Vista Print Yard Sign Review – Sales Success for Us and 25 Percent Savings For You

A couple of months ago, I got the bright idea that we should have a condominium-wide courtyard sale including as many families as cared to participate.  I spread the word and 9 out of 13 resident/owners said they were interested.  One resident had only a TV to sell, one was available only half the day of the sale, another contributed a table for our use and invited a friend to participate in his stead. But still, almost 70% of our owner association was participating and there was no food or other incentives to lure them!

So I started thinking about how to make this multi-family sale a success and started by considering our last courtyard sale and everything that went wrong.  Last, time. our biggest mistake was that our signs weren’t big enough or outstanding enough— effective enough.  With that in mind I Googled yard sale signs  and the first match was Vista Print.  Already a very satisfied Vista Print customer—they had done an exceptional job on my business cards—I wanted to see what was available. I came, I saw, I ordered the classiest, most memorable signs I’ve ever seen:

Our gorgeous sign

Here’s how we capitalized on those gorgeous signs. You’ll notice that the signs don’t have a date on them.  That’s so when any one of the members of our association wants to have a courtyard sale, they can reuse them.  The big 27 x 18-in. signs are corrugated plastic so they’re weather-resistant and, as long as we store them properly, should be ready for our use anytime.  Two families are already planning a September children’s clothing sale!

A beautiful display of little girl's dresses

The signs were so classy, we gave them an added sales boost with a bomb burst:

Our Bomb burst

I ordered 6 signs printed on both sides with wire stands and hoped for a stampede.  We weren’t  disappointed!

Setting up for the big sale

Our first sale was at 8:00 am—two full hours before we were officially open for business.  By 9:30 am, I had already sold the most expensive item any of us had for sale and the traffic kept coming all day.

Steady traffic all day long

But that wasn’t the half  of it. One of our resident merchants made delicious, healthy cookies.  Another brought out his guitar and regaled us with song.

Our Bob Dylan

Most of all, it was a good time to get to know our neighbors, share a good time and help each other out. If someone had to leave, we sold their stuff for them.  Or helped carry clumsy items out or to a customer’s car.  One person even used our powder room to try on my then-absent neighbor’s skirt.

And we had some of the most interesting customers! One women (of the many who told us our signs were gorgeous)  was so interested in our books, I felt she and I must have the same taste in reading.  So I asked what she was looking for and  found about twenty books upstairs that I thought she might like. She bought almost all of them!  While she was looking, we also struck up a conversation with the man would was hard at work on our selection of LPs.  I found a book for him, too.  He bought several LPs and the book.

Two Intense Customers--one for books another for LPs

It didn’t hurt that we had a perfect day and that are on a fantastic corner.  Here’s how the families rated their sales success:

“Without this sale, we wouldn’t have gotten organized.  We cleared out a lot.”

“We cleared out a lot of clutter and had a really fun day.”

“I was surprised by the selectivity and professionalism of the early shoppers.  They must be dealers.”

“It was a great way for the neighbors to get together.”

Now, just by reading this article, you can profit from our courtyard sale!  Go to, and click on the link provided, (  You'll be transferred to the Vistaprint page, where you'll even find some offers at better than 25% off! 

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