Singtrix Review – The Karaoke Machine that Transforms your Vocal Flaws


Does the thought of singing in public make you want to crawl under a rock? Fear no more with the arrival of the Singtrix karaoke machine. Gone are the days of hiding behind a crowd or only singing “Happy Birthday” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in public. Here is your chance to own your voice and let out your inner pop star!! This wonder gadget allows you to put anxiety aside with the assistance of its vocal processor module, giving you the confidence needed to brace the stage. And for those of you die-hard karaoke lovers, Singtrix will bring your performance to another level as you belt out songs previously reserved for only the bold and the brave.

The Party Bundle

The Singtrix party bundle includes everything you need for the ultimate karaoke experience, except a bottle of liquid courage. The kit comes with the voice processor module, a detachable microphone with stand, a 40-watt floor speaker with built-in subwoofer, and a smartphone tray. The system is fairly lightweight, easy to set-up and use. Lyrics are easily displayed with the assistance of a smartphone or tablet. It comes equipped with a small selection of music to immediately get the party started, however, the system also offers several options including music from your personal iTunes collection or a subscription service to the Singtrix app powered by Karaoke Anywhere. The app offers access to numerous songs and effect recommendations by using the vocal processor, which allows you to draw from various music sources by removing vocals from any song plugged into the device (YouTube, iTunes, streaming services, etc.).

The Singtrix App

The golden goose of the bundle is the voice processor. It offers over 300 options to enhance your vocal abilities to a studio level with a promise to put an end to poor singing. Feel free to really go for it and hit those high notes because the auto tune function smooth’s out any vocal bumps along the way. Your ability to mix and match various effects offers for endless creative and entertaining performances depending on the mood. It truly does run the gamut of effects, both subtle and dramatic, offering everything from the robot to legendary singers like Barry White. The gender bending effects allows you to alter your voice so you can masquerade as the opposite sex for a tune.

The Vocal Processor Console

The console provides the ability to be its own back-up singer and ALSO utilize the harmony/choir effect for some serious vocal backing. Three skill levels- enhanced, semi-pro and pro- give you the ability to correct your voice at various levels. The processor does much of the work for you, redeeming your usually cringe worthy performance, and bringing up it to an enjoyable level while still sounding natural. If you already have a gift to serenade the masses, allow the processor to further amplify your abilities making you stadium ready.

Karaoke no longer needs to be a sport merely for the fearless. Allow the Singtrix karaoke system to help you get familiar with concepts like “pitch” and “tone” while letting your inner songbird loose. Although it may still take some coaxing to get that first note past your lips, have confidence that Singtrix is here to support your crooning abilities. An investment of $300 is worth the lifetime of entertaining your friends with fun, memorable evenings, right from your own home!

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