End-of-Summer Secret Cleaning Tips from the Pros at The Family Handyman


When the traditional wash and scrub isn’t giving your house the sparkle you want, it may be time to turn to some unconventional cleaning methods. From tennis balls to garden rakes, many common household objects can easily be converted into unusual cleaners to give your floors, bathrooms, and more the extra shine they need.

Just in time to spruce up for the fall, The Family Handyman—the #1 publication in DIY and home improvement—has compiled a list of some of these secret cleaning tips, all approved by the pros. Tips include: 


  • Super-Fast Floor Squeegee: Don’t own a squeegee? Or maybe too busy actually cleaning to pick one up? Here’s a simple fix: Slip a piece of foam pipe onto the end of an ordinary garden rake and--voila! Squeegee away!


  • Scruff Mark Eraser: Nothing mars vinyl flooring quite like pesky, persistent scuff marks—but did you know these can be scrubbed out with a tennis ball? Just give a light rub and any heel marks will be erased.


  • Citrus Peels and Ice Cubes for a Stinky Disposer: Food disposal spreading a foul stench? Run the water at half-throttle and drop in some orange or lemon rinds: Citric acid from the peels softens crusty waste and kills nasty bacteria. Give the acid about 15 minutes to do its work for the freshest smell.


  • Marker Cleanup: Kids making a mess with the markers? Don’t fret: Vegetable oil can wipe it up in no time—and it works on skin, too!


  • Baby Wipes in the Shop: A shop’s certainly no place for tots…but baby wipes can be really useful if you’re sick of keeping the same old dirty rag around for cleanup. No more of that sanding away or scraping out hardened glue!


Additional DIY tips, product recommendations, and more can be found online at the Handyman website or in the recent issue of The Family Handyman. You can also download the all-new DIY Tip Genius app, available on iTunes now: http://www.familyhandyman.com/diy-tip-genius.


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