Brondell Swash™ Toilet Review - Don't Waste Paper with this Advanced Bidet

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Always looks for ways to be healthy Splash Magazines was intrigued with all the recent articles on using a bidet. Popular in Europe and Asia especially Japan the bidet has finally made it to America. Splash wants to foster a healthy, comfort-enhancing, and socially responsible lifestyle, so we looked into the use of toilet paper vs. using a bidet today.

Toilet paper is expensive, has a high environmental impact, and on average, Americans use 100 rolls of toilet paper per year (over 20,000 + sheets). Plus it is hard on septic and sewer systems. The idea of a commercial product designed solely to wipe yourself clean started about 150 years ago in the U.S.A. Commercial toilet paper made from cutting down forests, turned something disposable into something indispensable.

Toilet paper manufacturers need to charge more per roll to make a profit, because production costs are rising quickly. During the past few years, paper pulp has become more expensive, energy costs are rising, and even the water for the process is becoming scarce. Rolls are getting smaller with less sheets. Ask yourself when toilet paper becomes a luxury item, can Americans live without it?

Interestingly, mankind lived without toilet, for a very long time so there was no need for toilet paper. For example today, in Japan, toilets that come equipped with a bidet and an air-blower are increasingly popular. All over the world, water remains one of the most common methods of self-cleaning. Many places in India, the Middle East, and Asia, for instance, still depend on a bucket and a spigot.

We reviewed the Brondell Swash™ an advanced bidet toilet seat. It is a highly functional toilet seat that provides comfort and personal hygiene. It has posterior and feminine warm water washes, an adjustable heated seat, warm air dryer, automatic deodorizer and a wireless remote control. With all Brondell seats, it is gentle-closing and is made with the same high quality standards.


And we asked ourselves, why go back to dry irritating toilet paper or expensive baby wipes when you can use a bidet? The advanced Swash™ bidet seat was the recipient of the 2007 American Building Products Award and Electronic House Magazine's 2011 Product of the Year Award.

Brondell Inc. founded in 2003 is a developer and distributor of innovative, high quality, eco-friendly home & bath products. Backed by pioneering entrepreneurs David Samuel and Mark Cuban, Brondell Inc. current products combines the latest technology and design. The unique home solutions are more convenient and affordable than existing products, all while substantially reducing toilet paper and water consumption. The Company's inventive, modern designs bring high technology to the home, resulting in a new level of luxury and hygiene.

The Toilet Seat

Brondell products are the highest quality available. From internal components to dual stainless steel wash wands to the sittable lid. Swash bidet seats have some of the most advanced technology available today. Integrated inside its sleek compact exterior there is cutting edge design such as: energy efficient ceramic core instant heating system for unlimited warm water, silver oxide nano particle wash treatment for cleaning & sterilizing the wash wands, a 4-way valve system allowing for 3 levels of spray width adjustment, an aerated water stream for a gentler more effective cleansing, and maintenance free deodorizer to remove unpleasant odors at the source.

The award winning Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat is the ultimate in bathroom comfort and hygiene. Inside the sleek design and elegant styling, the Swash is packed with features to provide you with a complete "home spa" experience.

Swash 1000 Bidet Seat Key Features include:

  • Posterior and feminine warm-water washes
  • Twin adjustable stainless steel nozzles
  • Water and seat temperature settings
  • Eco-friendly instant ceramic heating system for unlimited warm water
  • Water pressure controls
  • Adjustable warm air dryer
  • Activated carbon deodorizer to remove odor
  • Nozzle oscillation (massage) feature
  • Self cleaning nozzles with sterilization function
  • Aerated wash spray with width adjustment (3 levels)
  • Intelligent body sensor
  • Wireless remote control
  • Stylish design and comfortable heated seat
  • "Quick Release" for easy seat removal and cleaning
  • Gentle closing seat and lid
  • Chrome 90 degree elbow bidet hose
  • Automatic power-save mode
  • 7/8" T-valve
  • Three (3) year limited warranty 

The Toilet Seat

One man, Josh Madison actually tracked and analyzed his home toilet paper use noted below. From his website                                                                                                                 

Consider that impact and your on-going costs. Yes, purchasing a bidet seat can be a confusing and complicated process with so many brands and features to choose from. With Brondell you are making the best choice possible for overall product quality, features, value, and most importantly support.

In one year, I used:
49 rolls
49,000 sheets
of toilet paper
which is a total of
2.8 miles
5,644.8 sq. ft.

and cost about


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