Night and Day Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk Review - An Unusually Good Looking Piece

I recently moved into the small room of a large house. In the beginning I was happy to share the floor with Max, the resident daddy long legs, who found it amusing to walk all over me under the pretext of “working out a new web to protect us from bugs”. “Just ignore him”, my roommate said, “he’s only looking for attention”. This was her explanation for everything from misbehaved children to road rage.


Tabi slept on the twin bed wedged in the corner. The place wasn’t big enough for a larger replacement and soon a bunk seemed as the only workable solution. I made the decision the next day while changing my facebook profile picture. An ad popped up, which was strange, and I clicked on it, which was stranger yet. It was a Night & Day children’s solid wood bunk ad.


The Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk Bed


I ordered it without fuss and in three days it was delivered. The day after was the fourth of July and I planned to spend it at home, assembling our new bunk bed.


Night and Day Has Just Arrived


The Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk Bed is an unusually good looking piece. Its arches and curves, along with its stylish corbels on the leg-posts, make the Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk a delightful fixture for any kids’ room. And since it’s capable of sustaining 250 lbs per cut, a great choice for childish adults as well. Our Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk Bed came in White Finish to complete Tabi’s wish that one day her's would be a doll’s room. Being that she was many years younger than I, she explained to me one day that the time to assert my black and brown stylistic cacophony had long passed and that now we’d undergo an era of girlish pink in all things interior design. I nodded at the end of her invigorating speech, the way you do when you’re a foreigner and understand that someone just ended a sentence.



Putting It All Together


As soon as all the pieces were downstairs I hurled myself into assiduous labor, assembling  the Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk and  hoping to finish before Tabi came home. Max watched from a ceiling corner and thought the whole thing funny. After a brief chuckle he took a step back, then rappelled himself onto the window sill.


Time To Try It Out


The pieces are sturdy and made from solid, eco-friendly hardwood, I soon noticed. Steel reinforcement points give this product superb strength and stability. And guess what, ladies and gentlemen: the bed comes with the most comfortable memory foam mattresses from Real Mart makers of the amazing TempFlow Matress. You can read more here Tempflow™ and Tempur-Pedic® Reviews But wait, there’s more, I’d like to say, like in an infomercial I saw once: the Night and Day Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk can separate into two identical beds, it can accommodate optional storage drawers (a pair) or a trundle unit and the whole shebang is available in four beautiful finishes.


Tabi In Her Bunk


I’m not done. Both the bed itself AND the mattresses come with a ten year manufacturer warranty. Let me say that again: a ten year warranty! All finishes are child-safe, in case you wondered, and this beautiful product can be easily purchased online at Night and Day’s website.

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