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People all across the country seem to hate their workplaces most in the world. Whether it is their tacky bosses or too much stress-related work, workplace is never a happy place for people to live by. When I started my company, all I ever wanted was to create a fun environment for my employees to work in. After all, the happier they are, the better their production would be. But for quite some time, it all felt doom and gloom at the place. The office didn’t seem as fun as it used to be. Maybe it was the place or the work. But I felt, the office seemed pretty old-fashioned in its design and layout for the newer batch of people enjoying their time here while working.

I was having this feeling for a long time and thought of needing a change in the environment around the place. I knew something was needed to be change but I could not understand how to make that change without disrupting the place.For months, I fruitlessly chased any and every interior designer I could find around Mumbai but their work and my thinking were still poles apart. After some time, it became difficult for me to take time out of my busy schedule to search for interior designers and the thought of foregoing this office transformation started creeping up my mind. Unless one of the best interior designers in Mumbai walked straight up to my doorstep, I had lost all hope for reinventing my office.

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UrbanClap provided me the best Interior Designer I could have got

People think of interior designing as a very small and easy job to take. What people fail to realize, that a lot of things need to fall perfectly in place for your imagination to come true on the walls and around your place. I searched and visited a number of good interior designers in Mumbai but none of them could put my imagination of my workplace into practice. I was never going to settle for anything less than the best and it was this reason I was at loggerheads with a number of interior designers around the area.

Now, the only option I had left was to search for an interior designer online. Instead of searching a number of different websites, I decided to try my luck only on the UrbanClap platform. I had only used UrbanClap once before in my life. It was a year ago when I wanted the battery of my inverter replaced as the previous one was not functioning properly anymore. While it was a good experience using UrbanClap but then again having your battery replaced and getting your whole office building redesigned and reinvented are two very different jobs.

Hence, I had my reservations for using UrbanClap for hiring interior designers in Mumbai but I was left with no other alternative. Reluctantly, I re-installed the UrbanClap application on my smartphone and logged into my account. The app interface was changed a lot from the last time I used and it felt much easier to use and navigate through the app now. All I had to do was to search for interior designers using the search box. I never had any expectations but what my search results showed surprised me a lot.

The search result showed me well over a hundred different interior designers near my office and choosing among them was becoming increasing difficult now. I decided to shortlist the interior designers on their availability, previous work, user review and ratings. Once, I shortlisted enough people, I began contacting them via personal messages asking them for their price quotes and pictures of past works. Sooner than later, my smartphone was ringing with replies from people sending their quotes. After careful deliberation, I finally found the one person whose work I found good enough for my taste. Now, all it was required was to call the person and set up a meeting with him.

And this was exactly I did. I contacted the person and arranged for a meeting at the earliest. The meeting took place 2 days later where the person was gracious enough to listen to my ideas for the reinvention of my office building and only put forward his thoughts where he found that his idea could improve mine’s. Overall, I found the person quite helpful enough and once the final designing of my newly renovated building was finalized, I was glad with the amount of efforts we put in to ensure the look and feel around the building changed.

Why UrbanClap should be the go to option?

My past experience of using UrbanClap was good enough for me to return to their platform if I ever needed to have something fixed ever again. But I had never imagined in my whole life that the next time I would be using UrbanClap, it would be to look for interior designers in Mumbai. But I had to redesign my office building. There were around 50-60 people working presently at the office and while the office was to be re-invented, none of the work that was supposed to be happening had to disrupt the office work. It was a thin line to maintain the balance without disrupting the production of my company.

I never really trusted any online service provider because of the lack of reliable of reviews about people online. However, UrbanClap is one such place where I could trust blind-folded due to my past experience. Their app interface is second to none and was optimized to make it look even faster. Using the app is a very easy experience. You don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading any extra stuff to use the app. All you need to do is to install the app on your smartphone, register using a valid email address and phone number and search for any service provider you want.

How to find the best Interior Designers on UrbanClap?

If you are looking for some of the best interior designers in Mumbai, then you should not be looking anywhere else beyond the UrbanClap platform. I was able to find a number of interior designers around my office who were willing to put my ideas into practice. While I was shortlisting my ideal interior designer, I couldn’t have been happier to search for them on the UrbanClap platform as I might not have ever-known about them if I was looking for them on the road.

In the end, Mr. Rahul Vaid and his team from the Blue Ribbon Interior Designers Pvt. Ltd ensured that my office building was renovated into exactly the place I had envisioned of. I visited a lot of interior designers in my quest to renovate my old office building but none of them came any closer to the work and effort put in by Mr. Rahul and his team to make my office look lively again. He is by far the best I have ever seen and would like to recommend him to everyone who is looking for redesigning their house or office. Also, I would like to thank UrbanClap for providing me with a way to contact Mr. Rahul and get my job done.

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