Your appliances are the heart of your home. So, when you notice it’s time for an upgrade, there is a lot of pressure to make the right investment on your new refrigerator, washer/dryer combo or dishwasher. To aid you in shopping your local stores for big-ticket items to revamp your home, the appliance experts at h.h. gregg have put together the below considerations for your next appliance purchase:


1.  What’s New
Features and technology for appliances are constantly changing, but since the average replacement cycle for appliances is eight years, staying up-to-date the latest in appliances can be difficult. Doing your online and in-store research is key to an informed decision. Chat with knowledgeable store associates about the latest innovations in appliances and utilize online product guides, like h.h. gregg’s Product Finders for your kitchen or laundry room to find the newest features that are perfect for your upgrade, like sound reduction technology for your washer or a door alarm for your fridge.


2. Your Needs

Why consider the oven with 10 cubic feet of total oven capacity, when your main food group is frozen pizza? Popular state-of-the-art features like warming drawers or bottom mount freezers can be attractive, and often useful, but make sure the feature meets your needs before you splurge. If you entertain a lot or know you’ll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, keep these needs in mind, but don’t  overspend on unnecessary perks.



3. The Resale Value

Investing in high-demand appliances like stainless steel refrigerators or dryers with noise-reduction technology may seem expensive now, but also may be worth the investment in the long run. As any real estate agent will tell you, if you’re considering selling your home within the next five years, your resale value will be significantly increased with appliances that stand out on the housing market.

4. Your Space

Keep the amount of space you have for your new appliance in mind when making your purchase. Before you shop, measure exactly how tall or wide you need your new addition to be. Aside from width and height, don’t forget to consider how far your gas pipe juts out from the wall, your kitchen’s ability to accommodate the swing of a French door refrigerator, or if your mudroom’s high-traffic area would best suit a top-loading washer.


5. The Energy Cost

When making an appliance upgrade, be conscious of the amount of energy your current appliance is using. A huge increase in your energy bill would be a letdown after investing your time and money into a new dishwasher. Many appliances feature energy saving technology that can make your appliance upgrade a sound long-term investment.



Be proactive when it comes to upgrading your appliances. Waiting too long to make an update can force you to make a bad investment when your appliances stop getting the job done. With these tips in mind, you’ll be prepared to make just the right upgrade for your home essentials.


About h.h. gregg

h. h. gregg is a specialty retailer of home appliances, televisions, computers, consumer electronics, home entertainment furniture, mattresses, fitness equipment and related services operating under the name h. h. gregg™. h. h. gregg currently operates 228 stores in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. To learn more about h. h. gregg, please visit the h.h. gregg website

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