Patio Design - Modern Inspirational Examples

Patios are the representation of a houses spirit; whether it's modern, classic, or trendy. But designing your own isn't always easy.

There are plenty of factors to consider, and the risk of undertaking such a big project and getting it wrong can be scary.

With that in mind, here are a few basic guidelines to customising or building your own.


For those that enjoy preparing their meals outside, the modern style patio is effective and resistant to the elements.

The chromed barbecue and oven are just the right thing for evenings out with your family and friends, it equips you with all the essentials for a lovely patio kitchen. 



If you enjoy something more classic in soothing pastel colors, this is ideal for any size of yard, and is also easily maintainable.

The wooden armchairs and soft cushions complement any garden design in a classic and usable way. 


This patio with its discrete stony surface accentuates the open fire pit, ideal for evening gatherings. A modern combination of features offers a very open space feel.

Great for communal get-togethers next to the open fire pit or just hanging out with your friends at the built-in bar. 


Classic weaved furniture with glass table tops is light, and can be positioned anywhere on your porch, be it on a high ridge veranda, a tiled surface or on the lawn.

This stylish design requires little space to provide you with optimal layout efficacy. 


Warm brick and wooden benches, this patio selection has a soothing natural color palette, with a weather resistant barbecue and fire pit for those nights when soft natural light is most desired.

Embrace the artistic stone tile decor on your lawn. The elegant table and chairs are light, transportable and easy to set up. You will love spending time out on this patio with your family and friends. 


Overhang patio, protected from the rain, with drapes for that added level of intimacy and shade during summer days, the weaved furniture is inspired by oriental styles and is soothing to see.

There will be no better place for you to unwind with a book or enjoy a siesta. 


Outside shipdeck floor and wicker furniture will bring the feeling of a warm bay right to your patio, excellent for quiet evenings or just enjoying a pleasant afternoon read.

It’s effective style is just the right thing to conjure warm feeling of openness and seaside serenity.


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