Miele Washing Machine & Dryer Review – Smart Appliances for the 21st Century

The Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washing Machine and Touchtronic T9822 Dryer, from the German based manufacturer, are smart, energy efficient appliances built to handle even the heaviest loads with ease. 

The Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washer

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Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washing Machine, front loader, with a large capacity fill, is almost at the smart appliance stage. The Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washer offers a slide fill slotted detergent trough. Each slot is clearly marked and has additional slots for extra pre-wash detergent, fabric softener and bleach. The LED front panel indicates the exact pre-programmed time for each user selection from a simple single wash cycle to pre-wash, wash and spin cycles. The LED panel also indicates water temperature and load capacity.

The Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washer

The Miele 4842 Touchtronic model has several pre-treatment or extended treatment options including pre-wash, extended wash and sensitive. Additionally, the wash cycle can be adjusted for delay start or program the start time of their choice. Additionally, the front panel of The Miele 4842 Touchtronic includes predetermined choices created by the manufacture to assist in cleansing laundry to fit the fabric care instructions including eight wash cycles such as Normal, Wrinkle free wash, Sanitize, Hand wash (delicate), Woolens, Express wash, Master care and Customize wash. The spin cycle is probably the best I’ve ever come across with an additional extracting cycle built into the spin. Clothes come out, slightly damp, considerably cutting down on drying time.

The Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washer

The Miele 4842 Touchtronic is the best washer I’ve ever had! The machine is amazingly sturdy, quiet, doesn’t vibrate or even slightly rock during the extracting cycle. It is a sturdy solid built appliance.As the old machines were being hauled away I hit the top of the washer and dryer only to hear and feel a tinny metal feel and noise when doing the same with the Miele 4842 Touchtronic the quality difference is apparent as they sound as if you are hitting a solid rock which is just an indication of the amazing quality and durability of this family owned German company, high end domestic appliances. 

In business for almost one hundred years Miele originally began their high end domestic appliance manufacturing company by creating a cream separator, a Butter Churn and tub washing machine. Since the 1920’s this German family owned business have been on the cutting edge of simplifying time consuming household tasks. Currently Miele exports to thirty-seven countries and has a home based in New Jersey. 

The Miele Touchtronic T9822 Dryer

The Miele Touchtronic  T9822 dryer has a 27 inch stainless steel honeycomb drum and offers eight pre-set programs including extra dry, normal, hand iron, rotary iron, woolens, delicates, 45 minutes warm, 15 minutes cold and also has additional options, for turbo cycle, gentle, buzzer. The Miele Touchtronic  T9822 dryer program status indicator also has indicator lights when the lint vent and filter needs checked and a built in a buzzer notification when expires tosses the clothes to keep them wrinkle free and continues until the clothes are removed.

The Miele Touchtronic T9822 Dryer

The Miele Touchtronic  T9822 dryer efficiently handles even the large loads without any unevenness in drying. Other than loading and folding, the Miele 4842 Touchtronic Washing Machine and Touchtronic T9822 Dryer do it all! They are as close to smart, energy efficient appliances as one can get. 

Really, have you ever known anything made in Germany not to be good.

For more information or to purchase Miele Home appliances:  www.miele.com 

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