Best Jobs - 4 Professionals That Make the World a Better Place

Elementary School Teacher

Not everyone goes to college just because they want jobs that earn a lot of money. Many students spend years earning degrees so that they can pursue careers that make the world a better place. If you want to feel like you're having a positive effect on the world, you may want to consider these four professions. They're difficult, but highly rewarding.

Elementary School Teacher 

Elementary school teachers often choose their career paths because they enjoy working with young students. They may not realize that they have a bigger influence on students than most high school teachers. Studies have shown that elementary and middle school teachers play crucial roles in the future success of students.

These are the teachers who give students the basic tools that they need to succeed at higher grades. They're also the teachers who can give students the confidence and motivation needed to find success throughout life.

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech language pathologists evaluate and treat communication disorders that can plague a person for life. Many intelligent children stay silent in school because they have speech impediments that make them targets for bullies. Pathologists can help correct impediments with exercises.

While most speech language pathologists work with children, some also help adults who have suffered brain trauma.

With the right set of skills, a speech pathologist can give people new opportunities to express themselves confidently. Without hard-working speech pathologists, many people wouldn't reach their full potential.

Social Worker

Social workers can perform a wide variety of jobs. Most of those positions focus on helping underserved populations struggling with emotional, mental, and behavioral problems. Some social workers work with homeless people to make sure they have more opportunities to find housing and jobs. Others may work for school systems that need to identify at-risk students.

Most social workers are employed by non-profit or government organizations. It's a difficult job that forces professionals to confront some of society's biggest problems, including addiction and violence.

Policy Analyst

It's often difficult for governments to make smart, informed decisions because there are so many factors that affect society. A policy analyst looks at large amounts of data to determine whether a policy will have a positive, negative, or neutral impact on the world. It's not enough to simply believe that a policy makes society better. Without data, it's just guesswork.

Earning a Masters of Public Administration can prepare students to analyze several types of policies that affect the lives of thousands or millions of people. Policy analysts often report on the efficacy of state laws, federal programs, and cultural beliefs. Some policy analysts work in the private sector to help corporations write effective workplace policies. Without these professionals, it's nearly impossible for policymakers to know whether they're doing their jobs well.

Analysts can also work as journalists or activists who keep the public informed of how well government policies meet social needs.

Do you know someone who has a job that makes the world a better place? How did they prepare for their careers?


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