How to protect your house from a fire?

Having bought or built your own house, first of all you should take care of fire safety of the dwelling, as according to statistics, fires frequently occur due to the careless attitude to the precautious measures.

In order to prevent fire at home, you need to know and follow certain rules. First of all, it is necessary to treat the house with special chemical preparations - fire retardants, which, although they cannot protect your house from fire, but due to their properties that prevent the rapid spread of fire and will give you a few extra minutes, during which you can possibly cope with a flame.

Also, every owner must equip their property with a reliable fire protection system (you can check this page for fire protection systems equipment available). For each private house, there must be a fire cabinet, which will include all the tools necessary for the initial fire control measures. Many just underestimate the importance of such simple tools as a shovel, scrap, and hook, although this simple set is necessary in order to bring down the flames.

Quality electrical wiring. If your house has a large number of electrical appliances, then you need to think about installing a more reliable electrical wiring consisting of a reinforced cable with double insulation and an electrical panel equipped with special network protection devices, replacing obsolete disposable porcelain plugs. In addition, it is necessary to find as many qualified electricians as possible who will install and configure all this equipment.

Certified electrical appliances. Do not buy household appliances, heaters, other electrical appliances made by unknown manufacturers. The fact is that the failure of any Chinese counterfeiting could cost you the loss of the property. Do not use faulty devices, as it is the damaged household appliances which most often causes fire.

Gas equipment. When buying a new stove, water heater, gas fireplace, you should not undertake the independent installation of such equipment, of course, if you are not a certified specialist in this field. In all other cases, connection to the gas pipeline must be entrusted to professionals. You shouldn’t economize on purchasing of the above mentioned devices, because not only your life and the safety of your property, but also the lives of your relatives and neighbors depend on their proper functioning.

Sensors. The current level of development of electronic systems allows the installation of smoke, temperature, gas concentration sensors, etc. in both houses and apartments. By providing your home with such devices, you will always be able to learn about gas leakage, smoke generation, etc. and the fire can be prevented in time.

Sprinkler system. Unlike most conventional fire extinguishing systems, residential sprinkler systems differ considerably in their composition. Moreover, they are durable and reliable. To eliminate the fire, mainly used water, the supply of which is conducted from the water pipe. To maintain constant pressure in the installation at a given level, a special system of check valves has been developed. Among the undeniable advantages of sprinkler fire extinguishing can be mentioned automated work system, long service life, they do not need power and ready to work at any time.

In conclusion, I want to note that any house must be necessarily insured in case of fire, since only in this case, you are guaranteed to be able to repair the damage caused by fire.

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