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The HappyEyes Deluxe floor lamp, a brand new invention from Verilux, is incredibly bright.  Verilux has come up with the technology to create a lamp that resembles daylight, and transferred it into your home or office.  The lamp incorporates a variety of ergonomic features for complete task lighting versatility.

"The HappyEyes Deluxe line represents our most advanced task lighting fixtures," says Nicholas Harmon, Verilux President and CEO.  "These lamps combine style and functionality, providing better light for health and sight and ultimately better quality of life through healthy vision."

An energy-efficient fixture, the HappyEyes Deluxe offers two-level brightness control for light equivalent to a 100 and 150 watt incandescent bulb, depending on which setting you select.  With a high output electronic ballast, and a full coverage aluminized reflector, the HappyEyes Deluxe line is 20% brighter than Verilux's original line.  An optically designed aluminized parabolic grid diffuser has been incorporated into the lamp design to reduce direct glare - what a great idea!  Verilux glare reduction technology diffuses the light while maintaining the lamp's high brightness level.  All HappyEyes Deluxe fixtures carry a three year warranty and feature built-in surge protection for safety and extended fixture life.

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HappyEyes lamps simulate the balanced spectrum of natural daylight. The pure white light increases contrast for better vision, while reducing glare and eyestrain makes reading and other close-up tasks easier and more comfortable. The energy efficient bulb produces flicker-free, instant-on, bright white light that shows true colors, eases eyestrain, and saves money and natural resources. Perfect for computer work, reading, windowless offices, writing, sewing, painting, needlepoint and aging eyes.

The HappyEyes Deluxe lamp comes in many different models, such as a floor lamp and a desk lamp.  There is also a clamp lamp that will attach itself to a desk or anywhere else you need it.  The lamp also comes in diverse colors such as ivory and graphite.  In association with The Sharper Image, the HappyEyes lamps have come out with a Burltech finish that complements a wider range of home and office decor.

The HappyEyes Deluxe Floor Lamp features a flexible gooseneck design, making it easier for the you to direct the light in any direction you choose. It comes with a cool burning twenty seven watt compact fluorescent bulb that is intended to last up to five thousand hours.  The floor lamp stands at 54 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Spacious tray add-on


When we received the floor lamp, it was easy to set up and extremely easy to use.  The light is truly bright at both 100 watts and at 150 watts.  There is a switch on the head of the lamp to control your ideal brightness.  The light is friendly on the eyes yet strong enough to illuminate a dark room as though the sun were shining through a window.  The adjustable head makes it easy to move around to an area that needs light.  The height of the lamp is optimal for reading a book in bed or sitting at your desk writing on the computer.  This is another great invention from the people at Verilux.

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