Severe Weather Primary Factor for When Homeowners Plan to Replace Key Exterior Building Products

According to the 2011 DaVinci Roofscapes’ Homeowners Exterior Preferences Study, nearly all homeowners see the exterior of their home as a whole picture rather than the sum of all its different exterior features. This finding is supported by additional research showing that curb appeal is important to homeowners and the style of home and how it looks on the property are the most attention-grabbing features of the home.

DaVinci Roofscapes available in a multitude of colors

The comprehensive national study, conducted online by Harris Interactive©, focused on homeowner attitudes to their overall homes, their roofs, windows, siding, doors, trim and garage doors. Importantly, the common denominator of severe weather damage will serve as the prime motivator to homeowners who expect to replace exterior features on their home. A key finding provides insight that color availability from manufacturers on different exterior features plays a role in what brand a homeowner will purchase when they are ready to purchase replacement products. The colors that homeowners’ gravitate to are influenced by their own sense of style and how the colors they choose blend with their home’s surroundings. 

DaVinci Roofscapes available in a multitude of colors

 “Quite clearly these results show us that homeowners have their eye on the sky as well as on their homes,” says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. “Severe weather that results in damage to exterior products was cited as the primary reason for potential product replacement in the majority of product categories surveyed.

“People worry about changing weather patterns related to everything from tornadoes to wild fires to hail storms. This concern for severe weather motivates them to do in-depth research when selecting replacement products that can withstand damaging winds, rain and storms. Those building products --- such as polymer roofing tiles --- made to resist impact, water infiltration, fire and severe conditions will certainly gain in popularity in the marketplace in the coming decades.”

DaVinci Roofscapes available in a multitude of colors

DaVinci Roofscapes has manufactured award-winning polymer slate and shake roofing since 1999. The roofing tiles are virtually maintenance free and far more cost effective than the natural product. DaVinci leads the industry in tile thickness, the tile width variety and the greatest selection of subtle earth-toned colors. Company products have a 50-year warranty and are 100 percent recyclable. DaVinci proudly makes its products in America and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, the Cool Roof Rating Council and the U.S. Green Building Council.

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