Visions Window Coverings Review - Skilled, Efficient and Reasonable

I felt like the most fortunate person in the world when Michael Luna of Visions Window Coverings  came to my condo to give me an estimate for window coverings.  Why, you ask? 


Before - Makeshift window covering

I was trying to complete the remodeling of a newly purchased condo located on the first floor.  And I was in a time crunch.  This is to be our winter residence and we were returning to Chicagoland in less than two weeks and it was really important that the window treatment be completed before we left.  So far, no one had been able to help me.


Michael getting ready to hang the blinds

From the moment Michael walked in, it was clear that he knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it. He had all kinds of books and a ladder, which he transported seemingly with no effort. He measured as others had done but came up with a plan that was different than what other had suggested, but it was exactly what I was hoping for.  He presented a product at a very reasonable price but the product I really wanted was a little higher on the price scale but I thought I only do this rarely and I want it to look great.


Michael afixes the blinds

After Michael developed a plan he checked carefully and determined that I could have my window covers within the time frame that I requested which was really amazing to me and relieving.  This meant that the ugly temporary window cover could come down and the work on the condo was nearly complete.


As time moved closer to my departure, I was very hopeful that the installation would take place as promised.  It did.

Terre prepares the window

I asked Michael about how it was that he found himself in this business.  I was also initially surprised that he drove in from Sacramento to work with me.

This is what he shared with me:

“My mother was always decorating so I kind of fell into it. I've been in business 32 years and in the same location 25 yrs.  The reason I have so many customers in the bay area is a result of word of mouth. That, and the fact that I sell at Sacramento prices and that makes me very competitive in the Bay Area.


Michael unrolling the blinds

I also believe the word of mouth is so strong because of the personalized service we provide. From start to installation you deal with the same person. We don't contract out installations.”


If my “word of mouth” has anything to do with it, Michael will have many new customers.  Since all of my windows are now pleasantly covered, I can only share my story with others who need to cover their windows and are looking for someone who is reliable, skilled, and speedy.  I am thrilled that I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Michael Luna at Visions Window Coverings.


In need of covering


The living room looks finished



Visions Window Coverings

3460 2nd Ave

Sacramento, CA 95817

(916) 451-6757


Photos: B. Keer


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