Fast Frames in Sherman Oaks CA Review - Steve Hale will Frame and Preserve Your Art and Memorabilia For a Lifetime

Fast Frames has hundreds of frames to choose from

Preserve every moment you hold dear in a professionally crafted custom frame and display it with pride in complete confidence. Protect fragile photography from harmful aging elements that can cause irreplaceable photography to fade, discolor or tear. Accent moments captured in time and turn your treasured memories into heirlooms that will be cherished in your family for generations to come

Steve Hale of Fast Frames in Sherman Oaks has designed and assembled hundreds of framing treatments, displays, plexi-boxes, shadow boxes, and other means of presenting artwork, sculpture, models, collectibles, clothing, documents, and other one of a kind items. Steve is no ordinary framer because many of these projects were created for Disney executives, major Hollywood,
stars, world leaders, VIP's, film producers and directors, as well as various members of royalty. I am more than happy with the framework he did for my precious art that is close to my heart.

Fast Frames - Beautify & protect works of art and family treasures

Picture framing is an art and if you want your precious family photos, cherished art, or if you have memorabilia that you want framed, no worries, Steve will take care of all your needs at Fast Frames. He has all the experience to take on any framing project.

Steve's picture framing and art display design experience is a wide range of elite, one-of-a-kind projects: Mickey Mouse's 50th Birthday exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; Peter Ellenshaw Retrospect at the Whitney Museum, New York City; The Lion King - animation exhibits in thirty-five different languages sent world wide for film promotion; The Nightmare Before Christmas - exhibit of artwork, puppets, and sets, at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA; Toy Story exhibit of artwork for film premiere at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA; and Disney Animation Exhibit - Walt Disney Studio Animation Building, Burbank, CA;

Fast Frames - Accent original works of art and enhance their beauty

Steve has studied and developed restoration, conservation and preservation techniques to be used when dealing with valuable artwork, documents and objects of historical importance. He has a long list of framing projects that encase sports apparel signed by, an impressive, A-list sports figures.

For the past 25 Steve Hale has been involved in every facet of the framing business including: managing, sales, design, advertising, customer relations, as well as insuring the quality of the product. Steve Hale at Fast Frames can do a lot for your home or office:

Accent original works of art and enhance their beauty just as gold and silver settings enrich even the most priceless jewels. Set your paintings or prints apart to experience fully their beauty without distraction.

Fast Frames - Accent a room with your favorite memorabilia with 3-D presentations

Accent the most important moments of family and friends with 3-D presentations that turn memories into heirlooms. Preserve sports memorabilia, children’s art, trophies, prizes, awards, or any important treasures that you want to preserve and share in handsome shadowbox presentations to grace your walls, bureaus, or countertops.

Fast Frames - Show off your precious photos

Accent the moments of your heart — all those things you cherish too much to exile to a scrapbook or a drawer. Display wedding and graduation programs, childhood memorabilia, rare and beautiful stamps, foreign currency, intricate puzzles and posters, and any special passion in a professionally crafted frame.

Fast Frames - Picture framing is an art

Crystal clear accents enhance, beautify & protect works of art and family treasures for you to enjoy for years to come.  Steve Hale will help you display and preserve your artwork with a clear layer of protection against damaging elements such as indoor and outdoor light rays. Fast Frames offer a wide range of high quality Tru Vue® glass and acrylic products in two series: Standard Premium and UV-blocking Conservation materials.

Fast Frames - Accent your favorite room with a custom framed mirror

Accent your favorite room with a custom framed mirror and add a focal point to your décor that reflects your own personal flair. Picture a custom framed mirror adding a bright splash of light and life to a drab corner, entryway, blank wall or even the space above a mantelpiece. Dress up old mirrors and turn them into stylish focal points with a custom frame especially crafted to accent your décor in your own personal style.

Fast Frames - Turn your flat screen TV into art

Now your flat screen TV can be professionally framed to complement your room, your home and your life. Turn your flat screen into a work of art every time you turn off your TV with VisionArt® by Fast Frames. Imagine it on your wall.

Fast Frames - Light up a dark corner

Fast Frames includes a 30-day guarantee on design and a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. If you don't love the look of your finished framed artwork, they will re-craft or redesign your piece, in the same price range, within 30 days of the sale – at no additional charge.  Fast Frames couldn’t offer such an extraordinary guarantee if they weren’t absolutely sure they could meet or beat your expectations.

For rare and precious works,  Fast Frames offer Preservation Framing (or conservation framing). Fast Frames envelope your artwork in a completely acid free environment. They use the highest quality mats, mounting boards and framing techniques to shield your valuable and sentimental artwork from the effects of acid degradation and harmful UV light. Our preservation framing allows you to remove the artwork from the frame at a later date, unharmed and unaltered. This will preserve the value of your artwork for years to come. In addition to preservation framing, Fast Frames offer museum framing, which is the highest form of protective framing available. Steve Hale will help you decide which method is right for your artwork. With there preservation and museum framing Fast Frames also offer free inspections every three years.

You can be sure your valuable and sentimental artwork will be properly framed by Steve Hale at Fast Frames - 14637 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403; Phone: (818) 784-8362 (just two blocks west of Van Nuys).

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