The Eco Guinevere® Toilet and Washlet s350 Review - Superior Toto Quality and Performance

I needed a new toilet, as the shabby and chic feel that I grew to love about my old house doesn’t translate well when it comes to a chipping commode - one plagued with chronic calcium deposits that won't allow matter going through to flush. I have heard for a while now, about the technical prowess of the Toto brand, and the rumor that once owned, it would make one feel reborn in the nethermost regions.

Old, Rusty Toilet

So I ordered it, knowing that its technical endowment made this toilet an appliance, and hence, upon installation, it would take me a few moments of study and consideration. The setup and tuning, flushing and other unexpected nuances of this new sort of comode, are the little chores I consider reasonable rigor. In the light of what happened, however, these all proved nothing but whims and trifles.

New and Old

The most unique experience occurred upon first use. Once assembled, this toilet bore the faint resemblance of a fancier go-cart seat. Little colored lights winked from the back of it, in sync with my unsure movements around it. Other orifices were scandalously placed where I’ve never encountered them before on a water closet. As I continued my investigation, an artesian spray commenced from a tubular gizmo that instantly sprouted from the creature’s innards. Along with its movement, scintillating lights gleamed in unison. Feeling threatened, I took a step back in search for cover. But not with fear. Because my attention was thoroughly confiscated by this eventful culmination of concerted movements. And then, everything stopped suddenly, just as it had started, only marked by the slow bow of the toilet seat cover.

Washlet s350

This was my queue. The seat cover rose again majestically, just as I daintily lowered my pants. I circumspectly sat, slightly bothered by the idea of an ominous finality about to befall me. Luckily, nothing nefarious occurred. At least not yet. I reflected for a moment, evaluated my risks, then threw myself into the unknown… or in fact, the unknown has thrown itself upon me, like a mythical creature.

Once started, the mechanism I was now committed to, functioned like progress itself, guided by laws unknown to man. In one moment an entire spectacle commenced under my seat. My bottom was copiously lavished in torrential rains. Sounds of dubious provenience surrounded me as I was precariously sitting on this enclave, wondering if somehow I have tripped a secret portal to a hidden world. And once again, everything came to a silent end. I waited for a moment as to not trigger a relapse, then slowly retreated to my peaceful bedroom, where Cleo - our house cat - paused her stroll to regard me as if I was death itself, and now she found it hard to recognize me without hood and sickle.

Eco Guinevere® Toilet

Leaving jest aside, the Guinevere is a skirted one piece toilet with uniquely sculpted design.

Universal height is intended for maximum comfort, at 16-1/8" rim height. The skirted styling with concealed trapway is constructed for easy cleaning. The Double Cyclone® Flushing System assures a powerful yet quiet flush every time. With a large bowl water surface, fast flush is afforded by a wide, 3” flush valve that is 125% larger than conventional 2” flush valves.

All in all, this is a decorative, ADA compliant, high profile one piece toilet with low consumption (4.8 Lpf/1.28 Gpf) siphon jet flushing action. It comes with tank cover, fittings, chrome plated trip lever, and SoftClose® Guinevere seat.

Washlet® S350e Toilet Seat - Elongated with ewater+

What really makes my new toilet a state of the art spa experience is the elongated front Washlet toilet seat with cover. On delivery, mounting and connection hardware were included. Here are some of the remarkable features of the Washlet S350e -

Front and rear warm water washing with temperature and adjustable pressure controls
Heated seat with temperature control
Illuminated touch pad
2 user memory
Automatic air deodorizer
Warm air dryer
Remote control operation
Quick release feature
Auto open/close lid
ewater+ on wands and bowl
Pre-mist of bowl before each use
Night light

The Washlet S350e features a new slim design, at just four inches in height. The Washlet provides a satisfying hygienic experience with warm water washing, including the Wonderwave® spray. The new eWater+™ function mists the bowl after each use, making a clean bowl easier to maintain and reducing the need for chemicals during cleaning.

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