Learn More About Safe Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol is highly combustable, however it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Bought from a quality vendor an ethanol fireplace can be an excellent addition and here are some tips on how to do so from Ethanol Fireplace Pros.


1. Why Manufacturers Might Want To Consider Getting Their Ethanol  Fireplaces Certified


Legally, a manufacturer is not required to get their fireplaces certified and for that reason, many simply do not choose to make the investment. It can be a costly process that includes paying annual fees as well as supplying the product that you would like to have tested, and paying the cost of testing. In addition to all of that, each manufacturer will have no guarantee that in the end their product will be certified.


Because of all these factors the majority of manufacturers simply choose not to have their ethanol fireplaces certified. In fact, it is only those manufacturers that significantly care about safety who go this extra step. Those who put their fireplaces through these tests and pay the cost are then required to supply a user manual that includes labels of the product with pictograms and the test results.


Some of the tests that the ethanol fireplace will be subjected to include tilting it about 30 degrees while it's fully fueled as well as hitting a fireplace that is already lit with a weight of at least 22 lbs. If a fireplace fails to pass these tests then they will not be certified. If it passes, then the manufacturer will receive a notice of certification but if it fails, then they will receive notice of what would have to be changed or improved in order to get certified.


2. What Is The Price?


The price of the ethanol fireplace can be an indication of its quality and the materials that were used when making it. Any fireplace of this kind that is less than $900 is usually one of poor quality. While not always the case, the majority of fireplaces below this price are ones that come from China. Some of the issues with these cheaper versions include back casings that become bent when the fireplace is ignited and even burners that can't be shut off because they were exposed to heat. These problems are caused because of the poor materials and the manufacturing process when they were being made.


As well as being poorly made, these fireplaces often have manuals that the average person cannot make sense of. It's very important when someone who has just purchased such a fireplace that they know how to use it safely.  Without a manual that clearly shows the new owner how to use it properly and safely, then it can be a dangerous situation.  It may not always be the case that cheap ethanol fireplaces are all unsafe but as a general rule, it's one that most can put stock in.


3. Check The Quality Of The Burner?


The quality of the burner itself is something that is important and when buying this type of fireplace you should look to see that it comes with a lid that helps you to regulate the size of its flame and even to extinguish the fire when you need to do so. Ideally, you will want the burner to be made of quality material and to be sturdy. It should weigh at least 10 lbs if it is made of stainless steel.  As well, it should have a spill tray.


One type of system sometimes used on these type of fireplaces with the burner is a cup system. It's highly recommended that you don't get an ethanol fireplace that uses this system. It has been found that it can be dangerous and it's often difficult to put out the fire once it's lit.


4. The Quality Can Often Be Determined By The Materials And The Weight Of The Fireplace


There's no doubt that when purchasing an ethanol fireplace you want it to be good quality and to be safe. When considering these types of fireplaces and looking at a wall mounted version, then you simply compare the weight of each make and model you're considering. Most wall-mounted versions of this type of fireplace weigh in at more than 20 pounds.


It should be made of stainless steel and that material should be at least 3 mm thick. When looking at the weight of different models it's often very clear which is made with quality material and which is not. Any fireplace that is over 20 lbs can usually be judged based on its overall size and if it is made of stainless steel or aluminum. It is not enough to rely strictly on weight but it certainly is a major factor in determining the quality of the fireplace.


In Conclusion


When shopping for an ethanol fireplace you should look to see that it meets the suggested factors given above. If it does, then it is likely a safe unit and if it doesn't, it has a better than average chance of being poor quality. The main points to look for include how much it weighs, the particular materials that it's made of, and its bottom line price. After those factors, the burner is what you will want to look at when trying to determine the quality and safety of the fireplace. It is our recommendation that the fireplace burner has a lid and a spill tray.

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