4 Strange Things About Los Angeles County - Bizarre Laws and Rules

Did you know that in Baldwin Park, no one is allowed to rid a bicycle in a swimming pool? I know what you’re thinking, there goes your underwater spinning class, right? But all is not lost, because you could just use your free time driving up to 1,999 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard. Just make sure you don’t pass the 2,000 mark, otherwise that’s another law you’re breaking.

Even in modern and seemingly sane Los Angeles there are laws that seem to be leftover from another age, laws that either make no sense or have clearly been put there to mess with you. Here are some of the craziest laws in Los Angeles, including ones that are still active and have been active at some point in the past.

Car Restrictions

In Long Beach a car is technically the only “item” allowed in a garage. But before you go clearing out all of that junk, this is clearly not a law that anyone would actually follow through with. In Downey, however, you may still face the heavy hand of the law if you are caught washing your car in the street. This law was passed in 1995, which goes to show that this insanity wasn’t restricted to our ancestors from times gone by.

City of Los Angeles

In this region it is illegal for a man to neat his wife with a strap, but only if that strap is wider than 2 inches and he doesn’t have her permission. There are no specifications on how much he can beat her and on what that permission would look like, but we like to think that this would not hold water in a court of law.

 “Yes, I beat her, yes I killed her. But it was a very thin strap and she was asking for it.”

If she does survive the beating then she will need to avoid crying on the witness stand, because apparently that is also illegal. The same applies to the licking of toads, to dogs mating within 500 yards of a church (how are they supposed to know?) and to blowing snuff in another person’s face.

In a county so crazy about personal injury lawsuits, it’s surprising to see any of this and we imagine that there would be a lot of people seeing spouses, churches and even toads if any of these laws were upheld.


In Santa Monica it is illegal to play percussion instruments on the beach, which suggests that drum circles once got really out of hand here. In Long Beach it is also illegal to curse on a mini-golf course—and there’s us thinking that the whole point of mini golf was to mess up, get angry and swear at everyone in sight.

I’m sure they couldn’t care less if you actually did any of those things, but it does give power to a few busy-body complainers, and they are not exactly well known for keeping that power to themselves.

California Laws

I know what you're thinking, LA has always been a little strange, right? Well, maybe so, but if you live in a different county in California, then it's not really your place to say because the laws outside of LA are actually way more bizarre.

For instance, it is illegal to shoot any kind of animal from a moving vehicle, unless that animal is a whale. In which case we’re assuming the moving vehicle is a boat, but maybe they didn’t think that far ahead. It is also illegal for a car without a driver to exceed 60 miles per hour. As crazy as that may have sounded a few years ago, it does make more sense now.

So, we’ll give them that one, but it’s the only one. In fact, now that the law makes sense, they might just change it. 

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