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One of my favorite parts about winter is that I get to snuggle up in warm blankets, without being uncomfortably warm. Like most people I love soft cuddly blankets. It just makes it so much more cozier. I have a blanket made of micro fleece that I have a hard time sleeping without. But, earlier this year my boss introduced me to the softest blanket I had ever felt. He told me it was a Minky Couture blanket.

Minky Couture

I knew after holding that Minky blanket he had that I was going to want one of my own. The only thing that stopped me was my rational thinking. It was nearly summer and I didn't need another blanket. As the temperature started dropping so did my resolve and I couldn't get Minky Couture out of my mind. I finally got one and not just a small lap blanket like I was first introduced to, but a Monster Minky that I could sleep with.

Minky Couture

I wanted to know more about these blankets that I fell in love with at first touch. I was able to get a phone interview set up with the owner/creator, Sandi Hendry.  She was so nice and friendly she gave me this code, Splash40, exclusively for splash readers to save 40%. With this code it makes the infant blanket right around $35!

Minky Couture

Maria: Why did you name it Minky Couture?

Sandi: I wanted to make the blankets out of minky fabric and I wanted them to be fashionable and follow the current trends. For example trends like damask, vintage, Moroccan, tile and such, so I named it Minky Couture.

Maria: On your website it says you started by giving the blankets as gifts, and that people asked you where they could purchase them, but when and why did you decide to make a business out of it?

Sandi: So when did it go from being fun to being crazy?

Maria: (small chuckles) Yes, when did you decide to go blanket crazy?

Sandi: Four years ago my oldest daughter got sick and while she was in the hospital she wanted a good cozy blanket. I made her a big minky blanket. I then decided to make 20 more to give away at the hospital. People would ask if I had any big baby blankets they could buy. I started selling blankets in different size online. Now I have four store fronts in Utah that are busy all day long. I also sell wholesale, but my best sells are face-to-face or online.

Sandi Hendry

Maria: Where do you manufacture the blankets, I noticed they are hand made.

Sandi: All our blankets are hand sewn. I was trying to decide where to manufacture them and I decided I wanted to stay local where I could inspect the quality of the blankets. I decided to reach out to stay at home moms who needed an extra income bit couldn't afford child care. Right now I have 28 seamstresses. Each of them go through three weeks of training and have at home inspections. Each home must be smoke and pet free. The materials are cut and put in bins. The stay at home moms come and pick up the bins, and then drop them back off once the blankets are completed.

Maria: How do you decide on new designs and fabrics?

Sandi: I watch magazines, clothing styles and bedding styles. I try to find the best fabric designs not being used by my competitors. Several of my designs are Minky Couture exclusive. I've been really lucky with my exclusive designs and haven't 'eaten' any costs from them. I try to have new designs every month, but even with the new designs there are standard prints that I never rotate out, like zebra, and cheetah print.

Maria: I have one more question. How 'crazy' do you plan to go? What are your goals for the future?

Sandi: Right now we're selling about 2,000 - 3,000 blankets a month and I would like to sell 10,000 a month. The sky is the limit. I'd just like to continue to get bigger. For me its not all about selling blankets. Minky Couture blankets are a source of comfort for many that receive them. I often get letters from people with the sweetest stories. A mother recently wrote that, her family had lost everything in a tornado and the only thing that her three little boys were praying for were their Minky blankets.

Minky Couture

Not only are Minky Couture blankets absolutely the best cuddle blanket out there, but they meet needs. From their Infant blankets to their Monster Minky's these blankets will last a life time. If you're not convinced yet use the exclusive Splash Magazines code to order your first blanket and fall in love with Minky Couture at first touch. Use 'Splash40' for 40% off your next Minky Couture blanket and order online today!

Minky Couture

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