How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Living Room

Whether the living room is a place for relaxing, watching movies, exercising, hosting dinner parties or playing with the kids, it’s good to have a flooring solution underfoot that’s both durable and comfortable. And as the floor is usually the largest surface in a room it lays the foundation for how the rest of the space will look and feel - emphasising the importance of selecting the right textures, materials and colours for your home.

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So, with this in mind, here’s how to choose flooring that’ll enhance your interior design:

  1. Think about your personal tastes and styles

Before clicking here and browsing some of the wonderful flooring options available, think carefully about your personal tastes and style. If you like the rustic, retro look, for example, you might decide to opt for beautiful oak flooring which is not only visually stunning but brings a sense of warmth and comfort to a property that’s hard to replicate. It’s traditional, it’s long-lasting, but if you’d prefer something more modern and minimalist you can also browse the selection of black or grey options, with charcoal oak flooring sure to give your living room that dramatic edge.

Unless you’re completely renovating your property, you should also consider your existing décor as this will have an effect on the hue and style you opt for. If your living room is currently rather neutral you could get away with most designs, but if you already have black walls, for example, laying down black flooring would likely look too dark – however, a white snow oak could contrast perfectly. For the most effective results, familiarise yourself with what colours, shades and temperatures work well together and think about the bigger picture including what accessories you’ll use to help your room come to life.

  1. Think about your lifestyle

The living room is of great importance for many families with a high volume of traffic, so it’s wise to choose flooring that can withstand a lot of activity – especially if you have little ones running around. While carpet is cosy and warm underfoot it can become worn and torn easily which is why many people opt for hardwearing engineered wood flooring which stands the test of time. Unlike carpet, wooden flooring is also extremely easy to clean, so if you’re always spilling drinks or have children that constantly drop food on the floor and make a mess – this could be the option for you.

Similarly, if you have pets, wooden floors make sense as animal fur can simply be swept or hoovered up and little accidents can be taken care of with ease. Wooden flooring is also ideal for allergy sufferers as they don’t hold onto dust and other allergens which have a habit of making skin and breathing conditions worse.

  1. Think about your budget

Without a budget you could spend much more than you can afford quite easily, so be sure to set yourself some limits and look for flooring solutions within your price range. And if you can’t afford what you really want just yet, why not download one of the best budgeting apps available and start putting money aside on a regular basis? After all, there’s no point in rushing if you don’t have to.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right flooring but the above tips will certainly make this home renovation task as hassle-free as possible.

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