Health Mate Sauna Review - Perfect for Relaxing at Home

In order to enhance a new healthy lifestyle I was starting, I wanted to get the best sauna to install in my home. A few years earlier, I had gone to a trade show where I was introduced to an infrared sauna made by Health Mate. Luckily, I kept their beautiful color brochure so when the day arrived for me to take my plans to reality, I rediscovered the Health Mate Sauna company and I'm glad I did.

In going to the Health Mate Sauna website I found a large choice of saunas. Now all I had to do was choose the right one for me. I decided that the three-person sauna was the proper size, since I would mostly be using it by myself or with a friend. In addition to the great selection offered by Health Mate, their website had a plethora of information which was easy to understand.  It was very simple for me to realize that this is the type of sauna that I wanted, and Health Mate, the company that I wanted to purchase it from. Once I was ready, I called the Health Mate customer service and found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. They even have an expert to answer any questions beyond the normal scope which of course my questions were.

I learned that the lifetime warranty is for manufactures defect whether you have the sauna inside or outside, and that by putting the Health Mate Sauna outside the weather could cause a defect that would not be covered by the warranty. However, I decided to put it outside anyway and built a custom enclosure to protect it from the weather.I wanted the hardware on the enclosure I made to match the hardware on the sauna, and Health Mate was nice enough to sell me the latches, hinges, and handles necessary. There is however, an optional customized outdoor cover that I could have purchased. I learned a sauna like a Jacuzzi needs to be close to the person who's going to be using it or they won’t use it very often which is why I decided to put the sauna right outside my bedroom.

The delivery process was simple and efficient. The Health Mate delivery team came with all of the parts packed neatly in the back of their truck. The two Health Mate professionals carefully unloaded the boxes and set them near the location the sauna would be set up.  Then one by one they unpacked the boxes.  Starting with the bottom they quickly and easily assembled the sauna. Very much like a prefabricated home, each wall arrived as a separate module which was quickly and easily assembled with special hardware.  It took them very little time to unload and set up the sauna.  They then plugged it in and Bingo, it was ready to use!

Now all I need to do is go out my back door, walk 20 feet or so, turn on the convenient outdoor control panel to a preset temperature setting, wait for it to heat up, and open the sauna door to be drenched with an amazing fresh odor of Canadian Western Red Cedar and go into the sauna to begin my relaxation.

I’ll always remember my first time in the Health Mate Sauna. I started out with a 20 min. session and was afraid it would be boring. However, with the radio going, the ability to remotely change the stations, the overhead lights changing moods, being able to look out at my garden, sit on the comfortable contoured Red Cedar seats, surrounded by the amazing aroma given off by the Red Cedar, the 20 minutes went by quickly. Obviously, I was perspiring lots but felt wonderful. I walked the 20 feet into my bedroom another 10 feet into my bathroom and took an amazing shower, then I just sat in my room feeling so relaxed and cleansed. It was an amazing experience.

In addition to the obvious relaxation benefits, there are many health benefits. Because infrared is part of the sunlight, it is completely safe to use, and the heat reaches below our skin level, giving us a deep heat treatment.  Such treatments are great for ridding our bodies of acids and waste residue, through perspiration. Also, it can increase blood circulation, pumping more blood through the vessels, effectively giving your body a nice “work-out” while you relax, in just 30 minutes.

The control panel is a really beautiful device accessible from both outside and inside the sauna. There is a temperature display and set buttons, a light on/off switch, clock button, power button, reserve button, and lock button.  The reserve button is a great feature of the sauna, because you can schedule a time to have your sauna turn on and warm up. If you know you have a hard day at work ahead and want to relax when you get home without waiting the 15-20 minutes it takes to warm up the sauna you can set the Health Mate Sauna to be ready for you. Don’t worry if you miss your scheduled time the scheduled session is automatically set to 30 minutes and will turn off after that.

Two remotes came with the unit, one to control the optional radio which is cleverly mounted in a roof panel. It's really a high-end car radio for both AM/FM channels or a CD. The other remote control was for the optional light display I purchased. The lights are LED and can be the default white light or go through a range of different colored illuminations ranging from red to blue to green to amber and so forth or I can choose one of these colors to be the steady color depending on the mood I have and what light therapy I may feel is beneficial to me. These lights are even dimmable.

There are many add-ons you can purchase to get the best experience with your sauna.  I choose to include a beautiful plush terry cloth robe, a towel, backrests, and a hanging shelf for the outside of the sauna. I was very intrigued by the mirrored glass panels on the doors. Anybody walking by would not be able to see into the sauna they would just be seeing themselves, and even at night when the light is on inside it is hard for people to see into the suana, but it is very easy for me to be able to see outside and look into the beauty of my backyard. The only trouble I find with the Health Mate Sauna is how much time it takes out of my busy day; you know the time I take to relax, really not much of a problem.

Purchasing a sauna is a big decision to make, both to improve your health and the amount of money it costs. Health Mate has been manufacturing excellent saunas since 1979, and they promise “the Health Mate Sauna is made from safe, non-toxic materials” and they are the only ones on the market who can make that statement. “We only use non-toxic glue in our products.”  They are a green company, and they make sure to use the highest standards to sustain the earth’s resources.  If you’re not convinced yet Health Mate uses Western Red Cedar to build their sauna’s, which is a wood people have been using for centuries to cure different aliments. Far Infrared home saunas are ideal for deep relaxation and soothing comfort, as well as health and healing. Get your Health Mate Infrared Sauna today, and start enjoying the benefits.

To learn more go to the Health Mate Website

We adorned the outside of the enclosure with a metal sun decor piece that I bought on a recent trip to Mexico, which, if interested, you can read about where I bought it in my Adventures in Baja article

We decided to stain the enclosure a Redwood stain

We decided to stain the enclosure a Redwood stain




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