FlatRate Moving Review - Eliminate the Stress and Surprises From Your Next Move!

Can I just say, WOW about FlateRate Moving in Los Angeles!
Like you, in all likelihood, I have had the fortune and misfortune to have moved innumerable times. Zigging locally – zagging cross country – I have experienced the gamut. Honesty, and jaw-dropping amazement, compels me to absolutely rave about FlateRate Moving in Los Angeles – found at http://FlatRate.com and 213.404.1080. They are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau / CMSA & Winner of the Forbes Enterprise Award, so you may rest assured they are trustworthy.

From the very first phone contact with their superlative customer service, in our case spearheaded by the polished and easy-going Alexander Ravich, to the farewell wave of the super-friendly and professional movers at day’s end – it was a pure pleasure to deal with FlateRate Moving Company’s crack staff.

I can only say that if you are contemplating a move in the near, or distant future, please do yourself a huge favor, and trust your treasured belongings to the hands – put your peace of mind – in the hands of this awesome company. They want and appreciate your business. Unlike so many business out there these days that consider that they themselves are doing you a favor to take care of your needs - and your money, lest we forget - FlateRate Moving Company is a shining example of a company in diametrical opposition to that sad and ridiculous philosophy.

Something launched this once great country of ours forward from an obscure pilgrimage to the greatest sociopolitical and economic power house, as well as the land of immense opportunity, abundance, and undeniable freedoms we once enjoyed. That which culminating in the industrial revolution, then rapidly taking our place as the world’s leader in production of nearly everything man consumes all stems from a fundamentally sound and unbeatable philosophy – the philosophy of earning repeat business – driven by honor. This was based upon the understanding of the value of each customer, earning their repeat business earned by the immense satisfaction we experienced in the products and services they sold – all leading to the earning of further referrals – and the continuation of the cycle. I am here to tell you that FlateRate Moving Company and every person in their employ that I came in contact with, understands this seemingly archaic principle, and embodies it to the fullest. I am talking modern-day customer service provided to the point of satisfaction that is almost unheard of – so kudos FlateRate Moving Company!

Given the chance, FlateRate Moving Company will earn your trust, respect,  hard-earned money, and undoubtedly, your repeat business. Let me ask you, how refreshing is that?

FlatRate arrived on schedule and  their truck was clean and well-stocked with boxes of every dimension, including more wardrobe boxes than we needed, tons of tape which they used liberally to protect even our most meager objects, CLEAN pads, dollies, and a functional (I’ve experienced moves where it didn’t work which extended the load/unload time and my bill) lift-gate.

Three of the nicest and most experienced movers – all sporting good cheer and pleasant demeanor, swarmed upon our disorganized, half-ready-to-move apartment, and took charge. They asked intelligent questions as to our preferences, and we threw a little curve at them in that approximately one-third of our possessions were destined for storage, and had to packed and marked thusly. This made their job a little more complicated but I am happy to say they took it in stride and were abundantly helpful in accomplishing the task.

In the end, as with most moves of our particular type, some items inadvertently were brought to our new residence that should have been left in storage, but no complaints, and better yet - NO PROBLEM. It was 8:30 P.M. at this point and they were tired – we were exhausted – but one simple phone call to the gentleman still on duty – long AFTER BUSINESS HOURS – cleared the way to have the guys take the items back with them. We really didn’t have any place to keep them so it could have really been a problem, and they were thoughtful enough to cart the few excess items back to our storage facility the following day and secure them for us. How many companies do you know that would do that? – at no extra charge, no less!? I don’t know any, and FlatRate Moving of Los Angeles did it willingly, and with a smile! And now they’ve mailed me back my storage key to save me the drive all across town!

Hey, we all know that moving is a drag, and stress-ridden from the first trip to get boxes and tape, to the final item put in its new place. So we certainly don’t need any additional madness with contract haggling (that most moving companies I used in the past didn’t honor anyway) and knowing they are trying to get over on us. In the end they can legally – if licensed – hold your belongings hostage on the truck until you pay the additional run-up fees that manifest magically.

On one rather large, and prior move of mine, they didn’t show up with the agreed-upon-sized truck, and couldn’t fit it all on one load. The message immediately was that some OTHER client was more important than I. So, one third of my valuables were left behind. Well, it got late after the one long load and trip and they wouldn’t leave until I paid them IN CASH for the 2nd trip – on a day IN THE DISTANT FUTURE as they were obviously pre-booked for the next few days and refused to finish that night or the following morning. So it got real ugly with 5 huge guys and just me and my little 4 year old boy who was exhausted and needed to get fed, bathed and to bed, and I had no choice but to stand my ground and call – and wait for the police – as these jerks were all loading my most valuable belongings BACK ONTO THEIR TRUCK, and physically threatening me! I finally got ahold of their boss, and according to this Chief-jerk it was business as usual, and the probable reason why I got stiffed on the truck I had made perfectly clear I needed in the first place. This was after they had broken several really valuable items, and offered me .60 on the pound for items that cost hundreds or thousands, and made no attempt to equalize the damages!

The reason I am making this point is, with FlateRate Moving Company this is not a conceivable scenario, and here’s why. First of all, like no moving company that I ever dealt with both large and small – nobody ever came out to my home several days BEFOREHAND, performed a free visual inspection, and took exact inventory of my items – made sure of their pathway’s ease to the truck – at both ends of the move – gave me moving advice and packing tips – and supplies to accomplish them – and calmly negotiated a fair ALL INCLUSIVE FLAT RATE that they GUARANTEE TO STICK TO come hell or high-water.

That is precisely what FlateRate Moving Company does every time out, AND THEY ARE THE ONLY Moving Company to do so that this writer is aware of – which is why they have been honored with winning Forbes Enterprise Award.

If that isn’t amazing enough, they also have rotating specials on their website http://FlatRate.com that presently include FREE STORAGE - and specials if the free ones aren’t large enough - and I have already raved about their customer service.

Speaking of stellar customer-service I neglected to mention – it is a broad subject, after all – FlateRate Movers will help you pack up your breakables in the kitchen and bath, AND your COMPUTER, TV, and stereo equipment after labeling all the confusing wiring, and REASSEMBLE IT FOR YOU at your new place! All included – ONE LOW PRICE! Guaranteed!

Then, when it is all said and done, and you exhale your final sigh, FlateRate Moving Company in Los Angeles thoughtfully emails you a Thank You! with a link http://FlatRate.com/ecardaspx  to your choice of prefabricated ecards to email your friends and associates providing them your new address and saving you from further hassle!

Hands down the best movers and Moving Company I ever dealt with and you’d be foolish not to give FlateRate Moving Company in Los Angeles a call and take all the worry and extra stress and mess out of your next move. Period.

Visit their website here FlatRate.com


Just ask for Alexander Ravich and he will surely take it from there!

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