Hadley Olivia Mattress Shop - Creating the Luxurious Sleep You Have Always Dreamt About

Hadley Olivia opened in 2016 with the intention of bringing ultra-premium mattresses to San Juan Capistrano and the rest of Orange County and what they found out is that people have been waiting for just such a store. Founder and Southern California native Ronnie Lane created the Hadley Olivia brand out of a passion for educating people on improved sleep quality and how the mattresses that they sleep on can literally change their lives.

Hadley Olivia founder Ronnie Lane and Family

"We have customers call and come in to our showroom to thank us for giving them the best night sleep. We had a customer call a couple days after we delivered their $22,000 VISPRING mattress and the customer said that he is dreaming at night again. He said he has not remembered a dream for at least 10 years. This is what motivates us to keep growing the business and helping people sleep better," Ronnie said. "Some benefits of getting quality sleep with our beds are improved productivity, aging less quickly, increased happiness (less Grumpy) and your immune system works better and you can even lose weight."

Hadley Olivia offers such mattresses as the new Vi-Spring Collection. The collection features eight extraordinary mattresses that all come with a lifetime warranty. The Vi-Spring mattresses are created using; Shetland wool, raw silk, cashmere, horsetail, coir and bamboo. This natural material lineup was specially selected to create a combination of; comfort toughness, warmth, springiness and overall luxury. Hadley Olivia also carries; Vispring, Hypnos, Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) and Posh + Lavish.

"When customers come in and try some of these world class beds, they actually sell themselves. These mattresses feel so different compared to normal ones and the fillings we use in all of the different beds are unique compared to all of the foams in your average bed. You need to experience it for yourself," Ronnie said.

While adults think about the benefit of sleep and how it might help their body as it ages, the idea for Hadley Oliva actually came about from when Ronnie had his first child.

"It’s ironic that customers will spend a small fortune on kid’s bedroom furniture and decorations to make the room look pretty, but they will spend the least amount on the mattress… the mattress is the most important piece of a kid’s bedroom. When you have an infant that is sleeping on their back on a cheap mattress, the mattress is not conforming to their little bodies like an organic latex crib mattress does. The other huge difference is most cheap mattresses use foams and fire retardants that can be toxic to little children. Would you rather put your child on a natural mattress with cotton, wool and latex or put your child on a mattress with polyurethane, recycled steal and polyester? My guess is NO," Ronnie said.

While there is certainly a price upgrade for mattresses of this quality, you do get what you pay for.

"The US mattress industry is all about selling disposable mattresses. You used to be able to keep a mattress for 20 years and now most mattresses only last 7-10 years if you are lucky. Therefore, we have moved up to the luxury category. Some of our least expensive mattresses come with a 20 year warranty and some of our mattresses come with a Lifetime Warranty (70 Years), this is the biggest difference with the products we carry," Ronnie said. "I think consumers are going to have a paradigm shift when it comes to mattresses and home furnishings. People are getting sick of wasting money on products that just don’t last. The public has been sleeping on products filled with toxic chemicals and our bodies have been absorbing these chemicals for years, and now people are getting sicker and developing different types of cancer more often than twenty or thirty years ago. Therefore, sleeping better and living a clean lifestyle is going to continue to be a growing topic for years to come. People are already getting wise to this and when the masses see the difference with these types of mattresses it will change people’s lives."

If you are looking for that perfect night sleep that will allow you wake up refreshed the next day, the mattress can make all of the difference. One visit to Hadley Olivia and getting a feel of what a premium mattress can offer and you will never go back to the old standard mattress that was anything but memorable.

For more information, visit: Hadley Olivia

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