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No longer do you need to configure a room to see the TV.  Remember those days when we all had to design a room’s seating so the whole family could all see the TV? The good news full motion mounding is here. If you want to be able to use your TV in various room configurations use a Sanus Full Motion TV Mount. Sanus is a design leader. They use innovative design with outstanding safety features so everyone including your TV is safe.  

Full Motion

Remember when TV’s actually fell on kids? They still do. With today’s tall and thin flat-panel TVs unfortunately they are very susceptible to tipping over. TVs.  TVs are a big problem when they fall they cause property damage, personal injury or even death.

Safety is an Issue

  • According to a 2012 report from the CPSC 17,000+ ER visits due to tipping TVs in 2011.
  • Injuries related to TV instability increased by 31% in the last 10 years.
  • 215 deaths reported from 2000-2011 involving unsecured televisions.

Learn the facts by visiting TVSafety

The mount we tested at Splash allows you to find the perfect position for all of your AV needs. Mounts help you can create valuable space. You can have space on top of furniture or remove furniture altogether for a clean, modern look in any room. Mounting your TV on the wall and out of the way is a great way to emphasize its sleek, thin design. It makes any room look better.

Remove the Glare

Light and TV watching don’t mix especially in sunny Southern California. You can get the most out of your flat-panel TV by mounting it on the wall for optimal performance. SANUS wall mounts extend, tilt and swivel, making it easy to find the best viewing angle.  Reduce your glare from lights or sunny windows.

The most secure way to avoid injury is mounting your flat-panel TV.  There are now a wide variety of TV wall mounts on the market and we were impressed with Sanus products. Be sure to find a perfect mount for your exact needs. Whether you're seeking a specific benefit or feature, chances are you will find an easy to install mount that fits your needs. Mounds literally take your TV to new heights.

Sanus Solutions

Independent evaluations are used during the product design process as well as audits and inspections throughout the product lifecycle. Many SANUS products are also evaluated by third parties, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Make sure to always look for the UL mark on products and packaging.

Safety in the home is important to Sanus and they continually evaluate product safety procedures at manufacturing facilities worldwide.  Their products meet the highest performance and reliability standards. All Sanus products are designed to and evaluated against all applicable safety standards, including a test verifying our wall mounts can hold four times their rated weight capacity.

On the Wall Frees Space

You can protect your whole family by mounting your flat-panel TV securely on the wall, so it is high and out of the way. Really that is the smartest way to prevent accidents.  Besides accidental bumping and crashing you will avoid those annoying smudges.

But remember, the worst decision when it comes to home safety is indecision.  Make a plan to secure your TV today.

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