Ergo Chef Pro Series 7 Piece Block Set Review - Style and Sharpness

7” Santoku With Hollow Ground Blade

Ever since getting the Ergo Chef Pro Series 7 Set, the piece I use for most kitchen tasks is the 7” Santoku with hollow ground blade. I use it for everything - dicing, chopping, slicing - and it is a great pleasure to use it. This knife simply glides through everything I put under it. And I can't help but notice that the edges of these knives are sharpened at a more acute angle than cutlery I’ve used in the past. The handles are molded to fit the hand just perfectly, making the knife a mere extension of the hand..

Ergo Chef PRO SERIES 7 Piece Block Set


The other knifes in the set are the  8" Offset Bread knife, that makes a nice, drilling sound when cutting rustic, hard crust bread on a wooden cutting board; the  6" Utility knife with hollow ground blade, which gave me a quick cut on my left index finger the first time I used it, and a 3.5" Paring knife - excellent for cleaning fish or pairing a chicken.  These are the most commonly used knives in the kitchen. Then there is the  Multi-function come apart Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears, that I use every time I quart a bird after taking it out of the rotisserie. To keep the knives sharp as new, I use the 10" Diamond sharpener almost everytime I take a knife out of the 10 slot storage block that holds all items together with swag on our kitchen counter.

As a result of this new kitchen addition, I refuse to use the food processor. There’s a certain kind of pleasure one draws from the power that can be exerted over mere vegetables with the help of a very sharp edge. Here’s a delightful little fact about my new 7” Santoku blade - if I just rest the blade on a tomato and simply pull lightly, the blade falls through on its own weight, all the way to the bottom.

Multi-Function Kitchen Shears

That’s because the uniquely patented shape of this knife makes it a natural extension of your hand. Only now, by contrast, I can clearly see how the unnatural shape of a straight knife strains the tendons in my wrist, while an Ergo knife extends the shape of my hand for smoother cutting and less fatigue.

I highly recommend this knife set and urge you to wash the blades by hand, since using the dishwasher is sure to damage them. To purchase, please go to Ergo Chef’s website.

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