Lisa Adams' SPRING ORGANIZATION TIPS Help Hollywood Lose Bulk & Clutter Just in Time for Summer

Spring is nearly here and it's time to lighten your load.  Sure, it has been easy to hide excess bulk behind the coverage of heavy sweaters and the clutter of indoor activities during winter's cold months, but summertime means sleek and sexy, so no more excuses. Take a deep breath and make a fresh start with some free 'Spring Organization' advice from one of Hollywood's most coveted organizational experts/closet designer.  Following these ten easy tips is sure to make homes leaner and cleaner, just in time for summer's heat. 

Lisa Adams knows that many of the same concepts that provide results for her celeb-studded clientele can apply to any home closet.  As CEO and Designer at LA Closet Design, Lisa creates luxurious and multi-functional wardrobes for LA's A-list.  Adams' Top Ten Spring Organization Tips are sure to get any home into sleek summer shape. 


1)      Listen to your favorite tunes and start spring-cleaning! Empty out your closet and dust the shelves, vacuum the corners, and wipe down surfaces. When everything is back in its place, you will feel cleansed, your clothes will stay cleaner longer, and as a bonus, you’ll have burned a few calories.

2)      Perfect Spring days mean you can break into your resort wear and put away your Winter sweaters! But first, this is a good transition point between seasons to evaluate your wardrobe and audit your closet. Purge, recycle or donate any item you have not worn in the last six months. If Winter items are still in the primary area of your closet, move them to a less accessible area for safekeeping.

3)      Still short on space? Replace your hangers with my favorite slim-line chrome hangers which allow you to fit more clothing per linear foot.

4)      Shoe control! As you would sort your clothes, it is important to sort through your shoes. Ask yourself again – “keep, purge, recycle or donate?” Shoes that are not worn frequently but are a must save, such as occasion shoes and now Winter shoes, can be dusted, and then stored in a small plastic box on a high shelf in the closet.

5)      Organize your closet based on a system that works for you (e.g. grouping by brand, by color or by garment type). It is less important how you group the items – just make sure it works for you and STICK TO IT!

6)      Insert valet rods along your closet, so you can easily get dressed and plan your outfit for the next day. It’s all about making mornings as stress-free as possible.

7)      Use shelf dividers to conquer the battle of sweater stacks falling over. This is also a good way to organize purses and scarves.

8)      Give your feet a soft place to land, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, by putting an inexpensive lamb’s wool run in the closet.

9)      If you share a closet with a significant other, make sure there is a loving separation of space. Use a marker such as a hanging lavender sachet that denotes the separation, but also gives off a soothing aroma.

10)  Maintain your clothing inventory by avoiding those impulse buys. Buy clothing that fits your style, lifestyle and geography. If your job is work-casual, avoid spending your money on formal suits. Similarly, avoid spending your money on 20 pairs of shorts if you live in an area that only gets hot two months out of the year. Invent your money in clothing that you will have the ability to wear often from day-to-day (unless budget isn’t an issue, of course!)

About LA Closet Design: LA Closet Design is located at 8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B-255 in the renowned Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California.  Offering full-scale wardrobe storage and design consulting as well as personal shopping and wardrobe styling services, LA Closet Design goes beyond constructing a functional space to create a luxurious and highly personalized environment for client’s most treasured belongings.  To contact Lisa Adams, CEO and Designer, please call 310-289-1311.  Web:


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