Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review - A Highly Nutritious Endeavour

Kuvings is one of those companies that set out to radically change the way a product is viewed, change consumer habits, and in particular, challenge assumptions about juicing.

As with any company the innovative cycle ebbs and flows over a period of development. Kuvings’ new line of home use and commercial juicers stands as an exclamation point over the rest of the market.


I became a believer when I first tried out the Kuvings M6 B6000 Whole Slow Juicer. For this product innovation starts with design, but it doesn’t stop there. To begin, this juicer has the widest feed chute I have seen yet - 3” wide. This feature makes it easy for any produce aisle item to make it into your morning juice glass. A few other attributes can be found with the Whole Slow Juicer that don’t exist with any other on the market.

The body of this machine is heavier than I’d expected and the reason for that became clear when I read the manual - 240 Watts power the Kuvings model. Compare that to a maximum of 160 Watts found with the nearest competitor. And that amount of power serves it well to generate the torque necessary for squashing anything one might throw down its gaping chute. The on/off switch is rubber covered as to protect against electric shock. The set-on-top juicing assembly gives the advantage of locking with this model, making it more secure during operation.

Fruits Can Be Added Whole


The juicing assembly comes with a stylish pusher. As a word of caution here - do not use anything else other than the provided pusher to help ingredients down the chute. Doing otherwise will most likely result in damage to the machine and voidance of warranty. The chute comes with a cutting blade that helps with pairing the produce as it goes down and helps as a preventive measure against consumers sticking in their hands. The see-through quality of the assembly is unique to this juicer and helps a lot with gaging what goes on during mastication.

The auger design is also a one of a kind. It was created to squeeze, crush and push the produce forward. The small size holes on the juicing basket assures the resulting liquid is truly pulp free. Rubber wiping blades brace the basket and help with keeping the juicing bowl see-through during operation while keeping the screen clean and functional. No recesses on the bottom of the bowl make it a cinch to clean unlike many other models on the market today.

Assembly requires attention to the instruction manual, but once erected, the process becomes easy and intuitive. Cleaning, usually a real chore with other vertical juicers, is actually uncomplicated on a Kuvings. Three different brushes are provided, and the lack of part recesses on the product adds to the ease of rinsing.

Purple Color Model Coming Out Soon

The most important feature on the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is the way the juice comes out - homogenous and whole, not separated as the case is with high speed juicers.

To purchase your very own slow juicer, please visit Kuvings’ website.


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