Swiss Diamond Cookware Review - The Last Pans You’ll Ever Need

Is your kitchen the sort of paradise where you experiment and perfect novell as well as classic recipes alike? Or is it a jungle, where dinner occurs by chance, the fish filet gets burnt and eggs are mistreated? Well, let me tell you, happy epicurean, choosing the right cookware can make the difference between the two. And ever since procuring a set of Swiss Diamond cookware for the Splash kitchen, cooking became a lot easier and the food started to taste a lot better to me. Added bonus - the only smoke present anymore is that of my own vanity disappearing into ether.

The soup/stock pot accommodates a lot of ingredients for your slow cooking stew, soup or tomato sauce. This diamond coated, 11" pot comes in handy for your home made chilli, cooking pasta, as well as braising a roast.


Make mouth watering sauces and more with the Swiss Diamond 3.2-quart Induction Saucepan. I already did! Less mixing is required because of the even spread of the heat throughout the pan. The first thing I cooked in this sauce pan was alfredo sauce and one thing I noticed was how the handles stayed cool the whole time, allowing for a comfortable grip. The exceptional diamond fortified cooking surface is as simple to use as it is to clean. The tight fitting, high temperature treated glass cover makes it easy to monitor your ingredients as they cook.

Swiss Diamond Frying Pans


The Swiss Diamond frying pans is what I use the most. For the first time in my life I am able to cook basted eggs to perfection without any use of oil or butter. Swiss Diamond uses nanodiamond particle technology to fuse billions of particle diamond dust to molten cast aluminium. The result is a non-toxic, adherent free cooking ware that allows for even distribution of heat throughout the entire pan, better than even copper can accomplish. This pan is designed to work best on induction cooktops but can also be used with gas and electric stoves. It comes with a matching heat tempered glass lid.


A few things to consider about the diamond reinforced non-stick cookware by Swiss Diamond -

The diamond crystals from which it’s made form a virtually indestructible non-stick cooking surface that will not crack, blister or peel. Nothing conducts heat more efficiently or quickly than diamonds. Also, the pressure cast aluminium body of this cookware is designed to not warp. The Swiss Diamond pots and pans are built with ergonomic handles meant for comfort and balance and are oven safe up to 500 F. They are metal utensil and dishwasher safe, although a longer product life will be obtained by handwashing and use of wooden or plastic utensils. Swiss Diamond cookware features a perfectly flat base for use on ceramic, gas and electric cooktops.

Cook Without Oil

Make a wise choice and get yours by visiting the Swiss Diamond website.

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