known to follow a trend or two.  Unfortunately, my Lady Diana haircut back in the 80s didn't really turn out like I had hoped! What I've learned is that it really has to come from within to mean something.  I can understand trends that relate to statistics, but not to design.  Design is personal.  And, good design is timeless...never a trend or a fad.  It doesn't try too hard.  It speaks for itself.  And I'm a big believer that your style should shine through in the end!  I've been told, "Well, people hire designers because they don't really know what they want."  Really?  I believe that most people do have great ideas about what they want, but they just don't know how to get there.

Whether you're working on your own or have help, consider the following to narrow down your own personal style and create interiors you can enjoy for a lifetime: 

  1. What's Your Lifestyle?  How do you really want to live?  Be true to yourself.  Are you a minimalist?  Purge. Do you love to read?  Create your own library.  Make it personal. Think about your space and what's necessary for your lifestyle.  Bothered by something every time you walk by it?  Move it to a better place or get rid of it!!! You know yourself and your house better than anyone.  What matters most to you?  You should live in a style that's your own and that works for you!
  2. Consistency is Key.  Your exterior and interior should complement one another.  What year was your home built?  Is it modern or traditional?  This can help narrow down your options for materials and furnishings.
  3. It's All In The Details.  Details are so important to me...down to the lamp finial!  Matching finishes & styles throughout and proper scale planning make a huge difference in your end result.  And don't scrimp on your workman.  A messy paint job is noticed.  You really do get what you pay for.
  4. Educate Yourself.  Get inspiration.  This will help you gain more insight into what you really want and need. Below are some of my favorite online sources for home design, including a few free online magazines.  Do the research so that you can convey your needs with confidence to a designer, a workroom or a vendor. You'll have fewer mistakes & misunderstandings, and the end result will more accurately reflect your style and the way you want to live.  Always yield to the education and experience of a good designer if you have one.  It's invaluable to the process!




Dabble Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Rue Magazine

Stay Tuned...What's Trending? You Are! - Part 2 will provide tools that can help you complete your task!


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