EnergyStar Windows And Doors In London Prepare You For Rising Cost Of Hydro

Think that Premier Wynne’s 25% hydro rate relief is going to help out with your monthly budget? Think again – the temporary relief today has been achieved by refinancing a number of power generating costs, adding another $1.4 billion per year in interest rates that crown hydro agencies are going to incur. In four years’ time, the cost of hydro will again become unpredictable, and you can bet that it will skyrocket to cover the growing costs of generation.

As Canada’s industrial heartland, Ontario has a big demand for energy, and unlike neighbours in Quebec and Manitoba, it has fewer sources of cheap hydro electricity. Instead, the province relies on nuclear, wind, and natural gas to provide power. As that becomes more expensive to do, it’s ultimately up to Ontarians to change the way they consume energy if they want to save. One way they can do that is by installing EnergyStar appliances and products in their home, including EnergyStar windows and doors in London, ON.

EnergyStar is a program initiated in the United States which has spread across the globe. EnergyStar requires products from your stereo to construction materials to meet certain requirements of low energy consumption. EnergyStar windows, made in London, ON by companies like Golden Windows, make your home more energy efficient by preventing heat transfer between indoors and outdoors in all seasons. The technology relies on Low Emissivity coatings, which cover the glass with a film that interrupts heat-bearing, infrared light from passing through. Not only are these products able to reduce hydro bills, but they also are a great way to have an impact on the environment by saving electricity and reducing pollution.

The little blue label with the logo is synonymous with saving money and making a difference, and there is a myriad of products which have been certified for just such applications. Long-lasting and highly durable EnergyStar products come in a number of desirable forms from companies like Golden Windows, such as awning windows, casement windows, slider and hung windows, and even bay windows and skylights. Likewise, a number of different doors, including patio doors, entryways, and garage doors can also be found with EnergyStar compliance to protect against rising hydro costs nationwide. It’s a great investment to make on your home today that will save you in the future.

Also, just because the window or door is highly energy efficient does not mean that it cannot look as great as any other on the market. You can find quality windows and doors in London, ON in all sorts of materials and options, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. There are so many designs to choose from and colours to complement the palette and decor of any residence or small business so that everyone should be able to have a great looking dwelling while knowing in the back of their mind that they’re protected when unpredictable changes hit them at the meters. 

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